I recommend the following books about

Grief, Loss and Recovery
Whether it is your own loss, or the loss of someone dear to you, grief, loss and recovery are a part of life. These books can help you survive the process.

Remember, you can get all of these books through interlibrary loan.  My advice is to always check the books out at a library first, when you are deep in loss you have better things to spend your money on. Later, if a particular book worked for you, then you can buy it.

Your first book on consulting

When God Doesn't Make Sense
by James Dobson
(Tyndale House Publishing, 1993)
I have to admit, most of what Dobson writes leaves me cold and just doesn't connect for me.  However, this book not only connected for me, it connected for a number of my friends and family members. I am glad that I had never read Dobson before reading this book, because I would have passed on it.  Well worth the time to read and to share. Order this book.



The Grief Recovery Handbook
by John W. James and Russell Friedman
(Harper Collins, 1998)
This book provides an action plan for moving beyond the grief and loss of death, divorce, job loss and other tragedies. Order this book.


Selling the Invisible

It Must Hurt A Lot
by  Dorris E. Sanford
(Multinomah Press  1986)
TA child's book, a good child's book.  Good books for children are rare and thi sis one of the best. Find this book.


Marketing Your Services

Talking About Death
by Rabbi Grollman & Sharon Grollman
Clear, practical  workbook for children.  A practical tool and useful guide to the undiscovered country for children  Order this book.

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I know

I Know Just How You Feel
Avoiding the Cliches of Grief
by Erin Linn
A bestseller helping both the consoler and the consoled in understanding what to do and say if a loss occurs.  A helpful book.  Find this book.

Other grief related books

Dr. Elgin's Books

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