This  is  a search and rescue scenario.  A  character  or  a 
        character's dependent NPC has been kidnaped for enslavement.  The 
        characters task is to track down the kidnapers and then to rescue 
        the victim and others. 
             In our world, in our day and age, the old-fashioned crime of 
        "white slavery" (the kidnaping and enslavement of young women  in 
        brothels) is alive and well in Japan.  The Japanese equivalent of 
        the  mafia uses fronts, mostly in Thailand, to hire  young  women 
        for legitimate jobs in Japan. 
             When  the women arrive they are picked up by  the  corporate 
        representative.  Instead of overseeing the women's transition  to 
        housing and her assigned job, the transfer man instead takes them 
        to the Ginsa district of Tokyo.  
             Upon  arrival their passports and visas are taken away  from 
        them,  their  personal belongings and luggage are sold,  and  the 
        women  are subjected to several weeks of rape and torture.   They 
        are  then  sold to brothel owners who often  resell  them.   When 
        their useful life is over the women are disposed of.
             All  of this is against the Japanese criminal code,  written 
        by  Douglas MacArthur, and all of this is part of a long  lasting 
        Japanese  tradition  of "divine right" justifying  their  actions 
        towards "lesser races" who are edified by any service of  slavery 
        that the Japanese deign to give them.
             The practice has a high profile.  There is a common Japanese 
        term for it, several political parties have taken positions on it 
        and there are a few victims rights groups that have been started.  
        Even worse, television crews find it easy to do documentary style 
        reports  on  the practice.  The government, dominated by  an  ex-
        tremely corrupt and immoral cabal, has done nothing. 
             In  fact,  the opposite is true.  The government  has  eased 
        visa  renewal  for  slaves, countenances the  presence  of  their 
        keepers  (without slave-masters the girls are prone to run),  and 
        at least one prime minister had as a plank in his election  port-
        folio  the  fact that he had close relations  with  the  Japanese 
        criminal organizations. 
             As  long  as the criminal cartels  concentrate  their  slave 
        taking on weak countries such as Thailand, little can be expected 
        in the way of international action.  But imagine, just for  once, 
        what would happen if a gang decided to expand into American  soil 
        or to specialize in unusual slaves.
        THE SET-UP
             A  Yakusa boss specializing in murder-sex  (so-called  snuff 

        sex  using  imported slaves whose useful careers  are  over)  has 
        decided  to  expand the scope of his unusual wares and  to  offer 
        enslaved individuals who are not fully human. 
             His attention has been focused on one of the  player-charac-
        ters  through  a  local news item that ended up  on  a  satellite 
        broadcast  and  that an American affiliate saw.  A  team  of  his 
        kidnaps one of the player-characters or a dependent NPC. 
        THE KIDNAP 
             The  Yakusa gang involved is known as Jaqkewlla  (a  non-ja-
        panese name) and also as the Carrion Dragons.  They have a secret 
        ritual which induces a form of chaos stained unNatural lycanthro-
        py  and which all of the members have undergone to one extent  or 
             All  of  the members have tattoos of  half-dog,  half-dragon 
        monsters with rotting carrion and dead human body parts trickling 
        from their mouths -- rather obscene and disgusting tattoos.   Any 
        one familiar with japanese criminals will be able to identify the 
        gang members as part of organized japanese crime.  Any witness to 
        the event will not be able to forget the vile tattoos.
             As  the  victim  is shopping, about twenty  members  of  the 
        Jaqkewlla  close in on them.  Ten of them shape-shift into  their 
        lycanthrope  forms,  five  screen the event  from  any  witnesses 
        (keeping  the witnesses from being involved), three  work  magics 
        and two direct what is happening.
             The Jaqkewlla should be able to subdue the victim.  From the 
        kidnap the victim is transported to the Ginsa district by magical 
             You can role-play the kidnap if you want to or you can  just 
        inform  the characters that it has occurred.  They will have  the 
        chance to talk to witnesses, the police and others and then  will 
        have  to decide what to do.  This should not be a difficult  part 
        of the scenario. 
             There  will have been ten to twenty witnesses to the  event.  
        Several  will have remained to talk with the police.   They  will 
        describe seeing "a couple dozen" "oriental" tourists converge  on 
        the  kidnaped  woman.  "A lot" changed  into  horrible  monsters, 
        several armed with "samurai swords" and the rest looking like  "a 
        cross between a dog and the creature from the movie Alien."
             Two or three will have been killed, their bodies were  left.  
        They  will  be lower class Japanese, covered  with  tattoos,  one 
        missing his little finger and dead from a knife in the back.  All 
        carry travel papers from Bronze Moon Imports. 
             Any  specialist on Japanese crime (with 10% skill  or  more) 
        will  know that Bronze Moon is a Yakusa front and  that  Japanese 
        with  heavy  duty  tattoos are Yakusa.  The FBI,  Interpol  or  a 

        contact with the California branch of DEA or Customs will identi-
        fy  the  Yakusa as members of Jaqkewlla from  the  shape-changing 
        description or from the distinctive tattoo.
             All will smile knowingly at the missing finger and the knife 
        wound in the back of the one man.
             A  talk with any member of the West Coast Japanese  criminal 
        community  or with someone streetwise to that community  (60%  or 
        better) will reveal that the Jaqkewlla is a medium size organiza-
        tion  that  specializes  in the Ice  and  Estascy  trade  between 
        Japan/Hawaii/California and in the prostitution/slavery trade.
             The Jaqkewlla are known for their straight-forward  violence 
        and  lack of fear for the Japanese criminal law.  Aside from  Ice 
        houses  and couriers to dealers, all of their strength is in  the 
        "dank  jumbles"  -- an old area of the Ginsa district  where  two 
        generations of new buildings were built over the old ones  rather 
        than  replacing them.  It is a sordid and smelly area  completely 
        given over to drugs, gambling and prostitution. 
             The Jaqkewlla are in the middle of a massive "re-structuring 
        of  power" that is going on in the Pacific basin  criminal  area.  
        Their strength is all gone from the Ginsa heartland which has ten 
        shapechangers,  a  number of  non-combatant  goons,  card-sharps, 
        money-lenders,  etc.,  twenty toughs, the "older  cousin"  Matura 
        Wasara, and two sorcerers. 
             That number is actually a formidable number of soldiers  for 
        a criminal organization to keep busy. 
             The  characters will find most of this information  easy  to 
        discover on the street in the Ginsa.  Foreign tourists are always 
        incredulous  and  curious (though often lied to) and as  long  as 
        they keep paying local background information is cheap entertain-
        ment.   Many  Yakusa  members are coarse,  stupid,  arrogant  and 
             In  addition, things like the new planned brothel  of  "spe-
        cials" needs advertising and word-of-mouth is free.
        THE RESCUE
             The  characters should find it easy to obtain tourist  visas 
        or to enter Japan without visas.  It is done all too often.  They 
        will  find the Ginsa district easy to locate, garish and  confus-
        ing.  The "dank jumbles" is easy to find and is also local  slang 
        for cheap sex (which may lead to some confusion at first).  
             Talking to any new Jaqkewlla prostitute will give one a good 
        idea  that  the  kidnaped victim is being tortured  in  order  to 
        soften her up for further abuse, rape and other problems.
             [In  reality, as the "specials" are seen as a  delicate  in-
        vestment,  the kidnaped individual will be suffering from  isola-

        tion, worry and the threat of torture.  Nothing other than  expo-
        sure  to  food laced with small amounts of cocaine  and  ice  has 
        befallen  the missing character.  Their biggest risk is  marginal 
        cravings for the drugs.]
             The characters will eventually be forced to a direct assault 
        of  some sort.  The faster they move the less trouble  they  will 
        THE DENOUEMENT     The Cast of Characters:
        Bad Guys:
        Typical above average tough
        SIZ  11-
        STR  16-
        CON  12-
        CHA  09-
        APP  07-
        DEX  13-
        INT  10-   3 point leather and denim armor
        POW  12-  
        SAN  40    Armed with 1d3+1 knife (at 90%)
        WIL   1    or 2d3+3 22 cal. pistol (at 45%)
        -SWP  90  or 2d6 spell crystal (POW v. POW or half damage)
             (costs  2  POW  per use) or familiar (see  below)  or  magic 
        weapon (see below)
        Familiar (slime frog)
        SIZ   1...12 pounds total weight
        STR  10...1d3 + 1d6 attack tongue rasp
        CON  20...20 hit points
        APP   3...ugly
        CHA  17...high charisma/persuasive & charming
        DEX  14...70% chance to hit with tongue
        INT  13...13 point shapechange spell
        POW  12...12 magic points available
        1 point skin armor
        5% defense
             Can shapechange the tough into a carrion dragon.  The  tough 
        gains  12  to SIZ, 12 points of skin armor, claws that  do  3d6+6 
        damage and a hideous jackel face. 
             Double hit points when in this form.
        Magic weapon, jitte halbard
        SIZ   3...heavy weapon 1d10 damage
        STR   30...+3D6  damage  (total 1d10 + 3d6  +  character  STR/SIZ 
        POW  17...17 magic points available per day
             20...chaos shaping power:  2d6 of armor to protect weilder
             20...chaos  shaping power:  heal 1d6, once per  melee  round  
        costs 1 magic point per use.

             Same  change  as  tough, better  characteristics,  does  not 
        require  help from familiar to make the change (instead,  expends 
        12  magic points to make the change).  One fourth of  the  shape-
        changers  can change on their own, the rest require the  help  of 
        the familiars.
        SIZ  12- 
        STR  15- 
        CON  13- 
        CHA  14- 
        APP  07- 
        DEX  13- 
        INT  12- 
        POW  16- 
        SAN  30  
        WIL   4  
        -SWP  102
             One  of  the  sorcerers will be  available  to  help  defend 
        against the character's assault.  This one specializes in shaping 
             He  will be able to summon forth three chaos creatures  from 
        his  rings to fight for him, has a cloak of shaped chaos to  pro-
        tect him and has a wand.
        CON 30/30/30 (3d6 defense in each spectrum)
        POW 12, SIZ 14
        6d3 violet-white fire for 9 meters at 90% chance to hit
        30 meters active infra-red vison at 20/20 resolution
        3 point force wall
        Sorcerer's Statistics
        SIZ   9- 
        STR  13- 
        CON  19- 
        CHA  14- 
        APP  12- 
        DEX  13- 
        INT  17- 
        POW  19- 
        SAN  85  
        WIL   4  
        -SWP  116
        Chaos demon jackels
        SIZ   7   leap 27 meters
        STR  14   jump 9 meters

        CON  14   run 60 mph/100 kph
        CHA   7   
        APP   7   bite for 3d6 + 2d6 acid saliva at 67%
        DEX  14 
        INT   7   rubbery skin armor of 12 pts vs dull weapons 
        POW   7                          6 pts vs edged weapons
                  reform at 1d6 hit points restored per every point
                  of size expended. (siz decreases as they heal)
             If  a second sorcerer is needed, he is similar to the  first 
        and can be recalled from Hawaii.
        "older cousin" Matura Wasara, the master of the Jaqkewlla 
             This  man is a demon in human flesh.  Matura  Wasara  joined 
        together with a demon and the two struggled for dominance in  one 
        body.  Matura is the survivor by virtue of his superior  cunning, 
        evil and treachery.
        SIZ  19- 
        STR  16-  Fist of stone (4d6) 85% chance to hit
        CON  16-  Grapple (6d6) 75% chance to hit
        CHA  14-  Carrion jackal breath (1d6 magic points per use)
        APP   3-       4d6 damage cloud, causes 2d6 strike rank stun
        DEX  11-       over a 3m x 3m by 9m area 
        INT  16- 
        POW  14-  Slime covering:  14 pts armor vs radiation
        SAN  --                     3 pts armor vs electric
        WIL   4                    14 pts armor vs kinetic
        -SWP  109
             Mutating and unstable shape, 1d3/2d6 to SAN to see
             Will go berserk if challenged or attacked by non-Japanese.
        The By-standers
             These  will  include customers, patrons, slaves,  a  federal 
        express  delivery man, the police (but only after  everything  is 
        over), and a multi-media crew doing a live  "shock/confrontation" 
        documentary of the "scandal and shame of Japan" using a Thai crew 
        with some Korean and Chinese triad members to add spice to a dull 
        night's news on "Satellite Channel 99 -- Your door on the world."
             The characters will probably force a door or a wall to enter 
        the  core of the area for newly arrived girls "coming  to  Japan" 
        (as it is known on the street).
             The  characters should encounter a few toughs, probably  one 
        or two of each kind, as they work their way into the rotten  core 
        of  the  Ginsa's  cess-pit, and they should hear  and  see  girls 
        locked into rooms.
             The  kidnap  victim  the scenario is about is  held  in  the 
        middle  of  the building in an area advertised as soon  to  be  a 

        place where customers will be able to come and watch slaves being 
             After  the first few encounters the characters should  break 
        into  a large area under construction.  Several floors have  been 
        cleaned  out  and a re-inforcing structure placed  in.   The  new 
        construction has not yet started.
             In  the middle of the room will be the sorcerer,  the  older 
        cousin  and  the chained down missing  character.   Three  toughs 
        should also be present. 
             General  melee and rescue ensue.  As the melee  winds  down, 
        have  the television crew break into the room, with cameras  run-
        ning, questions shouting and toughs and thugs battling.   Scream-
        ing  girls should be running all over as they run in  all  direc-
        tions, not knowing which way is out and following the camera crew 
        in hope of rescue.
             From  the  opposite side of the room a Federal  Express  em-
        ployee  should enter with a package.  That should be a clue  that 
        he  just came in a way that is also a way out.  He will take  one 
        look,  stutter, consult his two-way connection, drop the  package 
        and run.  
             The  characters  can  choose to follow him or  to  join  the 
        melee.  If any have inspiration or the ability to receive  hints, 
        they should feel like running.
             As  they leave, the police will enter, following  the  tele-
        vision crew.  There will be no investigation, no matter how  many 
        dead  bodies are left.  The police only want to stop  the  broad-
             Following the rescue the news will be filled with stories of 
        how the drug wars have been carried back to Japan with the  total 
        destruction by Koreans of a major player:  the Jaqkewlla empire.
        SCENARIO 2
             This is an opposed quest/exploration culminating in a puzzle 
        with an armed conflict at the end. 
             This  scenario does not have a real world  back-ground.   It 
        takes place in other realms. 
        THE SET-UP 
             In  the pattern that broke the Teynd there are a  number  of 
        trinities.   For example, fox/coyote/wolf are the three  brethren 
        that  are  the trinity of the untamed dog.  Wolf had  been  taken 
        over by the wild magic, Coyote had allied with the Teynd and  Fox 

        was an outcast trickster who had become a non-member of the Teynd 
        when everything began to break loose. 
             Things  were  grim.  Coyote tricked and enslaved Wolf  as  a 
        part  of  a plan to gain more power for his conflict  with  Raven 
        (the unDying one) who was the surety for the last Teynd, and  Fox 
        was a targeted victim for a fell fate. 
             As a result, when a misled and betrayed young man in Nebras-
        ka was deluded into becoming the Teynd sacrifice, Fox allied with 
        the  one who attempted to save him.  Fox was looking for  his/her 
        own survival and was also acting as an agent of the nine in  this 
             The final result was the breaking of the Teynd, the dissolu-
        tion of Coyote and the freeing of Wolf. 
             Coyote  has  been reborn free of the taint the  last  Coyote 
        had.   (Coyote is fond of getting himself killed in order to  get 
        out of messes he has gotten himself into).  Wolf is not free. 
             The  unMaster of Carrion is attempting to possess  Wolf  and 
        the wild magics.  Fox is unable to intervene directly if he is to 
        shield the "new" Coyote from the consequences of the "old"  Coyo-
        te's  sins (this Teynd business he joined only a few score  years 
        ago  turned out to be a much trickier trap than even  Coyote  was 
        ready for and much stickier than even death). 
             So,  Fox has come to some of the characters for  help.   Fox 
        will open a gate into the dark side of the dream realm, provide a 
        spirit  guide and give his blessing.  If the characters  succeed, 
        Fox  will be grateful, if they fail, the demon Wolf will  be  un-
        leashed  as  was direly threatened by the coming  of  the  Fimbul 
             Fox appears to the lead character in a dream. 
             The characters group up, check some tomes in the library and 
        find the dream gate.
             The  diaries/journals/ancient  records will  not  give  much 
        direct knowledge but will give a fair amount of general knowledge 
        about  the existence of the dream realms and the sweat lodge  and 
        purifying rituals.  A good preparation period should be  rewarded 
        with the general outline of the quest. 
             The  characters journey to the backside of the dream  moon's 
        third  twin <the moon has four twins in dream time, full,  empty, 
        two  quarters  and half> empty.  From there they follow  a  trail 
        through  parts of the asteroid belt and then down,  dancing  past 
        the perils of the twins, to the old tower on Mars. 

             If  they have accumulated the tokens on the path,  not  lost 
        too  much  dancing past the moons of Mars, and  taken  the  right 
        steps entering the dream world, they are ready for the confronta-
        tion with the Demon that has possessed the wild wolf dream. 
        THE ACTION
             The  characters must enter the tower, by-pass, face down  or 
        overcome the guardians, and face the wild wolf dream. 
             The characters engage in a series of three contests with the 
        wild  wolf dream.  The results of the three contests will  deter-
        mine what kind of conflict they will have.
             The characters then have a final battle with the demon and a 
        chance  to control the direction the wild wolf magic takes  after 
        the battle.     The Cast of Characters:
        Bad Guys:
             the demon
             several failed races dwelling on the dream trail
             the cats of saturn
             the moon beasts
        Good Guys:
             the wild wolf magic
             the shadow fox dream guide
             misc. dream dwellers
             the guardians of the tower
             The  characters  need to pay attention on  the  quest.   The 
        tokens  they can obtain will temporarily increase  their  powers, 
        help  them continue on the quest, by-pass guardians,  and  unlock 
        the tower.
             To  prepare the characters should purify themselves  with  a 
        sweat lodge, study the materials and the tomes available to them, 
        equip themselves and commit themselves to doing right.
             The first upon entering the dream world step is the seeming-
        ly  meaningless peril that every dreamer on the dark side  faces.  
        Here  the  characters face moon beasts and the  cats  of  saturn.  
        This  step  is  referred to in writings as  the  barrier  at  the 
        threshold  and  symbolizes the natural dangers and  antipathy  of 
             The next seven steps are the seven magic steps of the  quest 
        and  occur along the dream path.  Each occurs during its  related 
        travel segment.  Intermixed with these steps are encounters which 
        can be turned to steps on the quest.

             Zero:     The Moon
             In  this step the characters enter the dream realm and  find 
        their way to the moon.  The characters know that they have to get 
        to  the  moon, travel to the back side, and find  the  sky  trail 
        while avoiding the perils naturally to be found along the way.
             One:      The Trail 
             In  this step the characters have to find the correct  trail 
        and  follow it.  It is a riddle game with time pressure from  the 
        pursuit from the Moon's natural perils.
             Two:      First Rock
             This  is  the first stop along the way.  First Rock  is  the 
        first stop this trail makes as its way through the asteroid belt.  
        It  is  a small realm (which is why it is referred to  as  "first 
        rock" -- it is too small to be called much else) with a campsite.
             Another group already holds the campsite.  If the characters 
        negotiate and deal fairly with them they will give some  informa-
        tion and trade for the first token -- a bag of rust.
              Three:    Second Rock
             This  is  the  second stop.  It is a fortress.   In  it  the 
        characters  will be approached by a young man who claims he is  a 
        captive  and  who asks for rescue.  The characters will  need  to 
        untangle truth from lies and to follow the path of virtue.
             Success  will  result  in the second token  --  three  glass 
        marbles and a warning not to stop on third rock.
             Four:     Third Rock
             This is an anchor point for the trail.  The characters  need 
        not  stop here, and should not.  If they stop, they will  be  as-
        saulted by Seidthra dark masters (minor sorcerous beings) and may 
        loose virtue as well as some characters.  
             If  they  progress past third rock and press  forward,  even 
        though  the  trail appears to stretch too far forward  without  a 
        break, they will gain endurance for later use. 
             Five:     Fourth Rock
             This  is a nunnery.  It has three sides.  Pure, defiled  and 
        mixed.  The characters actions will decide which they see. 
             Fourth  Rock is a chance to improve the characters'  ability 
        to pass by the guardians and to gain a token (six shriveled seeds 
        and  three leaves) or a chance to improve some skills  and  loose 
             Six:      The Twin Moons

             The characters must dance past terror and madness.
             Seven:    The Stairs
             The characters descend to Mars while losing possessions  and 
        equipment.  The stairs are treacherous.  The characters will have 
        to  decide  what  to keep and what to do without  for  the  later 
             Eight:    Finding The Tower
             This  should  be fairly easy.  There will be a  sand  storm, 
        some conflict with sand devils, and some possible confusion,  but 
        melee should only occur if the characters have really done poorly 
        or if they are looking for conflict (if their desires and  dreams 
        are bringing conflict to them).
             Nine * * *    
             The  final  quest  step (the ninth or master  step)  is  the 
        tower.   Ideally the characters have purified themselves so  that 
        the  guardians can get no hold on them, have the tokens  so  that 
        they  can  enter  the tower  without  breaching  its  containment 
        strengths, and are ready to face the Demon wolf.
             Facing  the wolf in three contests, the characters have  the 
        chance  to tame the wolf inside, weaken or channel the demon  and 
        prepare  for combat.  Ideally the characters can take  turns  and 
        rest   while   the   demon  is  forced  to   endure   all   three 
             At  the  final confrontation the characters  will  beat  the 
        demon  if they've succeeded at a majority of the previous  steps.  
        Without  extreme  luck they will not have the ability  to  do  so 
        without severe casualties if they have failed.
             They have the equivalent of a second chance, if they win, as 
        the  "tamed" wild magic can bring one character back  from  death 
        and give that character a second chance at a virtuous life. 
             The initial storyline has John Storm rescue his brother  and 
        break  the  Teynd.   Following that, John Storm,  Mark  Gold  and  
        James Kay are introduced by Fox and begin this quest.  
             While they are on the quest, Ari is kidnaped by the  charac-
        ters in the last scenario who sever her contacts with John.  John 
        knows something is wrong, but is needed on the dream quest.  Mark 
        Gold  is  not  allowed to progress past the Moon's  twin  and  is 
        called back by Charle.  Since his duties and bindings hold him to 
        earth, he agrees to investigate Ari's problems. 
             The two remaining characters progress to Mars.  James Kay is 
        confident that given the shape of the contests the tokens can  be 
        made to force, he can overcome the Demon.  At the same time  Mark 

        reports  back that he is barred from Japan by influences  on  the 
        native Kami.  Someone was prepared for one of the paladins.
             James goes on to face the Wolf, John plunges into the  Ginsa 
        alone.   There,  in the Ginsa, the Yakusa  have  prepared  silver 
        torture  implements,  having learned the hard way that Ari  is  a 
        more  powerful shapechanger than they suspected.  They refuse  to 
        back down from their purpose.
             Alone,  tortured,  cut-off from magic and from  rescue,  Ari 
        refuses  to  give  up hope.  This is not yet the  worst  she  has 
             John  enters the Ginsa, ungloved and accompanied by his  two 
        retainers.  Death follows as he penetrates to the damp jumbles as 
        unstoppable as the divine wind.
             He  engages  in several short, sharp melees, each  of  which 
        ends as John lays his hand upon his opponents.  A riot breaks out 
        and he breaks into the headquarters.
             In the middle he confronts the "older cousin" and his  chief 
        sorcerer.  The melee breaks the main support beams for the build-
        ing  (a 40 story structure) and the sorcerer's blood  breaks  the 
        restraining pentagram.  Ari breaks free and bodies are shattered.
             The  "older  cousin" is gripped by a berserk  rage  and  his 
        tutelary  spirit  comes upon him granting him sufficient  POW  to 
        avoid death by touch for three passes.  Then the jackal dragon is 
        slain  (and with it goes the shapechanging power of  that  Yakusa 
        clan) and all of its familiars decline into slime. 
             The "older cousin" is slain, the building finally begins  to 
        collapse, and Ari and John escape while the police and the camera 
        crews engage each other in a fierce melee.
             A  land  spirit,  one of the Kami, attempts  to  bar  John's 
        passage and is bound (but not rent or slain).  John is then  able 
        to teleport home.
             Following this, John and Ari meet the other Characters  from 
        Shadows,  are attacked at "home," (the catamaran) and move on  to 
        separate endeavors following the the adventures in Shadows. 
             In  the progress of those adventures, these  characters  are 
        accumulated  and  engage in the scenarios in this  volume.   They 
        were  not a part of the other Shadows campaign, though  they  did 
        meet and interact with the characters in that campaign from  time 
        to time.
        SCENARIO 3
             After the last two scenarios, the characters went on to  run 
        through the perils laid out in Shadows.  That was a terrible  and 

        difficult path that they took and several were permanently slain.  
        After  the dust settled, the Storm's moved on to matters  outside 
        of  the main storyline and mostly concerned with trying to  raise 
        two children safely in the new world.  They should be retained as 
        NPCs and resources for the PCs as John began to teach at a  State 
        university and they retained ties (and their catamaran) near  the 
        nexus point.
             James  Kay's shadow was fully independent at this point  and 
        James  was  called constantly away on government  business.   The 
        characters available in the campaign were the shadow, the charac-
        ters  on this disk {who had joined in during the  various  adven-
        tures}, and the surviving characters from the first disk {all  of 
        whom had developed outside interests that turned them into  part-
        time members of the group}.
             The active core was much younger, less wise and less direct-
        ed  when  the next major problem came to the attention  of  their 
        sponsors.   All of the new young members of the active  core  had 
        become  a part of the group in order to be protected, trained  or 
        helped and none had been recruited by the group sponsors.
             On  the other hand, the sponsors had defeated the  Nameless, 
        saved  the  world, and done a number of important  things.   They 
        could not be blamed for not recruiting and maintaining an  active 
        force of agents in the world.
             As  they retained to their "normal" labors, they took  steps 
        to place the characters in a home in Coos Bay, Oregon -- a  place 
        that  Monkey felt bore watching and one resplendent with  natural 
        beauty.   The faceless shadow made them a gift of property,  land 
        and related furnishings shortly after the last two scenarios.
             This  is a general setting with lots of clues, tag-ends  and 
        plot  movers.  The GM can stir the action up any way that the  GM 
        desires.  Coos Bay is a natural campaign setting.
             Coos  Bay  is an incredibly beautiful port city  in  Oregon.  
        Freshly created by legislation and innovative ideas, Coos Bay  is 
        an open slate for creating a fictional background.
        THE SET-UP 
             Assume a wonderful deep water bay -- one of few on the  West 
        Coast.  Assume no commercial development.  What a wonderful place 
        for both Deep Ones and Dark Young to slumber and prowl (the first 
        in  the  bay, the second in the woods and  mountains  beyond  the 
             Toss in a sleeping Indian guardian spirit, marijuana growers 
        in the mountains (both isolated patches and commercial  organized 
        crime),  a  few  survivalists, Tongs (society  members  from  the 
        mainland,  Triads  (society  members from the  islands  and  free 

        ports),  criminal Chobal and Yakusa, a demon spawned  biker  gang 
        war,  a Seid Alfar gate to the dream depths of the  Earth's  core 
        and a few mountain-top alters connecting Korlinth and Lios  Alfar 
        and you have a witches brew. 
             Keep  all  of the groups small at first.   There  should  be 
        several  layers  of small groups.  The Deep Ones and  Dark  Young 
        should  have half-human and human spawn, unmutated human  seeming 
        young,  small cults and several sites for each.   Their  conflict 
        should build slowly. 
             The Alfar conflict should also build slowly, mostly in raids 
        in the forest as the Seid Alfar seek to control the mountain tops 
        and  the Lios Alfar seek to locate, and then control,  the  dream 
        depths gate.
             The  survivalists and the pot farmers should have  conflicts 
        that  spill  over into town, as should those two groups  and  the 
        growing  hiking,  horseback riding and ultralight  flying  indus-
             The criminal elements should have different goals.  One  set 
        should  be trying to take over the local teamsters.  Another  set 
        should be trying to import cocaine without too much being  stolen 
        by the teamsters.  A third group should be hired by the teamsters 
        to get the criminals off of their backs.  Two outside groups (one 
        bikers, one Yakusa) should be in non-cocaine (bikers in meth  and 
        ice,  Yakusa in ice and heroin).  A few locals should be  in  the 
        protection, prostitution and numbers business.
             Finally,  you should have a few druids, indian  groups  (all 
        hoping  to  reclaim the guardian spirit) and normal  biker  wars.  
        This is a good deal of action, all of it more-or-less  unrelated, 
        and all of it building very slowly.
             Each  item of conflict should peak at a different time,  and 
        some clues should be mis-directions.
             The  Read.me1  file suggests using The  Terror  From  Space, 
        restructured  to fit Oregon.  You can do that, using some of  the 
        property  belonging  to  the characters as a  contact  point  and 
        letting  the scenarios develop as a part of the settling in  pro-
             Once  the  characters  are back from that and  have  had  an 
        interlude  to  look  about Coos Bay some  more,  begin  the  next 
             This  one, Scenario.003 involves the Alfar.  The Seid  Alfar 
        or  Swartz  Alfar's dark dream gate is a place of power  that  is 
        suitable   for  use  as  a  center  of  power  in   a   Kar-Manta 
        change/growth  ritual.  It is natural to assume that  someone  or 
        something will try to use it. 
             Simply put, a potential vampire master, 10/12ths of the  way 

        through  transformation,  comes to town looking to pin  down  the 
        location  of the gate and make use of it.  She will get  involved 
        in  at least one of the struggles, seeking the help necessary  to 
        take  possession  of the gate, and her involvement  will  set  up 
        ripples that the characters will notice. 
             Play these out for each set of conflicts.
             You  can obtain an incredible amount of background  data  by 
        asking the State of Oregon for information on Coos Bay.
             The  characters can travel up to Portland (where  the  Storm 
        family  is),  east  to Medford and environs  (where  Mark  Gold's 
        estate is), South to San Francisco (where all sorts of things are 
        going on) or out to sea. 
        THE ACTION
             The  characters get in on a vampire hunt in the  first  set-
             The  characters face down the vampire in a place  of  power.  
        They also encounter the dark alfar.
             These vary for the scenarios generated by this setting.
             If these were put together as a series of novels, the  first 
        set  of stories would be the Storm's story.  Starting  with  this 
        scenario, this is the story of the next generation.  
             The  Coos  Bay setting allows the characters  to  get  their 
        teeth cut.  By the end of it the characters will be familiar with 
        a  number  of  mundane problems in the world as  well  as  having 
        adventured fully in the shadow worlds. 
             The characters will also be aware of the Deep Ones and of  a 
        hideous  conspiracy that is brewing.  The next several  scenarios 
        following establishing this setting are the story of the  charac-
        ters as they find a place in this world and as they fight against 
        the  plots  of the deep ones and the frightful  fate  those  have 
        planned for the world.
        SCENARIO 4
        Scenario.004  Against the Deep Ones.

                This is a series of adventures.  In sub-sets it is:
        (a)     Coos Bay
        (b)     Alfar interlude 
        (c)     Michigan
        (d)     Chicago
        (e)     interlude with Dark Young
        (f)     interlude with Yakusa
        (g)     The Heart of the Matter//Washington D.C.
             This  is a full fledged campaign series and is  intended  to 
        flex the characters to the limits.
             The Deep Ones are the fruit of a parasitic virial  life-form 
        that invaded Earth shortly after the Teynd binding.  An unNatural 
        tainted sentient force from the Swarm, it lost sentience with the 
        Teynd and the counter-stroke.
             The  virus  is a gene-splicing form that mutates  its  hosts 
        genetic matter to pass on the virus to the next generation.   The 
        next  generation is also horribly shaped and mutated.   Take  the 
        general requisites for the host species and modify as follows:
        STR  +4d3
        CON  +d6
        SIZ  +2d3
        INT  -d3
        POW  -d3
        DEX  -d3
        CHA  -2d3
        APP  -3d3
             The mutated offspring will begin life appearing to be normal 
        members  of  the host species -- identical in appearance  to  the 
        normal children of the parents.
             At  16 + 3d6 years of age the corrupted genes will begin  to 
        manifest,  slowly changing the lifeform into an  aquatic  reptile 
        with  oversized  hands and feet, claws,  elongated  and  serrated 
        teeth, and rough green or orange/blue scales.
             Such offspring will breed true with each other or will, with 
        others of the host race, produce children like they were.  
             Each generation of the "pure" mutations grows less  intelli-
        gent, less magically powerful and more animalistic.  Add a d3  to 

        SIZ  and a d3 to STR each generation, subtract 2 points from  INT 
        (until INT = 2d2) and 1 from POW (until POW = 1d3+3 points  total 
             This  aging and alteration of generations also  affects  the 
        infected  as they grow older.  Every 16 + 3d6 years  the  parents 
        alter  and grow more beastal along with their children.   Without 
        fresh  infusion  of  new breeding blood the race  will  lose  all 
        sentience.   Members of the race regularly rise from  the  depths 
        seeking new breeding stock.
             As  it  is, its older members are  horrendous  and  fearsome 
        creatures,  often as much of a peril to their own communities  as 
        to  outsiders.   Breeding needs continue to drive  the  folk  and 
        often entire ships are carried away from the sight of man.
             Prior to the Teynd this entire process was a great deal  for 
        the virus.  It created strong, enduring hosts who bred themselves 
        into  potent mindless hulks without the INT or the POW to  resist 
        their possessors. 
             The Teynd and the Counterblow robbed the virus of sentience.  
        Now it rests as a possessing force of drives, hungers, needs  and 
        crazed  impulses, ever chafing at the shape of normal  space  and 
        burned  by the sun.  With the return of magic the virus  did  not 
        regain  sentience, but it did cause the unNatural taint  to  grow 
        stronger.  (Each Deep One has a 33% chance of having a chaos gift 
        or equivilent).
        THE SET-UP 
             The Deep Ones have a great city in the Bermuda Triangle.  It 
        is  there that they have their gate to the Sargasso Sea, a  dream 
        realm  filled with dead ships, undead ghouls, and  human  victims 
        hunted as food by the ghouls and breeding stock by the Deep Ones.
             The triangle is used to slip selected ships and other  craft 
        into  the Sargasso Sea when the mystic modes are right  and  then 
        the Deep Ones and the Ghouls compete for prey.
             The Deep Ones have a contact in the Bio-Chem Warfare Project 
        at  the  Pentagon.  The Pentagon is experimenting with  a  super-
        soldier  virus that will create natural soldiers who will  always 
        follow orders, feed themselves between wars, and cost nothing  to 
        raise and train.  The Deep One virus looks to be the solution  -- 
        at least so they have been duped and mis-lead into believing.
             In  addition, there is a project to create fresh water  Deep 
        Ones.   This is a new varient to be used to infiltrate the  North 
        East  waterways  of  the  United States and  the  rivers  of  the 
             Finally,  the third layer of the onion, there is  a  program 
        afoot  to  place Deep Ones in several U.S. colleges and  for  the 
        Deep  Ones to seek diplomatic identity and military  aid  against 
        racial enemies.  (cf Drgg Rockeater).  Their enemies have a magic 
        based floresent light that causes larvel and pre-change Deep Ones 

        to glow yellow and are selling it through new age religion stores 
        as a spiritual aid. 
             Create lairs for play in:
        (a)     Coos Bay
             Typical  Deep One citadel near Coos Bay with fresh and  salt 
        water  areas.  Coos Bay, back when it was just a swamp/marsh  and 
        wild life habitat, was quiet, out of the way, ignored and consid-
        ered a perfect place for a deep water access land site. 
             The  State  of Oregon surprised more  than  conservationists 
        with its move to build the port and start changes.
             The  dead Deep One will have a map to the Coos Bay  citadel, 
        the  fresh/salt  water pens and a flight corridor to  a  lake  in 
        Michigan (though that will take some descipering).  He will  also 
        have a whistle that summons a wind creature that is 85% likely to 
        carry one to a named destination . . .
        (b)     Michigan
             The  Deep Ones are hiring out in the AFL-CIO/Mafia  problems 
        and they have one of their two fresh water hatcheries in Michigan 
        where  they are able to breed by spawning.  Per sexual  act  this 
        results in thirty or fourty larvel Deep Ones who grow to maturity 
        in a matter of weeks, rather than a chance at one larvel Deep One 
        who will take nine months and 16 + 3d6 years to mature.
             Fresh  water Deep Ones are a terrible peril and could be  an 
        unstoppable plague.
        (c)     Chicago
             This  hatchery is the fall-back position for the Deep  Ones.  
        Thousands  await hatching and growth in fetid pens.  The  charac-
        ters must locate the hatchery, penetrate and cleanse it.   Indus-
        trial waste dumping can be a friend or foe as can crooked politi-
        cians, more Union troubles and the politics of Chicago.
        (d)     The Heart of the Matter//Washington D.C.
             Both Michigan and Chicago have had clues that there is  some 
        connection to Washington, D.C.  Then, in addition to the clues, a 
        miracle  spritualism  occurs on TV as a charge d'affairs  in  the 
        Pentagon is turned floresent yellow by a new age healer.  
             The healer was using the same lights that the characters saw 
        being shipped through the Coos Bay freeport and learned to use to 
        identify Deep Ones.
             Several  levels  of  interaction with  the  government  will 
        occur.  The peril may or may not be totally stopped and  hundreds 
        of  unsuspecting  G.I.s may find themselves  injected  with  bio-
        engineering viruses when they are expecting routine flu shots. 

             The  characters encounter a dead Deep One in  the  mountains 
        near  Coos Bay.  Investigation will show that it "breaths"  fresh 
        water and not salt water.
             The  characters  locate and fight with some Deep Ones  at  a 
        cult  house in North Coos Bay, gather clues and decide that  more 
        is afoot than they guessed.  
             They should deciper the map and guess that it bodes ill  for 
        the  State of Michigan.  They should also note new agers  in  the 
        Free  Port, the sale of weird lights to Deep One cultists  and  a 
        number of other clues for later use.
             Will vary by scenario frame.  
             The  characters  should discover that  anti-unClean  methods 
        will  "cure" the Deep One virus of its supranormal  (chaos  gift) 
        powers, that most anti-virals will stop the progress of the  Deep 
        One  taint in those whose genes are contaminated, and  that  salt 
        and fresh water are good weapons.
             Several  Deep One specific spells related to  breeding,  re-
        verse  evolution and similar matters will surface, Deep One  life 
        cycles will be revealed in obscene and mystic clues, and  several 
        one  use,  single  purpose magical tools will  be  noted  (though 
        probably not obtained) by the characters.
             Always  note that the Deep Ones have never  overwhelmed  the 
        land because they have a number of weaknesses, enemies and mystic 
        barriers to their progress.
        THE ACTION
             Mostly  detective  work, some melees, at least  one  magical 
             A conflict of will, magic and physical force in a waterfront 
        Cult/Crack House in the D.C. slums.  It should involve a sorcerer 
        and several very old deep ones.
             Feel free to modify and alter events, tieing in seasons  and 
        interludes in order to keep the characters on the seeming edge of 
        disaster or delay. 

        SCENARIO 5
                      HOME IS THE HUNTER, HOME FROM THE SEA
                       AND THE SAILOR, HOME FROM THE HILL
                                 I.  BACKGROUND
             The characters had struggled through a reprise on the  Masks 
        of  Nyrlathotep.  Just as the earlier adventurers had  faced  the 
        dark one, these characters had come face to face with the  powers 
        of  the Nameless.  They were deeply unsettled -- what  other  tag 
        ends  had  been left unresolved, what other  mistakes  might  the 
        earlier characters (and the sponsors!) have made?
             Hopefully  none,  and there were no obvious  clues,  so  the 
        characters headed home.
                                 II.  THE SET-UP 
             The characters returned to a wonderful deep water bay -- one 
        of  few on the West Coast.  By now it had full  scale  commercial 
        development  (just as it has in our world).  While the Deep  Ones 
        had  been  driven off, Dark Young remained to slumber  and  prowl 
        second in the woods and mountains beyond the bay). 
             The  sleeping  Indian guardian spirit had  woken,  marijuana 
        growers  in the mountains (both isolated patches  and  commercial 
        organized  crime)  had begun to fight with  a  few  survivalists, 
        Tongs (society members from the mainland, Triads (society members 
        from the islands and free ports), criminal Chobal and Yakusa, and 
        a demon spawned biker gang.
             The Seid Alfar gate to the dream depths of the Earth's  core 
        and a few mountain-top alters connecting Korlinth and Lios  Alfar 
        were  active again (these would show up more fully  in  Shattered 
        Isle which the characters explored next). 
             The  groups in conflict had been small at first.   The  Dark 
        Young  had  half-human and human spawn, unmutated  human  seeming 
        young,  small cults and several sites breaching a  conflict  with 
        the Alfar.  The conflict had built slowly. 
             The  Inter-Alfar conflict was also building in raids in  the 
        forest as the Seid Alfar sought to control the mountain tops  and 
        the  Lios  Alfar sought to locate, and then  control,  the  dream 
        depths gate.  The vampire had brought out everyone's attention.
             The survivalists and the pot farmers conflicts spilled  over 
        into town, as did those two groups and the growing hiking, horse-
        back riding and ultralight flying industries.
             The  criminal  elements clashed as their  goals  conflicted.  
        One  set took over the local teamsters and got bounced by a  "big 
        foot"  squad.  Another set imported cocaine and begain a  war  by 

        trying to keep too much being stolen by the rival gang run  team-
        sters.   The "big foot" group left them intact.  The third  group 
        was  hired  by the local teamsters to get the  criminals  off  of 
        their  backs and got side-tracked into fighting with  the  second 
        set (after all, the "big foot" took care of the criminals).  
             Two  outside  groups (one bikers, one Yakusa)  started  non-
        cocaine  imports (bikers in meth and ice, Yakusa in ice and  her-
        oin).  A few locals toughs got into the protection,  prostitution 
        and  numbers business.  The player-characters had  cleaned  those 
             The  characters had left town prior to the  teamsters  fight 
        and  came  back after it was over -- just in time  to  meet  some 
        druids  and competing indian groups who were all hoping  to  "re-
        claim" the guardian spirit.  
             This is a good deal of action, all of it more-or-less  unre-
        lated, and all of it building very slowly.
             At this point I chose to peak the conflict that the  charac-
        ters (and their players) had shown the most interest in.
                              III.  POTENTIAL PLOTS
        A.   Corrupt commercial development/dangerous polution.
        B.   Prowling Dark Young and Indians (or Alfar) hunting them.
        C.   The  Indian  guardian spirit vs. marijuana  growers  in  the 
        mountains (both isolated patches and commercial organized crime).
        D.   The  marijuana growers vs. the survivalists, Tongs  (society 
        members  from  the  mainland, Triads (society  members  from  the 
        islands and free ports), criminal Chobal and Yakusa, and a  demon 
        spawned biker gang. (A small war in this scenario).
        E.   The Seid Alfar vs Korlinth and Lios Alfar conflicts.
        F.   An  unNatural plot to take over the city and  state  govern-
        ments.   This would be the Dark Young with their  half-human  and 
        human  spawn,  unmutated  human seeming young,  small  cults  and 
        several sites making a political move.
        G.   The Dark Young breaching a conflict with the Alfar.  
        H.   The survivalists and the pot farmers vs. the growing hiking, 
        horseback riding and ultralight flying industries.
        I.   Non-cocaine  drug  wars involving two  outside  groups  (one 
        bikers,  one Yakusa) (bikers in meth and ice, Yakusa in  ice  and 
        J.   The few locals toughs get into the protection,  prostitution 
        and  numbers business and cross friends of the characters.   This 
        is an excellent "short afternoon" scenario or a long one.

        K.   Druids and Indian groups competing to "reclaim" the guardian 
        L.   Other incursions into Coos Bay by one of the outside races.
                                   IV.  METHOD
             Pick the plot that the characters have shown the most inter-
        est in.  (Clues from all of the plots should appear as the  char-
        acters  come home, talk to friends, pay bills, take in  some  re-
        creation, go to dinner, etc.).  Determine interest by which clues 
        the characters follow up on.
                            V.  THE ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN
             The  characters ran accross several Druid groups  trying  to 
        reclaim  the Indian Guardian Spirit which had been woken  by  the 
        drug farmers.  The Spirit and the pot farmers were in a war.
             One  of  the groups of Druids turned out to be  Dark  Young.  
        The characters saved the Spirit from the Dark Young and  released 
        it.  They traced the Dark Young to a breeding site and faced down 
        a  Seid Alfar breed master of the Dark.  In his notes they  found 
        clues to the political strategy.
             The  characters acted quickly enough to foil an  attempt  to 
        kidnap/eat the govenor and replace him with a Dark Young  look-a-
        like.   The  State Police took the matter from  there  while  the 
        characters got embroiled in a Lios Alfar/Seid Alfar conflict.
             The Alfar were acting as mercenaries in a biker/yakusa  war.  
        After  a great deal of fighting and running, the characters  dis-
        covered  that  there wasn't a good side to the conflict  and  got 
        out.   Both sides were consumed by the conflict and the  renegade 
        lios alfar mercenaries all moved on.
             Some  of the characters had opted out of the war  early  and 
        found  themselves  facing off a crooked developer  and  his  Dark 
        Young  allies  (who were back for revenge).  They  were  able  to 
        invoke the Indian Guardian Spirit.  This scenario finished off  a 
        couple characters and the last of the Dark Young.
             At  this point all of the plot lines were resolved  and  the 
        surviving characters were ready to be retired.
        GLOSSARY -- Artifacts
        Basics rules for artifacts:
             First, gather raw material.  That is, gather chaos,  shadow, 
        dream  or  spirit.  [this is done by role play,  use  of  special 
        skills or by GM fiat]
             Second,  apply  the  appropriate skill  (shape  chaos,  form 
        shadow, weave dream, invoke spirit).  [the percentage is  usually 
        a  combination of basic or innate chance + experience +  training 

        {generlly determined by player points invested in the skill}]
             Third,  check innate capacity.  [capacity is  determined  by 
        checking  the  relevant  characteristics/requisites.   For  chaos 
        shaping  it  is  generally the sum of  all  characteristics,  for 
        shadow forming it is generally {POW*5}+INT, for dream weaving  it 
        is  generally  {INT*5}+{POW+CHA}/2, for spirit invocation  it  is 
        usually {CHA*5}+{INT+POW}/2]
             Fourth,  limit effects by chance and knowledge.   [some  re-
        sults are affected by random factors and all results are  limited 
        by whether or not the actor knows the path to the result  sought.  
        Often  this will take a research roll or a consultation  with  an 
        authoratative text such as a grimoire]
             Fifth,  factor  in the results of any affinity  spent.   The 
        affinities are:
        chaos:    elan
        spirit:   grace
        dream:    imagination
        shadow:   eclat
             [these are all gained by role play and may be used to modify 
        results or as a replacement for luck]
             The scenarios were set up to be used as follows:
        Scenario.001  The Carrion Dragon
             This  is  an introduction to play.   Basically  some  simple 
        tracking and travel spaced with straight forward combat.
        Scenario.002  The Dream Journey
             This is a heroquest pattern in the dream realms.
        Scenario.003  The Move to Coos Bay//The Kar-Manta
        Terror from the Stars
             This is a commercial product available for $6.95 from Chaos-
        ium.   It  is not necessary, but it is a  great  introduction  to 
        Chaosium products.
        Scenario.004  Against the Deep Ones.
             This is a series of adventures.  In sub-sets it is:
        (a)     Coos Bay
        (b)     Alfar interlude 
        (c)     Michigan
        (d)     Chicago
        (e)     interlude with Dark Young

        (f)     interlude with Yakusa
        (g)     The Heart of the Matter//Washington D.C.
        Recast characters,
             (most campaigns will need to re-cast and re-align
             the characters at this point)
        Rest (shopping expedition, marriages, etc.)
        Terror Australis
             Send the characters to Australia to help out on a clue and a 
        request by a family friend.
             This  is  series uses another Chaosium  Product.   I  advise 
        using the CITY BENEARTH THE SANDS first, then PRIDE OF YIRRIMBUR-
        RA, and for some local flavor, spin off a couple or so characters 
        to run through OLD FELLOW THAT BUNYIP.
             Treat the Australian Dreaming as the Australian extension of 
        the  Dreamworld (skip the contrary language in the scenario)  and 
        update the scenario to present day Austrailia.
             For good reference, read the book That Fatal Shore.
        Scenario.005  Home to Coos Bay (Home is the Hunter).
             Clean  up any loose ends and wrap them into the story  line.  
        I  used  this as a campaign closer to transition  the  characters 
        back  to base and take a rest.  Use any background  elements  the 
        characters/players have shown strong interest about.
        Final Adventure
        The Shattered Isle
             This  is a good wrap-up to the set and a fine Chaosium  Pro-
        duct.   It  is  set in the Eternal Champion Cycle.   For  a  good 
        introduction  to the scenario, have the characters end  up  there 
        instead of their intended destination on the return from Austrai-
        lia.   A  warp in space swallowing an airplane is better  than  a 
        mis-guided  teleport, but feel free to use any method  that  fits 
        your campaign.
             I  used a gate in the Mountains near Coos Bay  to  introduce 
        the  characters into this scenario set as they tracked down  some 
        reports  of strange creatures molesting wildlife and  hikers.   I 
        also used it as the last scenario in the set.
             Remember  that  the  demons, etc. are reduced  in  power  in 
        Tragic Millinium Earth.

        Rules for Chaos Shaping, Part 1.
                                I.  INTRODUCTION
             There are two kinds of chaos:  that natural to the world and 
        that which is unNatural.  The natural sort has filtered into  our 
        world  through  shadow and is the raw potential framed  by  chaos 
        shapers, dream masters and shadow dancers.  It is the stuff  that 
        is  pulled up into the realms of spirit and that is  returned  as 
             The  second  sort of chaos is the unNatural.   This  is  raw 
        chaos  stuff  pulled in from outside.  The unNatural  demons  are 
        made from this raw stuff and their deliquescing flesh bears often 
        vocal testimony to the improper intrusion of that non-matter into 
        our worlds. 
             This essay deals with the shaping of the first sort of chaos 
        and the rules that govern chaos shaping.
                                   II.  BASICS
             Chaos is gathered and then mastered by imposing the will  of 
        the  chaos shaper on the stuff of chaos gathered from the  fabric 
        of the world.  The character's requisites that can be used to sum 
        the  chaos  shaper are added together and the  total  produces  a 
        number that is used to determine the amount of chaos that can  be 
        shaped  by  the individual at any one time.    In  the  Precursor 
        rules  the  "-" character marks each requisite to be  totaled  in 
        finding the number. 
             For  example,  the rules give the  Shannella  the  following 
        A.   Shannella (Shannallin Shapers)//humanoid lios alfar 
        SIZ  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        STR  3d6-           (3-18)
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19)
        CHA  3+3d6-         (6-21)
        APP  3d6+6-         (9-24)
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        INT  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        POW  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d6            (2-12)
        LUC  1d6*           (1-6)
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)
             SIZ,  STR, CON, CHA, APP, DEX, INT, and POW are  all  marked 
        with  the  "-"  character.  SAN, WIL, LUC and PTS  are  not.   To 
        determine the chaos shaping capacity of a member of the Shannella 
        race, you would total the marked requisites.  The possible totals 
        range from 71 to 166. 

             Once  the chaos shaping capacity is determined,  the  native 
        ability or Chaos shaping skill is determined.  In general, native 
        skill  is  equal to (POW + INT)/10.  2.8% to 4.8%  would  be  the 
        range for the Shannella.  Native skill is where the chaos shaping 
        skill of the individual starts and can be increased as any  other 
        skill is increased. 
             Chaos  shaping skill limits the total number of points  that 
        can be shaped.  If one has a capacity of 120 and a skill of  45%, 
        the maximum number of points that can be shaped is 45 --  regard-
        less of the capacity.  
             Chaos  capacity is determined by summing the  requisites  as 
        shown above. 
                             III.  USING THE BASICS
        A.   Amount of chaos to be shaped:
             For  a  chaos shaped effect with a POW of 1d6,  the  maximum 
        number of points to be shaped is limited by Chaos shaping skill x 
        1 or 1/3 of capacity, whichever is less. 
             For  a  chaos shaped effect with a POW of 2d6,  the  maximum 
        number of points to be shaped is limited by Chaos shaping skill x 
        1 or 2/3 of capacity, whichever is less. 
             For  a  chaos shaped effect with a POW of 3d6,  the  maximum 
        number  of  points to be shaped is limited by the  Chaos  shaping 
        skill or chaos capacity, whichever is less.
             For  a  chaos shaped effect with a POW of 4d6,  the  maximum 
        number  of  points to be shaped is limited by the  Chaos  shaping 
        skill x 1.5 or 4/3 capacity, whichever is less. 
             And  so it goes, 5d6 = 5/3 capacity or x2 skill, 6d6  =  6/3 
        capacity  or x2.5 skill , 7d6 = 7/3 capacity or x3 skill  ,  etc. 
        (That is, #d6/3 capacity or {#-1)*.5 skill).
        B.   Chance of successfully shaping the chaos:
             To  shape chaos requires winning a POW v. POW  struggle  for 
        each d6 of POW of chaos shaped.  Thus for a 5d6 shaping, five POW 
        v. POW struggles would have to be won.
             For  each  struggle  won, the shaper is allowed  to  make  a 
        shaping  skill  roll.   For every point of chaos  less  than  the 
        capacity  that is shaped, add 1 to the shaping skill.  For  every 
        point over capacity that is shaped, subtract 1.
             For  example,  with a capacity of 120, a skill of 75  and  a 
        chaos shaping of 3d6, the maximum number of points would be 75.
             If 70 points were to be shaped with 3d6 POW, then three  POW 
        v. POW rolls would be required, each to be followed by a  shaping 
        roll.   Since the points (70) are less than the  capacity  (120), 

        the  skill  rolls  are at a bonus (120-70 or  50%  points).   The 
        shaper  would have a 125% chance each round to impose his or  her 
        will on the shaped chaos.
             If  all the POW v. POW rolls are made, chaos has been  bound 
        and shaped.  If any roll fails, the chaos dissipates.
             For each shaping roll that succeeds, that proportion of  the 
        bound and shaped chaos is shaped according to the shaper's  will.  
        For example, in a 4d6 POW binding of 120 points, if three out  of 
        four  shaping rolls were successes, the 3/4ths of the points  (or 
        80 points) would be shaped as the shaper desired and 1/4th of the 
        points would assume a random or unfinished aspect.
        C.   Controlling bound and shaped chaos:
             The  finished product is controlled by the shaper or by  any 
        subsequent  person attuned to it who is both attuned and who  has 
        dominated  or  bound the item.  Attunement can be  determined  by 
        making  a (CHA + INT) v. POW attack.  For each point  the  attack 
        succeeds  by, equal points of the shaped chaos are attuned.   One 
        might generally spend some time in attunement.
             Following attunement, one has a POW v. POW struggle.  A  win 
        results  in domination or binding.  A failure results in a  back-
        lash.   At  the worst a backlash exposes the target to  the  full 
        effect  of  the shaped chaos, at the best a  backlash  dissipates 
        itself on wards and guards.
                            IV.  THE SHAPES OF CHAOS
        A.  Unintelligent shapes:
             1.   Weapons/Chaos as a tool of Assault.
             Weapons  that  make contact have a POW v. POW  struggle  and 
        then do 1d6 extra damage for every 10 pts of STR the weapon  has.  
        Thus  a  weapon  with 30 points of STR would have  a  3d6  damage 
             2.   Armor/Protection
             Armor grants 1d6 of protection for every 10 pts of CON.  The 
        armor itself can also has one hit point for every 10 pts of  CON.  
        Thus  armor  with 30 points of CON would provide  3d6  points  of 
        protection and would have 3 hit points.
             3.   Wards/Defense
             1d6% reduction in ability or perception or chance to contact 
        per  10 pts of DEX.  Wards hide and defenses avoid.  Thus a  ward 
        with  30 points of DEX would be minus 3d6% to any  searching  for 
        the  item hidden by the ward.  A defense of 30 DEX  would  reduce 
        the chance to hit of an attacker by 3d6%.
             4.   Buildings/Structures

             10*1d6  cubic meters are formed for every 10 points of  SIZ.   
        Buildings  and structures can be made from extremely  thin  chaos 
        shaped  material.   The pre-shapes for buildings are  similar  to 
        complicated  and  detailed blue-prints and the  binding  cost  is 
        often paid by the person who intends to live in the building.
             30  points  of SIZ in building would result  in  30d6  cubic 
        meters of extremely strong and tough building material.
             5.   Portals/Teleportation/Gating
             One  location  per 10 pts of INT, one point  SIZ  moved  per 
        point  of STR, 1d6% chance of safe arrival per point of  DEX  (30 
        points = 30d6% chance of safe arrival or 30% to 180% chance).
             Thus  with 20 points of INT, 30 points of STR and 40  points 
        of  DEX  the  telportal or chaos gate would  have  two  locations 
        served, could move up to 30 points of SIZ and would have a  40d6% 
        chance of safe transportation between the two locations.
             6.   Transportation/Wings/Vehicles
             Speed  is 1d6 mph per 5 pts STR, carriage = SIZ,  length  of 
        movement is 1d6 hours per 10 pts CON.  With a STR of 20, a SIZ of 
        30 and a CON of 10 the chaos shaping could travel 4d6 mph,  carry 
        30 SIZ points and could move for 1d6 hours between recharges.
             7.   Knowledge/Awareness
             1d6% to one specific knowledge or skill area's rolls per  10 
        pts of INT.  Can be bound into items that then have an  increased 
        success  rate  when  used.  A typical jewelers  headset  with  60 
        points of INT would add 6d6% to a specific area of knowledge.
             8.   Desire/Passion
             1d6  of SIZ or 1d6 hit points of healing per 10 points  con-
        sumed  (desire/passion is transformed into other things in  use).  
        60  points  of chaos shaped into the stuff of  desires  could  be 
        formed into 4d6 SIZ worth of food and 2d6 restored hit points (or 
        some similar combination).
        B.   Intelligent shapes:
             These  are the same as the unintelligent shapes,  with  true 
        intelligence added.  These are self-willed, sentient and thinking 
        vs mechanically intelligent.  The following kinds of intelligence 
        can be shaped with chaos: 
             1.   Individuals  shaped  with  chaos upon  them  (i.e.  the 
        transmogrified, etc.).  These are the typical character or  indi-
        vidual who has been reshaped with chaos into something  non-human 
        and beyond. 
             Those shaped with chaos find their personalities, attitudes, 
        etc. remain the same.  Aging retainers, loyal servants, and  such 

        are  often  shaped with chaos to cheat death and to  continue  to 
        serve.  Being reshaped by chaos is risky as it can result both in 
        transmutation  and  alteration  by chaos gone wild  and  it  also 
        remakes the individual into one who can be bound and subjected as 
        any other chaos tool or thing.
             2.   Intelligences summoned into chaos 
             Not  a  good practice.  This is done by  shaping  chaos  and 
        binding an intelligence to fill it.  The intelligences often come 
        from  spirits of the dead, sacrificed individuals, etc.  and  are 
        not always the ones expected or desired. 
             3.   Raw intelligence invoked into chaos 
             Mechanical, uncontrolled and/or not-sentient  intelligences.  
        Often these can evolve into true intelligence over time.  This is 
        the  most common type of intelligence in a chaos shaping and  can 
        be  used solely to hold points of spells or equivalents equal  to 
        the points of INT.  
             Such  INT has no other game use or purpose and is  generally 
        described  when  considering unintelligent chaos  shapings  <e.g. 
        those  in  the section just before this one that have  INT  as  a 
        controlling feature.> 
             4.   Animals invested with chaos
             Again,  just as humans invested with chaos,  the  personali-
        ties, attitudes, etc. remain the same, though the level of intel-
        ligence  is often raised.  Familiars are a common example.  There 
        is  no  guarantee that increasing the tools with which  to  think 
        will result in intelligence that you or I would appreciate -- and 
        there is surprising varience within members of a species.
             This  process  merely adds a great deal to  the  raw  mental 
        power  available  to the animal so manipulated and does  not  in-
        crease  the  knowledge  or change the  instinctive  patterns  and 
        habits of the animal.
        C.   Specials
             The average chaos shaping has a d6's worth of impact per  10 
        points of shaped chaos.  A weapon does 1d6 of extra damage per 10 
        pts  of  STR,  armor does 1d6 of protection per 10  pts  of  CON, 
        knowledge adds 1d6% to an area/skill per 10 pts of INT, etc.
             Special  effects  generally cost 20 pts per  d6  of  effect.  
        Thus,  a  d6 damage to CON attack (temporarily drain  d6  of  CON 
        following  contact and a POW v. POW struggle) would cost 20  pts.  
        A  3d6  attack on INT would cost 60 points, a 2d6 to  STR  attack 
        would cost 40 points.
             All  manner of special effects can be calculated or  created 
        by  pricing  them at twice the cost of the value of  the  effect.  
        See Rules.007 for more.

                           V.  LIMITS ON CHAOS SHAPING
             Chaos shaping is limited by the need to gather chaos or find 
        an area rich in chaos stuff, the time it takes to shape the chaos 
        (approximately  one  week in preparation for every d6 POW  to  be 
        shaped),  the  expense  of supporting  materials  (the  pre-shape 
        preparation requires a material matrix for the chaos to be shaped 
        against) and the POW and CHA of the shaper. 
             This is because each chaos shaping retained after all  other 
        steps are taken requires the permanent sacrifice of one point  of 
        POW by the shaper or a participating assistant.  In addition,  no 
        shaper  can  have more than one half of CHA  in  currently  bound 
        shapes and no more than (CHA + INT) in currently attuned shapes. 
             To be a subsequent binder of an item requires the  permanent 
        sacrifice of one point of POW after attunement and binding.   The 
        point of POW passes into the item and increases it by one point.
             A chaos shaping can be bound to itself.
        CHAOS SHAPING Part Two
        Special Effects in Chaos Shaping
        Rules for Chaos Shaping, part two.
                                I.  INTRODUCTION
             Special  effects  in chaos shaping are seen in  two  places.  
        The first is in the work of master chaos shapers.  The second  is 
        in involuntary chaos shaping.  This article discusses the  second 
        method  and  goes over the most common special  effects  and  the 
        rules that can be used to simulate them in gaming.
                         II.  INVOLUNTARY CHAOS SHAPING
             Most individuals have a base chaos shaping skill,  somewhere 
        between  1%  and 4%.  In times of great stress  some  individuals 
        instinctively  seek to chaos shape.  If chaos is present  and  if 
        the  individual has a critical success, then it is  possible  for 
        them to shape chaos instinctively in a manner that will  preserve 
             The mechanics are relatively simple.  If an individual  with 
        no  chaos  binding experience or training is subjected  to  great 
        stress and is facing death, then check for the presence of chaos.  
        If any chaos stuff is present (as is usually the case in times of 
        great  turmoil or great natural disaster), the individual  has  a 
        chance  to  shape chaos.  If they have a critical  success,  then 
        they  have succeeded in shaping chaos into a form that will  pre-
        serve their life.  If they fail, they die.
             From  such great natural disasters occassionally come  indi-
        viduals  with  great supranormal powers and abilities.   You  can 
        create  these  by giving them (1d6) *  (chaos  shaping  capacity) 

        [alternatively, for player characters and NPCs in scenarios,  you 
        can assign a level from 1 to 6 and then multiply the level  times 
        the  capacity  to create a character at the level  of  power  you 
        desire] points of shaped chaos.
             Generally this chaos should be in the form of special  chaos 
        shapes  or  powers with which the character  is  invested.   Each 
        level counts against the total number of chaos shapings that  the 
        character can bind.
                              III.  TECHNICAL NOTES
             Chaos shapings are often defined in terms of characteristics 
        --  just like characters are.  Magic and other forces  that  will 
        affect  a particular characteristic will often affect  any  chaos 
        shaping defined or based on that particular characteristic.
             Most  chaos shaping results are given in terms of  a  range, 
        such  as 1d6 or 1d3 per 10 points of chaos shaped.  This  is  be-
        cause  of the fact that even shaped chaos is often in flux.   The 
        results can be fixed rather than changing.  For such results  one 
        takes  the low average on each range.  E.g.  a teleportal with  a 
        30d6% chance of safty could be changed to a teleportal with 30  * 
        (d6//average down from 3.5 to 3) or 90% chance of safety, 4d6  of 
        armor could be changed to 4 * (d6//average down from 3.5 to 3) or 
        12 points of armor, etc.
                            III.  THE SPECIAL POWERS
        1.   Armor
             Treat the special power of the same normally as chaos shaped 
        armor or protection:  1d6 points of armor per 10 points of  chaos 
        shaped.   In  addition, it costs one point of  shaped  chaos  per 
        point of SIZ covered by the Armor.
             Protection  is based on CON, size of the armor is  based  on 
        SIZ, hit points (when appropriate) are determined by .1 CON.
        2.   Darkness
             For  10  points  a field of darkness affecting  a  d3  meter 
        radius  all normal senses and three additional spectrums  can  be 
        created  at will and can be maintained at the cost of  one  force 
        point per melee round after creation. 
             The  following  is  a chart of the  available  spectrums  or 
        special senses that darkness can be shaped to block.
        BIOLOGICAL    Down                Up
        radiation   infravision           ultravision
        electric    magnetic field sense  electrical potential sense
        kinetic     lateral line sense    sonar
        radiation      powersense               supertaste

        electrical     aura sensing             awareness
        kinetic        danger sense             super scent
        radiation      radiation vision         x-ray vision
        electric       depth perception         radar sense
        kinetic        pressure sense           super touch
             All senses have active and passive modes.
        3.   Gravity Manipulation
             Gravity  manipulation  is a form of dream magic and  is  not 
        generally affected by chaos shaping.
        4.   Intangibility (the up side of by-pass forces)
             For 40 points one can become intangible to kinetic, electri-
        cal  or radiative forces.  For each 40 points add  an  additional 
        type  of force.  For 120 points one is intangible for  all  three 
        types of forces.
             One cannot use offensively a force to which one is  intangi-
        ble.  Intangible individuals can become tangible by expending one 
        force point per melee round of tangibility (as in eating meals).
        4.   Invisibility (the down side of by-pass forces).
             20  points  of chaos will shape invisibility  to  any  three 
        sense  spectrums or special senses in a fashion similar to  dark-
        ness.   Thus,  for 20 points, one could be  invisible  to  sonar, 
        radiation vision and danger sense.
             40 points of chaos shaping will render one invisible to  all 
        normal  senses for as many melee rounds as one desires to  expend 
        the  one  force point per round that such a shaping  requires  to 
        fuel it.
        5.   Perception modes
        aura sensing 
             This  sense is magical/down/electric in its three axis.   It 
        is the ability to sense or perceive the bio-electric auras gener-
        ated  by  all living things.  These auras are generally  seen  as 
        having color, brightness or intensity, and grain or fineness.  
             The  color usually reveals the person's controlling  emotion 
        or  aspect, the brightness the intensity of feeling and  strength 
        of  personality  and  the grain or fineness the  quality  of  the 
        spirit or maturity of the individual. 
             The sense may confer this information by other means. 
             This is a general information sense that is magical/electri-

        cal/up in its axis.
             Awareness provides a general knowledge of events about equal 
        to a major regional newspaper or special interest newspaper (such 
        MORNING  NEWS) or special publication (such as PC  MAGAZINE,  THE 
             Each area of awareness atunes the individual into that level 
        of  reality  and requires between 5 and 50 chaos  shaping  points 
        depending on scope and depth of knowledge.  The GM and the player 
        should  designate the reference publication and reach  an  agreed 
        danger sense
             Magical/kinetic/down in axis, this is the warning feeling of 
        impending doom.  
             Danger sense warns only of immediate dangers.  Each point of 
        chaos  shaping results in 1d3% chance of a warning  feeling  when 
        there is immediate danger (such as an ambush or a trap).  Thus 30 
        points would result in 30d3% chance to feel danger coming.
             A character can get a general sense of the source and direc-
        tion of the danger in a manner similar to the children's game hot 
        and  cold.  If one feels danger and backing up reduces the  feel-
        ing, then obviously the danger is something to the front.
             Note that often the warning (as in an ambush) does not allow 
        significant time to respond or prepare.
        depth perception
             a/k/a range finding, this sense is  mechanical/electrical/up 
        in axis and is necessary for many ranged weapons (and is found on 
        all American main battle tanks).
        electrical potential sense 
             This is the same sense that many electrical eels have and is 
        biological/electrical/up in axis.
             This  sense allows one to sense the electrical potential  of 
        one's  surroundings  and of buried wires and  conduits.   For  10 
        points  one gains a range of one meter and a resolution of +/-  1 
        ohm, +/- 1 volt. +/-  1 centimeters.
             Each additional 10 points of chaos shaping adds one meter to 
        range and doubles the quality of the resolution.  Thus 80  points 
        gives a range of 8 meters, and resolution of ohms, volts and size 
        to  the nearest .0078125 unit of measurement, 120 points  to  the 
        nearest  .00048828125 unit of measurement and 12 meters,  and  so 

             This sense is biological/radiation/down in axis.
             Infravision  is  the ability to see and  interpret  infrared 
        light.  15 points of chaos shaping creates a halo that focues and 
        resolves the infrared light that is generated by heat and  allows 
        one  to  see  at 20/60 vision into the  infra-red  spectrum  with 
        general black and white resolution (the equivilent of gaining  IR 
        sensitive rods in one's eyes).
             An  additional  10  points can give  one  descrete  spectrum 
        senses (the ability to distinguish between narrow differences  in 
        the  infrared spectrum -- had by certain Northern European  steel 
        workers, this sensory reach into the infra-red spectrum gave them 
        a distinct economic advantage in steel production). (the equivil-
        ent of gaining IR cones and color vision in one's eyes).
             For  each  additional  10 points increase  resolution  by  5 
        points  (thus 20/55; 20/50; 20/45; 20/40; 20/35; 20/30  which  is 
        true "normal", to 20/20).  
             Limits  apply past 20/20 vision (to wit, there is no  incre-
        ment from 20/5 to 20/0 . . .). 
        lateral line sense
             This sense, had by most fish and almost all RQII dwarves, is 
        biological/kinetic/down in axis. 
             The  lateral line sense is a form of pressure sense that  is 
        most effective in liquids and fairly effective at short ranges in 
        gasses.  The lateral line sense detects and correlates variations 
        in pressure, using them to orient movement and direction.
             It has a range of 1 meter (.1 meter in gasses) per 10 points 
        of  chaos shaping and a resolution grid of 2 centimeters  per  10 
        points  (thus  20  points would have a range of 2  meters  and  a 
        resolution  of 1 centimeter, 30 points a range of 3 meters and  a 
        resolution  of 1 centimeter, 40 points a range of 4 meters and  a 
        resolution of 1 centimeter, etc.).
        magnetic feild sense
             Electrical/down/biological in orientation, this sense is had 
        by  some  birds.   It is the ability to sense  and  orient  along 
        magnetic feilds.  In its roughest form it is what makes a compass 
        work.   In finer increments it allows one to sense  the  magnetic 
        feilds  of  force present from the Earth's rotation or  from  any 
        magnet's presence.
             5  points of shaped chaos creates the equivilent of a  rough 
        internal compass that can be thrown off by metal, magnets or  bad 
             An additional 10 points generates a general awareness of the 
        presence  of  electrico-magnetic fields and an  internal  compass 

        equal to any boy scout compass ever built.
             After  the  first 15 points, an additional  15  points  will 
        allow  one  to see magnetic fields at a range of 6 meters  and  a 
        resolution grid of 1 meter.  15 more points doubles the range  to 
        12  meters and increases the resolution to 1 decameter.  15  more 
        points increases range to 18 meters and resolution to 1 centimet-
        er.  Range and resolution increase at that ratio.
             This  is the ability to sense and identify the  major  power 
        present  in any chaos shaping.  It is magical/radiative /down  in 
             The  cost  is 10 points for the basic ability to  sense  the 
        presence  of  chaos, 10 more points to identify the  major  power 
        present in a chaos shaping (that is, the power to which the  most 
        points are allocated.  
             The  character must have seen the power before or have  seen 
        it in action to identify it). 
             For  each  additional 10 points the next step  down  can  be 
        identified.  (e.g. assume an individual with 300 points in shaped 
        chaos.  For 10 points one could sense the presence of the  chaos.  
        For  an additional 10, 20 total, one could sense the  power  that 
        has the most points of shaped chaos.  
             For  30  total one could tell the two powers with  the  most 
        points, etc.).
             In addition, the total points of shaped chaos in this  sense 
        gives the %tage chance one has of identifying not only the  power 
        but the strength of it and any focus it might have.  Thus with 30 
        points  in  powersense  a character would have a  30%  chance  of 
        identifying  the  strength of the major power as well  as  seeing 
        what it is. 
        pressure sense
             This  is the ability to sense pressure in increments  of  10 
        millibars at a cost of 10 points.  For each additional 10  points 
        increase sensitivity by a factor of two.  (So at base cost, sense 
        pressure  at +/- 5; at 20:  +/- 21; at 30:  +/- 11; at  40:   +/- 
        0.75; etc.)
        radar sense 
             This is the ability to sense vague outlines by radar fields.  
        For 10 points the grid of sensory input is 3 meters, the range is 
        90  meters, with limits on sensing some sorts of materials.   May 
        either double range or halve sensitivity for every additional  10 
        radiation vision 

             This is the ability to see the natural background radiation.  
        It  is  usefull  in areas where nuclear  contaminants  have  been 
        released, in handling fusion reactions and in a number of special 
             For every 5 points allocated to spectrum give the ability to 
        sense a specific type of particle or radiative mass.  For every 5 
        points allocated to precision, halve the perceptive grid,  start-
        ing at 2 centimeters.
             Normal sonar such as is had by bats, porposes, etc.
             For 10 points one gains the ability to track by scent at 20% 
        skill.   All other skill increases are had as normal  skills  are 
             For  10  points one gains the  skill  taste  analysis/detect 
        poison  at  20%.   All other skill increases are  had  as  normal 
        skills are increased. 
             This is the ability to feel at distances beyond the  surface 
        of  the  skin, 1 meter per 5 points.  Tactile resolution  may  be 
        increased by 50% for each additional 5 points spent (thus doubled 
        for 10 points, tripled for 20 points, quadrupled for 30 points).
             As  infra-vision except it uses ultraviolet radiation  which 
        is  much less common.  This is generally an active sense  with  a 
        higher resolution and better range than infravision. 
             Ultravision does not have naturally appearing light  sources 
        and does not penetrate normal mist, fog and smoke as does  infra-
        x-ray vision  
             The  ability  to  see x-rays.  X-ray vision  is  useful  for 
        seeing  inside of things.  It has a base cost of 15 points and  a 
        range  of 1 meter per 5 points.  It has a base resolution  of  10 
        points per inch, doubled for every 5 points.  (Thus for 15 points 
        base  cost:  10ppi; +5:  20ppi; +10:  40ppi; +20:   160ppi;  +25:  
        320ppi -- or about the resolution of a good photocopy machine  or 
        dot matrix printer).
        NOTES on active and passive senses.
             All  senses can be either active or passive.   Using  normal 
        senses,  a man with a flash light has active sight.  He  provides 

        both the light to see by and the sensory organs to respond to the 
        light.  Many deep sea fish have active vision.  
             Another  common  example is sonar.  Most  sonar  is  active, 
        where the porpose or bat produces the sound used for the sense to 
             The  advantage  to  active senses is that  they  are  always 
        available (the user never has the worry of being "in the  dark").  
        The disadvantage is that any being with a similar sense can  tell 
        when  a user of an active sense is present.  Some  animals  stalk 
        their prey by zeroing in on their active senses.
             Generally,  active  senses do not work  without  the  active 
        element  being  brought into play.  Passive senses  do  not  work 
        where there is no background source (just as our passive sense of 
        sight does not work in darkened rooms).  By doubling the cost  an 
        active sense can be bought that also works passively or a passive 
        sense  can be bought that works without an energy source.   These 
        factors are designed and designated when the chaos is shaped  for 
        the sense.
        6.   Projection
             This  is the ability to project ranged attacks using one  of 
        the six-fold matrix identities.
             For each 10 points of shaped chaos a 1d3 attack with a range 
        of 3 meters at 100% chance to hit is created.  Chance to hit goes 
        down by 10% per 3 meters (at 3:  100%, at 6:  90%, at 9:  80%, at 
        12:  70%, at 15:  60%, at 18:  55%, at 21:  50%, etc.).
             30  points  of  shaped chaos would allow a  3d3  attack,  80 
        points of shaped chaos would allow a 8d3 attack. 
             The matrix points have the following identities and relevant 
        colors and attributes:
        spirit VIOLET WHITE DISSASSICIATIVE FORCE (radiation up)
             This is pure radioactive dissassociation, the dissolution of 
        bonds and pure destructive force.
        fire RED FIRE (radiation down) 
             This is pure heat.
        air BLUE LEVAN (electrical up) 
             This is electrical force. 
        liquid GREEN LIGHTNING (electrical down)     
             This is pure electromagnetic force. 
        earth BROWN EARTH (kinetic up)     

             Tangible physical energy. 
        crystal BLACK ICE (kinetic down)     
             Pure cold, anti-kinetic in nature. 
        7.   Psionics 
             Psionics  are  usually spirit skills and are  covered  under 
        those rules.
        8.   Regeneration/Healing
             For every 20 points of shaped chaos dedicated to this  power 
        either 1 point can be regenerated or 2d6 points healed.  Regener-
        ation occurs once per 10 melee rounds until all damage is healed, 
        healing occurs once per day.
             For  double  the cost this regeneration  will  operate  even 
        after negative hit points are reached.
        9.   Shapeshifting
             Temporary Shapeshifting, which usually includes size  chang-
        ing,  density  alteration, stretching and so-forth is a  form  of 
        dream magic.  Permanent shifts in shape is part of chaos as is  a 
        loss  of  immutability  of shape (where a person's  shape  is  in 
        constant flux and flow -- generally with little or no control  by 
        the  person).   See the dream magic rules for  more  details  and 
        10.  Snarl 
             This  is  the  power to snare, web or tangle.   1d3  STR  of 
        snarls or tangles are created for every 10 points of shaped chaos 
        used.  The tangles can be spread over a maximum space of 1  cubic 
        meter  per  1d3 of tangle and can be cast up to 3 meters  at  90% 
        chance to hit. 
             60 points would produce 6d3 STR of tangles.  Tangles work by 
        applying  their strength against the STR of the target.   If  the 
        snarl  wins  a STR v. STR battle the target remains  snarled  and 
        stuck  for the next melee round.  If the target wins, the  target 
        has broken free.
             Tangles  lose 1d3 of STR for every round a target  struggles 
        against them.
        11.  Transmutation
             While also a dream magic, transmutation is the premier chaos 
        shaping mastery.  The transmutation special power is the same  as 
        the  desire power, allowing temporary creation of  substances  or 
        temporary  healing equal to the total number of points  allocated 
        to  this  area as if allocated to a chaos shaping  of  desire  or 

        12.  Transportation
             See the various chaos shaping rules on transportation.
        13.  Weapons
             See the various chaos shaping rules on weapons.
                                IV.  GENERAL NOTE
             The special notes above are in addition to the general chaos 
        shaping  rules, not in place of those rules and are  designed  to 
        provide  guidelines and advice for designing characters who  have 
        shaped chaos instinctively and who are more likely to have  chaos 
        shapings with the so-called "special" powers than are more struc-
        tured chaos shapers.
             Always feel free to refer to the general chaos shaping rules 
        for guidelines and advice.
             Also  note how involuntary chaos shapers resemble  metabolic 
        or  natural chaos shapers, such as the Dtagga, when creating  one 
        for a character. 
                             DREAM WEAVING ILLUSIONS
             The  basic  rules  for illusions.  Related  to  the  similar 
                           III.  SHAPESHIFTING DREAMS    
        A.   Shape (stretching/extra limbs/etc.)
        B.   Size (growth/shrinking)
        C.   Appearance (costumes, masks, fur, scales, etc.)
        D.   Density (increase/decrease)
        E.   Abilities/Powers (flying, gravity control, etc.)
                               IV.  TRANSMUTATIONS
        A.   Alterations
        B.   Buildings
        C.   Creations     
                            V.  WOVEN DREAM GARMENTS
             A specific sub-set of transmutations.
             There are four basic types of manipulation of the powers  of 
        spirit.  The first is embodying spiritual essences or ideals into 
        forms  on  the material plane.  This was  covered  earlier.   The 
        second  is  the power of the mind (psionics).  The third  is  the 

        apotheosis  of man to spiritual being and the fourth is  the  un-
        Faithful twisting of spirit or anti-spirit.  This portion of  the 
        Rules covers psionics.
             Psionic effects have the following modifiers:  range,  mass, 
        area of effect, degree of control.
             Range  is  modified  as follows: -5%  per  range  increment, 
        calculated  at (y)^(x-1) and given as .2 meters as the  0  incre-
        ment, 1 meter as 1 (-5%), 2 meters as 2 (-10%), 4 meters as 3  (-
        15%),  8 meters as 4 (-20%), etc.  Thus a psionic activity  at  8 
        meters from the actor would be at -20%.  
             In addition, each range increment costs 5 points.
             Mass  is calculated in the same manner, with  the  following 
        basis, .2 grams as 0, 1 gram as 1, 2 grams as 2, 4 grams as 3,  8 
        grams as 4, 16 grams as 5, 32 grams as 6, etc., with the same -5% 
        per increment.
             Area  of effect is actually the volume of effect  where  the 
        measurement  equals  2*radius, and where the  increments  run  as 
        follows:  1 centimeters, 10 centimeters, 20 centimeters, 40  cen-
        timeters, etc., with the same -5% per increment.
             In  each case, modify the success roll as per the  following 
        Skill  of 90%, range of 8 meters (-20%), lifting 32 grams  (-30%) 
        in  an  area of 10 centimeters (-5%) or (90%-55%) 35%  chance  of 
        success.  If a 20 was rolled, 3 points of results were inflicted. 
             That  is  (skill  + additives +  advantages)  -  (difficulty 
        factors + defenses + disadvantages) = %chance.  (%chance -  %tage 
        rolled)/5 = points of effect.
                                 PSIONIC POWERS
             Each power is an area of mental activity that is  seperately 
        acquired  and which has a seperate skill roll.  Thus all  psionic 
        skills have the master limit of Psionic Skill (limited by spirit-
        ual  capacity)  and  then are rolled against  for  specific  sub-
             For  example, an individual may have basic psionic skill  of 
        80  (generally  determined by (POW + points  of  will  spent)*5%.  
        That  individual  may then buy/learn psionic skills  up  to  80%, 
        learning  each skill seperately (thus telekinesis does  not  give 
        one  telepathy).   Within each area are  sub-skills  and  powers.  
        These  require 5 points each to acquire but are not  learned  se-
             Skill name (modifier):  effect
             Shield  (-0%):   this skill allows one to add a  portion  of 
        one's  total  psionic  skill as a defense  against  telepathy  or 

        empathy attacks.  There is no modifier for the use of this  skill 
        and  no cost to use this skill.  Points of effect are the  margin 
        of success.
             E.g.   A  person has telepathy at 65% and 80%  psionics  and 
        decides to raise a mental shield.  If they roll a 15%, then  they 
        get (65-15) 50% subtracted from any telepathy that involves them.  
        The  person  can keep rolling and each success is  added  to  the 
        shield  to the limit of 80% (total psionic skill).  Each  failure 
        is subtracted from total shield strength (minimum of 0%).
             Awareness (-10%):  detect sentient life
             Receive Emotions (-20%)
             Send Surface Emotions (-30%)
             Receive Surface Thoughts (-40%)
             Impose Emotions (-50%) (in addition, costs 5 points per type 
        of emotion)
             Send Surface Thoughts (-60%)
             Read Surface Memories (-70%)
             Impose Surface Thoughts (-80%) (suggestion)
             Read Memories (-90%)
             Control Surface Thoughts (-100%)
             Read Deep Memories (-110%)
             Stop Thought (-120%)
             +10 pts per sense
             +20 pts for active sense
             Per  general guidelines.  Skill/controll modifiers  as  fol-
        Awareness (self)
             Slow bodily function
             Speed bodily function
             Strengthen bodily function
             Accellerated Healing
             Neutralize Poison
             Neutralize Viral Action
             Neutralize Cancers
             Neutralize Immune System Disorders
             Counter Aging
             Neutralize Aging
             Alter Bodily function/size
        Awareness (others)
             As above, but for others.  Time limits, increased  difficul-
        ty, migration of effect.

             Relative truth (simple "truth sense") 
             Absolute truth 
             Sense Immediate Danger
             Identify Immediate Danger
             Sense Immediate Occurance
             Predict Immediate Occurance
                                I.  INTRODUCTION
             There  are multiple levels of reality in the  Shadows3  uni-
        verse.  Reality begins with chaos, filters in through shadow,  is 
        set  in the material world and extends out into dream and  spirit 
        through to its final goal.  All of these levels of reality can be 
        worked,  invoked,  shaped or otherwise subjected  to  control  or 
        alteration just as technology controls the material world.
             Rules.006  and Rules.007 concerned chaos shaping,  Rules.008 
        discussed invoking spiritual essences, Rules.009 concerned dreams 
        and  illusions,  Rules.010  discussed  shadows  and  spells   and 
        Rules.011 covers spirit and psionics. 
             All of these rules provided a number of descriptions of  how 
        a power of one sort or another is obtained.
                               II.  GAME MECHANICS
             However,  from  a player's viewpoint,  the  following  steps 
        should be taken to obtain any power available under the rules.
        FIRST,  the  GM  decides if the power is available  in  the  GM's 
        SECOND, the GM decides under what heading the power is  available 
        to the players (note that many powers can be made available under 
        a number of different headings, methods or explanations).
        THIRD, the GM decides on the cost to the character.  Cost  should 
        have the following components:
             a)   esthetic.  (more later)
             b)    functional.   This is the cost in  player  points  and 
        reflects the game value of the power gained.  All effects  should 
        have a cost equal to or greater than their base-line impact.  
             For example, a d6 of damage or other effect has a  base-line 
        cost  of  10  points.  A character should thus pay  at  least  10 

        points for any impact equal to a d6 of damage.
             c)    thematic.  This is the cost in character  actions  and 
        reflects the character play necessary to obtain a benefit.   E.g. 
        to obtain a suit of clothes a character has to go to a store  and 
        buy a suit of clothes.  To shape chaos a character has to  obtain 
        chaos to shape.
             Some times the cost in character actions is much higher  for 
        some results than it is for others.  All spiritual powers require 
        obtaining  spiritual elan or grace to spend in the  obtaining  of 
        the powers.  All chaos powers require gathering and shaping chaos 
        in addition to "spending the player points necessary."
             Most chaos shapings are much more expensive than just  going 
        out and buying a technological or mechanical equivilent.
        d)   Rules related.  This is the "rolling it up" that occurs when 
        one attempts to get a result.
        FOURTH, the GM decides how (and if) to play it out.
                          III.  PLAYING WITH THE RULES
             Anyone  should  feel free to play with and  to  alter  these 
        rules.   As a general rule of thumb, create a table of powers  or 
        effects and then assign costs.  Give the players between 300  and 
        400 points to start out with to build a character with.   Follow-
        ing  that,  give the players one or two  points  per  well-played 
             Encourage the players to alocate about half of the points to 
        luck and about half to will.  To slow down character  progression 
        make  life more dangerous (requiring more luck points), to  speed 
        it up give out more points and make life easier.  Let the charac-
        ters  spend  the will under whatever limits you  are  comfortable 
             Always feel free to reduce costs for powers.  The costs  for 
        powers reflected in the Rules are costs that are "too  expensive" 
        for mere play-balance and which are given to generate a world for 
        play  with  the  flavor that I wanted.  That  is,  natural  power 
        gaming tendencies would work to force the characters into  proper 
        roles and decisions consistent with my setting's ethos.
             There is nothing wrong with only charging  player-characters 
        the play-balanced cost for powers if you want a different flavor.  
        Let the player-characters develop out of the ordinary as long  as 
        it is fair.