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 BASIC SKILLS FOR THE NEW ARBITRATOR begins with a discussion of how and why parties decide to arbitrate, the appointment of the arbitrator, and the arbitrator's duty of disclosure. You will learn to conduct a preliminary conference, issue prehearing orders, establish a discovery schedule, resolve discovery disputes, deal with attempted delays, preside at an arbitration hearing, render the award, and avoid prejudicial conduct during the hearing and after the award. ISBN 0-9670973-1-2 $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

"The private arbitrator will find this easy-to-use book extremely valuable. The detailed table of contents will permit the private arbitrator to use this book, even during the hearing when issues arise." NIDR News Volume IV, Number 2 April-May 1997


Marketing Without Advertising
Inspire Customers to Rave About Your Business to Create Lasting Success

Includes 21 forms


by Michael Phillips & Salli Rasberry

ISBN: 0-87337-369-3
2nd Edition, Jun '98

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         Administered and non-Administered Mediation Rules (JAMS and AAA).

         Selected State Bar Association Materials.

         Other Materials (this semester had a significant body of photocopied materials as the program proved the copeis without charge to the students).

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