Multiplayer Comments & Suggestions // Various Conceits

  1. Allow four options for ship choice:
    (A) Players pick ships from a pre-set list.
    (B) Players build ships on a point (credit) basis as in equipping Privateer ships.
    (C) Players choose ships from a group limited list (so that you can have a free for all, but limited to light fighters, etc.)
    (D) Players pick ships based on handicap points.
  2. Ships I'd like to see:
    (A)  "The weasel" (from "never send a ferret to do a weasel's job") -- a WC2 ferret/epee replacement.  This ship is a ferret with 2 cm armor, 14cm shields and 4 mass drivers and an engine upgrade (so that it has the same handling applies, guns can fire full stream, no missiles).  The same ship translated to WCP (upgraded shields, etc.) is an interesting replacement for the WCP Wasp (give it cluster munitions missiles -- more of those, fewer total missiles).
    (B) "The wyvren" (from a joke on the newsgroup) -- the light scout from WCP -- except with 30% stronger shields and three charging mass drivers instead of the current gun loadout.  Alternatively, a "gatling gun laser" -- six lasers with the refire delay on the laser cut in half.  (With, if possible, a graphic to go with it of a gun cluster).  This kind of fighter results in a different type of flying and fighting.  The wyvren is the other end of the spectrum from the weasel.
    (C) "Jalthi Fighter-Bomber" -- a Jalthi with upgraded (WCP statistic) shields lasers/ion cannon, and carrying two torpedoes.  (To mesh with some newsgroup debates and to add a fighter bomber to the mix).
    (D) Centurion (the Privateer ship of choice).
    (E) Demon (the Bounty hunter ship from Privateer 1).
    (F) Steltek Fighter (a fighter with two green guns from Privateer -- uncharged guns).
  3. Get the firing cues to show up.  Some of them don't work on many monitors.  In fact, on the newsgroup, some of the posters were unaware that the dark blue reticle existed at all (it doesn't show up on most gamma corrections). Working ITTS -- and an option to disable ITTS in multiplayer mode (for all players -- a non-ITTS arena).
  4. A solo player option on the multiplayer mode <g> -- a gauntlet or something similar.