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Low-Cost Web Hosting for Mediators

Mediation on the Web & Mediation Hosting.  

ADR Resources is a Web site focusing on mediation and dispute resolution topics. A recipient of several awards, ADR Resources' Mediation Support Site receives over 4,000 "hits" per week. [That was in 1998.  The site now has over 40,000 hits a week]

ADR Resources has announced a new Web hosting service exclusively for mediation professionals. For $25 per year (to cover setup costs), mediators receive their own subdirectory ( and password, and space for up to seven to ten web pages - perfect for advertising mediation services, posting articles or other mediation-related information. [The service is still available, but I recommend using free services instead these days]. [ tutorial/Caveats.htm // tutorial/Caveats1.htm  //  tutorial/index.htm  // Free Web Space Providers and E-Mail Clients ]

Come visit at and decide if joining the ADR Resources community fits into your plans. [click here]

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