Kilrathi Missions (Stiletto)

This is a set of missions as an expansion of Wing Commander Prophecy (in the same format as the Secret Missions and Wing Commander). Sold as "game play" only -- so that customers know up front not to expect any FMV.


1.  The bugs and the Kilrathi have a real history of some sort.

2.  A Bug Task Force has headed into Mantu Space to link up with the remnants of the Bugs left when the wormhole closed.

3.  Stiletto did a great job in her missions.

Prologue (a text screen comes up when the game loads -- looks like a PDA screen).

Kilrathi Sivarist Prophecy
There will come a virgin, fierce and fair ...

Ok Stiletto, quit blushing.  The Sivarist religion is dominated by priestesses who have decided that you may be the one who fits an ancient prophecy.  So, if we want a liason for their recon in force into Mantu Space, you are the one. Report at 0600 hours for an independent mission as liason to Kilrathi Sivarist Attachment Tango-Delta.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

Mission Sequence One

"Isis" (Egyptian goddess of knowlege, sort of) briefing.  Fly through nav points and link up with Kilrathi.  No wingman

Flying a Piranha.

A1 -- Nav 1, no wingman, two Morays.   (Strays left over from the wormhole closing)  Nav 2.  Mines.  Three Skates. Nav 3.  Three Dralthi pirates.  Nav 4.  Wreckage, Kilrathi Corvette (you land on Corvette, Kilrathi escorts all show up as blue dots).

A2 -- [You are assigned to take point on a recon as the task force moves out.  Expect some resistance [assigned wingman]].  Nav 1, nothing.  Nav 2, nothing.  Nav 3, 2 Vaktoth "pirates" -- Sivarists who disagree with prophecy. Wingman refuses to help -- t"his is your testing, female."

A3 -- With two wingmen.  [Escort mission. [Pick Wingman]] Nav. 1 meet ship.  Nav 2.  Intercepted by Ray Cluster and two Moray, then three Stingray.  Nav 3.  At Corvette, six Stingray.

A4 -- Corvette Defense.  Lots of wingmen, lots of enemies, in waves.

Mission Sequence Two Jump to Tkar'nath System

Your mission is going well.  You have proven yourself to the Kilrathi Captain and will be allowed to procede on the mission.  

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

(All mission briefings are "Isis" only.

B1 -- Patrol, Piranha, with one wingman

B2 -- Challenge.  The Kilrathi opposition disputes your right.

Personal Log
That idiot kept bumping me in line.  Finally he spun me around, knocked the tray from my hands and ripped through my blouse with a claw.  Leaning over me, Mr. Bad Breath himself ... I broke his knee for him while he was posturing and rammed a knee into his jaw as he fell, popping those ears on both sides of his head with my palms.  Kilrathi may be oversized ever since they discovered growth hormones and steroids, but they still can't stand without legs or move well when they've got shattered ear drums.

As he roared out, he challenged me to single combat.  I have no choice but to accept.  As I passed on my way out, the captain, the only Kilrathi I respect, pulled me aside and asked me to have mercy.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

Personal Log
The Kilrathi Techs have discovered that my ship is drawing attention.  It appears that there is something in the shield signature that the bugs can detect.  So, they've cooked up an ambush where I go out, get swarmed and then bail out, which will cause the bugs not to send any more ships. The Kilrathi will then show up at the party.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

B3 -- In Piranha, no wingmen

B4 -- Recon the Fleet in Dralthi (with Booster) (picture taking of Kraken, etc.)
Enemy fleet with various cap ships and escorts.  You have to dodge escorts while taking pictures and then get out.

B5 -- In Dralthi, drop jammers in minefields and asteroids surrounding a Kilrathi listening post (these take up all your missile slots).  Bonus, find & kill enemy life pod insertion (the bugs are trying to insert these pods into listening post.  If you fail, the Kilrathi on the station kill the bugs as they come on board).

B6 -- In Dralthi Deliver intelligence back to confed.  Make range then fire jump message missile at jump buoy.

Personal Log
We've used Kilrathi technolgy to put in a jammer.  The bugs can't find their jump gate and are moving to another.  We intend to block that.  This will be my first time flying the Vaktoth.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

B7 -- In Vaktoth.  Seal the jump gate. [pick wingman] ("mission 13")

Personal Log
We've cut the Enemy task force off.  They don't know how small we are, so we are going to follow them into Mantu space, trying to kill and harass as many of them as possible.  The Kilrathi have a lot of courage.  I'm beginning to respect them.  I'm starting to be glad I didn't kill the one they now refer to as "one ear" (he can't hear out of one of his ears now).  He may limp, but he ensures I get the respect he feels I deserve.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

Mission Sequence  Three Rescue, escort and strike missions, including bomber escort.

These missions give you the choice of two craft for each mission.  Either you are in the bomber or in the fighter.

Personal Log
Supply Convoy just reached us.  It included some replacement fighters -- including some more Confed equipment, and another human pilot.  Just my bad luck it had to be Maestro.  The Kilrathi drunk him under the table and then woke him up with cermonial gongs and drums for an official welcome the next morning.  Luckily it is appropriate Kilrathi protocal to laugh.

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

Bombers: Fighters
Jalthi Bomber
Same as the Kilrathi Missions
Jalthi Bomber
Chained Lightning Piranha
(6 lasers, 3/4 delay rate, +30% shields,
no other guns)
Same as the Shrike in WCP
No modifications.
Hellcat Hammer
(Hellcat with 3 charging mass drivers,
no other guns, +30% shields)

Isis -- choose a ship.  Controls the following missions.

C1 -- Rescue Maestro.  If in Jalthi, tractor him aboard.  If in Piranha, protect the Jalthi and drive off Manta Bombers.

C2 -- Attack Escort.  Penetrate past screening forces, and kill off Kraken escort.  (Kraken will escape).

C3 -- Stop strike force.  Alien strike force headed for your Corvette -- stop it at all costs.

C4 -- Escort in tankers.  This is really different in the two different ships.

C4a-In Chained Lightning only.  Deep Recon.
C4b-In Jalthi only. Strike at Alien captured Mantu comm station -- destroy station.

Refly the sequence, this time in the other ship.  (So, whichever ship you choose, you now fly "mirror missions" in the other ship.  Maestro gets shot down again, another escort attack, another strike force, another flight of fuel, missiles & parts, but the other C4a/b mission).

Personal Log
Just found out that the supply convoy we brought in had a special gift -- a ship they designed and named in my "honor" -- as the hammer of Sivar (the priestesses requested it).  Luckily I don't have fly it.  Might be fun if it isn't too mortifying.  I should have let the bugs have Maestro ....

[save game][fly simulator][report to mission briefing]

Switch Ships (this sequence won't mirror.  Can chose either ship for each mission, rather than at start).

C5 -- kill enemy tankers.  Recon has discovered an enemy resupply force coming from deep within Mantu space.

C6 -- kill all enemies.  Just when we thought we were safe, the enemy has gotten a fix on us.  If we can kill the sweeping patrols, we can slip out.

C7 -- kill strike force.  (Two missions.  Clear out escort, go back and kill fleeing cap ship).

C8 -- shield jump point.  Either lay mines or protect minelayers.  Lots of enemy.

Recon report -- the enemy is heading for a station and ship yards.  If we can break them here, we'll have them -- out of fuel, support, and ready for a clean-up -- including the alien ship yards.

C9 -- In Bomber -- kill enemy station.
C9 -- In Fighter -- disable ship yards (so that Kilrathi Marines can take possession of enemy equipment.


Stilleto returns with more intelligence on the aliens and the Cult of Sivar.  Honoray Kilrathi rank and status.

Personal Log
Don't know whether to kill Maestro or kiss him.  On the one hand, he told everyone about just how successful we were.  His letters home are probably why I got the promotion to Captain.  On the other hand, he played up the "virgin, fierce and fair" angle way too much.  A girl's private life ought to be her own...

[save game][fly simulator]

Simulator ought to be similar to the WCIII simulator missions, with choices of Piranha, Dralthi, Vakthoth, Jalthi.

After the refuel convoy, add Shrike, and the Chained Lightning and Hammer.