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Whether you are a mediator, a facilitator or conflict management specialist, what you really are doing is consulting.  The following four books are designed to help you understand what consulting is all about and how to grow your business.

Your first book on consulting

Consulting For Dummies
by Bob Nelson & Peter Economy
(IDG, 1997)
This guide is well-organized.  It takes care to cover the most important questions new consultants need help with. It is a great introduction and provides an outline that will help you decide what key topics you'll need to research in more detail. Order this book.


Million Dollar Consulting

Million Dollar Consulting
by Alan Weiss
(McGraw-Hill, October 1997)
This book teaches everything from staffing your business to marketing it, to dealing with competition and developing effective pricing strategies.  If you want to be a success, consider this book.   Order this book.


Selling the Invisible

Selling the Invisible
by Henry Beckwith
(Warner Books, Inc. March 1997)
This is the first major book on service marketing -- the marketing of services rather than products.  It is easy to read, 272 pages.  Order this book.


Marketing Your Services

Marketing Your Services:
For People Who Hate to Sell
by Rick Crandall
(NTC/Contemporary Publishing, 1996)
Clear, practical introduction for the beginner  on how to focus on the customer's needs and on a "consultative" sales approach.  Covers all the basics: free publicity, newsletters, networking, using the phone.  Order this book.

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Consulting Demons

Consulting Demons
Inside the World of Unscrupulous Global Consulting
by Lewis Pinault
(Harper Information February 2001)
This is a completely different look at consulting and explains why some have such ambivalent attitudes towards large consulting firms.  Order this book.

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