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Well, we had a field trip to the zoo.  They needed parents, and much to my surprise, my Mom volunteered.

No one had seen her at school before then.  No one really knew what to make of her.  

Then, we had a visiting ambassador and a princess who wanted to go to the zoo with us.

I really wasn't sure about it all.

At the zoo, we got to see eagles and falcons and hawks and such.

The red (golden) eagles were kind of small -- or so I told my mom.  She told me not to show disrespect for our lesser kindred.  "But mom, eagles are bigger than hawks and hawks are bigger than falcons and that eagle is smaller than Ariel's ice falcon, so it has to be pretty small ..."

Turns out it was large for an eagle.  The falcon is magical and larger than an eagle -- with a head that is larger (compared to its body) too.  That was embarassing, though I thought Mom might bring down the zoo at about that point.  She isn't the one to show caged animals.

But we were interrupted as we entered the primate area.  Some guy stepped out of the mist, in what looked like a costume of some sort.  I later learned it was military gear, though at the time Mom told everyone it was a hologram.

Mom intercepted him and he pulled out what looked like a gun and fired five shots into her.  She looked annoyed and there was a puff of smoke.

"Stupid computer program" she said "the special effects to show hunters, this is in bad taste."  I just assumed that is what she meant.

Then she looked around, and she had "the look" if you know what I mean.  I kind of looked with the second sight as well as my eyes, and I could see flashes of heat, pin pricks, at the top of a building and some other places.

The rest of the trip was pretty bland, though Mom kept an eye on that princess and kept me right under her wing, so to speak.

Afterwards I found out a group of radicals had announced that they were going to take the princess and make an example of her.  No one ever found them, though they had been spotted getting off of an airplane in the city.  Guess they shouldn't of annoyed my Mom, or started with trying to shoot her to establish control over the group.

The next day they shut down the primate exhibit and had a technical crew out to fix the electronics, muttering something about hackers and jokes and how embarassed they were when the press caught them.

Hadn't thought about it, but shooting Mom is like using a BB gun on a tiger.  Doesn't do much more than get its attention and annoy it.  Sure am glad, if I'd known that was a real gun I'd have really been worried about her, magic or no magic. Didn't even put a mark on her dress, but still ... I worry.  I love my mom, even if she does have "the look" sometimes.

No more zoos for me though.

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