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Week Nine Handouts

Cover Sheet and Class Summary

To focus students on what they were intended to learn from the class.

Getting Disputes Resolved, Designing Systems to Cut the Cost of Conflict (Ury, Brett, Goldberg // Jossey-Bass).

Designing Conflict Management Systems (Costantino, Merchant // Jossey-Bass).

Chapter 9: Helping Customers Find You.

Chapter 8: How to Let Customers Know Your Business is Excellent.

Review the material on the value of word of mouth recommendations again.

Consider your sources of word of mouth recommendations.

Chapter 12: Designing and Implementing Your Marketing Plan.

Practice Drills:

Party Questions


Do you say that you "Facilitate the Hypothecation of realty" or that you help people take out second mortgages. (Hypothecation is the pledging of real property to secure debt). Worksheet review: Do People Know What You Do? (Page 7.17).

Do you have a concrete market in mind (e.g. banks in receivership, health care practices with personnel problems, personal injury attorneys) or is your market still too diffuse (people who are angry)?

Do you have any current connections with your target market? What do you know about your target market.

Peer Discussions


The training you have received is useful to make what you do better. People in the program have used what they've learned in the program as insurance adjusters, contract officers, EEOC compliance officers, in human relations programs, consultants and in general, they have applied dispute resolution skills to further their professional goals and skills. Some people have also used the skills, in connection with their background training and professions, to become primarily dispute resolution professionals.

You need to decide if you intend to "do what you do better" or to use what you have learned to change what you are doing. Are you going to improve your current career or change and/or expand what you your career is?

To decide that you need to consider both what you can do and what you want to do. When you look at what you want to do, consider what you are willing to expend in the way of time and effort to obtain what you want and how much risk you are willing to embrace.

Also decide which path you want to take to your goal. (Example, sometimes I drive home after class by taking the Toll Road to the George Bush, sometimes I take the surface streets but first I know where I am going, then I decide how to get there.)

Taken concretely:

That is what a marketing plan is.

You must both decide what you want to change about your profession and how much of that change you are willing to encounter and at what price.

Note: a real marketing plan related class takes a minimum of a full semester and 45+ class room hours. Most clinical nursing programs require such a class for graduation. This section of this class is designed to introduce you to basic concepts, not to substitute for taking substantial time and effort in reflecting, planning, considering and executing.

Ideally you will take the following steps:

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