Shadow Wars
             The  precursor  races are a group of plane faring  (pf)  and 
        space  faring  (sf)  races that preceded  humanity  and  are  now 
        thought  to  be extinct.  They left a number  of  ruins,  shades, 
        gates,  artifacts  and toxic waste dumps.  Their leavings  are  a 
        soure of surprise and mystery in the world.
             The  major precursor races and their allies dominated  prior 
        to  the collapse.  They consisted of natural and unnatural  races 
        (explained later).
        A.   Shannella (pf/natural)
                  humanoid (varient humans)
                  tychistic/magic oriented
             The Shannellan shapers varied in size from 60 to 400  pounds 
        and  from 4' to 7.'  Most common were those in the 5' to  6'  and 
        the 120 to 200 pound range.
             There  were two major racial groups.  The first  had  silver 
        hair and golden skins.  The silver ranged in light grey to almost 
        black and the golden from light tan to deep mahogany.  These were 
        arrayed in septs named after the various natural forces.   Shaper 
        masters would go by a metal and a sept name (e.g. Golden Storm).
             The  second  major racial group had golden hair  and  silver 
        skins.   The golden ranged from dark brown to pale blond and  the 
        silver  from blue black to almost albino.  These were arrayed  in 
        three  to four generation family groups named  after  geophysical 
        attributes  and  had  personal names  reflecting  aspirations  or 
        feelings (e.g. Bright-Glory Marsh or Victorious Mountain).
             In modern racial terminology both groups would be caucasian-
        oriental crosses.
        B.   Builders a/k/a Tc'cha (sf/natural)
                  humanoid (varient humans)
             The  Tc'cha and their successors were mostly green-brown  in 
        color and large in size.  Servent races were bio-engineered to be 
        smaller and different in color.  Servent races were of two human-
        oid  types.  The "true" or "natural" (the two words are the  same 
        in Tc'cha) servent races were fertile and had full civil rights.
             The  bio-tool  races were not fertile  and  were  considered 
        property.   While  such  races were initially  not  sentient  and 
        derived  from animal stocks, in the late Tc'cha eras  almost  all 
        were sentient and derived from human stock.
             The Tc'cha were similar to negroid stock.

        Note:  lios alfar, derrows, modern humans and a number of related 
        semi-interfertile species are all decended from the Shannella and 
        the Tc'cha (including servant races).  
        C.   Chela (sf/pf/unnatural)
                  copper blooded lobster squids
                  deep oceanic dwellers, magic oriented
             These deep ocean dwellers used spacecraft and also dimension 
        travelled.   Their  spacefaring was magically  based  and  toxic.  
        Chela spacecraft left poisons wherever they traveled.  The  Chela 
        magics  were  generally manipulated using their venomous  ink  or 
        their blood.
             The  Chela hunted their own young and feasted on each  other 
        whenever  possible.   The  bred prolifically and  the  young  had 
        fragments  of  their parents knowledge  magically  transmuted  to 
        them.   A new-born Chela had a deranged composit of its  parents' 
        personalities and about 25% of their capabilities.  
             If  it  survived long enough to  integrate  its  personality 
        traits  and establish its own self-hood it qualified for  member-
        ship in Chela society and was free from unprovoked attack.  Until 
        it  integrated it had a dull coloration, integration changed  the 
        external shell into brighter colors.
        D.   Tienna (sf/unnatural)
                  mycogenic shapechangers
                  low pressure/vacuum dwelling technocratic
             The Tienna had a non-ecluidian technology that was based  on 
        probability  and  applied topology.  They often dwelt  on  frozen 
        worlds  (e.g.  they coveted Pluto) but could withstand  heat  and 
        pressure up to and including earth norms.
             Tienna  were present everywhere in small numbers.  In  times 
        of great peril they could disintegrate into spores, the first  of 
        which to reach second stage growth would incorporate the original 
        personality and shift to fourth stage, the rest being left virtu-
        ally  mindless.   These could be raised to adult  Tienna  through 
        normal  child-rearing,  but were most often used  as  slaves  and 
        creatures of burden.
             Most  Tienna did not understand that the third stage  Tienna 
        were  the  child form of the race and were woefully  ignorant  of 
        their own biology.
        E.   Shllthaa (sf/natural)
                  proto-mammal humanoids.  SO4 blood, oceanic
                  technical oriented, racial hatred of Chela
                  scaled, gilled.
             The  Shllthaa race is still part reptile.  They  are  proto-
        mammals,  gilled  and long and thin.  The Shllthaa  are  dark  in 
        color,  humanoid in shape, and convoluted in culture  having  de-
        grees of honor and commitment.

             The  Shllthaa  race sponsors embody in type  of  proto-squid 
        that  can  house the spirits of the dead  when  properly  evoked.  
        Shllthaa can achieve a limited form of immortality by passing  on 
        into squid forms and bodies, finding new ones as the old ones age 
        and fail.
             The  Shllthaa  often dwealt in the oceans of  their  allies, 
        trading  the surfaces of their own worlds for ocean depths  else-
        where.  They were valuable allies.
        F.   Korlinth (sf/pf)
                  magical light spiders
                  high atmosphere/space dwelling 
             The  Korlinth  were a truly magical race that did  not  have 
        completely  physical  bodies.  They were creatures of  magic  and 
        light  who  dwelt in the upper atmospheres of  planets  --  often 
        without the surface dwellers ever being aware of their  presence.  
        Many escaped into the mythic or dream realms.
             Korlinth  are  capable  of  cross-species  transfers.   Such 
        pairings  result  in  Korlinth with the shape  of  the  alternate 
        species and the substance of the Korlinth.  Such shapes are added 
        to  the genetic heritage and groups of similar shapes will  breed 
        true.  Thus Korlinth can be found in groups of almost any shape.
             The  alternate shape Korlinth are slowly returning now  that 
        the magic has returned.  They can deal with raw Leynd forces  and 
        filter them for the use of others.
        G.   Eavett (sf/unliving or unformed)(unnatural)
                  weasel serpents
                  scientific and magic using
             These  compete  for the same biorealms as  humanity.   Their 
        average mass is 40 to 60 pounds (size 3 to 5).
        SIZ: d3+2
        CON: 2d6+6
        STR: d6+3
        INT: 2d6+6
        POW: 2d6+6
             Treat  them  like warped and chaos filled  weasel  serpents.  
        They and ferrets have similar biologic constraints.
        H.   Saa Targ (sf/natural)
                  multiform reptiles
                  technically oriented, extremely hot biospheres
             These compete for biorealms similar to Venus.  They are very 
             There  are four branches of the Saa Targ.  The first  is  an 
        organized  society with sharp genetic differences between  castes 
        (imagine  our society if monkeys and apes were sentient  and  had 
        civil rights).  The second is a warrior society, also orgainized, 

        with members that have d3 similar forms available to them  (imag-
        ine  a human society where members could change into d3 types  of 
        monkeys or apes).
             The third branch is a primativist grouping that by magic cut 
        itself off from technology and gained in return extended lifespan 
        and  regenerative  powers.  The fourth branch is similar  to  the 
        Builders  in  outlook and actions, engaging  in  geneforming  and 
             All  four  branches are very reptillian in outlook  and  ac-
        I.   Spawn (very unnatural)
                  parasitial larvae of the unformed and unliving
             There are numerous and numberless types and differentiations 
        of spawn.  They comprise a number of races of sub-types of all of 
        the above and of animals in their biospheres.
        A.   Oraanth (sf)
                  bioengineered, original geneform lost
                  major groups are marsupials and arboreal apes
             Oraanth were a very mercenary race completely given over  to 
        their own perceived benefit.  No species loyalty.  Often hired as 
             The  two major groups had been geneformed to look like  mar-
        supials  and  like arboreal apes.  They  generally  took  opposit 
        sides in conflicts and despised other Oraanth shapes.
        B.   Pathan (sf/pf)
                  multiple biosphere squid
                  low tech, low magic
             The Pathan were a weak race that dwelt at sufferance in many 
        biospheres as inexpensive labor.
             They  looked  like squids with thin  shells  covering  their 
        mantles  and  10 long, thin arms, 2 shorter  and  stronger  ones.  
        They  manipulated with the thin arms and handled strenghth  tasks 
        with the short ones.
             Pathan can be generated using d6+3 for all requisites.
        C.   Ktthjj (pf/unformed)(unnatural)
                  leprous unfomred, powerful pf
                  few sites
             These leprous unformed were powerful magical focuses.  Often 
        thought of as individuals, they were a race whose hatred of  life 
        included itself.
             Many Ktthjj leached into the Leynd lines in the long failure 

        that  followed  the  Teynd binding and  the  counterstroke.   The 
        slaying of the Ktthjj leaching the Earth's leynd line resulted in 
        an  outpouring  of  magical energy following the  lost  weeks  of 
             Generally,  if magical force is greatly reduced in  a  solar 
        system  or on a planet, a Ktthjj cluster is  vamprously  leaching 
        the leynd energies from the reduced area.  
             Note  that many of the resurgent Builder worlds  are  magic-
        dead  due  to Ktthjj and that the Builders see the  Ktthjj  as  a 
        shield against the Shannellan Shapers.
        D.   Dtagga
                  spider dragons.  Allies of the Shannella.
             The  Dtagga were powerful shapechangers and  chaos  shapers.  
        Skilled  diplomats, assassins and spies, they  bred  prolifically 
        with other races, though slowly within their own race.
             They were extremely loyal and very pragmatic.  "Need drives" 
        is a favorite saying.
        E.   Partha
                  pards.  Allies of the T'chha, enemies of the Dtagga.  
                  The Partha were very cat-like in nature and attitudes.
             The Partha and the Dtagga were racial enemies.  The Partha's 
        biological  by-products (breath, urine, feces) were poisonous  to 
        the Dtagga.  This led to natural conflicts.
             Certain  magically  enhanced  Dtagga organs  were  the  main 
        ingredient in Partha magics that granted long life and  increased 
        fertillity.   Dtagga shadows were also important  substitutes  in 
        major Partha racial sacrificial rituals.
             The net result is a justifiable racial hatred of the  Partha 
        by  the Dtagga and a certain disregard for Dtagga rights  by  the 
        Partha.  Because of the societal pressures created by the  Partha 
        use  of Dtagga victems, the Partha were incapable of honoring  or 
        living in peace when Dtagga were available to hunt.
             The  T'chha used the Partha as shock troops, envoys  and  to 
        hunt  the Dtagga for thier own benefit and to distress the  Shan-
        nallin.   The  two pairs of races were  natural  competitors  and 
        enemies with the Partha a constant source of trouble.
        F.   Lqocca
                  hive creatures.  The Lqocca possessed hive minds that 
                  used a variety of hosts.  The most prevelant host was
                  a chitenous flying insect about 1" in length with a
                  non-posionous lubricated stinger.
             The  Lqocca  were natural despite persistent  rumors.   They 
        disgusted  all that dealt with them or who came in  contact  with 

        G.   Crthxx
                  hive creatures and racial enemies of the Lqocca.
                  The most prevelant host was a type of humming bird.
             The  Crthxx were tainted with unnatural elements,  but  were 
        not racially disgusting and offensive in contrast to the  Lqocca.  
        Both  were  victims of racial drives, the Lqocca to  disgust  (an 
        ancient  defense  mechanism),  the Crthxx to  serve  (an  ancient 
        symbiosis response).
             In spite of being fully sentient, the Crthxx were thus often 
        used  and mis-used as familars and hosts.  The Lqocca were  often 
        mistreated  and shunned when they did not deserve  the  mistreat-
        H.   Krxx
                  crystal jovians
             One of the few jovian races whose evolution had led them  to 
        communicate  with  the races of the cusp.   They  thought  rather 
        quickly,  but  with limited resources.  Think of  a  person  with 
        limited  intelligence who is very patient, thinks quickly and  is 
             Krxx  were often hired to serve as portions  of  intelligent 
        matrix computers or sentient starship hulls.
             The  Precursors  consisted of natural and  unnatural  races.  
        The  natural races belong in this reality and are natural to  it.  
        The unnatural races are foriegn to this reality.  They consist of 
        the  unNamed (outsiders), the unFormed (chaos) and  the  unLiving 
             The unNamed are not naturally a part of this cosmos and have 
        come  in  from outside.  They are predatory and  unbalanced  with 
        nonEuclidian patterns.
             The  unFormed  are chaos spawn from the spaces  between  the 
        planes.   Our ordered existance is hostile to them.  The  running 
        sores,  decaying bodies and deliquescing flesh of some  creatures 
        is mute testimony to their origins and unfitness for this space.
             The  unLiving  are antilife creatures  antithetical  to  our 
        existance.  Those who merge the unLife with life are the  unDead.  
        Most  who appear to merge are actually husks with the life  eaten 
        out  of  them and shadow memories leased to the  antilife  forces 
        A.   CUSP
             This  was the time of the flowering of the multiplaner  pre-
        cursor  civilization.   It appears to have covered  a  sphere  at 
        least  60 light years across at the widest point and to have  had 

        hundreds  (and maybe thousands) of intelligent species  and  sub-
             The Cusp was reached without any overgovernment being formed 
        and  was a time of almost unlimited expansion.  The  major  known 
        precursor  races lacked central governments and did not  practice 
        war as we know it at this time.
        B.   WARS PF TJE CIS[
             Eventually the system of private vendetta, extended citizen-
        ship,  family and militaristic trade practices that was the  Cusp 
        substitute  for war failed to keep the peace.  The major  problem 
        was that expansion away from trouble was no longer as easy or  as 
        preferable as it had once been.
             Additionally,  a number of precursor civilizations began  to 
        tolerate  or  encourage unFormed, unLiving and unNamed  in  their 
        midst.  Finally, the platform technologies group began a  pattern 
        of commercial conquest that went beyond contract and trade  meth-
        ods  and  laws.  Underlieing all of the major conflicts  was  the 
        matter of Shannallan-Dtagga vs Builder-Partha.
             Organized  pan-cultural  military conflicts  with  undefined 
        goals began to become common.  True wars and military  alignments 
             The  Teynd binding was a magical ritual of the unFormed  and 
        the  unNamed which caught up chaos shaping powers into the  hands 
        of  unLiving technosorceror-priests.  Interestingly  enough,  the 
        faction that created the Teynd binding was outside of the Dtagga-
        Partha conflict.
             The Teynd gave magical power to the unLiving by opening up a 
        pathway outside which also disordered and/or suspended (depending 
        on type and form) all other magic in the twelve dimensional space 
        of the Cusp.
             The  Teynd  binding had a speed of dispersion of L3  and  an 
        intensity  that  was  attenuated by d3/d2  and  that  doubled  in 
        strength  every 22 days (the period of rotation of the  moon  the 
        magic  was bound to).  The Teynd binding was held in abeyance  by 
        powerful magics that built pressure like an overfilled dam.
             The  abeyance  was an enchantment formed by enemies  of  the 
        unNatural  who  had detected the Teynd prior to  its  completion.  
        With  the abeyance they fought the magical power and  binding  of 
        the  Teynd  and kept it focused on its site of origin  (a  planet 
        between  Mars  and  Jupiter).  The abeyance  forced  an  alliance 
        between the Shannalla and the Builders.
             In addition to supporting the abeyance, the Shannalla/Build-
        er  alliance formed the counterblow, a combination  of  technical 
        and magical counter-strokes bound to solar magics, which distort-
        ed  and  altered  the  shape of space  (at  the  same  intensity, 

        strength  and  speed of dispersion as the Teynd) to  make  nature 
        inherently  hostile to the unNamed, unLiving and  unFormed,  pre-
        venting them from any renewal while in the reaches of the  twelve 
        dimensional spaces.
             The counterblow spread like fire, consuming and altering the 
        unnatural  in its path.  The destruction of myriads  of  unLiving 
        sorcerer-priests  actually increased the power of the  Teynd  and 
        the  pressure it placed against the abeyance as the  priests  who 
        perished had been restraining and leaching the power of the Teynd 
        to avoid disaster from the pressures that were building.
        D.   THE COLLAPSE
             The abeyance failed as the pressure built.  The Teynd spewed 
        forth  at its intensity and rate of propigation as if  there  had 
        never  been an abeyance.  The distortions in space destroyed  the 
        planet  upon which the Teynd had been centered.  They  also  dis-
        solved  all structures created by sorcery and shaping within  the 
        solar system where the Teynd was centered.  
             The release of the Teynd led to a collapse of magic, shaping 
        and  binding as well as destroying the ability of the  precursors 
        to  travel  faster than light by the  technological,  magical  or 
        probabilistic methods known to them.
             Many  of those caught in the destructive forces had time  to 
        prepare  and  cast  their essences into a  variety  of  patterns, 
        dreams  or other spaces.  In addition, the Teynd  binding  itself 
        created echoes in space of the suppressed or distorted magics  it 
        overwhelmed.  Almost everyone had a plan that they expected would 
        allow them to survive the unleashed forces.  They miscalculated.
             Echoes, dreams, essences and the like aside, the entire cusp 
        civilization  collapsed some time before 200,000 to 120,000  B.C. 
        (considerable   time  and  space  warping  occured   during   the 
        collapse).    The collapse was total and complete with  the  sur-
        vivors  devoid  of any usefull skills, tools  or  memories.   All 
        shapings failed.
             All  that remained of the Cusp civilization was  the  echos, 
        dreams and magical remnants cast into dream and shadow.  Both the 
        counter-blow  and the Teynd binding remained, with the Teynd  re-
        centered  between  several volatile and fluctuating  sites.   The 
        counter-blow became a permanent change in the shape of space.
             The  Natha  were a sub-set of the Tc'cha (or  Builders)  who 
        were able to rise from the ashes of Tc'Cha colonies around 50,000 
        B.C. when they began to herd animals and work copper.
        40,000 B.C.    discovery of regeneration anagathics
                       genesplicing begins
        10,000 B.C.    slower than light ships
                       gene wars, fast plagues
                       slow plagues, AIDS virus

         5,000 B.C.    beginning of the collapse of the Natha Builders
                       slave wars, stasis fields
         1,015 B.C.    first probability FasterThanLight drives built
         1,000 B.C.    return to barbarism, collapse.
           500 A.D.    electricity rediscovered.
         1,000 A.D.    discovery of bio-slow anagathics
        ~60,000 population, three cities
         1,500 A.D.    first probeship makes earth fall
        ~95,000 poplation, fourteen cities (including colonies)
         1,700 A.D.    transistor fusion FasterThanLight discovered
         1,850 A.D.    FTL commercially available
         1,900 A.D.    surveys begin, AIDS virus introduced to Earth
         1,990 A.D.    Teynd pact broken, lost weeks, 
                       official first contact
                      Ktthjj blocking Earth's leynd lines slain.
        105,000 population, twenty cities (including colonies)
        G.   HISTORIC TIME
             In 1990 A.D. The Teynd pact was broken.  This destroyed  the 
        Teynd  binding  and  the pathway.  The  impact  was  dramatic  as 
        dreams, echos, memories and chords impinged.  Many were lost into 
        dieing sighs on empty planets, but wherever there was sentient or 
        near sentient life, that life was wrapped in the return of power.
             The breaking of the Teynd pact was almost by accident.   The 
        binding had been created by a pattern of sacrifice controlled and 
        maintained  for millenia by the pact.  The entities  that  formed 
        the pact's cardinal points were forfit if they failed to  provide 
        the necessary renewing sacrifices.  (cf The Ballad of Tam Lynn).
             Through  the generations the original entities each  made  a 
        final slip and all had been consumed except for the carrion  crow 
        Mgahhra.   He/she/it/they  had survived and was the last  of  the 
        cardinal  entities.  While others stood in the ritual and  filled 
        the cardinal points of the pact, only Mgahhra's life and  essence 
        connected the Teynd to the pact.
             She  had  mind fogged and bound a person to  be  the  ritual 
        "willing"  sacrifice  for the high summer ceremony  in  the  year 
        1990.  The omens were frightful, and he had to consume several of 
        the  others who would have fled their positions on  the  cardinal 
        points.  Mgahhra knew no fear, long life had leached all emotions 
        from it.  They who were Mgahhra had no choice even if  he/she/it/ 
        they had fear.
             The  choice of sacrafice was a mistake.  The man  was  freed 
        his brother who was a myth master whose existance was  impossible 

        and whose success was inconceivable.  With the sacrafice  gaining 
        freedom,  the  Teynd forces backfired and the  backlash  consumed 
        Mgahhra and, in rending the last of the original cardinal points, 
        consumed itself, breaking the pact and releasing the binding.  
             Magic returned (at the C3 rate of dispersion) until equilib-
        rium  was  reached (at about two weeks -- the time  it  took  the 
        dispersion  failure  to  reach the standing wave  limits  of  the 
             On  the other hand, the counterblow remained as a  permanent 
        change  in the shape of space (with a propagation limit equal  to 
        the limits of the twelve dimensional space it was unleashed  in.)  
        There  would  be  no return to some aspects  of  precursor  life.  
        (which  is  why many precursor artifacts will not and  cannot  be 
        made to work).
             At  the about the same time a hero slew/disabled the  Ktthjj 
        parasite draining the leynd powers of Earth.  The result was that 
        both magical forces and magical power returned to earth at  about 
        the  same time that magic in general gained a nine-fold  increase 
        in power.
        1097.03196347 light years per second at C^2
        6.43485600001e15  the diffraction speed
        1900800  twenty two days worth of seconds
        31536000 a light year's worth of time
        3.87854310138e14  the standing wave radius in light years.
        The Chaos Spawn
             The unNamed (outsiders), the unFormed (chaos) and the unLiv-
        ing (antilife).
             These  are  the three additional types  of  antagonists  the 
        characters will face.
             The unNamed are not naturally a part of this cosmos and have 
        come  in  from outside.  They are predatory and  unbalanced  with 
        nonEuclidian patterns.
             Think of some cthuloid monsters here.
             The  unFormed  are chaos spawn from the spaces  between  the 
        planes.   Our ordered existance is hostile to them.  The  running 

        sores,  decaying bodies and deliquescing flesh of some  creatures 
        is mute testimony to their origins and unfitness for this space.
             Think of RQ chaos creatures and most cthuloid monsters here.
             The  unLiving  are antilife creatures  antithetical  to  our 
        existance.  Those who merge the unLife with life are the  unDead.  
        Most  who appear to merge are actually husks with the life  eaten 
        out  of  them and shadow memories leased to the  antilife  forces 
             Think of undead here
             Technical details of spacefaring
             H'Cha spacefaring at faster than light speed is accomplished 
        by  arrays  of transitor fusion drive units arrayed  like  vanes.  
        The longitudinal axis determines the direction of drive, the mass 
        of the array determines the power generated, the ratio of  length 
        to  height  of the vane determines speed vs.  adjustability.   In 
        real  space  the vanes also function as reaction and  bent  space 
             The drive units generate power, create force fields and bend 
        space.   They are a combination powerplant, engine and  defensive 
        system.  While most ship systems use a single or double vane  for 
        maximum output from the vanes installed, some use more vanes  for 
        maneuverability  or as a later upgrade for more power  generation 
        and  military  ships often use triple or quadruple  vanes.   Fuel 
        consumption doubles per vane installed per unit of result.   Thus 
        a single vane craft accelerating at 4G would use half the fuel of 
        a double vane craft accelerating at 4G.
             Specialized  fusion units and the drives are used as  plasma 
        emitting  weapons.   In addition, ion  canons,  lasers,  particle 
        beams and intelligent missiles are also used.
             H'Cha spacecraft are generally constructed of metals, polym-
        ers and plastics.  Their construction and sensor technology is as 
        advanced as our civilian technology of 1987.
             The maximum speed available sub-light from bending space  is 
        32  gravities of acceleration per vane array, doubled  per  addi-
        tional  array.   (It thus ranges as  32/64/128/256  gravities  of 
        acceleration).   The base gravity acceleration is  determined  by 
        the  gravity  well were the drive spine is  tuned  and  generally 
        ranges from .25 to 16 earth normal gravities. 
             Each vane, when used for bent space acceleration, can buffer 
        the apparent acceleration by a power of four.  (Thus one vane  at 
        32  gravities would appear to be only 8 gravities.  Two vanes  at 

        32 gravities could be cut as low as 2 perceived gravities, etc.).  
        This  keeps  contents of ships from being smashed  flat  by  bent 
        space acceleration.
             Vanes  generate  reaction drive at a thrust equal  to  their 
        weapon rating.  Speed resulting is determined by the mass of  the 
        spacecraft vs the power of the thrust.  There is no buffering  of 
        internal acceleration.
             The  trans-light speed available, once the ship has  reached 
        at  least  .1 C, is ({Ran 1 . . .3} * 3.7 light years per  day  * 
        entry  speed)n where n = the number of vanes.  Assuming an  entry 
        speed  of .5 C and average distribution that is a range  of  3.7/ 
        13.7/50.7/187.4 light years per day.
             Note  that  with an entry at .1 C the  median  "trans-light" 
        speed  is 0.74/0.54/etc.; at .2 C it is 1.5/2.2/etc.; at .3 C  it 
        is 2.2 /4.9/etc. and that the Random factor can make a  consider-
        able difference.
             The  Natha  used  a probability drive  that  was  internally 
        mounted.   The  maximum speed obtained was  C3  (the  diffraction 
             Speed  in  actual  use was generally  linked  to  powerplant 
        capacity  with  an  average  speed of  (RAN  {1...9}  *  C2/{2RAN 
        {1...9}).    They  powered their craft by  mu-meson  cold  fusion 
        drives  and built them from self-healing  transparent  long-chain 
        silicon polymer crystal matrix forms.
             The  construction strength of the hulls was  extremely  high 
        and  resulted  from a theoretical  breakthrough  in  null-gravity 
        engineering.   For  all practical purposes, treat  the  hulls  as 
        indestructible,  though  extremely transparent to  most  electro-
        magnetic radiation.  The Natha interiors were roughly  equivalent 
        to  what our near future construction techniques should reach  as 
        were the rest of their non-biological engineering techniques.
             6.43485600001e15 miles per second (the speed of light cubed) 
        is  the  diffraction  speed.  In practice it works  out  to  near 
        instantaneous jumps over a fairly large distance or approximately 
        20,4047,945.206 light years per second.  
             In  spite  of  this theoretical speed, due  to  power  plant 
        limits  the  actual speed of Natha craft  was  (1d9/1d9)*1097.032 
        light  years  per second which is relatively  instantaneous  over 
        short distances.
             While  the H'cha plasma fusion drives are powered by  unfil-
        tered   sea  water  (they  are  robust  and  handle   their   own 
        intake/diffraction, etc.), the Natha mu-meson cold fusion  drives 
        required  extremely balanced and pure  deuterium/tritium  blends.  
        Refueling one would be difficult.

             The  Natha  did  not have the H'Cha  plasma  technology  for 
        weapons  and  relied more on brute force  weapons  (e.g.  nuclear 
        warheads)  and  complex sensor and evasion schemes.   Many  Natha 
        spacecraft were unarmed and relied purely on stealth methods  for 
             Both the H'Cha and the Natha Builders are/were not averse to 
        brute  force life support engineering using large stores of  food 
        and water and liberal application of energy.
                                PRECURSOR GROUPS    
             There  were five major groupings of Precursor  Civilizations 
        at the time of the Cusp.  They were the Shannallin/Shaper  Group, 
        the  Builder  Group, the Platform Technologies Group,  the  Swarm 
        Group and the Kjjhti group. 
             The Shannallin/Shaper Group was a society of high magic that 
        focused  on  chaos shapings.  They used paper and silk  as  their 
        basic  form materials and built extensively with  chaos  shapings 
        bound  to paper and/or silk patterns.  When chaos fled  all  that 
        remained was paper and silk.
             The Shannallin/Shaper Group contained relatively few  racial 
        groups  as  major players and had no central government,  law  or 
        legislative  bodies.  It was moderated somewhat by the  existence 
        of magical entities who were intimately entwined with  Shannallin 
        society and by extended family chains.  Shannallin family  chains 
        often  co-operated  with  individual Builder  enclaves  in  joint 
             While  many individuals and most magical entities were  hos-
        tile to the anti-pattern, no institutionalized response  existed.  
        As  a result, the Shannallin resisted the unPatterned stoutly  in 
        individual clashes but rarely moved against them as a society. 
             The Builder Group was a technological and geneform  oriented 
        society  that focused on space bending and bioengineering.   They 
        built  extensively with bent space masked by natural  structures.  
        Where  a Shannallin/Shaper city would be a riot of  color,  forms 
        and  towers, a Builder city would generally be  concealed  within 
        bent  space  and would appear to be merely the  original  natural 
        mountain stone formation that attracted a city planner.  When the 
        rules changed, most of the Builder bent spaces collapsed.
             The Builders spawned a number of races as well as  including 
        many  in  their  original alliances and gene  pools.   They  were 
        generally  guided by councils of planners and formed city  states 
        and leagues of city states. 
             The  Builders  had no individual antipathy to chaos  or  the 

        unPatterned.  Sophisticated racial and individual efforts allowed 
        a  significant  penetration  by  unPatterned  into  the   Builder 
        leagues.   In the long run, the planners found the unPatterned  a 
        hostile  force and Builder societies began purges that  cumulated 
        in moving against the unPatterned as a societal response. 
             The  Platform  technologies combined  computers,  magic  and 
        mechanical engineering.  They were united by a system of merchan-
        tile trade courts, an anti-corruption paramilitary police  force, 
        and  semi-legislative trade councils.  They had five major  human 
        racial  groups (the three we have and two lost to our gene  pool) 
        and members from every Shaper and Builder Group.
             The  Platform  technologies built in "real" materials  in  a 
        culturally diverse manner.  They had an aggressive  merchantilism 
        pattern  that  they routinely imposed on those  they  dealt  with 
        (much  as  the USA imposes its civil rights agenda  on  those  it 
        deals with).  To deal with the Platform was to be "corrupted"  by 
        its systems and drawn into the group.
             The  Platform had great difficulties with  the  unPatterned, 
        continually  attempting to force them to act as groups in  accord 
        with  Platform  rules.  Towards the end, 95% of  Platform  police 
        actions targeted the unPatterned.
             The Swarm Group was a collection of insect and slime derived 
        races.   It  also had some reptile septs.  The  swarm  covered  a 
        large  variety of terraformable worlds, built its  structures  of 
        biological  products and was extremely rapacious.  Its threat  to 
        outside  groups  was  greatly ameliorated  by  its  rapaciousness 
             Most  Swarm  group  members were  governed  in  biologically 
        imposed  patterns that fitted the individual races well but  that 
        did  not transfer to other members of the Swarm.  The Swarm  mem-
        bers  dealt with each other in treaty, alliance and piracy  in  a 
        manner  familiar to anyone who has ever played the  parlor  games 
        Diplomacy or Risk. 
             The  Swarm Group had unPatterned members who were  difficult 
        to distinguish from the "normal" insects, reptile septs, "slimes" 
        (viral group intelligences, forest and ocean slime-derived intel-
        ligences and bacteriaologic intelligences) and related races that 
        developed intelligence from forms low on the evolutionary  scale.  
        The  unPatterned  did not alter the Swarm  Group  societies  they 
        corrupted  and the group had no response to the unPatterned  that 
        differed from its response to the universe at large.
             The Kjjhti group.  This was an unPatterned Group of corrupt-
        ed  races and societies.  It was a dog-eat-dog, survival  of  the 
        fittest  society  ruled  over by powerful  unDead  sorcerers  and 
        unLiving shaman.  It was named after the race that tended to rule 
        the major power centers. 
             The Kjjhti group was similar to the Swarm Group, but without 
        biological  imperatives  to the patterns of government  for  most 
        groupings.   The  Partha-related  spawn and the  Chela  both  had 

        organized racial societies as did many smaller groups.   However, 
        conquest  and/or  warfare was common and often distorted  or  de-
        stroyed such groups.
             Kjjhti clusters often attempted to master clusters of worlds 
        outside of the Kjjhti group sphere.  The actions of the  clusters 
        often led to extreme responses by such groups against all  unPat-
        terned  in  general  and Kjjhti held worlds  in  particular.   In 
        addition, the Kjjhti were able to leach the leynd power flow  and 
        many  devolved into powerful parasites with no other  reason  for 
             The  Kjjhti had to deal with the disintergration  caused  by 
        the  influx  of the unPatterned and had their  most  difficulties 
        where the success of the unPattern was the least restrained.  The 
        only  countervailing  force  was their own  self-hatred  and  the 
        balance that they were able to achieve from time to time.
                               THE PRECURSOR RACES
             The  precursor races are the group of plane faring (pf)  and 
        space  faring  (sf)  races that preceded humanity  and  whose  of 
        ruins,  shades, gates, artifacts and toxic waste are a source  of 
        surprise and mystery in the world.
             Some of these races still exist.  The statistics for  repre-
        sentative individuals follow.
        A.   Shannella (Shannallin Shapers)//humanoid lios alfar 
        SIZ  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        STR  3d6-           (3-18)
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19)
        CHA  3+3d6-         (6-21)
        APP  3d6+6-         (9-24)
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        INT  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        POW  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d6            (2-12)
        LUC  1d6*           (1-6)
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)
        B.   Builders a/k/a Tc'cha (sf/natural)
                  humanoid (varient humans)
        SIZ  8+2d6-         (10-20) 
        STR  9+2d6-         (11-21) 
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19) 
        CHA  3d6-           (3-18) 
        APP  3d6-2-         (1-16) 
        DEX  5+2d6-         (7-19) 

        INT  8+2d6-         (10-20)
        POW  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*5%
        WIL  6+2d6          (8-18) 
        LUC  3d3*           (3-9)  
        PTS  1d3            (1-3)  
        Servent race
        SIZ  3+2d6-         (5-15) 
        STR  4+2d6-         (6-16) 
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19) 
        CHA  6+2d6-         (3-18) 
        APP  6+2d6-         (6-18) 
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18) 
        INT  6+2d6-         (6-18)
        POW  4+2d6-         (6-16)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d3            (2-6) 
        LUC  1d3*           (1-3) 
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)  
        C.   Chela (sf/pf/unnatural)
                  copper blooded lobster squids
                  deep oceanic dwellers, magic oriented
        SIZ  7+2d6-         (9-19) 
        STR  8+2d6-         (10-20)
        CON  9+2d6-         (11-21)
        CHA  2d6-           (2-12) 
        APP  2d6-           (2-12) 
        DEX  7+2d6-         (9-19) 
        INT  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        POW  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)}*3%
        WIL  3d6            (3-18) 
        LUC  2d6*           (2-12) 
        PTS  1d3            (1-3)  
        D.   Tienna (sf/unnatural)
                  mycogenic shapechangers
                  low pressure/vacuum dwelling technocratic
        SIZ  3+2d6-         (5-15) 
        STR  3+2d6-         (5-15) 
        CON  10+2d6-        (12-22)
        CHA  3d6-           (3-18) 
        APP  3d6-           (3-18) 
        DEX  2d6-           (2-12) 
        INT  10+2d6-        (12-22)
        POW  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  3d3            (3-9) 
        LUC  1d3*           (1-3)  
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)  
        E.   Shllthaa (sf/natural)

                  proto-mammal humanoids.  SO4 blood, oceanic
                  technical oriented, racial hatred of Chela
                  scaled, gilled.
        SIZ  10+2d6-        (12-22)
        STR  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        CON  10+2d6-        (12-22)
        CHA  3d6-           (3-18) 
        APP  3d6-           (3-18) 
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18) 
        INT  5+2d6-         (7-17)
        POW  5+2d6-         (7-17)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d3            (2-6) 
        LUC  2d6*           (2-12) 
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)  
        F.   Korlinth (sf/pf)
                  magical light spiders
                  high atmosphere/space dwelling 
        SIZ  3+2d3-         (5-15) 
        STR  3+2d3-         (5-15) 
        CON  2d3-           (2-6) 
        CHA  6+3d6-         (9-24) 
        APP  6+3d6-         (9-24) 
        DEX  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        INT  6+2d6-         (6-18)
        POW  18+2d6-        (20-30)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)}*5%
        WIL  3d6            (3-18) 
        LUC  1d2*           (1-2)  
        PTS  1d2            (1-2)  
        G.   Eavett (sf/unliving or unformed)(unnatural)
                  weasel serpents
                  scientific and magic using
             These  compete  for the same biorealms as  humanity.   Their 
        average mass is 40 to 60 pounds (size 3 to 5).
        SIZ  d3+2-           (3-5) 
        STR  3+2d6-          (5-15) 
        CON: 6+2d6-          (8-18) 
        CHA  3d6-            (3-18) 
        APP  3d6+2-          (5-20) 
        DEX  6+2d6-          (8-18) 
        INT: 2d6+6-          (8-18)
        POW: 2d6+6-          (8-18)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  2d6             (2-12) 
        LUC  1d6*            (1-6)  
        PTS  2d6             (2-12) 
        H.   Saa Targ (sf/natural)
                  multiform reptiles
                  technically oriented, extremely hot biospheres

        SIZ  7+2d6-            (8-18) 
        STR  9+2d6-            (3-18) 
        CON  9+2d6-            (9-19) 
        CHA  3d6-              (3-18) 
        APP  3d6-              (5-20) 
        DEX  6+2d6-            (8-18) 
        INT  7+2d6-            (14-24)
        POW  6+2d6-            (14-24)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*5%       
        WIL  2d6               (2-12) 
        LUC  1d6*              (1-6)  
        PTS  2d3               (2-6)  
        I.   Spawn (very unnatural)
                  parasitial larvae of the unformed and unliving
        Generic Spawn
        SIZ  4d6-3-            (1-21) 
        STR  4d6-3-            (1-21) 
        CON  4d6-3-            (1-21) 
        CHA  3d6-3-            (0-15)
        APP  3d6-3-            (0-15)
        DEX  4d6-3-            (1-21) 
        INT  5d6-6-            (-1-24)
        POW  5d6-6-            (-1-24)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)}*5%         
        WIL  3d6-3             (0-15)
        LUC  2d6-3*            (-1-9)
        PTS  2d6-3             (-1-9)
        A.   Oraanth (sf)
                  bioengineered, original geneform lost
                  major groups are marsupials and arboreal apes
        SIZ  5+2d6-
        STR  6+2d6-
        CON  5+2d6-
        CHA  3d6-
        APP  3d6-
        DEX  9+2d6-
        INT  9+2d6-
        POW  9+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  6+2d6
        LUC  3+1d3*
        PTS  2+2d3
        SIZ  8+2d6-
        STR  8+2d6-

        CON  7+2d6-
        CHA  3d6-
        APP  3d6-
        DEX  6+2d6-
        INT  6+2d6-
        POW  6+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  3+2d6
        LUC  2d6*
        PTS  2d3
        B.   Pathan (sf/pf)
                  multiple biosphere squid
                  low tech, low magic
        SIZ  3+1d6-
        STR  3+1d6-
        CON  3+1d6-
        CHA  3+1d6-
        APP  3+1d6-
        DEX  3+2d6-
        INT  3+1d6-
        POW  3+1d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  3+1d6
        LUC  3+1d6*
        PTS  3+1d6
        C.   Ktthjj (pf/unformed)(unnatural)
                  leprous unfomred, powerful pf
                  few sites
        SIZ  10+2d6-
        STR  10+2d6-
        CON  10+2d6-
        CHA  2d6-
        APP  2d6-
        DEX  6+2d6-
        INT  10+2d6-
        POW  18+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*3%
        WIL  1d3
        LUC  1d3*
        PTS  1d3
        D.   Dtagga
                  spider dragons.  Allies of the Shannella.
        SIZ  8+2d6-
        STR  12+2d6-
        CON  12+2d6-
        CHA  6+3d6-
        APP  3d6-
        DEX  8+2d6-
        INT  8+2d6-
        POW  12+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%

        WIL  1d6
        LUC  1d6*
        PTS  1d3
        E.   Partha
                  pards.  Allies of the T'chha, enemies of the Dtagga.  
                  The Partha were very cat-like in nature and attitudes.
        SIZ  10+2d6-
        STR  10+2d6-
        CON  9+2d6-
        CHA  3d6-
        APP  6+3d6-
        DEX  6+2d6-
        INT  6+2d6-
        POW  6+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*5%
        WIL  2d6
        LUC  9+d6*
        PTS  1d3
        F.   Lqocca
                  hive creatures.  The Lqocca possessed hive minds that 
                  used a variety of hosts.  The most prevelant host was
                  a chitenous flying insect about 1" in length with a
                  non-posionous lubricated stinger.
        SIZ  3+3d3-
        STR  2d3-
        CON  6+2d3-
        CHA  1d3-
        APP  1d3-
        DEX  12+2d6-
        INT  6+2d6-
        POW  12+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*6%
        WIL  2d6
        LUC  2d6*
        PTS  2d6
        G.   Crthxx
                  hive creatures and racial enemies of the Lqocca.
                  The most prevelant host was a type of humming bird.
        SIZ  6+3d3-
        STR  2+2d3-
        CON  6+2d6-
        CHA  4d6-
        APP  6+4d6-
        DEX  6+2d6-
        INT  5+2d6-
        POW  5+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*4%
        WIL  2d3
        LUC  2d3*
        PTS  2d3
        H.   Krxx

                  crystal jovians
        All Requisites at 3+2d6
        SIZ  5-15
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*4%
             The  Faceless is actually two beings who have  undergone  an 
        avatistic  merger as a side effect of the conflicts  and  ripples 
        that occured during the lost days of summer.  Anamon of the  Ice, 
        a ruling tychistic entity, was the cold hegamon of swords.  Mikal 
        of  the  Winds, a major daemon/angel, was lord of  the  order  of 
             Those  who serve the Faceless will find themselves drawn  to 
        one of the two archtypes or entities that comprise the  faceless.  
        If  they do not fight the geas that binds them to slay  with  the 
        sword/weapon before sheathing same, they will be drawn to Anamon.  
        Anamon  will (as the campaign progresses) touch them  with  chaos 
        and  the character will develop a demon power (as chosen  by  the 
        player or randomly rolled from the tables).  (that is roughly  10 
        to 20 player points worth of power).
             Those who fight the slaying geas (by refusing to sheath  the 
        weapon,  by not induldging in blood lust, etc.) will be drawn  to 
        Mikal.  The weapon will become their familiar (in addition to any 
        they might have) and the geas will cease.
        THE NINE
             In  273  B.C. the Emperor Asoka of India was born.   In  his 
        progression  to  Apothosis  he founded the society  of  the  nine 
        unknown men or the secret masters.  
             It  is a secret society, with its own secret  language  (in-
        doeuropean root tongue), that seeks mastery of wisdom and scienc-
        es.   Through  diversion and service they seek  to  overcome  the 
             The  nine  unknown men were originally the wisest  men  that 
        Asoka  could find.  As time passed, they trained or located  suc-
        cessors and recruited help.  

             Slowly,  they managed to recruit nine of the immortals  wan-
        dering  the world -- Atma Monkey, Anaximander of Mycenae,  Weland 
        the  Smith, two of the taoist masters, the wandering Jew, one  of 
        the Three Nephites, John and Fox. 
        These are the nine.
             Those  who  chose them and who act morally  will  eventually 
        learn  their language.  The language is a language of  power  and 
        can  be used to work the equivilent of sorcery and  spirit  magic 
        without focuses or requirements of free intelligence to have  the 
        spells available in memory (though player points of will must  be 
        spent to have the spell like effect available).
             The character will also gain resistance vs. aging.
        SECRETS 2 -- THE NORNS
             The  Sa-Norns are a class of magical beings who function  in 
        the worlds at the mechanical level.  They are charged with insur-
        ing that the mechanical matters of the transistion from shadow to 
        real to dream to final stage all occur as they should.  
             The  Sa-Norns with which most people are concerned  are  the 
        Allethae, commonly just called Norns, and work in groups of 5  or 
        7.  They are assigned to planetary systems and are commonly  seen 
        as the power of fate.
             The Allethae Norns are always female.  They can concieve  at 
        any  time, but cannot bear children unless ritually and  formally 
        married.  Norns generally consort with transitional male  Nomens, 
        though  they  may  ally with other  male  Powers.   Relationships 
        involving Norns are never casual and generally are permanent.  
             Each  group of 5 or 7 Norns has a relationship with a  group 
        of  5 or 7 male Powers.  The Norns will have creative or  genera-
        tive  archtypes  (e.g. "the weaver") and the  Powers  magical  or 
        elemental ones (e.g. darkness).  The Norns and Powers form into a 
        unit  of  function centered like a star, with each Norn  and  her 
        Leman  forming  a  point.  In this relationship  they  order  the 
        transition from shadow and the local development and structure of 
        space.  It is merely co-incidental that the Norns tend to operate 
        from stellar masses and can tap into local ones for raw power  as 
             Each Norn will concieve children in this relationship,  with 
        the children being both the female Norns and male  pre-generative 
        Powers.  While they are conceived at this point, the children  do 
        not gain physical bodies.
             Instead,  the children's shadow selves will  fully  manifest 
        and they are raised and trained while in a bodiless state,  func-
        tioning  as  children, aids and friends to the  conceiving  pair.  
        This  not-yet-born  but fully present state  gives  the  children 
        amazing flexibility and access into the realms of shadow and  the 

        means to bypass almost all sorcerous wards.
             When  each Norn's responsibilities finish (generally over  a 
        period measured by the lifespan(s) of the planet(s) for which the 
        Norn  is  responsible), the Norn and the  Leman  consumate  their 
        relationship  by marriage.  The children embody (are born)  imme-
        diately upon the marriage being finalized and then take up  their 
        parent's place or places in the metaphysical structure. 
             While  awaiting birth the children will have already  estab-
        lished relationships and will have been trained for their  duties 
        and  immediately after birth the children form up stars with  the 
        partners  of  their choices, taking over the  sheparding  of  yet 
        another planetary system and its shadows. 
             The Norns are not the forces of fate.  There is no "fate" as 
        that  word  is understood by mortals.  The Norns serve  no  fate, 
        they  create  no future.  In spite of this seeming lack  of  con-
        straint upon free will, the shape of the shadow world and the way 
        it  is  born into the natural world can create  exteme  pressures 
        that are often worse to defy.  
             The  technical difference between fate and the  pressure  of 
        formed  shadow  is that fate forces things towards an  end  while 
        shadow  merely  provides pressure.  The entire matter  is  active 
        rather than rigidly passive.
             The  level  of reality between the  material  and  spiritual 
        worlds  is commonly referred to as the Dream world.  It has  many 
        levels.  The major ones are:
        A)   The threshold, a mutable or grey level;
        B)   The mirror, a reflective or parallel level; 
        C)   The ancient, a semi-independent dream world;
        D)    The  sunken, the dark side of  the  semi-independent  dream 
        E)   The outland, the boundry with Spirit, having two parts,
             1)   paradise, a resting place,
             2)   realm of the banished, a holding place.
        The Threshold
             This  is  the level of inchoate dreams.  The dead  from  the 
        material world first pass to here as do normal dreamers when they 
             The  threshold is always incomplete, never  finished,  never 
        stable.   It  is a place of shades, ghosts, lost  feelings,  mis-
        placed memories and never realized expectations.
             The predominate color of the threshold is grey, followed  by 
        muted  black  and white.  Physical laws as we think of  them  are 
        very loosely applied in the threshold.

        The Mirror
             This  is  a reflective or parallel level,  reflecting,  with 
        shades of past dreams and future glories, the present world.  
             Many  fled here during the time of the Teynd and  their  in-
        fluence  still remains.  The mirror is littered with the  reflec-
        tions of things that might have been and the hidden souls of men, 
        colored and altered with the overlays of magic, science and dream 
        selves of those who fled here a thousand or so centuries ago.  
             For  rules  governing various physical  locations,  use  the 
        following rules:     
        Japan:.........Land  of Ninja, Superworld <emphasis on  blue  al-
        iens, large monsters and mechanically aided superheros>;
        China:.........RQII Dragon Empire of the Sun, Stone age  Parinoia 
        <yes, that is not a Chaosium game, but it has the right feel>;
        USSRs:.........RQII  Red (Lunar) Empire, RQIII  Byzantium,  After 
        the Holocaust (RQ Post Nuclear War);
        Moslem:........Arabian  Nights,  Mercenaries, Spies  and  Private 
        Eyes <emphasis on paramilitary operations>;
        Turkey:........Futureworld, Hawkmoon;
        S.Europe:......Stormbringer (Melnibone centered at Greece, adjust 
        the rest), RQIII Iron Legions (Rome); 
        Africa:........Hawkmoon, RQII Redlands, RQIII (mirror cultures);
        Egypt to 
        Lebanon:.......RQIII Holy Country;
        Scandinavia:...ElfQuest, RQIII Vikings;
        N.Europe:......TrollPak, Elf Pack, Hawkmoon;
        New England/
        New York:......RQIII, Hawkmoon, Call of Cthulu;
        Appalachia:....Wicca, Who fears the Devil;
        Virginia/Deep South:....Dreamlands, Cthulu Now;
        Louisiana/Florida:.......Call of Cthulu, Miami Vice;
        MidWesternStates (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, et. al.)/
        E. Canada:.....Stormbringer;
        W. Canada:.....Hawkmoon, Superworld;
        W. Coast:......SuperWorld;
        Alaska:........MagicWorld, Last Frontier//Western, SuperWorld; 
        L.America:.....RQIII Aztecs, Call of Cthulu (remnants);
        S.America:.....Future World, ElfQuest; 
        Pacifica:......ElfQuest/Sea, Call of Cthulu;New  Zeland:....RQIII 
        Hunter-Gatherer or Australia;
        Australia:.....Wild West, Call of Cthulu; 
        Other:.........RQIII mirror culture.
             This level is covered with anomalous outcroppings.
        The Ancient
             This  level is a dream world somewhat independent  from  the 
        material world.  It does not reflect or mirror the material world 
        but is home to many dreamers.  True dreamers who are not tied  to 
        the material world come here.

             I use Chaosium's dream world for this level to save work and 
        because  the Chaosium did an incredibly good job with their  pro-
             The  ancient is the repository for the solid,  powerful  and 
        enduring dreams of the ages and the great dreamers.
        The Sunken
             This  is the dark side of the semi-independent dream  world.  
        It  covers  the  tunnels of the ghouls, the  chaos  plagues,  the 
        depths  filled with bones, the Cthuloid mythos creatures  lurking 
        in the depths and the worms chewing at the root of the world.
             The  sunken is the repository for the sordid, weak and  cor-
        rupt dreams of the ages and is the septic tank of dreams, forming 
        an  area for the malignant things of dreams to decompose  without 
        harming anything but themselves.  Harmless unless one falls  into 
        it.   The sunken provides rich new loam for dreaming once it  has 
        broken down and disintegrated the elements that have fallen  into 
        The Outland
             This  is  the dream side of the boundry with Spirit  and  is 
        divided  into two parts that are in the same space:  paradise,  a 
        resting  place  for  those ready to progress, and  realm  of  the 
        banished, a holding place for those who are twisted.  
             In many ways these are heaven and hell, except that they are 
        not permanent, being stopping places, and the division occurs  on 
        the  basis  of whether one is twisted or not.  The outland  is  a 
        giant filter where individuals filter themselves.
             Only the irrevocably dead enter the outland.
        1.  Sh'rra Pndersdautter
        Public Appearance
             The  first person you see is Sh'rra Pndersdautter,  a  small 
        woman of striking physical beauty.  She has fine, pale, blue-gray 
        skin  and  long  pale gray-blond hair with  black  eyes.   Sh'rra 
        appears lithe, quick, strong and unblemished with extremely fine, 
        smooth  skin and no softening adipose tissue in spite of a  rela-
        tively full figure. 
             Sh'rra  is  human, with fine features, high  cheekbones  and 
        thick hair.  She is dressed in what the news reports from Houston 
        would indicate to be a typical black and gray spacer's  jumpsuit.  
        She  carries  an  elaborate pale white flute the  color  of  fine 
        china, plastic or bone and a spacer's duffel bag. 

             Sh'rra  does not look like the tall green-brown skinned  and 
        black haired spacers who landed at what is now the Houston  space 
        port during the lost weeks, but is dressed in similar fashion and 
        has the same smooth glide to her walk.  (1) 
        Private Data
             Sh'rra  Pndersdautter, is from an earlier culture  than  the 
        spacers  who  have burst on the scene.  Within that  culture  she 
        would  have been remarkable in appearance, both for her  physical 
        beauty and for her coloration and small size.  
             She  is  friendly, cheerful and confident.  Imagine  a  very 
        social person at a good point in their life.
        STR  12   
        CON  17 + 40 (flute)
        SIZ   7
        INT  13        
        POW  22
        DEX  19        
        CHA  **
        APP  27 + 22 (gift)
        EDU  27                       
        SAN  94   luck 3 + 6 (no patron at present)
        Hit Points 19
             Sh'rra  is  an intelligent genetically  created  human  sub-
        species  member.  In her culture, such persons  were  commodities 
        (i.e.  slaves) and distinguished by coloration.  CON/4 times  per 
        day  she  may exude pheromes that cause  "uncontrollable"  sexual 
        urges  (APP + POW vs. INT + CON attack), rage (CON x 2  vs  INT), 
        fear  (CON  x 2 vs POW) or hunger (CON x 2 vs STR + CON)  in  all 
        others  within  3-10 meters (depending on the  stillness  of  the 
             She  was genetically engineered by the Natha  Builders  from 
        mutated  human stock and was found aboard a Builder  ram-ship  in 
        slaver stasis by a later civilization of the successor  builders.  
        The ship she was in had been severely damaged by nuclear  weapons 
        and only three passengers survived.  
             After  her  rescue  she had a series of  adventures  as  the 
        servant  of  her Natha builder mistress who  had  also  survived.  
        Eventually  the two parted when the mistress overplayed her  hand 
        one time too many in local politics.  
             Sh'rra  ended up on the side of the airlock with air in  it.  
        The mistress had the experience of attempting to learn to  breath 
        vacuum.   In true Natha style, the mistress  remained  inflexible 
        and failed.
             By  training an assassin/spy, Sh'rra has been a  spacer  for 
        the last 40+ years, earning a living and escaping her past.  Most 

        of her life has been very hard as many of the H' builders are  as 
        abusive as any known human culture.  
             As  the result of the best luck she has ever had Sh'rra  has 
        an  assassin's laser, log-books and a small spaceship.  The  ship 
        is  made from a silicon matrix crystal that is  self-healing  and 
        relatively  indestructible.   It dates to the time of  the  Natha 
        builders  and was preserved by providence.  Access to the  space-
        ship  is by teleportal which she keeps in her suite on the  fifth 
        floor of Hardeman Hotel.  
             When not in a social setting, Sh'rra is quiet, reticent  and 
        relatively  conservative in dress and action.  She  is  extremely 
        close  about her past, even under drugs or truth probes (under  a 
        truth  probe or drugs, roll INT of questioner against her  CON  + 
        POW for questions to elicit lucid answers).  
             Sh'rra has complete control over her instinctive  biological 
        drives   and usually leaves them at a zero level (add POW to  INT 
        in resisting seduction, hunger and other rolls.  Thus she is  POW 
        + INT vs CHA when someone attempts a seduction).  She abhors loss 
        of self control, wanton violence, slavery of any kind and raw  or 
        red meats.
             The  bone  flute she carries is a chaos  shaping  tool.   It 
        allows  her to cast illusions with her pheromes (usable  whenever 
        pheromes are used), summon 1d6 100 point chaos spirits (demons of 
        combat)  (for  single  use commands or combats,  once  per  lunar 
        month, dark of the moon only) and project offensive sonic/kinetic 
        energy every third strike rank.
             The flute will disintegrate if taken out of her presence for 
        any significant period of time and will then reform near her.
             Sh'rra  found  the flute in a Shanallin Precursor  ruin  and 
        gained  complete control of it over a period of forty years.   It 
        is  now  allied to her.  She often plays it  for  meditation  and 
        Demon Flute
        STR  20   2d6 attack, 3,000 meter range, line of sight limit.
        INT  25   +25 to pherome attacks when played, summon demons
        POW  40   during dark of the moon, use flutes pow to bind.
        CON  40   Adds 40 to con of owner.  may strike for 1d6 in melee.
                  Also consults and advises with INT 25.
        Builder N at   95%
        Builder H at   85%
        English at     65%
        Russian at     75%
        Shanallin at   65%

        Flute         105%
        Socialize      95%
        Musicianship   95%
        Perform        95%
        ComputerSci    85%
        Unarmed Combat 75%
        Laser          75%
        Debate         70%
        Hide           70%
        Atheletics     65%
        Bargain        56%
        Fine Arts      55%
        Pilot          45%
        Sneak          40%
        Navigate       35%
        First Aid      20%
        Anthropology   10%
        Fast Talk      10%
        Climb          10%
             Barebones  live silicon crystal hull spacecraft, (no  opera-
        tional  fuel)(requires purified tritium/deuterium  blend  fuels), 
        two teleportal disks (one in ship), spacer's duffel bag, two jump 
        suits (each 3pt armor), 3 supportive bodysuits, electronic  lock-
        pick set, personal ring computer (~to a CP/M bank switching  640K 
        RAM,  1056K ROM, 20Meg HD at 12mhz)(clunky & slow, but very  tiny 
        and runs forever in spite of EMP, power use or anything else).  
             Her personal computer will serve as an interface to the ship 
        and uses a direct neural interface.  Sh'rra keeps the the ship in 
        a Trojan orbit around the Earth
             In  her room Sh'rra has a laser disguised (and usable as)  a 
        flashlight with about 6 uses of power (18d6 per use) and a  plas-
        tic  25  ca.  automatic with three six round  clips.   Her  small 
        assassin's  kit  has  wire, simple tools, six  doses  of  contact 
        poison  and her log books.  Sh'rra removes any of these from  her 
        room only when she has a definite use in mind. 
             She also has a basic first aid kit, $12,000.00 on her  debit 
        card, a 10 year lease on her Hardeman Hotel fifth floor suite and 
        enough anagathics to last her another 75 years.  
             She is very conservative and cautious about her  possessions 
        and cash assets.  There is no crisis that she does not expect  to 
        be able to outlive.
        Play notes:
             Sh'rra could easily anglicize her name to Sharri or  Sherry.  
        With  Orobronze, skin lotion and hair coloring she could be  any-
        where  from  a  light tan to a deep mahogany in  skin  color  and 

        anywhere from pale blond to black in hair color.  
             Sh'rra is fresh from her ship and newly arrived at the hotel 
        along  with everyone else.  Her knowledge of Earth is limited  to 
        six months of television and radio broadcasts she eavesdropped on 
        and some database entries concerning the early 20th century.
             The  player  should take it slow and  cautiously  at  first, 
        feeling free to have the character ask for advice, but not neces-
        sarily follow any of it.
        2.  Golden "John" Storm
             Shannallin shaper/npc
             To  Sh'rra's right are John & Ari Storm, a man and  a  woman 
        who  look very similar.  They could be brother and sister.   Both 
        have  blue-green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and gray-blond  hair.  
        Medium frames, heavy muscles, medium height. 
             Ari  seems  in movement even when still.  A hawk sits  on  a 
        perch in their corner of the alcove.  They wear a mix of tropical 
        wool, cotton shirts and leather shoes.  She is dressed in a  blue 
        chambray  shirt and pleated blue tropical wool skirt, he  in  tan 
        worsted  pants  and a blue cotton knit shirt.  The  only  anomaly 
        about them is that they both wear gloves.  Hers reflect the light 
        with cloth of gold, his are leather.(2) (3) 
             John  Storm  is  a modern man infused by the  essence  of  a 
        Shannallin master shaper.  He is a direct blood descendant of the 
        shaper  and the one, of millions of descendants, most  likely  to 
        have remained sane after the infusion.  He did.
             John  is a mature, loving and very value oriented  man.   He 
        believes  strongly  in absolute right and wrong, good  and  evil.  
        John  also believes that most people are children and  that  they 
        are  not responsible for their actions.  He can  be  surprisingly 
        gentle and is unflinching and unflagging in his loyalties.
             At the same time his emotional responsiveness was  increased 
        by the infusion his control over his emotions was reduced.  There 
        are  times when it is hard to tell if emotions or intellect  rule 
        John.   His anger is generally near the danger point if he  takes 
        his  gloves off -- a powerful virtue of combat is bound into  his 
        flesh and can kill with a touch.  
             John is an NPC.  His abilities and powers are at the  higher 
        levels for shaper magic as it is now practiced.  He is  flexible, 
        resourceful and has years of experience to draw on.
             Generally,  John will be part of the National Response  Team 

        (NRT)  or  serving as an adjunct to the FBI.  He  has  been  con-
        scripted, though he would probably have served by his own choice.
             John attempts to make contact with Ari at least twice a  day 
        via  magical means.  He is generally not in a position to  inter-
        vene, but his resources and abilities can be used by the GM as  a 
        supplement or aid in moving the plot or providing rescue or added 
        strength for the characters in sticky situations.  
             Interventions  by  John  should be rare and  the  first  the 
        players should know of the possibility is when there is a  situa-
        tion where help is needed and John is unable to help.
        Shannallin Precursor 100% both selves
        STR  17       17         luck 3 + 9
        CON  17 (+6)  23         immune to detect spells     
        SIZ  14       14         tiger eyes, sees in dark
        INT  26       26         two fire elementals
        POW  36*      55         two earth elementals
        DEX  18       18         one air elemental
        CHA  20 (+6)  26         special on water elementals (see below)
        APP  20       20
        EDU  19       19
        SAN  140     140         Luck:  3 + 7 (patron:  the nine)
             (* add 19 from familiar for POW for POW v. POW struggles.)  
        ACTION RANKS   
        19 Hit Points  (+6)
        Damage Bonus + 1d6
        Elan:     6  (Grey Lord, Justice) (compatable with the nine)
             Property 500,000 LB (in ship, see below)
             Credit 95%
             Weapon 140%     hand  (+20% with magical scarf)
             Weapon 90%     scarf  (+20% with magical scarf)
             Weapon 80%     grapple
             Weapon 140%    dagger 
             Ride 82% 
             Property 500 LB     
        Priest, Grey Lord
             Read/Write/Speak Common 144% 
             R/W/S Patios Shannallin 124%
             R/W/S Noble Shannallin 104%
             Plant Lore 104%
             First Aid 104%
             Persuade 70%

        Other (5) 
             Pick Lock 65%
             Set/Disarm Trap 65%
             Navigate 91%
             Music Lore 91%
             Evaluate Treasure 91% 
             Elementals at 94%
             Demons at 94%
             Virtues at 97%
             Summon Elemental Ruler by Rhyme
             Beast Lords: (cats), (birds), (fish)
             Spells 93% (one spell ready per point of intelligence)
        Max of 13 demons
        Max of 13 Virtues
        1    Demon Armor (usually wears)
             Swirling Cloak (invisible)
        Int 12    Shapeshifting
        Siz 35    Cover up to 34 size points
        Pow  3    Resists with pow 3, moves out of the way of demon 
                  weapons that might harm it
        Con 77    77 points of protection from mundane perils
            20    Special:  Invisible 
        2    Demon Teleporter (usually at ship)
             Credit Card
        STR  68   Siz points moved
        CON  24   24 teleports
        INT   7   Basic Int to understand commands
        POW   5   Pow for passing barriers
        DEX  42   130% chance of safe travel
        CHA/SIZ 1
        3    Demon Teleporter (saves for emergencies, can summon)
             Credit Card
        STR  30   Siz points moved
        CON  39   34 teleports (special, pacted, only six teleports)
        INT   7   Basic Int to understand commands
        POW  35   Pow for passing barriers
        DEX  35   105% chance of safe travel
        CHA/SIZ 1
        4    Demon of Knowledge (usually carries)
             Credit Card
        Int 108   % chance to know
        Pow   3   % chance to find out
        Con  36   hit points
        5    Demon of Transportation (usually leaves at the ship)
             Roan Horse
        STR  30   600km/hr speed
        CON  38   38 hours non-stop

        SIZ  30   Carry up to 30 siz points
        INT  12   shapeshift
        POW  19   Pow
        DEX   9
        CHA   9
                  Is allowed to act as a free agent and often travels
             for its own enjoyment or amusement.
        6    Demon of Transportation (often keeps near him)
             Magic Rug
        STR  67   1340km/hr speed
        CON  40   40 hours non-stop
        SIZ  28   carry up to 28 siz points
        INT   7   accept verbal instructions
        POW   4
        DEX   0  CHA   1
        7    Demon Weapon (usually keeps in strong box in ship)
             brass knuckles // family heirloom
        STR 140   d3+1 +14d6
        CON   3
        SIZ   1   Can be used in conjunction with scarf but not
        INT   0   virtue of combat.
        POW   3
        DEX   0
        CHA   0
        8    Demon Weapon (usually wears wrapped around arm)
             Scarf/lock picks/gloves 
        STR  40   4d6 damage + shape (can add to blows with hand)
        CON   5
        SIZ   3
        INT  12   shapechanger
        POW   7
        DEX  80   +20% to hit (+1/4%)
        CHA   0
        9    Demon Armor (wears when he expects trouble)
             Arm Bracers/Shield
        Int  12    Shapeshifting
        Siz  14    Cover up to 14 size points
        Pow  16    Resists with pow 16
        Con  71    71 points of protection
             20    Special:  regenerates
        10-11Demons of Desire    Old family retainers
             These are transmogrified individuals whom Golden Storm was
             able to save in the pre-time and who wished to be 
             transformed.  They are exceedingly loyal
             Crew of sailboat    
        STR  18/10
        CON  65/60   65/60 hit points in reserve
        SIZ   6/06
        INT  12   shapechanger
        POW   4/17
        DEX   2

        CHA  20
             20   Special:  regenerates
        12-13Demons of Combat/protection
             Crew of sailboat              
             These are transmogrified retainers.
        STR  40/40     Both demons look like pale shadows
        CON  20/15     in blue-green.  They are diligent
        SIZ   8/ 6     sailors.
        INT  12/ 7
        POW  16/17
        DEX  30/30
        CHA   1/ 1
             20/30  special powers
        for 12:  speed* & d6 CON drain 10m range
        for 13:  regeneration & invisible
             12:  attack with 4d6 at 82%  SR *60/30/20/10/*1
             13:  attack for with 4d6 at 77%
             Use sea axes at same %damage for +2d6+2 damage
        1    Virtue of Defense
             Bound to summoner in tattoos (no armor focus)
        Pow  24   24 points of armor vs demons
                  limited invulnerability vs normal weapons 
                  (50% chance break normal weapon, 20 points armor)
        2    Virtue of Attack 
             Bound into hand (usually wears glove on that hand)
        Pow  24   kills demons and enemies on touch
        Int  23   2xPow to con if resist touch
        3    Virtue of Knowledge (always near him)
             Unembodied.  Usually summoned to replace contact lenses
        Pow  24
        Int  25   125% chance of knowing
        Con  65   HUD display of relevant tracking data
        4    Virtue of Knowledge
             Bound into Computer (at sailboat)
        5    Virtue of Perfection
             Bound into Computer (at sailboat)
        6    Virtue of Perfection
             Bound into Tiger (at sailboat)          
        STR  40
        CON  24
        SIZ  24
        INT   6
        POW  18/24
        DEX  24
        CHA  20
        hit points 36

        see rules for skills/damage
        7    Virtue of Perfection
             Bound to self
             +6 CHA
             +6 CON
             1 point of regeneration
        8.   Virtue of Defense
             Bound to Child (at sailboat)
        POW  16
        9.   Virtue of Defense
             Bound to Child (at sailboat)
        POW  16
        10.  Virtue of Transport
             Bound to Sailboat   
        11.  Virtue of Transport (usually carries)
             Gate to Sailboat
             Main Saloon/credit card
        INT  24   up to 24 transportees
        12.  Virtue of Defense
             Bound to Sailboat
        POW  21
        INT  22
        13.  Virtue of Defense
             Bound to Ari
             Limited Invulnerability
        POW  18 vs demons/virtues
             20 vs normal weapons/50% chance to break
        Familiar: Hawk 125 points
        STR  30   d6+1 +3d6 attack
        CON  24
        SIZ   2
        INT   7
        POW  19 (is cumulative with John's POW for POW v. POW struggles)
        DEX  24
        CHA   9   
             10 Special Power:  sleep 10m range
             $750,000 in trust funds and Red Empire trading firm  account 
        $190,000  per  year in tax free income in addition  to  Precursor 
        property obtained from Golden Storm's pocket universe.
        SAILBOAT <man-made, not a magical entity or creation>
             Made of translucent blue-green seaglass crystal
             95' Catamaran Sloop (6,500 sq ft internal space).
             Has the same abilities as a water elemental.  
             All powers/functions at x40 an elemental's.
             Can travel over or under water.
             Speed is 160d3 mph without wind (~480mph with virtue).

             The  sailboat was Golden Storm's home.  John Storm has  made 
        it  his home and his children live there, attended by demons  and 
        virtues.  John has a great deal of sorcerous power tied up in his 
        Virtue of Knowledge                     
        Bound into Computer (at sailboat)       
        Virtue of Perfection              
        Bound into Computer (at sailboat) 
        Virtue of Transport
        Bound to Sailboat             
        Virtue of Transport           
        Gate to Sailboat                                                           
        Main Saloon/credit card             
        INT  24                       
        up to 24 transportees          
        Virtue of Defense             
        Bound to Sailboat             
        POW  21                       
        INT  22                       
        2 Demons of Desire                                          
        2 Demons of Combat/protection 
        Crew of sailboat              
        Virtue of Perfection                    
        Bound into Tiger (at sailboat)          
        treat as a pet/guard for children
        3.   Ari Storm
             To  Sh'rra's right are John & Ari Storm, a man and  a  woman 
        who  look very similar.  They could be brother and sister.   Both 
        have  blue-green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and gray-blond  hair.  
        Medium frames, heavy muscles, medium height. 
             Ari  seems  in movement even when still.  A hawk sits  on  a 
        perch in their corner of the alcove.  They wear a mix of tropical 
        wool, cotton shirts and leather shoes.  She is dressed in a  blue 
        chambray  shirt and pleated blue tropical wool skirt, he  in  tan 
        worsted  pants  and a blue cotton knit shirt.  The  only  anomaly 
        about them is that they both wear gloves.  Hers reflect the light 
        with cloth of gold, his are leather.

             Ari  Storm  is married to John Storm.  They  share  physical 
        characteristics and aura features due to the infusion of  similar 
        powers during the "lost weeks" (see below).
             Ari  is  devoutly loyal and virtuous (treat  as  major  psy-
        chological compulsions).  Charitable.  Will intervene to  protect 
        the innocent, help children, stop slaughter, etc.  Pro-life  (but 
        not necessarily anti-abortion).  When apart, she and her  husband 
        communicate regularly via virtues and demons of knowledge. 
             She is extremely dangerous (100%+ chance of killing by touch 
        anyone  whose POW is 14 or less, 46% chance to critical hit)  and 
        hard to predict.  Ari will not hesitate to read minds when she is 
        talking to people to ascertain if they are telling the truth.
             She  has an extreme faith in her husband.  The two  of  them 
        share in Shannallin infusion (a manner of passing power from  one 
        generation  to  the next) from Golden Storm, a  Shannallin  shape 
        master,  shape shifter, and thus share empathic  links,  physical 
        cues  (they  look  related) and emotional  responses.   They  are 
        deeply  devoted  to  each other and have been  married  for  much 
        longer than might otherwise appear.
             They have two children.
        Character: Ari
        Origin:  Shannallin Werepanther
        STR  14   ( 8*3)/2  26        
        CON  17   (20*1)/2  27        
        SIZ  12             12        
        INT  18   (18/3)/2  21        
        POW  22   (15/3)/2  24        
        DEX  19   (24*1)/2  31        
        CHA  **   ******    **        
        APP  20   (30*2)/2  50        
        EDU  16                       
        SAN 120                          
        ENERGY 51 + 31                
        RECHARGE 5                    
        ACTION RANKS   31/21/11/1     
        Walk 15m/rnd                  
        Run 36m/rnd     Jump +15 meters 
        Fly 112.5mph                  
        Hit Points 20                 
        Body/Con 27                   
        Defense: 31%                     
        Idea Roll 160%                
        Luck Roll 175%                
        Agility Roll 145%             
        Aura 23                       
        damage bonus +2d6/claws 2d6                                luck 2 

        + 3 (5 total)  Patron:  Mikal of Swords
        Wereform skills:
        Claw attack 190% 
        Tracking 95%
        Normal Skills:
        Animal Science:  95%
        Horse Breeding:  95%
        Cattle Management:  90%
        Portuguese:      90%
        English:         90%
        Shannallin:      85% (noble, speak only)
        Socializing:     85%
        Art:             80%
        Esthetics:       80%
        Music Appreciation  75%
        Farming:         70%
        Handgun:         65%
        Drive car:       60%
        Fly light plane:    60%
        Senses (only 15m range)     
          Infrared Vision                 
          Magical Vision                  
        Patron Gifts/Virtues/Demons/Elementals/etc.
        First Order virtue of attack Claw Sheaths (2d6)
             (instead of a demon weapon)
             POW 24 kills by touch if target fails to resist in POW v POW
             POW x2 to damage if target resists POW v POW
             INT  26 +26% to hit, +26% to critical, POW x2 to CON on  any 
             Shapechanging (wears as gloves in non-were form)
             Treat as a familiar
        healing 6, 
        repair 2 (RQ spirit magics)
        2 Air Elementals Bound to Topaz Earrings (left ear)
        3 Water Elementals Bound to Sapphire Earrings (left ear)
        --Virtue of Defense (embodied by husband)
             POW 18  (see below for its effects on her)
        Werepanther form
        STR  26  x2    52
        CON  27  x11   41
        SIZ  12  x11   18

        INT  21  x1     5
        POW  24  x1    24
        DEX  31  x2    62   AR  62/52/42/32/22/12/2
        CHA  ** 
        APP  50  x1    12
        EDU  16  x0     0  
        SAN 120  n/a          
        ENERGY 82 x2  164 
        RECHARGE 5 x2  10      
        Claws:  2d6 + 5d6 damage bonus + 2d6 sheath bonus = 9d6
        48 m/round walk, 192 m/12 sec running
        12 meters vertical jump 
        26 meters horizontal jump
        165 mph flying
        hit points: 30
         radiation (net 31)              
             absorption 8 points
             armor 18 points virtue of defense 
             5 points of resistance  electric (net 43)                   
             resistance 20 points
             5  points of resistance      armor 18 points virtue  of  de-
         kinetic (net 45)     
             armor 20 points virtue of defense
             (break weapons 50% of the time)
             wereself  25  points of kinetic armor (halved  vs  silver  & 
         Regeneration 6 points  
         Adaptability 25 points
        Notes on Play
             Ari  is  confident in her approach to life and firm  in  her 
        values and beliefs.  She has been through long dark nights of the 
        soul,  has endured privation, torture, disease and  demon  night-
        mares and has emerged through all of these.
             Where  other characters may endure with a belief  that  they 
        can  outlive,  Ari expects to be able to triumph.  She  has  good 
        reason.   Test run her character in melee against a  STORMBRINGER 
        dragon or against a great old one in CALL OF CTHULHU.  
             At  9d6 per hit, +48 points of damage (to those  who  resist 
        death  in a 24 v POW struggle), +48 to con on any  critical  hit, 
        +26% to critical, 190% chance to hit, 35% chance to critical, she 
        kills  what she hits. (average damage is 79.5 points, 127.5 on  a 
        critical hit).
             Treat her as a mature adult fulfilling the responsibility of 
        power  in an uncertain world.  Because she has other  obligations 
        (children, husband, etc.) Ari is not always available to partici-
        pate in moves or party activities.  She is also weak in many non-
        combat situations.

        7.  Drgg Rockeater
             Amphibian contrary warrior
        Public Description
             Next is Drgg Rockeater, who seems to blend into the  shadows 
        in spite of his size.  He is without doubt a non-human.  He is 7' 
        tall,  skeletal  in build with muscle wrapped like rocks  over  a 
        narrow  frame.   He carries a black skin drum and a  satchel  but 
        wears no clothing aside from a loin cloth made of coral bead-work 
        and a "small" utility dagger made of grey metal and black  volca-
        nic glass. 
             His eyes seem to have no irises in their green-black  depths 
        and  his  skin is a scaly black-green.  He may have  gill  slits.  
        Definitely male.  (7) 
        Private Description
             Drgg is a member of a non-human race that lived on earth  in 
        hiding back before the "lost weeks of summer."  The Shllthaa  are 
        sea  dwelling  proto-mammals.  They are semi-cold  blooded,  bear 
        their young live, and grow steadily throughout their  life-spans.  
        They  are  precursor  remnants without any  ancient  records  and 
        unaware of their precursor status.  They believe they evolved  in 
        the depths of Earth's seas.
             Drgg bears a demon drum
        Characteristics (unenhanced)
        STR  26        (typical is 2d8+12)
        CON  36        (typical is 2d8+12)
        SIZ  23        (typical is d6+18)
        INT  11        (typical is d6+6)
        POW  20        (typical is 3d6)
        DEX  12        (typical is 3d6)
        CHA  18        (typical is 3d6)
        APP   7        (typical is 3d6)
        EDU  11        (typical is 2d6)
        Age  93        (typical is 2d100+20)
        luck 3 + 3     (no patron at present)     
        Scales:   5 pt kinetic armor
                 10 pt electric armor
                 10 pt electric resistance
                  5 pt radiation armor
                  5 pt radiation absorption (to magic points)
        Loin cloth:     
             Beadwork.  Stores 20 magic points.
             Will cut immaterial and spirit creatures
             Travels with him to mythic realms
        Demon Drum

        Allied Weapon/Familiar Equivalent
        STR  50   5d6 attack for 13 meter range
        CON  36   36 hit points, +18 to Drgg's hit points.
        SIZ   2   very heavy, (6" x 6" and 12 pounds)
        INT  11   can follow and remember verbal instructions
        POW  26   has a range of 13 meters. 
                  Attacks at skill at 3meters, -5% per meter to 10m.
        He has the following skills:
        Climb 120%            
        Deep Squid (gestures) 60%  
        Depth sense 100%          
        Drum 115%             
        Electronics 105%
        English (read) 50%         
        English (spoken) 97%
        English (write) 97%  
        Fishing (net) 106%
        Grapple 65%                
        Knife (ritual) 100%       
        Russian 65%                
        Shllthaa (courtesan) 105% 
        Shllthaa (customs) 110%
        Shllthaa (ideographs) 103%
        Shllthaa (spoken) 129%
        Sonar (underwater) 100%   
        Swim 135% 
        Video technician 79%       
        Walk (on land) 44%   
        Player Notes              
             Drgg  has  $100,000.00  worth  of  Ringworld  equipment  and 
        $50,000.00  worth  of  Futureworld equipment in  his  sack.   The 
        player should be allowed to select and decide what equipment Drgg 
        has.   Drgg will not be able to renew his equipment  or  recharge 
        unless repair and/or recharge equipment is taken.
             He  gets 240%tiles of experience in fields that  the  player 
        chooses.   (The  player  should be allowed  to  customize  Drgg's 
        abilities  and  skills with technical and other  abilities).   He 
        also  has  his  investments ( 4.3  million  dollars  in  gemstone 
        futures from his patron) and his secrets.  
             You may wish to have him buy an extra loin cloth  (non-magi-
        cal)  or  a  cloak.  Any other possessions must  fit  within  his 
             He worships the "Lord of Cold Currents" in the guise of  the 
        sudden  death from below (a cult that worships the  deep  squids' 
        ancient [and probably non-sentient] progenitors who dwell beneath 
        them.  It is a generally fatalistic cult stressing the inevitable 
        triumph  of  [bad] luck and fate over all sentient  activity  and 
        semi-magical  efforts  to "fool" both luck and fate  by  contrary 

        activities.  (His last name is a cult affectation of this type).
             Members of his cult seek to tap the flow of fate and luck to 
        strengthen them and to direct ill toward their enemies.  (It is a 
        sort  of  grim version of the Cheyenne  Contraries).   They  have 
        strong rituals with magical and clerical overtones that stir  the 
        chaos and leynd currents.
             The  race  bears  extreme ill-will and  hatred  for  Cthulhu 
        mythos  creatures.  They have fought them for ages and Deep  Ones 
        dwell in the ruins believed to be the Shllthaa racehome and  have 
        deprived the Shllthaa of their histories and heritage.
             Deep Ones and spawn Xxaggaah are also responsible for  driv-
        ing  the  deep squid ancestors into the trenches and  beyond  the 
        reach  of their worshipers.  Deep squid ancestors can be used  by 
        Shllthaa as a bridge to the powers of fate and shadow.
        Play Notes
             Drgg is intended to be a difficult character to play.  He is 
        also a character with some surprising abilities and venues.   The 
        player  should  not tip off the other characters to  Drgg's  true 
        origin nor his complete abilities.  Drgg is loyal to his race and 
        family  sept  and  can give only  secondary  loyalty  to  others.  
        Tertiary loyalty he reserves for governments, contracts and misc. 
        personal  dealings.   He has no  relationships  involving  lesser 
        degrees of loyalty.
        8.  April Smith
             College professor/artist
        Public Description
             Sitting  quietly next to Drgg is April Smith, a middle  aged 
        woman, between 30 and 50 years of age, dressed in tropical cotton 
        safari  gear.   She has a back-pack, climbing gear  and  a  30.06 
        rifle with scope on the floor next to her and an artist's  sketch 
        book  in her hands.  April appears to be almost finished  with  a 
        charcoal sketch of Drgg. 
             Her eyes are green and her hair is a reddish auburn with the 
        slightest hints of gray.  April's clothing reveals only that  she 
        is  of either light or medium build and average height.   A  gray 
        cat sleeps at her feet. (8) 
        Private Description
             April  is  a professor of art on sabbatical  from  Minnesota 
        State  University.   She is 36 years of  age,  non-political  and 
        intense  about art from an historical and  cultural  perspective.  
        She believes in values rather than morals, and has morals  rather 
        than values.
             April is a white witch of Appalachian (non-wicca) tradition.  
        Give her RQ spirit magics at % chance to cast as skills (use half 
        the  RQ magic points to cast and use up magic points only if  she 

        succeeds  in casting spells).  She is half  Appalachian,  quarter 
        Irish and a quarter Creole.
             She will have climbing equipment, normal copper jacketed and 
        serrated  iron jacketed silver hollow-point bullets  (with  rowan 
        fillers in the hollow-points), binoculars, chicken livers (fresh, 
        for her cat), a change of clothes, a compact tent & bed roll  and 
        other  camping  gear  in her back pack.  Her rifle  is  a  custom 
        Herters  stock  and  scope.  She is at +25% to hit  and  to  cast 
        multimissile using this rifle.
             Appalachian culture individuals have a 50% chance of  recog-
        nizing  her  as a witch-finder or "spook-slayer."   She  has  the 
        characteristic look and aura.
             She is wise, witty and cat-like.  Too filled with  sharpness 
        to  be playful, but possessed of a sense of dark humor and  quick 
        wit.  Slightly condescending.  She is the only character to carry 
        a readily identifiable weapon to the table.
        STR  14   
        CON  17   
        SIZ  10  
        INT  16   
        POW  22   x2 vs chaos or witchcraft
        DEX  21   
        CHA  17
        APP  21/17 (17 without enhancement)   
        EDU  26  Luck 3 + 9 (patron, the nine, fox)
        She has a Tjajh Cat were form 
             (yes, she is a were-creature)
        STR x1    (14)
        CON x11   (26) Small weres may change shape at will with
        SIZ x1    (02) no cost in energy and without regard for
        INT x1    (08) phases of the moon.  Small weres do not
        POW x1    (22) suffer from uncontrolled change or from
        DEX x21   (51) blood lust.
        CHA **
        APP x11   (32) Silver does 11 x normal damage
        EDU x1    (13)
        SAN n/a
        claw 1d6 or bite 1d6
        20 points of kinetic armor (except vs silver & gold)
        10 points of resistance vs electric and radiation
             Small  weres  are skillful and clever creatures,  useful  as 
        scouts and in non-combat roles. 
             Gray housecat
             The telepathic bond between April and her cat extends to 30m 
        per  point  of  active POW (add April's POW  to  familiar's  POW, 

        subtract any magic points used recently -- i.e. the range of  the 
        telepathy  is  controlled  by magic  points  available  to  both.  
        Within  range they can transfer magic points between  each  other 
        and resist all magic with the sum of both of their POW scores  or 
        STR  13   
        CON  30        April can talk to cats (*as much as cats can
        SIZ   2        talk*), is immune to detect spells and has
        INT  16        no allergies.  
        POW  32   
        DEX  27        She has 4 air elementals bound in her hair pins
        APP  21   
             The familiar can cast glamour (RQ spirit magic) and  protec-
        tion  6 spells.  The familiar has powers of silent  movement  and 
        +40%  to defense which it can use both for itself and for  April.  
        (both can receive the benefits at the same time).
        Art (sketch)   135%                
        Art (teach)    125%                
        Art (western)  120%                
        Art (egyptian) 110%-               
        Art (greek)    105%-               
        Art (classical)100%-               
        Philosophy (art) 95%               
        English (r/w/s) 90%                
        Philosophy       90%               
        Climbing (equip)90%
        Climbing (bare) 85%                
        Rifle (30.06)   85%                
        Pistol (colt 45)80%
        Piano           75%                
        Oratory         75%                
        Tjajh Cat (speak)75%               
        Detect magic    75%                
        Detect undead   68%                
        Bull whip       67%                
        Dance           67%                
        Enchant (ritual)    67%*         
        Fire (magic lang)   65%          
        Fireblade (spell)   65%          
        Extension (ritual)  55%          
        Enhance (ritual)    50%          
        Multimissile 4      45%          
        Glue (spell)        45%          
        +186% worth of magic related skills and spells (per below).                                   
        -reads at 25% of skill greek,     
        egyptian and romance writings    
        *Enchant allows April to bind a spell into an object.  The  spell 

        may then be cast (once) from the object at a later time. 
        186% available for custom use & player decision on spells. 
        PLAY NOTES
             April is much more a cat than a human, with cat-like morals, 
        sexual  tastes, eating habits and perspectives.  April should  be 
        played  very much like a liberal college professor who is  slowly 
        becoming emeshed and reformed into the mind-set of a cat.
             In  addition, April has a cultural heritage  of  witchcraft, 
        magic and specific roles for magic-use and magic-users.  She grew 
        up in an Irish/Creole household in the southern Appalachan  moun-
        tains and was educated in New Orleans.  She did her graduate work 
        at  Wesley and then taught as an instructor at the University  of 
        Minnisota  and  as an assistant professor at  the  University  of 
        Wisconsin (Madison).
             She received tenure and a lifetime endowment last year as  a 
        gift from one of the Nine (Fox).  He is her patron.
        9.  Mark Gold
             Noble (of Charle's "France"),
             Companion, champion & paladin
        Public Information
             First  to  the table was Mark Gold, an athletic man  in  his 
        early forties.  He wears subdued but fashionable business  cloth-
        ing  in  a traditional style with a silk pin dot tie,  pin  point 
        cotton shirt and fashionable semi-boots.  A briefcase sits on the 
        floor next to him.--
             He has a strong build.  His tailored suit fits him  perfect-
        ly.  Mark was the first in the alcove.  He is so calm it is  easy 
        to miss seeing him or to forget that he is present. 
             Mark  has facial tattoos in "non-color" color that  identify 
        him  as  one  of the forty companions by  their  rainbow  shimmer 
        seemingly above the skin and cheek of his left eye.  
             During the "lost weeks" about 30% of the people in the world 
        had  dreams or nightmares concerning the exploits of the  compan-
        ions.  They are now featured Saturday morning with the  cartoons.  
        A  character similar to Mark has appeared several times  and  has 
        the same brown hair, short beard and green eyes. 
             Mark's  corner  is  decorated by a score  of  sculptures  of 
        hummingbirds that look alive from their perches on the wall.   He 
        has a businessman's briefcase on the floor next to him.  (9) 
        Private Information
        Mark Goldberg a/k/a Mark Gold
        Origin: Charle's France (+1 to all req, +1d3 to Cha)

             Mark  should  be played like a  paladin  from  Charlemagne's 
        world.  He believes in his own sense of duty, nobility and right.  
        While  he does not watch the cartoon stories about him, he  lives 
        them.  Imagine a scholarly cartoon hero with noblesse oblige  and 
        you have Mark.
        STR  16        29 (gift one)
        CON  16        30 (gift two)
        SIZ  13        14
        INT  17        17
        POW  20        20
        DEX  16        19
        CHA  20   **** 25  **
        APP  20   (REL)+4
        EDU  14
        SAN 160   Luck 12, Patron:  Charle
        ENERGY 31
        RECHARGE 3
        ACTION RANKS 19/9/-1
        Hit Points 14
        Body/Con 28
        500,000s property (If you want details, build a five acre Chateau 
        estate  worth  $1,500,000)  (i.e.  a small house, a  barn  and  a 
        several rustic outbuildings).
             [Mark's cost to build has a base of $35/ft2 with extra costs 
        for the various items and amenities over the base.]
             Mark's  estate  is  located in the middle of  the  state  of 
        Oregon,  in  the saddle between the mountain ranges  (Medford  is 
        just to the south of the estate).  During the "lost weeks" a fair 
        amount  of  real estate distilled into the  mundane  world.   The 
        Earth  appears  to have about 10% additional land  surface  area, 
        much  of it due to wrinkles (both physical --i.e.  steeper  moun-
        tains,  and space-time warps that result in more surface  in  the 
        same area) or encroachments on the sea, but some of it due to  an 
        overall increase in size.
             Mark's  protectorate  as the Duke D'Or (Duke of  the  Sunset 
        Mountains) is the Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and North-
        ern  California Mountains.  Charle, an earth power,  created  the 
        companions  to befriend him, attend Charle's court and do  equity 
        in  their realms.  The companions remained active in  the  mythic 
        realms  and in the dream time during the time that magic was  not 
        present in the world.
             Mark has about 900 acres of ranch land, 40 acres of hardwood 
        forest  (including  40 dryads), 200 acres  of  softwoods  (mostly 
        pine), 180 acres of land in wheat and oats and about 36 acres  of 
        intensively gardened land.  He has 6 acres in greenhouses.

             Mark has 34 retainers (servants, etc. at estate) (that is 34 
        followers  who  will serve without pay.  Mark has a  butler,  two 
        cooks,  a blacksmith, a weapons master, four  men-at-arms,  three 
        maids  {including  one  walktipi maid},  three  gardeners,  eight 
        ranch-hands,  two  minotaurs, a groom, three  farmers,  one  loom 
        mistress and three squires.  He also has an esquire.).  
             All  "outside"  retainers have 14s in  all  requisites  (for 
        minotaurs  double strength and halve intelligence).   All  inside 
        retainers  have 12s in all requisites except dexterity,  charisma 
        and intelligence in which they have 17s (for the walktipi,  halve 
        strength and double dexterity).
             He also has 50,000 silver talens in cash (one ounce each  or 
        about $250,000 worth), and his personal effects, such as clothes, 
        tools, farm implements, armor and weapons for all retainers,  and 
        some special items including:
             A trademark gold and black colored war jaguar*, three  suits 
        of  gold and black kevlar graphite laminate armor (looks  vaguely 
        like a japanese/starwars cross and provides protection of 12  pts 
        of  kinetic, 36 vs electric & radiation) in electric gold  color, 
        and a mutant group mind familiar** Int 18, Pow 24, build familiar 
        on  145  points.  All of these are described  in  greater  detail 
        10mm autopistol- (32 rounds per clip) 90%
        Rapier (1d6+1) 85%/parry 85%/impale 85%
        Credit 85%                         
        Dagger (1d4+2) 85%
        Lance      85%
        French     80%     
        German     80%                     
        Savate     75%                     
        Greco-Roman 75%                    
             A style of wrestling--not a language
        Common     75%                     
        English    75%                     
        Memorize   75%                     
        Hunting Rifle 70%                  
             Uses a 30.30 with 4x scope
        Ancient Lore 65%                   
        Dance 65% for each of 6 dances
        Ride       65%  (x2 on jaguar)     
        Command    60% (add CHA x 2% for any in his immediate presence)
        Compound Bow 55%
        Chemical Lore 50%
        Machine Lore 40%
        Typing     35%
        Personal Effects descriptions:

        -10mm selectfire pistol.  Takes 7 round clips, 32 round clips and 
        continuous feed belts.  Selects between single fire, triple  fire 
        and autofire.  Rounds available include silver dum dums,  plastic 
        encapsulated  expended uranium and typical steel jacketed  teflon 
        coated armor piercing rounds.  Usually wears in shoulder  harness 
        with  7 round clip in place, 32 round clip in harness and  two  7 
        round  clips  in harness.  Switches off immediately to  the  long 
        clip at the first pause and uses 7 round clips for reloading.
        *war  jaguar is about 1600 lbs of large cat.  It generally  lives 
        on  the estate.  Is well trained (INT 6) and empathically  linked 
        to  Mark  Gold.  It can pass through the veil to the  mythic  and 
        dream  levels  of reality.  It lives on both magic  and  biologic 
        energy,  sleeps a great deal and eats about a full steer's  worth 
        of  meat every month as well as some cereals.  It hunts  in  both 
        dream and shadow realms.
        **familiar is a magical construct remnant of a precursor race  of 
        group  mind avians.  each individual element infuses a  bird.   A 
        bird  so infused has 2 hit points and 3 pts of armor, 6 vs  elec-
        tric  and  12  vs radiation.  When infused,  the  birds  resemble 
        porcelain figurines.  Each point of INT requires one infused bird 
        to  operate.  The group mind can disperse over 300m per point  of 
        pow  (or  7200m for this group mind).  Mark keeps  an  aviary  of 
        specially bred hummingbirds for his familiar.
        --The  aluminum briefcase has space for pistol rounds, armor  and 
        the familiar.  For pistol ammunition, Mark will usually have  two 
        boxes of silver, one of expended uranium (they are heavy and very 
        expensive) and ten boxes of teflon armor piercing rounds.  
             Mark  has  800 head of beef cattle, 40 dairy  cattle  and  a 
        large aviary (including some semi-flightless birds). 
        PLAY NOTES
             Mark  is a hero.  Play him like one.  Feel free to  develope 
        any  concerns,  neurosis or other foibles that you  feel  a  hero 
        should  have.   If you do not want any weaknesses, feel  free  to 
        have Mark be free of same.  Let him be the hero you think of when 
        you hear the word "hero."
             Be  aware  that Mark has probably killed in  excess  of  500 
        opponents and can be prey to heroic pragmatism (always kill  your 
        enemies/always finish them off today) and/or heroic faith (always 
        spare your enemies/always trust that they will change).
        War Jaguar
        STR 160        This creature can carry Mark into both
        CON  30        shadow and the dream realms with it.  The
        SIZ 130        total carrying capacity is limited by CON
        INT   6        + POW / 1.5 (in this case 35 size points).
        POW  22
        DEX  16
        CHA  14        It usually lurks just beyond the fringe of
        APP  18        the material world waiting for Mark's call

        EDU   0        or is out executing Charle's justice upon those
        SAN            who have shed innocent blood where it fell
        ENERGY 90      upon the earth within the zone of Mark's
        RECHARGE 10    protectorate.  A number of badly torn and
        ACTION RANKS 22/12/2     mauled bodies have recently
        Hit Points 80   been found in the Pacific Northwest.  
        Body/Con 80
        (remember, statistics are linear)
        Pounce:    90% for 14d6+3  (double % when striking  by  surprise) 
        (may pounce from shadow or dream)
        Bite:  80% for 7d6+3
        Paw Swat:  75% for 3d6+6
        10.  James Kay
             Attorney, IRS Agent, D'ttga SpiderDragon
             James  Kay walks in just after you sit.  He is  a  scholarly 
        looking  man  in a brown herringbone tweed jacket and  tan  twill 
        pants.   He  has the look of an accountant or tax  attorney.   He 
        stands  5'10"  tall and speaks in a firm voice,  apologizing  for 
        being  late.   The light catches him in such a way  as  he  comes 
        toward you that you can't see his shadow. 
             James  looks familiar, quiet and competent.  His voice is  a 
        smooth baritone that carries well even in the softest tones.   He 
        walks lightly with a slight limp. (10)
             Meet  James Kay, IRS agent, dragon.  James is  a  thoughtful 
        and  methodical  man  of mature years.  While he looks  to  be  a 
        healthy 25 in appearance and carries himself like a graceful  40, 
        James is actually several hundred years old.
             James  is unique in that random genetic factors have  caused 
        him  to  inherit almost 95% pure Dtagga gene  patterns  with  the 
        resulting Dtagga form immortality (more below).
        STR  36        
        CON  27        
        SIZ  13        
        INT  29 
        POW  32 
        DEX  16
        CHA  20
        APP  14
        EDU  18   Luck:  16, Patron, the Saffron
        ACTION RANKS 16/6  
        Hit Points 37

             James  Kay contains what is left of the entity who  was  the  
        cross-racial Dtagga shapechanger/chaos master Splintered  Storms.  
        He  may well be the only surviving Dtagga in the  human  occupied 
        sphere.   He  lurked as a mystical heritage until the  chaos  was 
        unleashed and his life force merged with a far descendent of  his 
        (the  Dtagga ambassadorial staff had many children as the  result 
        of  local liaisons.  Ten percent of all humans have  some  Dtagga 
             The  Dtagga were extremely exo-fertile,  their  formchanging 
        and shapechanging heritage extending to the genetic coding  level 
        and  being transfered as a genetic recessive until it  reached  a 
        level in excess of 90%.
             At  90%  a  Dtagga cross-breed could  (but  not  necessarily 
        would) bear pure Dtagga children.  At 95%, Dtagga form immortali-
        ty  became  possible (though not necessary).  There is  no  state 
        between  95% and 100% pure Dtagga, the last five %  being  purged 
        from the genetic history rather than being transmitted as  either 
        recessives or dominant features.
             As to the mystical heritage, the length of the Teynd binding 
        (hundreds of thousands of years instead of the decades  expected) 
        leached  all of the will and vitality from Splintered Storms  and 
        left  only the form and power.  As a result, James Kay,  the  de-
        scendent  who had the life force of Splintered Storms  fall  upon 
        him, survived the merger and assimilated Splintered Storms  memo-
        ries  and abilities, rebinding his demons rather than being  con-
        sumed by Splintered Storms mind and will. 
             James is unique in that he has lived multiple lives over the 
        past  five  hundred years.  He was unaware of any, save  the  his 
        current life, until his Dtagga heritage surfaced.  Prior to  that 
        he  would be born, live, age and die and then his essential  ele-
        ments would be reborn anew through the power of his shapeshifting 
        blood.   This  is the so-called form immortality  of  the  Dtagga 
        which  renews them and makes them able to overcome  death  unless 
        slain and burned.
             Dtagga form immortality is known to others only by the rumor 
        of fragmented half-twisted memories of legends.
             James now will take his memories through death and  re-birth 
        and  can enhance his re-birth and re-growth time to a  matter  of 
        3d6 months from "death" to full size reformation.
             He  has  the following chaos shapings that serve  him.   (cf 
        STORMBRINGER for the demon rules).
        Demon of Combat/Armor
        STR   1
        CON   50   50 points of armor (50 kinetic, 0 radiation,  0  elec-
        SIZ  13   Cover a siz 13 person
        INT   1   Unintelligent
        POW   4   Resist penetration/damage to self with POW 4

        DEX   1   
        CHA  31
             This  demon appears as an aura of holy fire  suffusing  from 
        Kay  whenever  he  is attacked.  The fire is  shot  through  with 
        leaven  bolts with brillance equal to the force of  the  attacks.  
        The  armor is unintelligent and can only be bound to protect  one 
        person.   It has no weight for encumbrance or  lifting  purposes.  
        Only  James could remove it and then only by the use of  special-
        ized magical rituals.  James thinks of it as part of himself  and 
        is not currently aware that it can be removed.
        Demon of Transport/Wings
        STR  13   Move up to 65 mph
        CON  20   Travel up to 20 hours without stopping
        SIZ  13   Carry up to 13 size points
        INT   1
        POW  13   Resists with POW 13
        DEX   1   
        CHA  25   
             These  are  James  Kay's wings in dragon form,  and  form  a 
        butterfly  wing tracery when they manifest.  They  are  otherwise 
        immaterial and inchoate.
        Demon of Knowledge/Rolex Watch
        STR   1
        CON  32
        SIZ   3
        INT  55   55% chance to know answers about STORMBRINGER subjects.
        POW   8   Overcomes warded knowledge with POW 8
        DEX   1
        CHA  61
             This  demon appears as a 12 carat black diamond set  into  a 
        Rolex  President  Watch.  It has a 55% chance  of  knowing  demon 
        related  information,  27.5%  chance of  knowing  virtue  related 
        information  and a 14% chance of knowing general  knowledge.   6% 
        with  sciences.   It also retains 110% of  whatever  James  hears 
        while wearing it.
        Demon of Combat/Mjat Snake
        STR  50   5d6 damage when spitting leaven (kinetic damage)
        CON   3   3 hit points
        SIZ   3   range up to 12 meters when spitting fire
        INT   5   semi-intelligent
        POW   8   POW of 8 when attacking resisting targets
        DEX  16   4% bonus to hit
        CHA  11   
             This demon appears attacks by spitting lightening.  It takes 

        the  form of a translucent metal scale neck bracer.  It sits  low 
        on the neck and does not show when worn with any formal wear.  
             Most of those who have a chance to see it fail to notice it.  
        Those who do notice, think only that James has unusual tastes  in 
        jewelry.  He wears it below his collar and usually hidden beneath 
        both collar and neck tie.
        Demon of Defense/clothing
        STR  10   Resists stretching and has a carrying capacity
        CON   20   20 points of armor (20 kinetic, 0 radiation,  0  elec-
        SIZ  26   Cover a siz 13 person twice
        INT  12   Shapechanging
        POW  24   Resist penetration/damage to self with POW 24
        DEX  21   Able to achieve perfect fit
        CHA  31   Extremely attractive  15.5 can be added to wearers CHA
             This  demon  appears  as a suit of  clothes,  usually  James 
        favorite  suit.  Owning this demon allows James incredible  flex-
        ibility in his apparel and accoutrements at a moments notice  and 
        without the need to carry luggage or expend money.
             The  demon becomes inchoate when James shifts shape  (though 
        it can be seen as polychromatic bands about the spider demon form 
        to any with the proper training or mystic sight).
             In  addition  to  the chaos shapings,  James  carries  bound 
        elementals, extracts for summoning and binding chaos, and various 
        miscellaneous and useful items.
        In leatherbound personal brief:
        Zenith 80486 40Mhz laptop computer.
        7 Earth Elementals Bound to Gold Rings 
        6  Fire Elemental Bound to Ruby Rings 4 Air Elementals  Bound  to 
        Topaz Hoops 
        4 Water Elementals Bound to Silver Posts 
        Demon Weapon
             Usually  kept in the form of a discus in the brief.  It  can 
        instantly  become  a sword or any of eleven  other  forms  chosen 
        beforehand  by John.  Common forms include cesti (claw  sheaths), 
        an iron rod, a whip and a hand and a half sword.
        STR  90   9d6 damage 
        CON  23   23 hit points
        SIZ   3   shapechanging
        INT  12   shapechanging
        POW  18   POW of 18 when attacking resisting targets
        DEX   8   +2% to hit when used

        CHA  19   Very flashy, affects the morale of those opposing.
             And  also  in  the brief (or in a shirt  pocket)  is  James' 
        shapechanging familiar (Int 18, Pow 24, all other requisites <120 
        additional  points>  shift  by form), usually in the  form  of  a 
        fountain  pen  carried in the brief.  This  familiar  takes  only 
        mechanical forms such as lock picks, weapons, telescopes, etc.
        Tax Law 145%
        Legal Research 250%
        All sorcery skills at 150%
        3 spells at 150% chance to cast successfully:
             Word of power:  lightening strike (6pts/6d3 damage)
             Word of power:  fear (POW vs POW or flee)
             Word of power:  forgetting (POW vs INT or forget)
        Herb Lore at 150%
        Sting at 145%
        Rod at 105%
        Bite at 95%
        Claw at 85%
        Whip at 65%
        Poison at 65%
        Ride Horse at 50%
        11 Sword at 50%
        Climb at 50%
        Move Silent at 50%
        Hide at 50%
        Pick Lock at 50%
        Character Notes
             James Kay is a well known science fiction fan, invaluable at 
        conventions  and a willing help.  He has contacts the world  over 
        and  is well liked and easy to know.  He is also a man  with  the 
        memories  of a ruling spider dragon, able to spit lightning as  a 
        word of power, capable of shapechanging, and charged with  super-
        natural vitality.  
             He often works with John Storm as the IRS has placed him  on 
        special assignment with the NRT.
        Spider Dragon Form
             In  this form he has the same requisites, which is  true  of 
        all his forms.  This is also the form he will display to  certain 
        types  of mystic sight.  As a spider dragon, John looks like  12' 
        of an eight limbed coiled body dragon with butterfly wings and  a 
        halo  of fire shot through with lightning.  Armed with foot  long 
        teeth (+3d6 attacks) and a stinger (for 12d6 acid poison), he  is 

        fearsome. (Bite 95%/sting 145%)
             His  body  is 9" x 5", scaled, and 12' long.   The  head  is 
        snake-like,  the limbs are double jointed, clawed and  about  31' 
        long each.  The wings cover between 12' and 9' to either side and 
        are  in the same hues as the scales.  (The colors vary at  John's 
        moods and his desires).
             The player who is assigned James Kay will not play James but 
        will instead play one of his shaper shadows.  James does not have 
        the  time to devote to the character's pursuits (he has  national 
        assignments  and  concerns) but he will magically cast  a  shadow 
        against the player-character.  
             The resulting being will be an expression of chaos,  reflec-
        ting  a  composite of the player character and James,  though  at 
        reduced power, and will be empathically linked with the  player's 
        avatar character.  It can gain independent existence through  the 
        accumulation  of  sufficient will.  As  it  becomes  independent, 
        James  will  regain his own shadow.  Until then,  James  will  be 
             Shadow  creation  is  one trans-species  method  of  species 
        propagation  generally  unique  to the Dtagga.   The  results  of 
        shadow  casting are highly variable and often temporary and  were 
        never properly understood by non-Dtagga.
             James's  patron,  the Saffron, is the patron  of  Splintered 
        Storms.   John and the Saffron are not currently in contact,  nor 
        is  John  privey to the Saffron's mysteries,  rites  or  methods.  
        That  knowledge  was sealed to Splintered Storm's true  self  and 
        went  with him when his soul passed beyond.  James will  need  to 
        decide  if  he desires any further contact with a  Dtagga  racial 
        entity such as the Saffron.
        RULES 3
             --Updating the Lawful equivalent of demons.
             Sorcerers of Law are described only in passing in the STORM-
        BRINGER  rules and pretty much ignored in the supplements.   This 
        article  updates the Lawful virtues and fills in some  gaps.   It 
        addresses  each catagory of virtue available.  Within each  cata-
        gory  the article first redefines the basic virtue found  in  the 
        rules  (called a "base order" virtue) and then expands the  basic 
             The  article also discusses some of the more potent  virtues 
        in  each  catagory.   Such virtues  belong  to  advanced  orders, 
        numbered from one to infinity, with first order virtues being the 
        lowest  virtues with more power than base virtues.   First  order 
        virtues should be comparatively rare and available only to agents 
        or  others who have specially served Law.  More  powerful  orders 
        can be extrapolated and should be exceedingly rare.

             For  all base order virtues of defense roll POW on 4d6,  Int 
        on 3d6.  All other requisites are equal to (POW + INT)/2.
             As  pure Defense:  This virtue can be bound to a  person  or 
        thing.   In  so binding it grants the  power  of  invulnerability 
        (page 74, 
             Not a total invulnerability.  The skin has an armor rating
             of 20.  Non-magical weapons have a 50% chance of breaking on 
             impact.  Demon weapons and virtues bypass the invulner-
             ability and are resisted only by the virtue's POW rating.
             As Doors: may also be bound into walls, floors, and mechani-
        cal traps causing them to become invulnerable. q.v.
             As Armor:  This virtue results in the armor always  protect-
        ing at its maximum (leather will always stop 5 points of damage). 
             Note  that Virtues of Defense are considerably  weaker  than 
        Demons of Defense.
             First order virtues of defense have POW of 18+d6 and INT  of 
        18 + 2d6.  All other requisites are equal to (POW + INT)/1.5
             When  bound into armor, these grant  invulnerability  (q.v.) 
        and  result  in  the armor also always protecting  at  twice  its 
        maximum against normal hits and at maximum vs critical hits. 
             This  type  of virtue can take the form of  the  character's 
        favorite weapon.  Roll POW on 4d6, Int on 3d6.  All other  requi-
        sites  are  irrelevant  for these orders of virtues  and  can  be 
        treated as equal to POW + INT for special circumstances. 
             The  weapon  will  not break in combat.  If  the  virtue  is 
        designated as damage enhancing, any hit that causes damage to the 
        target  and that also wins a POW v. POW struggle with the  target 
        will  do points equal to POW directly to the constitution of  the 
        target in addition to any normally rolled damage done. 
             If the virtues of combat is designated as skill enhancing it 
        adds  its  INT to the weilder's chance to hit a  target.   Rather 
        than  increasing  the skill by answering  questions,  the  virtue 
        increases the skill by improving the weapon. 
             First  order virtues of combat have POW of 18+d6 and INT  of 
        18 + 2d6.  They can kill by touch in combat (POW v. POW  struggle 
        if the virtue hits the flesh of man or demon, if virtue wins, the 
        man  or  demon  dies, if it loses, do POW  points  of  additional 
        damage  direct to CON), and they have their INT added to  %chance 
        to hit.  

             A  first order virtue may shapechange to a  limited  extent.  
        I.e.  cestus  could also be gloves or power armor  gauntlets.   A 
        broadsword could also be a saber, an epee or a longsword.  
             First Order Virtues of attack may also be manifested without 
        a form and then questioned for skill increases as per the  Storm-
        bringer rules for virtues. 
             Virtues  of  travel may be bound into machines  as  well  as 
        statues.   For  guidelines on the capabilities of  machines  with 
        virtues  of travel bound into them, limit the virtue to the  cap-
        abilities  of machines in the STORMBRINGER series or those  found 
        in the modern world today. 
             A  rough  rule of thumb is that a virtue in  a  machine  can 
        carry  as much, at the same speed, as a demon of transport  built 
        on  100 points with the difference that the virtue in  a  machine 
        does  not need to rest and the demon would need points above  the 
        100 allocated for CON.
             Virtues of travel may be manifested for providing a gate  or 
        for  teleportation.   For such virtues, give them an  INT  rating 
        equal  to  the binder.  The virtue may teleport  once  for  every 
        point  of INT it has with the limit that it may only teleport  to 
        places it has been.
             These  virtues are twice as fast or carry twice as  much  as 
        base order virtues of transport. 
             Teleportation virtues may teleport anywhere that the  person 
        commanding them has been or any place that they have been.
             These are the virtuous equivalent of demons of desire. 
             Bound  into an animal:  these virtues raise all of the  ani-
        mal's  statistics to the maximum and the animal  will  thereafter 
        serve  loyally to the natural extent of its breed.  A  virtue  of 
        perfection  "perfects" any animal it is bound into,  raising  all 
        requisites to species maximums.  Bound into dogs they are common-
        ly used in the same role as demons of combat. 
             Bound  into a person:  these virtues raise CHA by 6 and  CON 
        by  6.   They also grant one point of regeneration.   Virtues  of 
        perfection may only be bound into those law would consider on the 
        path to perfection (Agents and Priests of Law). 
             These  are the virtuous equivalent of demons of  possession.  
        A virtue of truth has an INT rating equal to the binder. 

             Bound  to  a  person, it can serve  one  of  two  functions:  
        verity  or humility.  In the function of verity it can force  the 
        person  to  speak the truth one time for each point  of  INT.   A 
        person who has bound a virtue of truth may not lie as long as the 
        virtue  remains bound.  Once all of the questions are  asked  and 
        answered, the virtue fades from this plane.
             In the function of humility it can force the person to  obey 
        one  simple command for each point of INT.  Once all of the  com-
        mands  have  been issued and obeyed the virtue  fades  from  this 
        plane.   The person commanded will know when the virtue has  left 
        them and will no longer be compelled to any obedience.  
             Commands have a time limit equal in days to INT.
             The base order virtue of knowledge functions exactly as  the 
        virtue is described in the rules.
             The most common first order virtue of knowledge is  embodied 
        in  an amulet or mirror.  Such a first order virtue of  knowledge 
        is  active rather than passive.  That is, rather  than  answering 
        questions, it perceives knowledge or situations. 
             In  game  mechanics this means that the virtue  is  able  to 
        sense  things.  The virtue should be assigned one  sensory  skill 
        and given one supernormal or perfect use of it.  The table  below 
        may be of use:
             sight:  such a virtue would see five times better than a man 
        and could "see" invisible.
             hearing:  such a virtue would hear five times better than  a 
        man  and  would  "hear" the intent of those about  to  attack  or 
             taste:   such a virtue would hear five times better  than  a 
        man  and would be able to "taste" magical and herbal potions  and 
        identify same.
             feel:   such  a virtue would feel with five times  the  sen-
        sitivity of a man and would be able to feel the presence of chaos 
        or magic.
             smell:   such a virtue would smell five times better than  a 
        man and would be able to smell traps or guardian demons.
             The  second  type of first order virtues of  knowledge  know 
        things  of  themselves rather than by acting on  the  memory  and 
        knowledge  of those they are about.  Each virtue has 110%  knowl-
        edge  of  a  specific skill (e.g. High  Melnibonean  or  Chemical 

             Such virtues may be manifested to be questioned about  their 
        area of knowledge or may be invested and used for regular consul-
             Note  that  investing  counts against the  total  number  of 
        virtues available to a sorcerer.  In addition, the GM may wish to 
        require a character to have a skill of at least 50% of the amount 
        necessary  to  gain the information in order  to  understand  the 
        virtue.  (e.g. there is a writing.  The virtue of knowledge rolls 
        95%  and  is able to read what turns out to be a  difficult  bit.  
        The character would need at least 48% in order to understand  the 
        translation).   (e.g. a cold sheet takes machine lore of  80%  to 
        build.  The character would need at least machine lore of 40%  in 
        order to follow the instructions for building one). 
             Sorcerers  of Law should have advanced virtues available  to 
        them in a manner similar to the availability of greater demons to 
        sorcerers of chaos.  Alternatively, for every 100 points of  Elan 
        sacrificed, an agent or priest of law could be allowed one  first 
        order virtue.
        RULES 4
                           Steve Marsh's Skill System
             (This  system  is  expressed in 3d6  terms.   It  translates 
        easily into %tile terms and was originally a %tile system)
             Most  tasks  are  determined by a roll of (skill  +  yd6)  - 
        (y*6).  y is determined by the degree of randomness/difficulty in 
        the task.  All skills are expressed as a number level as skill n, 
        where skill is the name of the skill and n is the skill level.
             For  example, a character might have jogging at level 12  or 
        jogging 12.  Jogging on a track is a 0 level task.  The result of 
        someone jogging on a track is determined by the randomizer (skill 
        +  0) - 0.  A jogging skill of 12 would mean that each  round  of 
        jogging the character could do 12 points of jogging.  (12 + 0)  - 
        0 = 12.
             (with %tiles, divide the % by 5 to get the number of points.  
        I.e.   a skill of 60% would do 12 points a round in an  unapposed 
             Cross country jogging on a path is a 1 level task (i.e. y  = 
        1).  The skill of 12 would do (12 + d6) - 6 per round.  In  addi-
        tion,  tools  can increase the result done.   Magical  or  bionic 
        shoes could add to skill, results or could alter the level of the 
             Non-magic tools are either culumative or non-cumulative.  An 
        example of culumative tools is good shoes.  Good shoes might  add 
        +2 to the results of jogging.  

             An  example  of a non-cumulative tool is  a  poison  dagger.  
        Poison  adds  to  damage done to a target only  after  damage  is 
        already done to a target.
             This system works well with combat.  Treat combat as usually 
        being  a  3 level task.  A skill of 12 would do (12 + 3d6)  -  18 
        points  per round.  With a normal 2d6 tool (such as a sword)  one 
        would do (12 +5d6) - 18 per round at skill level 12.
             Some  problems regenerate, some have  initial  difficulties.  
        Many tasks can have help from tools.  Let me give some examples.
        Piloting a spaceship
             Starstrider has a computer assist program worth +3 points in 
        a XAV worth +1 points and a skill of 6.  Take off in his  FFX67/9 
        is a 3 point a round task.
             That means, that to successfully take-off the FFX67/9  Star-
        strider must earn 3 points each round of play.
             On  take-off without any trouble he does 6+3+1  (10)  points 
        per  round  on a 3 point task.  He has a good margin  of  safety.  
        Each round he gets 7 points ahead.
             Two  rounds into take-off he encounters minor weather  trou-
        ble.  That is a 1 level task/problem.  He now does (10 + d6) -  6 
        points  per  round.  He is still safe and  still  getting  ahead.  
        This is the way that a normal take-off should go even with  minor 
        weather problems.  However . . .
             Suddenly the XAV goes out (and the program with it).  He  is 
        now in a (6 + d6) - 6 situation.  His radar horizon dissapears in 
        a  developing bad weather situation (radar horizon to 0 is  a  -4 
        condition)(bad weather is 2 level or 2d6). 
             Starstrider now is in a (6 + 2d6) - (12 + 4) situation.   He 
        is  going  to start losing that comfortable margin he  built  up.  
        Luckily  for  him he makes it into orbit before  things  get  too 
        Reading a foriegn language
             Starstrider gets everything fixed and docks at Helvitia.  He 
        speaks  3  points of Helvitian.  With his skill he  goes  into  a 
        cheap restuarant and takes a menu.  
             A  simple menu will take d6-0 points to read.  It will  (due 
        to  formating) have d3 points of "armor" (Starstrider will  never 
        read  some  difficult menus).  As long as  his  dinner  companion 
        doesn't  stress him (d3 to d6 as a level one stress) he  will  do 
        his  3 points a round until the menu is read (or he gives up  and 

        guesses).  He reads the menu (which took 3 points to  understand, 
        and which had 1 point of armor) in two rounds.
        Climbing a cliff
             Later he is climbing a bit of cliff.  He's in a hurry  since 
        he dropped his rifle and the wolves are getting closer.  He has a 
        skill  of 4 and climbing equipment worth 4 points.  The cliff  w' 
        wolves is a level 2 problem and because of the shale he has to do 
        2  points before it starts to count (2 points armor on the  prob-
             This  cliff takes two points per meter to climb.  (4 +  4  + 
        2d6)  - (12 + 2) or 8+2d6 - 14 per round.  He rolls a 10  on  2d6 
        (18 - 14) resulting in 4 points earned.  
             This  gets him 2 meters up the cliff before the  wolves  ar-
        rive.   He'll need to be careful as he climbs higher so  that  he 
        doesn't  earn negative points, but at 2 meters he is  safe  until 
        help arrives.
             Note that the armor idea solves alot of problems where  low-
        skilled  types can't solve that kind of problem at all  but  high 
        skill  types can do it quickly and easily.  Take a task  with  10 
        points  of  armor and 1 task point.  If your skill  is  9  you'll 
        never  succeed.  With a skill of 11 you'll do it every time  when 
        not under pressure and eventually even with pressure.
             These kinds of situations and results are relatively  common 
        in real life.
             If you want fumbles, you can use a roll of 1 and/or a result 
        of negative numbers to mean negative results to the extent of the 
        negative  numbers  generated.   This means  that  when  a  highly 
        skilled individual klutzes the results won't be as bad.  This  is 
        true  to  life.   A highly trained swimmer who slips  up  gets  a 
        mouthfull of water, a neophyte starts to drown.
             In  addition,  the more difficult the  situation,  the  more 
        likely bad results are to occur.  In a 3d6 situation bad  results 
        are  alot more likely than in a d6 situation.  A positive  number 
        (even with a 1) means that the bad result was just a slow  result 
        (i.e. you rolled a 1 when you could have rolled higher).
             Note that using this system a character is freely  transfer-
        able  between  this  and any 3d6 skill  resolution  system  (like 
        Champions).   Characters are easily transfered between  this  and 
        %tile  systems.   In the %tile version, you can  freely  transfer 
        characters between this and RQ.  Same numbers just different uses 
        (a skill of 12/60% is the same in either system).

             This  allows for simplification when you do not  desire  the 
        extra  complications of this system, and detail when you want  to 
        know  just how long it will take to pick that lock or climb  that 
        RULES 5
             This  setting  is only marginally related to  Micheal  Moor-
        cock's  Eternal Champion series.  The only real thing  that  both 
        share is Chaosium's Stormbringer rules.
             Even  there,  where Stormbringer uses demons,  I  use  chaos 
        shapings,  where Stormbringer uses virtues, I use  spiritual  es-
        sences.  What the two really share is some useful mechanics  that 
        are bent a great deal.
             In my setting there are two kinds of chaos.  The first is  a 
        non material substrata in the real world.  It is fairly  harmless 
        and  available  unless suppressed by alterations in  the  natural 
        shape  of space.  It is not sentient unless infusing  or  shaping 
        something that is already sentient.
             The  second kind of chaos comes from outside, unfiltered  by 
        shadow, and is unstable, unreasonable and may have any attributes 
        -- normally hostile and unThinking.  Great demons exist in  Chaos 
        outside and may be summoned.
             There is no law/chaos war or split.
             I  also use Chaosium's Dreamlands.  Mine are similar to  the 
        real  world, with different layers.  If you've seen shadow  wars, 
        you've  seen  the magical world that I've theorized  existing  in 
             In addition, most dream selves cannot be permanently killed.  
        If  slain  in dream a person's self reforms after a time  of  2d6 
        months to 2d6 centuries.  unPatterned creatures reform only until 
        all of their lives are used up, whereupon they fade into nothing-
        ness/shadow  and  then chaos.  (for many unPatterned,  the  first 
        death is the last as most have only one life).
             I use the printed rules because they are good, they  provide 
        a great deal of "grain" and because they save me a great deal  of 
        work.  Never knock work-saving.
             There  is  nothing  wrong with ignoring  my  theorizing  and 
        running  a varient of this as a pure Eternal  Champions  campaign 
        with the entire family of Chaosium rules used as supplements  and 
        the Dreamlands used exactly as they are out of the box.

        RULES -- MISC.
             Characters  are  expected to be fully fleshed out and  at  a 
        fairly high power level.  The setting results in play with  fully 
        developed  characters -- not beginning neophytes -- and ones  who 
        will progress slowly (if at all) during the course of adventures.  
        If  players  are not foolhardy, the characters  should  last  the 
        entire   campaign  (much  like  characters  do  in  a   superhero 
             Players should create a character that both they and you can 
        enjoy and empathize with.  If they desire, you or they may create 
        a  second  character modeled on a friend, protege,  associate  or 
        relative.   If not, a randomly generated second character  should 
        be  assigned.  (Each player should have one  or  two  characters.  
        More is too many at this power level.) 
             Randomly  generated characters may be half-world  characters 
        who  existed without real world analogues to merge with and  thus 
        remained unchanged by the "lost weeks of summer," or they may  be 
        characters that possess skills or abilities that are necessary to 
        balance  the  party.  You should feel free to tailor  the  second 
        characters to fit the play needs of the group and the plot. 
             Second characters need not have patrons (or may have differ-
        ent  patrons than the avatar characters) and may be  reserved  to 
        join the party at a later time.  There is nothing wrong in  hold-
        ing  the second characters in reserve while the players learn  to 
        deal with themselves as characters. 
             It is best to avoid background twisting as it stretches  the 
        suspension of disbelief but it is better to twist than to provoke 
        discomfort.  Avatar characters are a very personal thing. 
             Make all backgrounds rational and relate it to player  back-
        ground  and  your choice of role-playing milieus.   Use  care  in 
        allowing  a member of an extreme non-human race.  (i.e. a  cthulu 
        mythos  monster or a dragon.  Any such should be scaled  back  to 
        reason and should pick up enemies and severe complications).  
             However,  if a player has a strong history of  play  choice, 
        that  should  be  honored (e.g. Charlie Luce, who  has  played  a 
        number of griffin characters and written extensively about  grif-
        fins,   should be allowed to play a griffin or a  dream  griffin;  
        John  T.  Sapienza,  Jr., whose trademark is  the  golden  dragon 
        should  be allowd a young golden dragon and Greg Stafford,  whose 
        entire  involvement in fantasy is centered on the Heroquest  con-
        cept could be allowed a Heroquest character). 
             For  those systems that allow additional character  building 
        points  through  disadvantages, focuses, etc. -- it  is  best  to 
        limit or to not incorporate such design choices.  Generally allow 
        characters  no  additional points for weaknesses.   In  addition, 
        regardless  of  the milieu or character, have the  characters  go 
        reasonably light on equipment.  

             Enforce  a "reasonable" rule (characters will randomly  for-
        get/lose/leave behind excessive equipment not tied directly  into 
        the  character  concept).  The U.S. Military has  documented  the 
        "reasonable" rule in real life, so it is fair to use it in fanta-
             After  generating the character on the half-world  rule  set 
        character sheet of origin (i.e. RQIII characters on RQIII charac-
        ter sheets, etc.) put the characters on a CALL OF CTHULU  charac-
        ter  sheet and have the players do a two page origin, write-up  & 
        description (single space) of each character as he or she is when 
        ready  to  adventure.  Have them define their  central  character 
        concept,  background and motivations (with special focus  on  the 
        half-world self).  
             The system is designed to encourage character longevity  and 
        player  involvement and justifies this sort of  approach  (unlike 
        AD&D  where high beginning character mortality often  results  in 
        characters  remaining unnamed until they have reached 3rd or  4th 
        level and have a reasonable chance of survival for further play). 
             In preparing for play, also  record on a separate sheet  the 
        character's  adventuring  kit (if any) and equipment.   This  in-
        cludes  modern era and RINGWORLD type equipment (if  applicable), 
        magic,  etc.   Familiar(s)  should get a  separate  page.   After 
        getting  all the background and sheets prepared, take the  sheets 
        and  give each player back a character description and  equipment 
        list of the character(s) as they actually arrive at  McCallahan's 
        Bar.  (This is the time to edit and control characters). 
             And  always, when you look at the numbers generated  by  the 
        statistics conversions, remember that in STORMBRINGER,  requisits 
        in the 20s are possible (and even likely) with several nationali-
        ties.   In CALL OF CTHULHU EDU in the 20s is possible (with  some 
        post-doctoral work).  
             It  seems little enough to allow player-characters  to  have 
        requisites in the same range as the NPCs. 
        For commonly asked questions
             What was Shadow Wars I like?  
             The  original  Shadow Wars campaign used player  avatars  as 
        characters.   The characters each received three gifts  but  were 
        not  merged with a half-world persona.  i.e. each  player  played 
        themselves  +  three random rolled gifts.  The players  also  re-
        ceived  one  GM  generated character  each.  The  characters  had 
        several hundred thousand dollars to spend between them.  
             I ran the characters through the 1920s Call of Cthulhu world 
        and  rules, then through Glorantha, and finally through a  future 
        post-apocalypse  world invaded by Cthuloid monsters.  Another  GM 
        ran  the characters through the Dreamworld.  We all had a lot  of 

             I  don't  use Chaosium products.  Can I still run  a  Shadow 
        Wars campaign? 
             Shadow  Wars  had three important features.  The  first  was 
        letting  the players play characters that were  themselves.   The 
        second was a varigated texture and shockingly different  cultures 
        and backgrounds.  The third was the long running theme nature  of 
        the  game as supported by fully developed mature  characters  (vs 
        the usual of "1st level" characters who die like flies). 
             The  easiest  way  to do something similar is  to  tell  the 
        player  that his avatar will have the background of the  player's 
        favorite  author or melieu.  Then, after the player gives  you  a 
        complete description, build a character using the description and 
        a set number of points.  I would recommend about 200 points (with 
        20 to 30 points of disabilities). 
             I don't like . . . 
             Feel free to change anything you don't like.
             I  have  a player who would be unhappy playing  a  character 
        with a demon weapon as a patron gift. 
             Use  a  virtue.   See Rules.002  for  more  information  and 
        Rules.003 for more information on virtues in general.
        MOVE 1 
        Purpose of Move:
             1.    To let the GM provide feedback on each character  sub-
        mitted in the pre-game set-up.
             2.   To allow the characters to meet each other.
             3.    To allow the characters to get a feel for  The  Golden 
        Dragon and related enviroments.
             4.   To start the campaign.
             5.    To alert the characters that there are  very  powerful 
        forces at work.
             At  the Island.  The characters will have arrived  via  Sha-
        driel  Transdimensional Airlines.  Their patrons will  have  made 
        reservations for them.
        MOVE 2

        Purpose of Move:
             1.    To let the GM provide feedback on each character  sub-
        mitted in the pre-game set-up.
             2.   To assign NPCs to the players.
             3.   To allow the PCs to meet each other.
             4.   To continue starting the campaign.
             At the Island.  The characters will have a chance to  wander 
        about after dinner and to meet each other.