Kilrathi Missions

This is a set of missions as an expansion of Wing Commander Retribution (actually, it would have fit in well as an expansion pack for Wing Commander Prophecy in the same format as the Secret Missions and Wing Commander). Sold as "game play" only -- so that customers know up front not to expect much/any FMV.


1.  The bugs and the Kilrathi have a real history of some sort.

2.  The cult of Sivar knows something of that real history.

3.  Casey did not fire on the Kilrathi in WCP.

4.  Casey has a chance to learn more.


Casey gets a written memo explaining that he has a unique chance to find out more information from the Cult of Sivar the bugs due to his courageous actions in flying with the Kilrathi.  If he accepts, he will go on a secret mission of service under Kilrathi colors.

Mission Sequence One
 Recon the trail of a bug strike force that wasn't destroyed before the wormhole collapsed.

Flying the improved Dralthi (same model as in the simulator) on scouting missions.  Add a few rocket pods.

A1 -- Nav 1, no wingman, two Morays.  Nav 2.  Mines, one Moray.  Nav 3.  Enemy destroyer and escort (in distance). Nav 4.  Wreckage, three Morays, two Dralthi.

A2 -- With wingman.  Nav 1.  Asteroids, two Moray, then a Manta.  Nav 2, two Moray, then two Manta.  Nav. 3, a Squid (with some damage) and a Manta.

A3 -- With two wingmen.  Escort mission.  Nav. 1 meet ship.  Nav 2.  Intercepted by Ray Cluster and two Moray, then three Stingray.  Nav 3.  At base, six Stingray.

A4 -- Base Defense.  Lots of wingmen, lots of enemies, in waves.

Mission Sequence Two  In pursuit.  (You've confirmed that they are there and beat off their attempt to snuff you out).

B1 - B5 various entanglements with escort ships flying a light fighter.  One encounter with a Destroyer.  One encounter with a Devil Ray (one on one with a Devil Ray in a Dralthi is a good, hard fight ...). A picture taking mission.  A treasure hunt mission.  A courier mission where you have to deliver a message missile.

B1 -- Patrol, Dralthi, with wingman

B2 -- Patrol, with one wingman

B3 -- Patrol -- was that the only cap ship?  Without a wingman

B4 -- Recon the Fleet (picture taking of Kraken, etc.)
Enemy fleet with various cap ships and escorts.  You have to dodge escorts while taking pictures and then get out.

B5 -- Locate enemy jammers in minefields and asteroids.  Bonus, find ejected enemy life pod.

B6 -- Deliver intelligence back to confed.  Make range then fire message missile at confed info buoy.

B7 -- Second half of B6, "mission 13"

Cut scene with information/press releases, nav update for next assignment.

Mission Sequence Three  Heavy fighting -- but you move up to a Kilrathi heavy fighter (Vaktoth).  You have done well and proven yourself (if still alive).

Mission Sequence Four Rescue, escort and strike missions, including bomber escort.

Mission Sequence Five  Bomber and fighter-bomber missions in the modified Jalthi Bomber.  (A Jalthi that carries torps/bombs as well as four neutron guns and three laser cannon).

Mission Sequence Six  Closing the back gate.  A mini worm-hole.  You have to kill the three towers with your torps in the face of heavy escort defense and with minimal escort help.  Penetrate.  Use refueling drone to refit.  Strike at outer works and support base.  Return and kill the wormhole (Three missions).

F1  Penetrate -- you and one other Jalthi, three Dralthi escorts.  Land at refueling drone.

F2 Strike -- strike at the suspected base -- kill a base similar to the communications array in WCP, sensor readings, return to drone.  At drone, get message that there is a miniature wormhole/back gate you have to close.

F3 Finish the job.  Three towers, each to target with torps and to kill, while dodging the enemy escort, against a time deadline.


Casey returns with more intelligence on the aliens and the Cult of Sivar.

Text screen with whatever story line on the aliens and Sivar the designers want to use.  Can all be background material previously disclosed in the books.

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