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I can recommend several books very strongly. Here they are:  

. conflict

Conflict Resolution
by Daniel Dana
This book covers everything from start to finish and it serves as an excellent introduction to the field as well as being well suited to self-help. Extemely easy to use and refer to.   Order this book from -- about fifteen dollars, under ten dollars used.

The Mediator's Handbook
by Jennifer  E. Beer with Eileen Stief
This is the classic source for mediators and dispute resolution professionals. The first half sets out the classic transcational model in it smost tested form and the second half is filled with information on skills, tools and material useful to any mediator. The book is extremely useful. Order this book from -- about fifteen dollars, less from the used book collection at Amazon.

The Art of Mediation

The Art of Mediation
by Mark D. Bennett and Michele S. G. Hermann
This book is the script for a forty hour mediation class, with some additional material as well. If you wanted to teach a class you could easily use this book and then use as your required textbook etiher The Mediation Handbook or Basic Skills for the New Mediator. Includes role-plays and other materials.   Order this book.



Basic Skills for the New Mediator
by Alan H. Goodman
(Solomon Press)
This covers everything in mediation from start to finish. Each of the books I recommend has its own perspectives and approaches and each has a different style. Goodman rounds out the basic texts that you need in order to have a good foundation as a practioner.  Easy to use and refer to.   Order this book.


For more excellent books on mediaiton, click here: .

Marketing Without Advertising
Nolo Press
(Nolo Press)
This book answers the question of how to market yourself and make a living as a mediator like no other -- now in the 4th Edition, used copies are available from  Order this book.

There are other books that you should consider if you want to make a full time profession of dispute resolution and conflict management. They are here:  Link to books on consulting.  

There are also other skills related books, especially the Gentle Art books by Elgin.  They are here: Link to books on consulting.

Finally, for negotiation and other books of interest I have a cursory section.  Those books are here: Link to books on consulting.

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