Privateer 1.5, A Proposal

More Notes, Specific Details
[The other half to Privateer 1.5, A Proposal]


If I were "really" going to try to do a second expansion pack for Privateer what would I do?


First, I would make minimal changes. One or two new ship type, one or two changes to old ships. Three new systems, two new jump routes.

Second, I would reuse all the old fixers, more or less.

That way I have all the same game engine parts, all the same setting ingredients.

Third, I would use a different mix of ships.

Privateer and Righteous Fire run most encounters with Talons, with Battletoads and Demons for relief. One set of Kilrathi runs for work. Centurions for plot peaks.


New Jump Routes

The new jump routes would be first, Death to Beta (site of new Pirate "refinery" -- assembly plant for Talons and Battletoads).  

Delta to Valhalla would be the second route.  That makes for all sorts of nice changes in the game map.

New Systems

New Systems would be Kilrathi Rebel Systems of Mah'Pakh and Tr'Rahn which connect to Beta and Kp'ta-Sumn which is between Mah'Pakh and Delta Prime (which becomes a system with planets).

New Bases

Gray Moon (in Gaea System)

Hook's (Refinery in Beta System)

Tradewinds (in Mah'Pakh)

Warlord (Kp'ta-Sumn)

Fuel Drones (Famine, Delta, Blockade Point Alpha).

New Ships

Kilrathi Heavy Fighter: Jalthar (A Jalthi with Particle Cannon and Meson Blasters).  For enemies only (replaces Gothri).

Bounty Hunter Dragons (medium fighter)

Changed Ships

Confederation Stilletos become Sabers.

Orion Turret goes to top (from rear).

All turrets rotate (so that a Galaxy can have six guns forward, an Orion four).

Dralthi also have a Particle Cannon to go with lasers. Top end on Dralthi is now 1200 kps.

Removed Ships

No Privateers are allowed to fly heavy fighters (i.e. you have to trade your Centurion in for a Dragon or an Orion or a Galaxy).  The confederation has taken them for the war effort.

No Battletoads, no improved Talons.

Ship Dealer


  1. Demon
  2. Dragon/Tarsus
  3. Dralthi

New Equipment

Torpedo magazine (carries extra torpedos in cargo space -- instead of cargo expansion).

Slide field (for medium and light fighters only), reduced meteor (and other collision) impact damage -- slides them a bit.


Encounter Elements:

Two Galaxies sit in the Jump Sphere, blocking it while Two Orions try to take you out.

Renegade in stolen Broadsword, escorted by two Kilrathi Jalthar.

Target is Kilrathi Kamekh, escorted by three Dragons, then three more Dragons

Target is a pair of Orions, escorted by two Centurions, then two Gothri.

Target is a Dralthi, hiding in a group of four heavily armed Galaxy craft.

Target is a stolen Paradigm, escorted by stolen Sabers, then Dralthi.

Pirate in Centurion, defying ban on heavy fighters in the hands of unlicensed citizens.

Bounty Hunters in Demons and Dragons, with a commission on you.

Actual Plot Elements:


Conflict between rival pirate organizations (i.e. between Roman Lynch/Tayla and a Kilrathi backed group).

Roman Lynch:

Conflict between Kilrathi groups (you act as a mercenary).

Tayrn Cross:

Survey needs new jump points explored.


Oxford needs books & stuff brought back to Oxford (with Retro peril ended).

Goodin & Retro Source:

Goodin sends you to the Retro source (from Righteous Fire). The Source wants Gray Moon base shut down, (kept from both Kilrathi and Humans) needs someone to fight past computer directed guards (i.e. Talons, Orions guarding "refinery" base where the original Steltek gun is kept).

Probably require breaking a blockade of Valhalla and Gaea before going on to the Moon.

Lynn Murphy

Misc. jobs from Lynn -- hunting down renegades (sends you out after a few Centurions -- with upgraded weapons and dual missile launchers) -- anyone in a Centurion draws Dragons & Sabers after them.

Potential Outline

Plot could start in a bar, with Goodwin approaching the hero. Commiserates with the Hero about his ship being taken, but suggests that he go to Oxford where they can give him some work to help him get back in the game.

Following Oxford, Masterson suggests either going to a farming planet (if he hasn't met Murphy) or that (on finish of last mission, Masterson offers to sell him a prototype Dragon -- first becomes available at ship dealer instead of Tarsus).

First Agricultural Planet, there is Murphy. Mission to break blockade and get her to her "sponsors" (at base where her missions run from). Then missions.

First Pirate Base, there is Tayla, looking for transport of "stuff" to base where her plot lines go to.

First Mining Base, there is Cross, looking for a ride out to the frontier, where she has survey work.

Last Tayla mission, her "boss" wants to talk with you after the survey system gets a little more data (i.e., after you complete survey missions) Come back and see him later. It is Lynch, interested in sending the gang war home, and he has a contact -- a Kilrathi.

At the end, Lynch warns you to make peace with the confederation after you do his work (assures you that if you make a clean breast of it, that is all the confeds will need to decide you are not a traitor -- sends you to Goodwin).

The Kilrathi sends you on military and raiding missions in the new systems for his faction against the others.

After Kilrathi, first Refinery base (or Perry) bar you stop at, you meet Goodwin, looking to send you on a few mop-up missions, then to her double-agent source.

See the source, then report back to the Admiral.

After Goodwin, the Source, who is the Retro leader. He sends you after the Gray Moon. (If you win the Gray Moon, the base there, which looks like a refinery somewhat, has a "ship dealer" with the weapon option "Righteous Fire" -- the Steltek Gun. Cost is your credit balance).

Report back to Source who tells you that he may be able to find the Steltek charging pack -- look for him at Oxford some time. If he finds it, he'll be looking to cut you another deal (of course he never finds it ... just a hook for the future).

After him, report back to the Admiral for a fancy closing scene and a free bar tab at any Pleasure Planet.

(The closing scene for Privateer was pretty weak guys... ).


Add casino play where the character always loses. (When you take the "quit" option, if you are ahead your character decides to take one more chance ... and loses all the profits made).

Do a third scenario series where the Steltek gun gets charged.