Living Beyond Loss

This page is about my experiences in Living Beyond Loss. It has on-line journal entries and essays by both my wife and myself.  In our marriage, I and my wife have buried three children:  Jessica (February 12, 1986 to January 26, 1993), Courtney (February 16, 1992 to December 26, 1993), and Robin (July 6, 1997 to August 31, 1997).  I do not know much, but I do know that life is more than loss.

My  writing here is somewhat raw, written as we lived things. It is about my grief, not my life, so it leaves things out. For example, I worked for H. Deloyd Bailey and I had the good fortune to work with Clifford Bridwell, yet they are not mentioned here because they were not a part of my grief. 

For example, as a result of writing and other things I had done, a law school sent me a letter, asking me to interview with them for a position.  Someone else opened the letter, did not pass it along to me, and showed up for the interview, which did them no good -- all they managed to do was steal something very valuable from me and burn bridges, alienating people who had been my friends.  Another person who knew about the event told me about it out of guilt.  I did not name anyone when I wrote about it, their identities are not important to what was happening in my life. The event was important, the names are not.

Perhaps, some day, I will edit things more thoroughly, so that this is a record of what happened, rather than what I perceived, more dispassionate, fewer typographical errors or misspellings, less raw grief and emotion, more calm facts.  But, for now, this is what I have written, this is still my record of my grief and experiences in it.

For more about my family and me, [click here].

I am a great fan of Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin.  In addition to her books, I also recommend some books on grief and loss that I think might help. [ Recommended Books ].  Remember, you can get all of these books through interlibrary loan.  My advice is to always check the books out at a library first, when you are deep in loss you have better things to spend your money on. Later, if a particular book worked for you, then you can buy it.

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My three daughters -- I miss them still.
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