Falling Fire


Extra notes.

You can play the game with numerous Steltek Guns in your inventory. This is how to get the gun(s) back -- sometimes.

Arm a Righteous Fire ship with some fusion cannon. Sell everything that is not listed as being supported by Privateer except for the fusion cannon and your shield and engine upgrades.

Go to Perry. Save the game.

"Copy *.prs *.sav"

Load Privateer. The *.sav file will load as the last scenario in Privateer, except, all of the fusion cannon are now Steltek guns. When they are boosted, all are boosted.

(The first time I did this I was just curious to see what would happen. Four Boosted Steltek guns destroy anything, even the Drone, rather fast.)

Now, start Righteous Fire and load the "old" extra gun game from Privateer ("New," "Load Old Game, Yes"). You will lose only one of the Steltek gun(s) and will have the rest to play with.

Now three guns is too many. I just wanted to end the game with my gun, so I after I discovered this interesting quirk, I went back with just two fusion cannon (now that I knew what would happen) and when the matter settled, ended up with one to start the Righteous Fire game.

Note that the guys at Origins claim that a fusion cannon is about equal to a Steltek Gun. Yes and no.

Also, it appears that with the Steltek Gun you get 25 missions to play rather than the 20 advertised. Sometimes you get the full 25 even if you don't have the gun.

Starting out all over again, on the Edom planet in New Constantinople you meet Murphy who has some missions for you.


Murphy 1

Go to 44-P-1M. All you have to do is patrol the nav points. Payment is 10k. Only hostiles are the two bounty hunters who ambush you at the inbound jump sphere.

I think that originally this series was intended to be a set-up with you as the target and that whoever was plotting it decided just to wrap it differently at the end.

Murphy 2

Run a blockade for 20k. Liverpool at New Castle. 2 Bounty Hunters at one point and 3 Bounty Hunters at another Nav point (the usual sort of blockade group).

Just remember to hit the points hard and don't slow down. Unlike Murphy 1 where they pursue you doggedly, these are not that hot to chase.

Murphy 3

This is a "food run" (blockade running with food) to New Detroit for 30k. 4 Retros then 4 Retros on either side of the jump. At New Detroit, two waves of Retros.

Since it is just Talons, basically you ride the afterburners to keep them off your tail, lock up head on with one of them and blow it away on a closing course, move on to the next.

However, it is too many Talons to rely just on missiles. Not to mention, Retro Talons are now tougher.

Murphy 4

Go to Metsor, clear Nav Points. Two Battletoads ambush you at the Metsor Jump in Newcastle System! (This brings on the Battletoads sooner than the other plot did). Then waves of hostile Retros at one Nav point, waves of Pirates at the other. (The Hidden Encounter sphere Pirates were still friendly, by the by, and we passed each other.).

Again, too many Talons to rely on missiles to see you through it and enough that just ramming them will not do either. Still, if you set speed to maximum (/) and if you ride the afterburner to keep from being wedged, it is pretty much a textbook exercise.

Murphy 5

Offer: if you ever get a chance, nail Menesch and she'll toss 30k into the pot. I rearmed with Tachyon Cannon at this point. (2 Tachyon, 1 Fusion, 1 Steltek -- not as much punch as 4 fusion, but more esthetic). Do wonder if any other extra missions are hidden in the game.

Note, if you are playing the CD version, the Steltek guns in Righteous Fire are weaker than lasers. They changed the game engine around to punish people who used PR Edit.  Ruins the end game, btw.