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[Quick summary to move the plot along since I was on vacation] ... Alzen, a wanderer they met, joined a caravan to the port of Hlanith with them.  The caravan was seeking guards, but paying only in food and the chance to journey with the caravan.  In return, they could leave whenever they saw fit.


For reference, this is how I put the planes.  

The elemental planes are like a box,  holding paper.  The sheets of paper are various prime material planes (I always preferred the "thin" model -- that there were few planes rather than infinite iterations of the same thing) with the ethereal being the "space" between the planes.  Go out to the "edges" and you encounter the elemental planes, "up" or "down" and you journey between various alternate realities.  Reaching through the prime material plane is the astral plane, which carries positive and negative planar energy with it.  Where it scatters out from the prime into the ethereal, it creates shadows, but it is the substance and energy behind the near dream realms and the far dream realms, which eventually lead to the higher and lower planes.

Everyone has seen my "ideals" up, "decays" down both reaching into the positive and negative planes, with the standard higher planes somewhat like donuts and the place of concordat opposition being at the end of dream and the gateway to the higher planes.

I've included a diagram, below:

The area of near dream is very fluid, a place of insubstaniality and illusions.  Elves exist to make it more solid and "real."  Deep dream is formed of the dreams of men, reflected through elves and the higher planes.  It is where those who can, linger, before passing further on.

Nightmare is the negative side of dreaming, interwoven in the dreaming realms, a place of wraiths and wights, ghasts and ghouls and other creatures tied to the negative dreams and energy of the lower planes.


The party had left the near dream realms of the elves and passed into deep dream.

In the jungles of Kled they encountered great toads, large jungle cats, large and giant spiders, poisonous serpents, nightflyers and ghasts.  Then, one day, Alzen seemed caught in open dreaming and slipped away into the jungle.  The Wolf followed him, with the others in pursuit, to keep him safe and reclaim him.  They almost caught him when he came to ruins and as he climbed them, towards a plinth at the top, krakal spider queens fell from the darkening sky and attacked the party.

The battle was sharp and deadly.  Then, suddenly, when Alzen reached the plinth, the shadows binding him fell away.  He was she, and one of the great ones, the gods of the dreamlands, indwelling.  Somehow she had been stripped of memory and powers and bound, only freed by happenstance and fate drawing him to her place of power. Once she was revealed, the karakal were reclaimed and cast off the blight of Upharsin, returning to her service rather than attacking the party.

She could not leave the plinth, but she sent several servators to lead the party to the port of Hlanith, where they picked up the trail again, tracking the missing dreamer to the Saffron Manticore, where in the rubble and destruction Jan left, they find that she has fled to Celphais.

The party hired a ship and are on the way in pursuit, only days behind.

More creatures for those who are interested.

Creatures found in dream
Jungle Cats of Kled Alzan, great one, dream lord karakal spiders
Common in Jungle of Kled Unique very rare: 2d6
Armor Class 7 Armor Class 8/-5 Armor Class -4 and 4d6 shock
Move  14"/16" leaping Move 9"/24" Move 16"
Hit dice  4d8+4 Hit Dice 3d8/20d10+40 Hit Dice 6d6x2
%lair 70 %lair 0/95 %lair 25
Treasure Type K Treasure Type: n/a Treasure Type
Attack 2d3+2 bite Attack 1d6 spear/illusion spells Attack  2" x12" cone of lightning (8d6)
Intelligence: low   Intelligence: high   Intelligence: medium to high  
Alignment :  neutral Alignment: neutral-good/lawful-good Alignment:  neutral/obedient 
Size: medium to large Size: medium Size:  small to medium
leap attack adds +3 to surprise leap
attack adds +4 to hit and target must roll
under con+level or be stunned d3+1 rounds.
Spear and shield in bound form,
12th level month in revealed melee
otherwise, see below.
any striking with metal weapon takes 4d6 shock
lightning cone once per melee round
Any within range bite /leg strike 4d6+4 shock

Jungle Cats are jungle dwellers.  They speak cat and are friendly to those who speak cat or are cat friends.  They enter combat with a leap attack and then stay and bite and rend thereafter.

Those with a psionic attack have 100 points and the attack takes place when the tongue hits (they have to hit with the tongue to do an attack), but they do not swallow targets that are not stunned or dead. 50% crush, 50% ego whip.  

Alzen in his bound form uses a spear and shield.  He has no other abilities and is male when bound with shadows, female when freed.  In her revealed form she can use any illusionist spell as if a 40th level illusionist. There is no saving throw against her spells within the dream worlds.  She also has 400 attack/defense points, all psionic modes and all abilities at 20th level. In the illustration below, she walks among the ruins of dreams.  

Alzen, Dreaming Lady of Shadows, Great One

karakal spiders are redeemed servetors or minions of karakal, found on the plane of air, the dream lands, deep space/ethereal and very rarely in the deeper astral planes.  They follow karakal but are servants of the great ones, the lords of dream.  Rarely, one in ten times, there will be one with x4 hit dice (roll 6d6 and multiply by four instead of two) that is also a 20th level cleric and whose bite is a 6d6 pure energy attack (treat as 6d6 lightning, 6d6 fire).  They do not spin webs and are extremely weak against creatures who are immune to lightning. Spider bodies, bolts of electricity for eyes and legs.

The Dreamlands as a First Edition AD&D Scenario Setting.

The dreamlands, at the deep levels double all clerical powers and all illusionist spells are "real" (50% chance of being real rather than illusion, -10 to saving throws if illusion).

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