Shadow Wars
             This  is  the text version of the  Shadows1  shareware.   It 
        consists of rules, settings and scenarios for playing an  Eternal 
        Champion  or  Call of Cthulhu (tm and copyright  CHAOSIUM)  magic 
        returns campaign set on modern era Earth.
             To start and introduce the characters to the players use the 
        following introductory scenarios:
             Then, use the following for the intial campaign series:
        Masks of Nyarlathotep 1--New York (update to 1990)
        alt. (setting exploration scenario)
        Masks of Nyarlathotep 2--London (update to mixed 1889/1990)
        McCallahan's Bar (Las Vegas)
        Nyarlathotep 3--Cairo (time/space warp to 1920s)
        Questworld 1 (via mis-cued teleport home)
        Questworld 2
        Questworld 3
        Nyarlathotep 4--Kenya
        alt. (Alfar.003)
        Nyarlathotep 5--Shanghai
        rest (shopping expedition, marriages, etc.)
        Nyarlathotep 6--final steps
        alt (mis-cued teleport to )
        clue into next, Fungi from Yuggoth identified in dream
        silly romp/rest stop
        Recast characters,
             (most campaigns will need to re-cast and re-align
             the characters at this point)
        Fungi from Yuggoth 1
        Dreamlands 1--To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
        Fungi from Yuggoth 2
        Dreamlands 4--Lemon Sails
        Fungi from Yuggoth 3
        Dreamlands 5--The Land of Lost Dreams
        Fungi from Yuggoth 4 and final
        alt (mis-cued teleport to Stormbringer Young Kingdoms)
        Recast characters, rest (shopping expedition, marriages, etc.)
             This  should  take the campaign through  one  school  year's 
        worth of play.

             These are my "house" rules for an Eternal Championn  compat-
        ible (property of Chaosium) based campaign set in the modern era.
             The campaign is structured with the characters supported  by 
        powerful  sponsors  (whose attention is mostly  elsewhere)  as  a 
        force in a world filled with change. 
             In Shadows, the world of magic returned in connection with a 
        change in the magical field that isolated this frame from shaping 
        chaos.   The world has now returned to its even  balance  between 
        forces and has seen a return of both chaos and magic. 
             Everything has gained a magic cast to it -- including people 
        -- and many magical creatures have returned.  
             This  change came after a severe winter and  "frost  summer" 
        (such as the extremely cold summers of the 1820s when the  frosts 
        never  really ended) filled with troubling dreams.  In  a  sudden 
        wave  at  the end of summer, several weeks  disappeared  and  the 
        world changed.  The time of change is known as "the lost weeks of 
             During  the change 5% of the people were  unaffected,  about 
        50%  had strange dreams and magic memories from the lives of  2d3 
        other beings, 40% gained a slight gloss (1 skill 65%, d3+1 skills 
        at  10%, 2d6 skills at 5%), 4% were touched (-25% to all  current 
        skills + 50% of a magical persona) and 1% became magical. 
             Magic is now a strong presence in the world in both  Tychis-
        tic and Transmogrific forms. 
             Following  the "lost weeks of summer" those  people  infused 
        with  a half-world persona became a merger of their magical  per-
        sona and their original persona, with immediate character  traits 
        and  needs retained.  E.g. John Doe lawyer may have woken  up  to 
        find his computer suddenly advanced and his ears pointed, but  he 
        remained a lawyer with the same cases and in the same law firm.  
        Generating Player-Characters
             Your  characters begin play about two months  following  the 
        time  of the "lost weeks of summer."  You will have  two  charac-
        ters.   One  is  an avatar of yourself suddenly  touched  by  the 
        dislocations  and warps that occurred in time and space as  chaos 
        returned.  The other will be provided by the GM.     
        Character creation by the numbers 
             This is how to generate yourself as a player-character.

             Create an avatar player-character based on your best self in 
        the past 10 years using the following table. 
                                  AVATAR TABLE
        SIZ = weight / 12; 180 pound person would be size 15.
        STR = Bench press (or Nautilus back curl)/ 10; If a player  bench 
        presses 160 pounds the character has a strength of 16. 
             (Note,  strengths are linear in this system.  A strength  of 
        30 in this system is actually weaker than a D&D strength of 18.96 
        and  a strength of 60 is about equal to a CHAMPIONS  strength  of 
        CON  = 1/2 of STR + 7; If a player's strength is 12, then his  or 
        her constitution is 13.  Give female characters +2 to CON.   Give 
        non-smokers  +2 to CON.  Modern people are healthy and women  are 
        healthier.  (A nonsmoking woman would get a total of +4). 
        CHA = 1/2 of POW + 6.  So POW 12 = Charisma of 12. 
        APP  = 20 or CHA (whichever is higher).  "relative APP" (for  the 
        characters' social group after "the lost weeks) is 13 or compara-
        tive; the average of your group should be 13 or 14.  
             Characters will thus be at the higher APP when dealing  with 
        outsiders  (and those of lower social groups).  Use the  compara-
        tive APP when dealing with each other or those of equal or higher 
        social groups. 
             This  reflects the advantages of wealth, magic,  good  basic 
        health and surgery on APP. 
        DEX  = (<%test score * 1.5>/10) + 4; if the  player's  percentile 
        rank  from taking the test at your state's employment  center  is 
        50%  then  the character's dexterity is 11.5.   (Such  tests  are 
        available  for free as a part of unemployment aid and  job  suit-
        ability testing).  
             Otherwise, if you don't want to take two hours on a Saturday 
        to  take  the tests, assume the average in your group is  12  and 
        rate each person as better or worse than average. 
        INT  = (GRE or SAT <Math/100 + 2*Verbal/100> + 2); 300/300 GRE  = 
        Intelligence of 11. 
             Again, INT is linear.  Note that Stormbringer characters can 
        have INT in the mid-20s.  
        POW = INT + (d6-3) (use best of three rolls, POW = luck too); INT 
        of 12 probably means a power of 13. 
        SAN = (POW x 5)% + 20%  alternate:  enlightened; POW of 13  means 
        a sanity of 85%.  Sanity in this campaign can be replenished  and 
        can exceed 100% - Cthulu Mythos skill (except for characters  who 
        serve Great Old Ones). 
        EDU  = Will = Years of Education  (~one player point per year  of 
        Luck = 2d3 for starting luck.

        Extra Starting Player Points = 21 - (Luck + Will) (minimum of 0)
        ---notes on WILL, LUCK and POINTS
             Will  is  used/spent to improve a  character.   Every  point 
        spent  allows the character to be improved by 1d6% in a skill  or 
        requisite  (will is spent for successful training or learning  by 
        experience).  Characters do not need to keep track of what skills 
        they  use in an adventure and do not gain 5% each  training  epi-
             They  improve  only by training/experience and  by  spending 
        will.   This controls character advancement and  discourages  the 
        "golf bag/weapons cart" procedures common to some campaigns. 
             Luck is used to be lucky.  Each point spent (after the fact) 
        averts one bad result that just occurred.
             Players are awarded player points after each session of play 
        (usually -3 to +3 points with an average of 1 point per session).  
        The player must invest the points in luck or will before the next 
        session.  Negative points reduce skills or cancel luck.
             Some  characters  will start with player  points.   Starting 
        player  points  may be invested in Luck, Will  or  Requisites  (2 
        player points for each requisite point).  (Only starting  charac-
        ters can invest player points in Requisites.)  
             This  is to balance, somewhat, the game effects of  lack  of 
        education  by giving those with less education the chance to  buy 
        skills and/or requisite points. 
             Using Player Points as a limit not only slows down the speed 
        of character advancement it also contributes to play balance  and 
        better play. 
             Create  a fictional character based on each player's  avatar 
        and the rules set of thier favorite fantasy or SF setting.   Give 
        the  character adventuring/active experience to age 30 (that  is, 
        create  a  starting character with the your requisites  and  give 
        them  about 9 player points worth of advancement a year  for  ten 
        years)  (This assumes that they have 12 successful  adventures  a 
        year and invest 9 points into will, 3 into luck -- to keep  those 
        adventures successful).  
             You  can pick any available non-human race that  appeals  to 
        you or have the player play a human. 
             Next,  having generated a fiction based character, create  a 
        "real world" character based on your skills and abilities.  Reset 
        your  age and condition to the best age/condition you've been  in 
        over  the last 20 years (part of that time-space  shift).   Merge 
        the two. 

             The  merger can be either 75% of both characters  plus  some 
        special  magical  gifts (table follows) or 100% of  both  and  no 
             Note that gaining obscure magical talents or fighting abili-
        ty  may  have little impact on the normal lives of  most  people.  
        I've known a number of martial artists and ex-soldiers (back from 
        Viet Nam) whose skills never affected their lives. 
        Third -- the adventure begins 
             Following  the  "lost weeks of summer" (the  time  when  the 
        magic returned) your character is approached in a dream by one of 
        two  beings.  One is faceless and seems carved of  swirling  ice.  
        The  other(s?) are vague, but human seeming.  The being  seek  to 
        recruit you to aid them against their ancient and evil enemies. 
             Decide  if your character wishes to serve the Faceless  Lord 
        or  the Nine Masters.  The Faceless is supernormal, the Nine  are 
        natural and comfortable in appearance. 
             Choose  to pick your two gifts from the table or to be  100% 
        of  both  characters.  Choose before looking at the  table.  Your 
        character will also receive one "gift set" unique to your patron.  
        The gift set will be disclosed after you chose your patron. 
                                   GIFT TABLE
             Randomly  roll  for  which gifts you receive.   If  you  are 
        uncomfortable  with random rolls, pick the gifts of  your  choice 
        and  pick the fixed values (i.e. for gift #1, instead of  rolling 
        3d6, take the alternate +12).     The benefits are about equal to 
        (or in some cases the same) as those available from a chaos  gift 
        spell in RQII.
        1)   +3d6 to one requisite (alternate, + 12 pts); 
        2)   +2d6 to one requisite, +1d6 to linked requisite  (alternate, 
        8, 4); 
             (i.e. +8 to INT, +4 to POW or +8 to CON, +4 to SIZ, etc.) 
        3)   20 point Superworld power (alternate, 5d6+3 points); 
        4)   6 point spirit magic (alternate, d5+3 points); 
        5)   2 point rune magic (alternate, d3 points); 
        6)   3 point sorcery (alternate, d3+1 points) + 10% skill; 
        7)   +30% skill (alternate, <d6+1>*5%); 
        8)   2 Call of Cthulu spells (alternate, d3 spells); 
        9)   60 point familiar or +30 points to your existing familiar) 
             (alternate 20 + 3d10 points);
        10)  2 RQ II magic items (alternate, d3 items); 
        11)  full shapechanger blood; 
        12)  Chaos gift of choice (with chaos taint) (alternate, roll for 
        two, reroll any rolls that call for more rolls); 
                                PATRON GIFT SETS

             For   each  that  chooses  the  Faceless  Lord,  the   char-
        acter/player should be told as follows: 
             You've taken service with a Frozen (and apparently)  Tychis-
        tic  Chaos Shaping Entity.  Your body temperature drops  16oC  in 
        its "normal" state (with noticeable changes -- you function  just 
        fine  at  that  temperature, cannot freeze and  can  function  in 
        environments up to 16oC hotter than a normal human).  
             You  receive  three  points of luck, d3+1  air,  d3+1  water 
        elementals and a magical weapon (a Stormbringer Demon of  Combat, 
        requisite  points = 125 points).  The weapon will serve  (without 
        binding)  as long as you serve the Faceless.  It may, for the  20 
        point  chaos feature cost, have 10 points invested in  SUPERWORLD 
        or RQIII abilities, skills or spells.  
             The Faceless is allied with the Nine against the unNamed.
             He  is  cold,  seemingly dual or discordant  in  nature  and 
        somewhat random.  Those characteristics of his will protect  your 
        sanity (half all SAN losses suffered).  You may learn more of him 
        as you serve.  
             The  weapon  he provides will attempt to kill  after  it  is 
        drawn  and will resist being sheathed (or holstered or  otherwise 
        "put  away") until it kills after drawing.  It may also be  bound 
        following  normal  Stormbringer  rules (but  will  thereafter  be 
        allowed  to challenge the binding and is no longer  compelled  to 
        obey other than by the normal magics). 
             You  also  receive 2d3 million dollars in  sorted  gemstones 
        (raw  value) which you are advised to sell or invest.   The  gem-
        stones  are  in the form of futures on the Chicago  Gemstone  Ex-
        THE NINE
             Each player/character that chose the Nine should be told  as 
             You've  taken  service with the Hidden Ideals.   You  become 
        invisible to detection spells and devices and your eyes alter  in 
        a  manner  which allows you to see in the dark.   You  gain  nine 
        points  of  luck that may be used only to return from  the  dead.  
        (similar to a cat's nine lives).  
             You  gain  one earth and one fire elemental and  a  familiar 
        (created  by  using points = 125 requisite points  to  design  an 
        animal familiar of your choice that will be the general  equival-
        ent of a Stormbringer Demon of Combat).  
             The animal becomes your familiar and your friend  regardless 
        of  how you act.  It may, for the 20 point chaos gift cost,  have 
        10  points of RQIII or SUPERWORLD powers, skills or  spells.   As 
        long  as  you have your familiar you lose all  allergies  to  any 

        plant or animal.  Animals of similar type now like you.      
             Note that while you will not bring equipment back from death 
        with  you  using  the luck given by the nine,  the  familiar  and 
        elementals will always accompany you on those returns. 
             The  nine are hidden but natural.  They oppose a force  that 
        is  unnatural  and immoral.  They neither expect nor  can  accept 
        worship  from you.  The familiar they have given you will  remain 
        loyal regardless of your actions and intents and you will  remain 
        loyal to it. 
             You also receive $750,000 in trust funds and an interest  in 
        a Red Empire trading firm that will produce $190,000 per year  in 
        tax  free income.  Your income is available to you  through  your 
        Red  Empire  Debit  Card and Account  at  Strassburg  Merchantile 
        House, Luxembourg, P.A. 
        Fourth, preparing for your first move in the game . . .
             You've  received financial documents, had your  debit  cards 
        initiated,  taken some time off work, tied up loose ends and  had 
        the chance to do a little shopping.  In your last Federal Express 
        package,  along with financial statements and projections,  there 
        were tickets for a flight to St. John's on Shadraiel Airlines  (a 
        relatively new charter outfit) reserved for you in your  patron's 
        name.  You've two weeks to pack and prepare. 
             Matters that can be discovered by consulting seers, oracles, 
        demons of knowledge and others.
             The  Faceless is actually two beings who have  undergone  an 
        avatistic  merger as a side effect of the conflicts  and  ripples 
        that occurred during the lost days of summer.  Anamon of the Ice, 
        a ruling tychistic entity, was the cold hegamon of swords.  Mikal 
        of  the  Winds, a major daemon/angel, was lord of  the  order  of 
             Those  who serve the Faceless will find themselves drawn  to 
        one of the two archtypes or entities that comprise the  faceless.  
        If  they do not fight the geas that binds them to slay  with  the 
        sword/weapon before sheathing same, they will be drawn to Anamon.  
        Anamon will (as the campaign progresses) touch them with chaos. 
             Those who fight the slaying geas (by refusing to sheath  the 
        weapon,  by not indulging in blood lust, etc.) will be  drawn  to 
        THE NINE
             In  273  B.C. the Emperor Asoka of India was born.   In  his 
        progression  to  Apotheoses he founded the society  of  the  nine 

        unknown men or the secret masters.  
             It is a secret society, with its own secret language  (Indo-
        European root tongue), that seeks mastery of wisdom and sciences.  
        Through diversion and service they seek to overcome the world. 
             The  nine  unknown men were originally the wisest  men  that 
        Asoka  could find.  As time passed, they trained or located  suc-
        cessors and recruited help.  
             Slowly,  they managed to recruit nine of the immortals  wan-
        dering  the world -- Atma Monkey, Anaximander of Mycenae,  Weland 
        the  Smith, two of the taoist masters, the wandering jew, one  of 
        the three nephites, John the loved and Fox. 
             These are the nine.
        SHAPECHANGER rules for Shadow Wars II
             One  of the gifts available from the chart is  SHAPECHANGER.  
        This is the seid blood.  The following information concerns  what 
        you  would  know or could easily find out about the  more  common 
        shapechanger abilities and populations.     
        Small Weres
             (Falcons, Tjaj Cats, Dogs, etc.)
        STR x1
        CON x11   Small weres may change shape at will with
        SIZ x1    no cost in energy and without regard for
        INT x1    phases of the moon.  Small weres do not
        POW x1    suffer from uncontrolled change or from
        DEX x21   blood lust.
        CHA **
        APP x11   Silver does 11 x normal damage
        EDU x1
        SAN n/a
        ENERGY x11 (energy = CON + POW)
        RECHARGE x11
        claw 1d6 or bite 1d6
        20 points of kinetic armor (except vs silver & gold)
        10 points of resistance vs electric and radiation
             Small   weres  are  intended  to  be  skillful  and   clever 
        creatures, useful as scouts and in non-combat roles. 
        Medium Weres
             (Panthers, Wolves, Laminae) 
        STR  x2    
        CON  x11   Medium weres may change shape at will.  
        SIZ  x11   Unless the moon is in the sky, the recharge
        INT  x1    rate is only x1 and it costs 1 point per
        POW  x1    AR used to maintain wereform.  While there
        DEX  x2    are no uncontrolled changes, under the full
        CHA   **     moon  a medium were suffers  from  pangs  ofAPP   x1    
        blood lust and a desire to change.
        EDU  x0     

        SAN n/a    Silver does x2 damage      
        ENERGY x2  
        RECHARGE x2  
        Claws 2d6 or Bite 2d6 or Trample 2d6 (plus siz/str bonuses)
        25 points of kinetic armor (halved vs silver & gold)
        5 points of resistance vs electric and radiation
             Medium  weres  are intended to be useful in  combat  and  in 
        those  roles that an animal would be useful in (note the edu x  0 
        when in were form).
             For  skills,  use small weres.  For full scale  combat,  use 
        large weres.
        Large Weres
             (Bears, Lions, Dires, Horses)
        STR x21
        CON x11  Large weres may change shape only when the sun
        SIZ x31   is not shining on them.  Keeping a shapechange
        INT x1    in sunlight costs 1 point per AR (used or not)
        POW x1    and in sunlight recharge is halved.  Large weres
        DEX x1    will either suffer from uncontrolled changes 
        CHA **    under the full moon, blood lust, or reduced
        APP x1    kinetic armor (e.g. Horses have only 20 points).
        EDU x1
        SAN n/a   Silver does x3 damage (multiply damaged rolled
        ENERGY x2  and then apply it vs the halved kinetic armor)
        RECHARGE x2
        Claws 3d6 or Bite 3d6 or Trample 3d6 (plus siz/str bonuses)
        30 points of kinetic armor (halved vs silver & gold)
        0 resistance
             Large  weres  are combat oriented  creatures,  no  questions 
        asked, no quarter given.
        Undead     --true shapeshifters
        STR x21
        CON x21        Undead are a mystery with the following pattern
        SIZ x11             (use Superworld rules for costs & powers)
        INT x11             a)  .1 into regeneration
        POW x11             b)  .1 into strength
        DEX x11             c)  .2 into tap (con/pow)
        CHA **              d)  .3 into shapechange
        APP x11             e)  .1 into discretionary use
        EDU x1              f)  .2 lost (character loses 20% of points)
        SAN n/a        Silver & Gold do x2 damage (multiply damage 
        ENERGY x2  rolled and then apply it vs the 1kinetic armor)
        RECHARGE   x0      All   recharge   comes   from   tap   vs   con               
        All magic point regeneration comes from tap v pow
        Tap 1d6 + claw/bite 1d6 ( + damage bonus), no cost to shapechange
        Extreme bloodlust 35 points of kinetic armor (halved vs silver  & 
        -10  resistance  vs  electrical and  radiation-10  resistance  vs 
        natural/clerical/rune forces of any kind

             These  are  for any player who would be  unhappy  playing  a 
        character  with  a demon weapon as a patron gift  and  for  truly 
        virtuous  or  lawful characters.  (note that  the  familiars  are 
        animals--not demons). 
             Use  a base or zero level virtue instead.  For  players  who 
        just  dislike the word "demon," give them a virtue of  combat  in 
        the form of their favorite weapon.  Roll POW on 4d6, Int on  3d6.  
        All  other requisites are irrelevant for these orders of  virtues 
        and can be treated as equal to POW + INT for special circumstanc-
             The weapon will not break and if it wins a POW v. POW strug-
        gle with any target it hits and causes any damage to, the  weapon 
        will  do points equal to POW directly to the constitution of  the 
        target in addition to any damage it does. 
             For truly virtuous players (the kind that volunteer for  the 
        soup  kitchen, serve without pay for the local church, visit  the 
        sick  and  afflicted, etc.), give them a first  order  virtue  of 
             It will have POW of 18+d6 and INT of 18 + 2d6.  It acts as a 
        normal virtue of combat (POW v. POW struggle if it hits the flesh 
        of man or demon, if it wins, the man or demon dies, if it  loses, 
        do POW points of additional damage), and it has its INT added  to 
        %chance to hit.  
             A  first order virtue may shapechange to a  limited  extent.  
        I.e.  cestus  could also be gloves or power armor  guantlets.   A 
        broadsword  could also be a saber, an epee or a  longsword.   For 
        other additional virtues, see Rules.003
             The  adventure begins as your flight touches down on a  long 
        white runway and you are gently jostled from a light nap.  On the 
        left is the ocean, on the right trees leading up to a ridge.  The 
        other passengers deplane and the valets take their luggage.  With 
        a  stretch, you follow toward a five story building set into  the 
             Once  you arrive your luggage is taken to your room  on  the 
        fourth floor of the seaside face of the hotel.  Below you see the 
        restaurant and other facilities stretching out toward the  beach.  
        Your  dinner reservations are waiting and the porter informs  you 
        that your on-plane order will be ready in about 45 minutes.   You 
        are invited to the lounge while your table is prepared. 
        Four stories of hotel//////////////////////////
        Fifth story suites///                        //
        and some        //spice emporium//////////////
        downstairs rooms//            1     2     MR
             /------  -------  -------------------\     
             |desk                                |
           entrance                               |3   

             |             common area            |   
             |-------\                            |4     
             | bar   |                            |
             \---------  -------------------------/
                restaurant           6     5     WR 
                  garden                        moorings 
             1-6 above are conference areas/private dining alcoves.  Your 
        reservations  place you in number three.  Upon being seated,  you 
        find yourself at a large alder and oak inlaid table set off  into 
        a  vaulted  alcove that overlooks the beach and  sea.   You  look 
        about and see the following at the table including yourself: 
             The  first person you see is Sh'rra Pndersdautter,  a  small 
        woman of striking physical beauty.  She has fine, pale, blue-gray 
        skin  and  long  pale gray-blond hair with  black  eyes.   Sh'rra 
        appears lithe, quick, strong and unblemished with extremely fine, 
        smooth  skin and no softening adipose tissue in spite of a  rela-
        tively full figure. 
             Sh'rra  is  human, with fine features, high  cheekbones  and 
        thick hair.  She is dressed in what the news reports from Houston 
        would indicate to be a typical black and gray spacer's  jumpsuit.  
        She  carries  an  elaborate pale white flute the  color  of  fine 
        china,  plastic or bone and a spacer's duffel bag.   Sh'rra  does 
        not  look  like  the tall green-brown skinned  and  black  haired 
        spacers  who landed at what is now the Houston space port  during 
        the  lost  weeks, but is dressed in similar fashion and  has  the 
        same smooth glide to her walk.  (1) 
             To  her  right are John & Ari Storm, a man and a  woman  who 
        look very similar.  They could be brother and sister.  Both  have 
        blue-green  eyes,  lightly  tanned  skin,  and  gray-blond  hair.  
        Medium frames, heavy muscles, medium height. 
             Ari  seems  in movement even when still.  A hawk sits  on  a 
        perch in their corner of the alcove.  They wear a mix of tropical 
        wool, cotton shirts and leather shoes.  She is dressed in a  blue 
        chambray  shirt and pleated blue tropical wool skirt, he  in  tan 
        worsted  pants  and a blue cotton knit shirt.  The  only  anomaly 
        about them is that they both wear gloves.  Hers reflect the light 
        with cloth of gold, his are leather.(2) (3) 
             Next is Drgg Rockeater, who seems to blend into the  shadows 
        in spite of his size.  He is without doubt a non-human.  He is 7' 
        tall,  skeletal  in build with muscle wrapped like rocks  over  a 
        narrow  frame.   He carries a black skin drum and a  satchel  but 
        wears no clothing aside from a loin cloth made of coral bead-work 
        and a "small" utility dagger made of grey metal and black  volca-
        nic glass. 
             His eyes seem to have no irises in their green-black  depths 

        and  his  skin is a scaly black-green.  He may have  gill  slits.  
        Definitely male.  (7) 
             Sitting  quietly next to Drgg is April Smith, a middle  aged 
        woman,  between  30 and 50 years of age, dressed in  tan  colored 
        cotton  safari  gear.  She has a back-pack, climbing gear  and  a 
        30.06 bolt action rifle on the floor next to her and an  artist's 
        sketch  book in her hands.  April appears to be  almost  finished 
        with a charcoal sketch of Drrg. 
             Her eyes are green and her hair is a reddish auburn with the 
        slightest hints of gray.  April's clothing reveals only that  she 
        is  of either light or medium build and average height.   A  gray 
        cat sleeps at her feet. (8) 
             First  to  the table was Mark Gold, an athletic man  in  his 
        early forties.  He wears subdued but fashionable business  cloth-
        ing  in  a traditional style with a silk pin dot tie,  pin  point 
        cotton shirt and fashionable semi-boots. 
             He has a strong build.  His tailored suit fits him  perfect-
        ly.  Mark was the first in the alcove.  He is so calm it is  easy 
        to miss seeing him or to forget that he is present. 
             Mark  has facial tattoos in "non-color" color that  identify 
        him  as  one  of the forty companions by  their  rainbow  shimmer 
        seemingly above the skin of his left cheek and left eyebrow.  
             During the "lost weeks" about 30% of the people in the world 
        had  dreams or nightmares concerning the exploits of the  compan-
        ions.  They are now featured Saturday morning with the  cartoons.  
        A  character similar to Mark has appeared several times  and  has 
        the  same brown hair, short beard and green eyes.   Unlike  Mark, 
        the character is accompanied by a giant cat-like creature at  all 
             Mark's  corner  is  decorated by a score  of  sculptures  of 
        hummingbirds that look alive from their perches on the wall.   He 
        has a businessman's briefcase on the floor next to him.  (9) 
             James  Kay walks in just after you sit.  He is  a  scholarly 
        looking  man in a herringbone tweed jacket and tan  twill  pants.  
        He has the look of an accountant or tax attorney.(10)  He  stands 
        5'10"  tall  and speaks in a firm voice,  apologizing  for  being 
        late.  The light catches him in such a way as he comes toward you 
        that you can't see his shadow.
             James  looks familiar, quiet and competent.  His voice is  a 
        smooth baritone that carries well even in the softest tones.   He 
        walks lightly with a slight limp.
             (The people at the table are the NPCs, some of whom will  be 
        available  as  second characters to the character  you  generate.  
        The  next  setting you will receive after this one is  the  first 
        "move" and will contain direction and instructions.)

             Dinner  is  served and all of the party are shown  to  their 
        table.  The latecomers are seated along with those you met in the 
        alcove.  You have an excellent view from the table.
             Looking  East  out of the windows you can see a  wide  beach 
        (about  50 meters) going down to blue-green ocean water which  is 
        bounded  by  a black and white coral reef (after  300  meters  of 
        ocean)  that  extends out of the water even at high  tide  (by  2 
        meters).  The weather is between temperate and tropical, the  air 
        relatively dry and the shoreline gently curved (as appropriate on 
        a narrow island one kilometer by twelve).  There is a gentle rise 
        behind the establishment. 
             A good deal of light comes in through large windows and  the 
        woods  and  other  materials all have light finishes.   It  is  a 
        bright  and airy place well lit with natural light tones  (though 
        much of the lighting is indirect).
             In the distance, outside the reef, you can see a large blue-
        green  catamaran anchored next to a gate in the reef.   No  other 
        islands  were visible from the top of the fifth floor (for  those 
        who  looked prior to dinner), but a mainland appears in the  form 
        of mountain tops probably 500 or more kilometers to the West. 
             After  dinner  you  will have a chance to  spend  some  time 
        becoming  familiar  with the hotel and with each other  and  will 
        have  a  time for private conversations.  To prepare  for  apres, 
        please prepare a short statement introducing your character(s) as 
        they would introduce themselves if everyone at dinner was  taking 
        a turn with introductions.  You will receive the statements  next 
        move (move 2) and your NPC assignments thereafter.
             Based  on the statements you receive, each of you (for  move 
        3)  should  designate the three persons each of  your  characters 
        would  like to talk with most and where they would like  to  talk 
        with  them as well as what topics you would like to cover.   That 
        will be your imput for the move following the statements. 
             These  are the locals you have to available to your  charac-
        ters  to  visit and to talk in or about.  They may also  do  some 
        shopping here.  All of these locals are on the island as well  as 
        having alternate location(s) to which they extend. 
        1) McCallahan's Bar.
             This  is the hotel's bar.  It has doors in Las Vegas and  in 
        South  Ulster.   The  Las Vegas site is staffed  by  demons,  the 
        Ulster  site is staffed by embodied virtues, nature  spirits  and 
             In  Ireland it is the sort of non-tourist, refined bar  that 
        you  do  not expect to see in any town.  There is  gambling,  re-
        stricted  to chemin de fir, no machines clutter  the  atmosphere, 
        and people seem to spend more time talking than drinking.   There 

        is  live  non-dance music and a surprising amount of  light.   No 
        recreational drugs are available.  
             In  Las Vegas it is as flashy, trashy and glittery  as  any-
        thing gets in that town.  It is filled with smoke (distilled smog 
        from Henderson), people and demons.  If you can imagine a  palace 
        of luck filled with smoke, tourists and used car salesmen, you've 
        got the Las Vegas location. 
        2) Golden Dragon Liquor and Spice Emporium. 
             This  establishment  also has a door in  Virginia  near  the 
        District  of  Columbia.   It is a quiet  place,  with  sandlewood 
        shelves,  open  aisles and a number of unusual spices,  teas  and 
        other  items  for sale.  The proprietor seems  Chinese/Korean  in 
        appearance and very old. 
             The  Golden Dragon is entered through a leaded  glass  door.  
        It has several interior divisions, all divided by walls and glass 
        doors.   Those with attuned senses will notice that some  of  the 
        doors are gates.  
             The  proprietor  of  the Golden Dragon is  surrounded  by  a 
        golden  haze.  The haze is a second order essence virtue of  pro-
        tection  and  obscures  what magical or  technical  senses  might 
        otherwise disclose. 
        3) the Commons.
             The  other  end of the Commons is in both  Los  Angeles  and 
        Berkeley.  The commons is part of Westwood, south of UCLA, a part 
        of  Berkeley  and a part of central campus at CSULA  accross  the 
             The  commons are a common area for discussion and study  and 
        contain several lending library kiosks and data terminals linking 
        to  Cybernet and Arpanet.  Coffee, chocolate, herb tea and  selt-
        zers are available from vendors.       
             The  Commons  have checkerboard black and  white  flagstones 
        with  scattered tables, enclosed by a stone wall with  plants  at 
        the base and the top.  
             At  one  end of the Common's "square" is a long  (35'  deep) 
        tile covered overhang, providing shelter from rain and shade  for 
        the  afternoon.  In addition to the vendors, a personal  computer 
        store is hidden under the overhang. 
             The  Commons winds a bit as it seems to be situated  on  the 
        intersection of several hillsides.  Picture a slightly  irregular 
        "S-curve"  wrapped from one hill to another, about 60'  deep  and 
        about 180' long.  
             The  "back"  of the S has a tile covered  overhang  that  is 
        almost  flush  with the hillsides, the front of the S has  a  31' 
        green border, a six foot stone wall and about 3-4' of greenery on 
        the top of the wall. There are no doors in the wall, but  several 

        masked arches provide entry and exit points. 
        4) David's restaurant.
             This has an alternate location near the waterfront in  Seat-
        tle.  It serves some of the best cold-water seafood in the  world 
        as  well  as a wide variety of west coast style  meals.   David's 
        dates back to the lumber days and Seattle's first boom and  still 
        has  its  rough hewn wood beams, storm windows  and  oiled  paper 
             David's  sells only fresh food and will usually have only  a 
        partial selection menu for available seafood and desserts.  David 
        is often present and is grizzled and powerful looking.  He stands 
        about 6' 8', has dark wood-brown skin, black hair shot with  gray 
        and  has  massive hands.  His voice is a rumble.   His  daughters 
        work  for  him and could easily be mistaken for wood  sprites  or 
        5) John's Beach.
             This  white  sand beach is also on the south  shore  of  St. 
        Thomas  in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It is sheltered and  off  of 
        the  beaten track.  Hurricanes always miss it even when the  rest 
        of the island is swamped.  
             Day  or  night,  John's beach always manages  to  be  quiet, 
        peaceful  and  private.  The trees are thicker  and  taller  than 
        those further north and there is undergrowth growing almost  like 
        hedges  amoung the trees, partitioning the forest in to  secluded 
             The beach itself has several coves and a very gentle decline 
        into the ocean.  One can wade almost forever.
        6) Hardeman House Hotel 
             The  original  Hardeman House is an old  fashioned  boarding 
        lodge  in Boston.  The characters are at the related  institution 
        which is one of Boston's finest new hotels and which deserves its 
        five star rating. 
             The  hotel has extensive catering services, two tailors  and 
        it's  own private access to "the walk" -- a collection of  exclu-
        sive retail clothing/etc. shops which makes "the walk" seem  like 
        a part of the hotel.  The top floor of the hotel is reserved  for 
        residence suites with only a quiet deck above them.
             This  garden's  alternate location is  unknown.   Characters 
        presently are unable to enter the garden.  Viewed over the walls, 
        the garden seems to reflect four seasons and five moods.
             The  alternate locations vary.  At present, none are  avail-

        able from your location without sailing, but Robert's has a  fair 
        number  of  hulls in port including a few Spray 32s, a  Ted  Hood 
        Little Harbor 64 and three Morgan 44s.  There are also the  usual 
        dingys, catamarans and sailboards.  Scuba sales and rentals  will 
        be  open  when  you walk by.  The mooring is  aswarm  with  help, 
        mostly sea trolls.
             Robert's is a full service mooring with overhaul facilities, 
        storage and a custom sail shop.  It can handle major rebuilds for 
        gas and diesel engines and has the welding technicians  necessary 
        for work on aluminum and light alloy hulls. 
        9) BILL'S 
             This famous outfitting store has retail outlets in Park City 
        (Utah), Medford/Ashland (Oregon), and Anchorage (Alaska).  It  is 
        often  available  from the island only when the skiing  is  good.  
        Currently the door to Bill's is closed.  
             Bill's  is a premium outfitting and ski shop.  Bill sells  a 
        variety  of  ski related items, firearms, climbing tools  and  an 
        almost impossible variety of outdoor gear and clothing.  A  cata-
        logue is available at the hotel desk and room service can  obtain 
        items for you.
        10)  Shadriael Airways
             This Airway serves your island, Houston, Miami, Los  Angeles 
        and  both  the  Pacific and Caribbean Islands.   It  offers  full 
        service facilities for repair and overhaul of private aircraft.
        SCENARIO 1 -- DTAGGA
        public background
             It  is shortly after the lost weeks.  There have  been  some 
        earthquakes in Longview, Texas.  
             Tabloid journals have carried interviews from psychics about 
        ley lines.
             The gravitational and magnetic map of the world has  shifted 
        significantly.   Satellite  and recon mapping is  being  used  to 
        generate  new  maps.  Anti-war demonstrators  are  attempting  to 
        block any creation of the new maps.
             There  are rumors of several secret societies and  conspira-
        cies that have attempted to control the world.  One of those that 
        rings a bell is "the nine hidden masters."
             There  have been reports of giant serpents or  wyrms  rising 
        out of the earth.
        private background
             The  sorcerers  in the group sense the re-emergence  of  the 
        leynd  lines.  One that runs through Shrieveport,  Louisiana  ap-

        pears to also run through Longview, Texas.  It would be an excel-
        lent spot to try magics.
             At  least  two members of the group have  dreams  indicating 
        that they should go to Longview.
             The National Response Team asks James Key to send his shadow 
        to  Longview.   James tries to explain that he no  longer  has  a 
        controlled shadow, but does pass the message along.
             Somewhere  in the Southern United States, a  breach  through 
        shadow into chaos occurred.  The echoes disturb every one of  the 
        Companions (and Mark Gold).
        what happened
             Two separate things happened.  First, Mark Gregory (see  the 
        scenario  with Alfar.002, intended to follow this  scenario)  has 
        accidentally cast a chaos summoning and shaping spell.
             Second,  and  relevant to this scenario, a  Dtagga  gene-de-
        scendant  came  of age.  This individual was 45 at the  time  and 
        deeply  involved in drugs and false magic.  She did not know  the 
        magic was false.
             When the chaos returned and the magic returned, Mixie  Quinn 
        began to have evil dreams and to change shape in her sleep.   She 
        saw  herself  as  the embodiment of all she  had  sought.   Mixie 
        revealed in the thought that she might have a destiny far  beyond 
        speed and crystal.
             Seeking  deeper  sorcerous knowledge, she found  some.   She 
        learned how to summon force from the true chaos that lies  beyond 
        shadow.  This is unFormed substance, far removed from the natural 
        chaos stuff filtering into the material world.
             She  planned and she sacrificed.  Five of her  drug  buddies 
        died  to provide the blood for the five pointed  unFinished  star 
        with which she summoned chaos.  Chaos came.
             It  came in the form of the worm, aided and shaped  by  Gre-
        gory's  unwitting  spell casting and by the plots  of  the  swart 
        alfar.  In the form of the worm it overcame her and consumed her.  
        Nothing was left of Mixie.
             Worse, Mixie had picked the head of a leynd line to fuel her 
        sorcery.   The  chaos spawn that ate her soul fastened  onto  the 
        leynd  line  and embodied in it.  The shifting of  the  possessed 
        leynd  line  head caused the earthquakes and threatens  to  cause 
        much more damage.
        major opponent
        SIZ  300- //   30
        STR  250- //   25
        CON  140- //   14
        CHA   13- //   11

        APP  -40- //   -4
        DEX   16- //   16
        INT    7- //    3
        POW   85- //   17
        SAN    0%
        -771 points for chaos shapings
             Talons, +36d6 to damage +90% to hit
             Armor,  100  pts kinetic, 200 points radiation,  300  points 
             Seeing, 300% chance to see invisible, 400% chance to see  in 
        dark, 100% chance to know hidden weaknesses.
             Natural armor, 30 pts of slime.
             Chaos afflictions:
                  regenerate, 20 pts per day
                  poison teeth, 12 potency poison
                  slime, 12 potency poison trails
                  poison breath, 12 potency x 600meters3 area
                  hunger, troubled sleep
                  5 power earthquakes, three per lunar month
             Leynd line earth wyrm chaos spawn.  Except for the chaos and 
        the  negative numbers, typical for an earth wyrm embodiment of  a 
        leynd line.
             The characters can engage in a horrendous fight.  They  will 
        probably  lose  even if they lure the wyrm  away  from  Longview.  
        Away  from the leynd line its chaos shaping powers, strength  and 
        charisma are divided by 9.
             However, there are a number of clues that the characters can 
        trace  down.   Solving  the clues will reduce  the  danger  level 
             1--the neo-satanic church claims credit for the  earthquake.  
        Every  tabloid  has carried the story.  If questioned  they  will 
        tell all and sundry that a member, Mixie Quinn, has been  deified 
        by the power of the great serpent.
             2--Mixie's house has been cordoned off by the police.  Blood 
        stained  knives and an ancient grimoire were found there.   Mixie 
        is missing.
             3--Five  low level drug pushers have disappeared.  All  were 
        members of the neo-satanic church.  The church's coven master has 
        been complaining to the press that the police killed the  missing 
        members.  It is the talk on the street among addicts & such.
             4--The  local  library had all three of its books  on  magic 
        stolen.   One of those was the grimoire found at  Mixie's  house.  
        It  is available through interlibrary loan or could be  found  in 
        Dallas or Shrieveport.  The librarian will volunteer all of this.

             5--Mixie owns property in the great swamp/"lake of  mystery" 
        state  park near the Louisiana border.  She regularly gets  taxed 
        for  it by the local city tax authorities even though it is in  a 
        different county because she recorded the deed locally.  
             6--the  "lake of mystery" state park is infested  with  psy-
        chics and potential magic-users, apparently being a strong  leynd 
        line site.  A large group is holding a festival and engaging in a 
        number of ceremonies.  
             1--each of the victims buried with proper rites will  reduce 
        the wyrm's strength by 20%.  The bodies are scattered  throughout 
        the  swamp  on Mixie's property, the blood is in  the  unFinished 
        five point star in her house on that property.
             2--the  grimoire  has  a banishing  spell  for  worm-related 
        chaos.   It  will reduce the POW and INT of the wyrm by  50%  and 
        will banish all of the chaos afflictions from the wyrm.
             3--there  are rituals to tame and master wyrms.  These  will 
        reduce  the POW of the wyrm by 90% for the purposes of any  spell 
        cast by one who participated during the following lunar month.  
             The  crack  pots and crazies at the lake include a  few  who 
        know  what they are doing and who are holding one of these  ritu-
             4--Mixie Quinn is Mixie's true name.  Any spell cast regard-
        ing the wyrm using that name will have twice the effect and twice 
        the chance of success as will any chaos shaping or magical device 
        employed under that name.
             The  characters  should be able to talk to the  police,  the 
        librarian, the county records and the neo-satanists in the  first 
        few  days.  From there they should have the chance to go  to  the 
        lake of mystery to either visit with the crack pots or to explore 
        the cabin.
             They should discover clues as to "as it is raised up, so  is 
        it  put down" and specifics involving the bodies.  The rites  are 
        in  the  grimoire the police have, in the copies at  the  various 
        libraries and on photocopies in the cabin.  
             The  bodies  are concealed, but could be found  using  dogs, 
        spells,  tracking, etc.  Each of the bodies is concealed  differ-
        ently (one is buried under rocks, one in the swamp, one  weighted 
        with  stones and dropped, one in a tree and one burned and in  an 
             In the magic festival, the ones who know what they are doing 
        will  be  noticeable.  They are possessed of chaos  shapings  and 
        have swart alfar blood.  The party should be able to identify and 

        deal with the "non-humans" in a civil manner.
             The swart alfar are looking for magical knowledge and trying 
        to get the feel for things.  They would like for someone to  take 
        care of the earth wyrm problem and share their ceremony. 
        play pattern
             The  players  should  search for clues,  identify  the  real 
        problem, realize that they need to prepare, make preparations and 
        then finish what is left by combat.  
             Upon  the  "slaying" of the wyrm it will dissolve  into  the 
        leynd line and the chaos portions will burn into nothingness.  In 
        addition to whatever player points are gained, each character who 
        participated  in slaying the wyrm will receive a temporary  boost 
        of 6d6 magic points that will last until used or until the  lunar 
        month ends.
             This  scenario is basically exploration and problem  solving 
        with  some combat.  The players should realize that there  are  a 
        number of naturally occurring forces that are out of their league 
        without help.
             The amount of melee and combat can be controlled easily.  If 
        your players demand a great deal, let them fight with  neo-satan-
        ists,  rogue  police officers, minor chaos  spawn,  crazed  crack 
        pots, swamp monsters and unDead bodies.  Toss in a few ghosts and 
        a hostile swart alfar or two.
             If  the players like problem solving and clue finding,  bury 
        the  clues  deeply  and make the characters  go  through  several 
        levels  to find them.  Toss in a few more magic items, such as  a 
        golden plow to reclaim the area poisoned by the slime, rune masks 
        to counter the poison breath, flint earth spears to pin the  wyrm 
        to the land, sky magics that will temporarily blind or confuse an 
        earth power, etc.
             Make all of the magics one-shot, single use items that apply 
        only to wyrms created by leynd lines.  You can bring up that kind 
        of trouble again and force the characters to recreate all of  the 
        tools  they  used, especially if there is no unFormed  chaos  in-
        volved (and thus no bodies to use to reduce it).
             This  scenario introduces the characters to leynd lines,  to 
        earth powers, to the swart alfar, to the different types of chaos 
        and to the neo-satanic church and other crazies.  It also  allows 
        them  to do something that will give them a positive note on  the 
        fed level (<<file note, FBI data base:  **.xx helped Key's shadow 
        resolve that mess in Longview).
             This scenario also provides a tie-in to alfar.002.

        SCENARIO 2 -- PARTHA 
        The Partha Conspiracy
        public background
             Longview, Texas was recently attacked by an earth wyrm  that 
        awoke  hungry from its millennia long sleep.  While the wyrm  was 
        slain, there has recently been a great deal of speculation in the 
        tabloids  that other "dragons" are still sleeping and need to  be 
        slain before they destroy more cities.  It seems that every other 
        week, another city is printed up as being at risk.
             Robert  Howard's  Kull series has been adapted  to  a  movie 
        series starring the same actor as played Conan.  A great deal  of 
        anti-serpent  hysteria  has arisen and people have  been  killing 
        snakes and demonstrating at zoos.  Somehow the message has gotten 
        across that the Kull series was real.
             The  United States Senate has been  conducting  examinations 
        and hearings on the matter, traveling to Haiti and to Atlantis.
             A  major  figure in this matter is Senator  Lavan  Veiss  of 
        Texas.  Senator Veiss claims that we need to avoid hysteria,  but 
        that there is a threat.  He has been seen with a non-human  body-
        guard  of cat-men and has proposed legislation to authorize  let-
        ters  of marque aimed at non-humans allowing privatized  security 
        forces to hunt down and exterminate any serpent or dragon threat.
             Senator Veiss was a candidate for Vice President at one time 
        and may have further ambitions.
             Wyrms  do reside in the earth and sleep along  leynd  lines.  
        They  are often stirred up by unPatterned magics and  will  arise 
        and hunt once woken by the presence of the unNatural.
        private background
             The  Partha Masters survived the fall of the  cities.   They 
        survived the loss of females.  They escaped the Cherokee and  the 
        Five Peoples.  They avoided the Europeans.  They managed to  out- 
        live or out-wit every enemy.  Now they feel the hand of time once 
             The  unraveling of the Teynd binding frayed the life  magics 
        that gave the masters immortality.  Two of the five have  already 
        aged  past salvation and were consumed by the  unPatterned  chaos 
        seed  within them.  The other three are desperate to  avoid  that 
        same fate.
             The  easiest  manner in which to find salvation is  to  find 
        some Dtagga to slay and eat.  Given the simplicity of the  magics 
        involved, Dtagga liver is seen as their salvation.
             At  the same time, there really are serpent people who  walk 
        among men.  A proto-history race, the serpent people survived the 
        death  of  the dinosaurs and had a static civilization  when  men 

        first mastered magic and chaos.  They brought down Atlantis.
             When  men reached for the stars, some of the serpent  people 
        fled the earth for the far reaches and, eventually, the ambit  of 
        the Swarm.  The Swarm welcomed them as it would any other member/ 
        potential meal.  Some still survive.
             The  rest  of the serpent people sunk even deeper  into  the 
        mire of the deep jungles and swamps.  There they slept and faded.  
        When the magic failed the serpent people faded even further.
             The  return of the magic has started several nests  stirring 
        and caused the sleepers to awake.  The active nests are:
        the  deep caverns of Haiti (Voreao Saliaa), a city of sixty  male 
        sorcerers,  twelve  female  brood-queen/chaos  shapers  and   two 
        hundred and forty warriors.
        the  slime  fens of Brazil (Maateo Ossorg), a swamp  series  lair 
        that holds six pairs of male/female shaman, three hundred  breed-
        ing capable pairs of life-bonded serpent people and two  thousand 
        fairly recent young adults (ages 60 to 600).
        the fells of Africa (!Hskkaa!a), jungle and desert city dwellers, 
        numbering  about fifteen hundred with even  distribution  between 
        the  three  sexes. (males, male/females and females).   No  brood 
        queens, no paired male/females, one master male-king.
             They  are stirring slowly, but with hunger.  The  Partha  do 
        not  wish  direct  conflict with them (as there  are  only  three 
        Partha  Masters  and six thousand Partha Spawn left.   Only  four 
        thousand of the Spawn are controlled due to the deaths).
        the cast of characters
        One Partha Master
        Three Partha Spawn bodyguards
             6 points of spirit magic
             2 points of rune magic (chaos gift)
        One Partha Spawn shaman/chaos shaper
             60 magic points available
             24 points of spirit magic available
              2 spirits of disease
        One Partha Spawn Warrior 
             With a 30 STR chaos shaped broadleafed spear (3d6+d6+2) 
             and each with 12 pt woad armor (12 pts of armor + 12 for POW 
        v. POW conflicts)
        Three Misc. Partha cannon fodder with knives and protection 3.
        other players
        Serpent Chaos Shaper
             POW 24, all other reqs. 17

             three demons of teleportation portal creation 
             (one  will  be  destroyed creating the  portal  in,  another 
        creating a portal out.  the third can be used to move with.)
             demon armor (POW 12, CON 80)
             demon weapon (POW 8, CON 10, STR 60, DEX 20)
             demon Dtagga locator
        Serpent Sorcerer
             INT 24, all other reqs. 17
             With 20pts of RQIII spells
             Robe with 10 pts of armor and 30 magic points
        Serpent Rune Priest
             CHA 24, POW 19, all other reqs. 16
             With 24pts of Spirit Magic
             With 12pts of Rune Magic
             With 5 RQII magic items
        Rune Lord level Serpent Warrior
             All reqs. 18
             Carrying  traditional chaos shaped spears (+6d6  damage/+25% 
        to hit)
             With 12pts of spirit magic each.
             6pts of natural scale armor
             8pts of technomagic mesh armor (an artifact)
             5pt kevlar/laminate robes
             The Partha group will make an assault upon the Dtagga  char-
        acters  or  Dtagga shadows in the  player-character  group.   The 
        Partha are moving before the Senator is able to get his  legisla-
        tion  passed  (if ever) because of the time pressure  the  Master 
        feels.  He is older than the Teynd and greatly fears the grip  of 
             The  Partha will be allied with the serpent people  who  are 
        out to gain glory, find out more about the world and to take pre-
        teynd  artifacts under control.  They had heard of the  _________ 
        and are willing to join in an assault on the owners.
             They  met  the Spawn while tracking down the source  of  the 
        (true) rumors.  They are unaware that the Partha are  responsible 
        for  the campaign against the serpent people and merely think  of 
        them as individuals having a common interest and willing to share 
        in a common venture.
             They  are not terribly trust-worthy, but then,  neither  are 
        their allies.
             The  best locale for the assault would be the  catamaran  of 
        John Storm.  The serpents would want control of the catamaran and 
        the Partha want the liver of the Dtagga shadow.

             To  make it sticky, when the assault starts only the  child-
        ren, the shadow Dtagga, and the regular demons/virtues should  be 
        home.  If you want a different setting, have every one out for  a 
        visit at the ship when the assault starts or have no one home.
             The  master demon of transportation used to portal onto  the 
        catamaran  will  be destroyed by the ship's defenses.   Only  the 
        shaper master will understand what has happened, but he will feel 
        real  fear.  He will not be willing to face in combat anyone  who 
        he identifies as the master of the catamaran and its protections.  
             While  the shaper master worries and realizes that  he  will 
        have to sacrafice another demon to escape, and feels the  oppres-
        sive  presence  of  the coral reef (a  seventh  order  protective 
        device -- one that will not allow the catamaran through) the rest 
        of  attackers will spread out looking for hostages,  victims  and 
             The children will go into hiding, their parents will attempt 
        to  come  home with help (the player-characters), and a hide  and 
        seek sort of fight will then ensue.
        the catamaran
             The catamaran is 95' long.  Each of the legs is 105' long  x 
        15'  wide by 20' high (15' plus 5' of curved roof).   The  bottom 
        level  is storage and ballast space (the legs are ballasted  with 
        gold  and iridium ingots on each side), the base level is  75'  x 
        15'  x 8' and the second story is 80' x 15' x 8'  (including  the 
        curved roof space).  The walls are very thin.
             Between  the legs is a 21story platform that is 90' x 60'  x 
        5'  at the half story base (spreading from mid leg to mid leg  // 
        the  catamaran is 95' x 75'), 80' x 55' x 8' on the  first  story 
        and 70' x 50' x 8' on the second story.  Additional space  exists 
        in the form.
             Not  counting  storage  spaces, the  catamaran  has  12,150* 
        square  feet of area, about half taken up with green  houses  and 
        similar  functions and about half taken up with living spaces  of 
        one sort or another.  
             (The  reason  it does not have 12,550 square  feet  is  that 
        there is tapering and wall space to be considered.  All  measure-
        ments are accurate within +/- 5 feet, with the total an  approxi-
        mation subject to that error).
             It  also  has a half deck command area, sail  lockers,  mast 
        stations, catch screens and other "normal" attributes.
             The  basic scenario should have Golden and/or Ari trying  to 
        locate  and save their children.  They are on their home  ground, 
        well  aided  by virtues and demons, and the children  are  fairly 
        intelligent  and have virtues and demons to aid them.   John  and 
        Ari  should  be  able to locate and rescue  the  children  fairly 

             More  difficult will be isolating and protecting the  Dtagga 
        and/or  Dtagga shadow and keeping control of the catamaran.   The 
        characters may or may not have the force to do so.  In  addition, 
        the  Serpent shaper may flee the scene (without a demon  powerful 
        enough to bring him back) and strand the rest of his party  leav-
        ing only combat or negotiation.
             There is room for combat, negotiation and betrayal.
             Only  the  Partha  Master is inflexible.   He  wants  Dtagga 
        livers  and  wants  them insanely.  He will not be  able  to  act 
        rationally if a Dtagga (or its shadow) remains in sight.
             The spawn will want to breed.  The serpents want valuables.
             The Storms are flexible but will not endanger their children 
        and will not betray friends.  Note that John may not be available 
        and that Ari is vulnerable to berserk rage if placed under enough 
             The  Dtagga  who are present would know  that  having  their 
        livers eaten by Partha will produce a final death.
             John/Golden  and Ari will not endanger the  catamaran  staff 
        (including  the demons of combat) and will not let them  be  used 
        for cannon fodder.  No one else can control them.
        goals to accomplish
             At  the end of this scenario/setting, the characters  should 
        be  aware  that  they have enemies who will eat  them,  that  the 
        Partha  and  the serpents are enemies of  convenience  (and  both 
        threats to humanity), and that the Senator may be mislead to some 
             The characters will also have had a chance to experience the 
        catamaran setting in detail.
             There  is much to be said for some of the attackers  getting 
        away to fight another day and to encourage more potential pirates 
        who may try to take the catamaran in the future.
             The  Partha controlled senator may also become aware of  the 
        Dtagga  and  decide  that they are serpent peoples  also  or  may 
        decide that the Partha are not as pure as he thought.  Not  every 
        cat is good.
             Expect  to  impress  characters with visions  of  their  own 
        mortality  in  this scenario and to get a good idea  of  how  the 
        characters  act in combat (with an eye towards future  play  bal-
        notes to remember

             This  is  a hurried affair from the player  side.   You  can 
        capture this feel by starting things as the players begin to  sit 
        down and before your group would normally settle in to play.  Use 
        time limits, allow the party to split up, and act immediately  on 
        what players say.
        play aids
             A map of the catamaran and counters for each of the  charac-
        ters  (for each side) are useful.  Keep the map on your  side  of 
        the  screen and let all the players stay in the room.  This  will 
        keep  those  who are separated from bogging down  play  and  will 
        simulate the effect of movement through a large building made  of 
        transparent glass-like material.
             There is a more complete description of the catamaran  under 
        Settings  and  additional  details on  Golden  Storm's  character 
        sample useage
             The dinner party breaks up as John Storm, James Key and  ___ 
        _______  (the character against which the Dtagga shadow is to  be 
        cast)  take a small boat to John's catamaran.  They pass  through 
        the  gate  in the coral and are welcomed aboard by  Ari  and  two 
        small children.
             John  and James take __________ to the forespit Green  Room.  
        There  John  shapes  a cocoon and James casts  his  shadow.   The 
        shadow sleeps in the cocoon.  It will awaken in (2d6+2) hours and 
        will emerge as soon as it is integrated.  James and John will  be 
        thousands of miles distant by then.
             Ari puts the children to bed, checks with the retainers, and 
        returns  to the island to take care of social business.   As  she 
        steps from the back of the roan horse that carried her to  shore, 
        a great cry goes out.
             Looking out to sea, Ari (and anyone else who heard the  deep 
        belling tone of the cry) sees a cluster of hands release a  score 
        or more of bodies on the top deck of the catamarran.
             The hands look scorched by fire and as she watches the hands 
        and the twelve-planer creature that owned them are limned by fire 
        and  cry out again in great shaking bell tones as they  are  con-
        sumed.  A major demon from the great dark has perished and swirls 
        of chaos matter dissolve in bursts of green and orange fire.
             The  fire that consumes the demon casts a sickly light  that 
        shows about two dozen moving bodies on the top of the  catamaran.  
        The  distance is too great to tell what they are, but from  their 
        movement it is easy to see that the demon succeeded in  penetrat-
        ing the wards before it perished.  From the manner of the demon's 
        death it is obvious that those it carried were enemies.
             Ari  cries out for help.  When she tries a  magical  contact 

        with John a swarm of demons come through the glowing spell  disk.  
        Ari swats them like mice as the sea trolls on the docks react  by 
        pulling  out short spearswords, tridents, nets and rifles.   They 
        join  in  with  a relish that extends to taking  bites  from  the 
        demons as they slay them.
             What  do you do?  Ari will be returning to the catamaran  as 
        soon as the roan horse returns (it was half-way back to the  ship 
        before she called out to it).  She has children aboard and is not 
        totally rational or sane where their safety is concerned.
             In  addition  __________ has a shadow self in  a  cocoon  on 
        board  and the Storms are allied with your patrons.  React  imme-
        SCENARIO 3 -- ALFAR
        The Saffron Dream
        public background
             In  the  tabloid  news there have  been  several  skirmishes 
        between  "elves and goblins" recently.  Pictures of  dead  bodies 
        and traces of old magics.  Most of the magic seems very simple.
             In  the aftermath of the Longview, Texas earth  wyrm  matter 
        the  player  characters are contacted by the  family  of  Gregory 
        Smith,  a local psychic who attempted to subdue the wyrm and  was 
        apparently magically poisoned.
             A  number of human-like individuals have been  applying  for 
        citizen-ship or visas.
             Several  rock  bands  are using  bizarre  (magical)  special 
             <insert  headlines from last week's real world  tabloids  as 
        noted while buying groceries>
        private background
             A group of swartz alfar is attempting to re-embody the slain 
        Kjtti  cluster.  They've taken the dream soul of one of the  per-
        sonality  fragments  of the world worm and have bound it  to  the 
        body of a psychic.
             They  psychic  opened himself up to be the channel  when  he 
        visited  the  University of Cjjan in Shrieveport,  Louisiana  and 
        bluffed  his  way into the closed collection.  Sounding  his  way 
        through  a Latin edition of The Worm Undying, a cultic  grimoire, 
        he unconsciously fell into a magical chant.
             When  the  earth  wyrm ravaged his home  town  of  Longview, 
        Texas,  Gregory  Smith was there to attempt to stop it  with  the 
        magics that had surfaced in his subconscious.
             He  now  lies in a hospital bed, seemingly poisoned  by  the 

        wyrm  with a festering chaos blight.  Several of  the  attendants 
        have  dark  skin  and golden hair.  His family has  come  to  the 
        player characters for help.
        the cast of characters
             Swartz  Alfar  attendants, there to make sure  that  no  one 
        kills the earthly body.
             Lios Alfar (The aqua halcyon sept), they make one attempt at 
        descending from the clouds to kill Gregory Smith.
             Dream World Denizens
        other players
             Tabloid press investigators
             Crack pot psychics
             The Smith family
             This  scenario involves a lios alfar dream gate, a quest  in 
        the dream world, clues, problem solving and some combat.
             A  harsh  letter  will come to Gregory's  family  about  his 
        actions  in  the library and his penciled notations in  the  gri-
             Gregory  kept  a journal where he collected  essays  on  his 
        dreams, several of which took place on the dream plane.
             Gregory is covered with a chaos fester, but it is not formed 
        of  true matter or chaos stuff.  Any alfar shaping  attempt  will 
        reveal it to be dream stuff and not chaos stuff.
             The neo-satanists turn to the active worship of the worm  to 
             One  of  the player-characters dreams of a  gate  near  Fort 
        Cobb, Arkansas (a real place that is dream like).
             Appalachian tradition warns against the hour of the worm, to 
        come within a twelve-month of the day chaos falls.
             Second  sight  reveals  the swartz alfar  attendants  to  be 
        wormlike and tainted by the unFormed.
             All  familiars  are uneasy near any of the swartz  alfar  or 
        Gregory (it will be easy to misread the unease).     

             Gregory  had  a girl friend who left for  Arkansas  and  was 
        never seen again.  A picture of her is on his family's mantle.
             Dream and reality share a number of spatial similarities.
             Longview, Texas.
             Fort Cobb, Arkansas
             The Dreamgate
                  Four levels of destinations
                       A)  the girlfriend in paradise
                       B)  the sunken depths
                       C)  the dream world
                       D)  the realm of the banished
                  Any of the four can be used.
             The trip back to Longview through the dream world.
             The Kjtti dream self in Longview, Texas.
             The  basic plot is simple.  Avoid mis-direction, go  to  the 
        dream world, slay/banish or otherwise sever the Kjtti dream self, 
        return to the gate and home.
             The  swartz alfar will attempt to turn the  characters  into 
             The  dream  world is very enticing, strange,  misleading  or 
        dangerous.  The characters might very well have a number of  side 
        trips and adventures.
        play goals to accomplish
             This scenario introduces the players to the alfar split,  to 
        the concept of leynd lines and Kjtti, and to the dream world.  It 
        also should make the characters leery of reading grimoires.
        notes to remember
             This  scenario  has a great deal of flexibility  as  far  as 
        combat and clues go.  
             Generally,  the initial clues and combat should be easy  and 
        simple.  Once into the dream world, make the characters sweat the 
        trip to Longview's dream self.  
             Feel  free to make the trip require successful searching  of 
        transportation,  filtering  out  clues,  finding  Mcguffins,  and 
        overcoming of enemies.  

             Also feel free to let the characters get side-tracked or  to 
        put  them under time-pressure or to infect them with  worms  that 
        grow as Gregory changes.
        play aids
             A map of Texarkana.
             A map of the dream world
             A hospital layout
             The lair of the Kjtti.
        sample usage
             The characters are cleaning up after the final confrontation 
        with  the earth wyrm and double checking to make sure  they  fin-
        ished  the scenario when they are approached by  Gregory  Smith's 
        mother, seeking help for her son who was magically injured.
        useful statistics
        Kjtti cluster shadow
             (six members in cluster)
        SIZ  16   (10+2d6-) x6   96
        STR  18   (10+2d6-) x6  108
        CON  22   (10+2d6-) x6  132
        CHA  6    (2d6-)          6
        APP  3    (2d6-)          3
        DEX  13   (6+2d6-)       13
        INT  18   (10+2d6-) +6   24  
             +  12 for spell memorization
        POW  30   (18+2d6-)      30  
             +  140 extra magic points
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*3%  40.5%
        WILL                     12
        Chaos factor  3
             (randomly determine 3 chaos features when encountered.
             Each  new moon, on a d6 roll of 3 or less the features  will 
             It  must be killed five times to finally slay (one  life  is 
        already gone), though it will dissolve into inactivity if  killed 
        and will not have a presence after death for 2d6 months.
             Allow  it access to any spirit magic, up to the limit of  36 
        noted above.
             Very hungry, slightly sluggish.
             The  Dtagga  were spider dragons.  They were well  known  as 

        allies of the Shannella and were symbiotic.  The Dtagga had their 
        origins  earlier in the galactic time frame than any  other  spe-
        cies.   The  Dtagga evolved while chaos stuff was still  a  major 
        part of the material world, billions of years prior to the  civi-
        lizations of the Cusp.  Chaos shaping and use was a natural  part 
        of their metabolisms.
             The  Dtagga  norns bound most of the  race  into  suspension 
        while  the  universe aged.  Some of the Dtagga were  without  the 
        suspension  and  passed into history.  The rest  were  awoken  by 
        Shannella explorers.
             The  Dtagga were powerful shapechangers and  chaos  shapers.  
        Skilled  diplomats, assassins and spies, they  bred  prolifically 
        with other races, though slowly within their own race.
             They were extremely loyal and very pragmatic.  "Need drives" 
        is a favorite saying.
        life cycle
             There were three ways that Dtagga were born.  The first  was 
        in-species  breeding.  Dtagga were fertile with each  other  only 
        with  great luck or with large masses of chaos available to  fuel 
             Second, Dtagga could interbreed with any gene using species.  
        The resulting off-spring were members of the "other" with  Dtagga 
        genes existing as tag-ends.  When random combinations raised  the 
        level  of Dtagga gene tags to 95% of the genes or more, a  Dtagga 
        resulted that was 100% genetically Dtagga.
             Third,  Dtagga could cast shadows.  The shadow  casting  re-
        sulted in a combination of the screen and the Dtagga.  The shadow 
        would be 75% of half of the Dtagga and 75% of half of the screen.  
        The  results  were somewhat random.  If the shadow  was  able  to 
        integrate  the personality fragments, obtain sufficient  will  to 
        become  real, and grow into a full body, it became a real  Dtagga 
        and an independent life.
             Naturally  born  Dtagga spent thirty weeks  in  their  eggs.  
        When  they  broke through the shells they were a meter  long  and 
        about as sentient as new-born crocodiles.  The young spent twelve 
        to  fifteen  years growing to three meters as  non-sentient  rep-
             They  then  experienced quickening and began  to  assimilate 
        chaos and form shadow extensions.  Over a fifteen to twenty  year 
        period they became sentient and grew to full size.
             The  sentient and full sized Dtagga were then inducted  into 
        society  and  taught and nurtured by such as found  time.   Often 
        Shannella took over these duties.
        race magics
             The  Dtagga had the spider dragon form and other  forms  de-

        pendent on breeding, exposure and personal whim.  (CHA + POW) /20 
        = the total number of natural forms each Dtagga had.  (e.g.  with 
        a  CHA  of 18 and a POW of 20 the Dtagga would have  1.9  or  two 
        natural forms, Dtagga spider dragon and one other).
             The  Dtagga  also could bind chaos into shaped  forms.   The 
        number  of  bio-shaped forms was equal  to  (CHA+POW+INT)/20  and 
        averaged about three.  The possible bio-shaping included:
        light wings ~ chaos shaping of transport
        protective aura ~chaos shaping of defense/armor
                         Kinetic/Radiation/Electric defense as chosen
        shadow talons~ chaos shaping of attack/weapon
                       STR=DEX, all other requisites rolled
        shapechanging~ chaos shaping of desire, 50% of CON 
                        dedicated to shapechanging, 50% to
                        regeneration, 20 pt cost for regenerate
                        d6/ten minutes, 1 shape per 10 pts assigned
                        to INT of chaos shaping.
        demon sight~    chaos shaping of knowledge, focused through
                        third eye, limited to visual effects and
                        seeing in dark, seeing invisible.
        force breath~  chaos shaping of attack/weapon  SIZ = STR
                       SIZ = one meter3 area per 10 pt of SIZ
                       STR = d6 of breath attack per 10 pt of STR
             The Dtagga also knew words of power that fathers' genetical-
        ly transmitted to sons.  These are all lost.  The range was equal 
        to (CHA + INT) in meters.  <note, James Key knows three of  these 
        and could teach them to children if he had any>.
             Shadow  casting.   (Source  +  shade)/2  =  each  requisite.  
        Randomly  select chaos shadows, each will grow 1 point  per  week 
        (unless  aided  by Shannella sorcery).  Randomly select  half  of 
        each "parent"'s skills and give the shadow 75% of each skill.
             The  shadow will become 10% "real" or independent  for  each 
        point  of  will  it spends.  At 10 points of will  it  becomes  a 
        separate Dtagga and is no longer a shadow.
             Dtagga  society was very loose, rarely comprising more  than 
        two or three organized individuals.  
             The  Shannella gave the Dtagga structure, raised their  off-
        spring, organized hunting territories, gathered and shaped  chaos 
        for  the  Dtagga benefit, and organized protection  from  natural 
        Dtagga enemies (i.e. the Partha).  The two races naturally formed 
        a deep partnership.
             Note  that many Dtagga were found wherever their  genes  en-
        tered a population.  Such could arise without the involvement  of 
        the Shannella and were often turned to unprincipled uses.

             For notes on Dtagga form immortality, see James Key.
        racial statistics
        SIZ  8+2d6-
        STR  12+2d6-
        CON  12+2d6-
        CHA  6+3d6-
        APP  3d6-
        DEX  8+2d6-
        INT  8+2d6-
        POW  12+2d6-
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  1d6
        LUC  1d6*
        PTS  1d3
        *luck is a PC characteristic only.
        play notes
             Most  Dtagga  will be randomly  occurring  gene-descendants.  
        They will have no racial memories, no guidance and lurking  natu-
        ral  enemies  (i.e. the Partha  conspiracy).   Suddenly,  without 
        warning,   the   individual  will  experience   strange   dreams, 
        shapeshifting  to a frightening form, and slow growth  of  shaped 
        chaos.  Strength and other requisites will change and (generally) 
             It  can be a frightening and dangerous time.   Worse,  gene-
        descendants are randomly created and born into households with no 
        warning  or expectation.  While generally manifesting at the  end 
        of  adolescence, gene-descendants can manifest at any time  after 
             This is a force re-awakened by the change in the world  that 
        is profoundly in need of channeling.
        The Partha
             This was a race of pards or large cats.  The Partha did  not 
        have  grasping hands or opposable thumbs.  They did  have  magic, 
        ritual and intelligence.   The Partha were subservient allies  of 
        the  T'chha and natural enemies of the Dtagga.  The  Partha  were 
        very cat-like in nature and attitudes.  Their cruelty and  amoral 
        ethnocentricity were well known.
             The  Partha  and  the Dtagga were  natural  racial  enemies.  
        While the Partha's scent markers for their biological by-products 
        (breath,  urine, feces) were poisonous, the effects were  doubled 
        or  tripled  and lingered offensively in settings  involving  the 
        Dtagga.   The Partha refused to curb their use of  scent  markers 
        when they traveled.  This was the beginning of natural  conflicts 

        between the two races.  
             This  befoulment of common habitats was led to  strain  that 
        was worsened as certain magically enhanced Dtagga organs were the 
        main  ingredient  in  Partha magics that granted  long  life  and 
        increased fertility to the Partha.  The Partha relished the liver 
        and intestines of the Dtagga.  Dtagga shadows were also important 
        substitutes in major Partha racial sacrificial rituals.
             The net result is a justifiable racial hatred of the  Partha 
        by  the Dtagga and a certain disregard for Dtagga rights  by  the 
        Partha.   The Partha gave the Dtagga as much consideration  as  a 
        cat gives a mouse.  Because of the societal pressures created  by 
        the  Partha use of Dtagga victims, the Partha were  incapable  of 
        honoring  treaties or living in peace when Dtagga were  available 
        to  hunt even in those situations where they desired to  overcome 
        their natural amorality.
             The Partha were able to bond with the T'chha, which  allowed 
        a number of advantageous treaties to be created.  The T'chha used 
        the  Partha  as shock troops, envoys and to hunt the  Dtagga  for 
        their own benefit and to distress the Shannallin.  The two  pairs 
        of races were natural competitors and enemies.  This resulted  in 
        a  constant source of trouble for the Dtagga wherever the  Tc'cha 
        or Partha intersected the Dtagga or Shannallin.
        life cycle
             The Partha were short-lived.  They were cubs from 0-3 years, 
        adolescents  from  31-6 years, young adults from 6-12  years  and 
        adults  from  121-36 years.  The females were fertile  from  8-28 
        years.  From 36-42 they declined into old age.
             The  Partha  also had fertility problems.   Conception  took 
        much  more  effort and had much less chance of success  than  for 
        human  beings.  Many Partha magics were concerned  with  changing 
        that fact.
             All Partha had the following normative race-magics:
             1.--Life  Extension.  This was a simple ritual  involving  a 
        complete  Dtagga liver node (each liver was good for about  three 
        nodes).   The  ritual resulted in a bio-function  that  could  be 
        treated  as  a skill conforming with the following function  %  = 
        2^(n-2) were n is the total number of nodes consumed in  separate 
             n = 9 is 128% or permanent anti-aging ability.
             2.--Fertility.   This  was  a simple  ritual  involving  the 
        appropriate  Dttaga  organs.  Each ritual created  the  power  to 
        create fertility from a single union conforming with the  follow-
        ing  function % = 2^(n-2).  At n = 9 the Partha could  cause  all 
        unions it was involved in to be fertile.

             note that while each Dtagga yielded up three liver nodes, it 
        had only one set of appropriate organs.  This often led to  prob-
        lems in Dtagga hunts when dividing up the prey.
             3.--Mentat  telepathy.   This  is a form  of  telepathy  not 
        requiring knowledge of the languages of the parties.  The  chance 
        of success when there is co-operation is measured by (POW +  INT) 
        + (POW + INT).  Thus a Partha with POW and INT of 12 each, trying 
        to  communicate with a human of POW 11 and INT 14, would  have  a 
        base chance of 49%.
             This chance could be increased by improved skill with  tele-
        pathy  and with accelerating magics.  If the target  resisted,  a 
        POW v POW struggle was also required to communicate or eavesdrop.
             4.--Breath.  This was a combat magic.  It allowed the Partha 
        to  breath and attack the CON of the target with the STR  of  the 
        Partha.  The Partha would breath out a portion of essence in  its 
        breath  (range = POW in meters), a POW v. POW  struggle  occurred 
        and if the Partha won, then the STR of the Partha was temporarily 
        subtracted  from  the CON of the target, stunning  it  for  melee 
        rounds  equal  to  the negative number <if  any>  that  resulted.  
        Attacks  were  cumulative with recovery at one  point  per  melee 
             e.g.  Partha of POW 20 could breath 20 meters.  vs a POW  10 
        target it would naturally succeed.  If it had a STR of 21 and the 
        target had a CON of 15, the target would be stunned for 6 rounds.  
             Each  breath cost 1 magic point.  Chance to hit with  breath 
        is a % skill.
             5.--Iron  Fur.   This was the ability to sacrifice  POW  and 
        blend Dtagga shadow to create armor.  2pts of armor per point and 
        Racial Statistics:
        SIZ  10+2d6-        12-22
        STR  10+2d6-        12-22
        CON  9+2d6-         11-21
        CHA  3d6-            3-18
        APP  6+3d6-          9-24
        DEX  6+2d6-          8-18
        INT  6+2d6-          8-18
        POW  6+2d6-          8-18
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*5%
        WIL  2d6             2-12
        LUC  9+d6*          10-15 (the Partha were a lucky race) 
        PTS  1d3             1-3
        *the  ability to accumulate LUCK instead of will is a PC  charac-
        teristic, not common to all members of a species or to most NPCs.  

        7  points of any Partha luck will be in "lives."  I.e.  7 of  the 
        10-15  points of PC luck a character will start with can be  used 
        only to resurrect the character after it is killed -- similar  to 
        the 9 lives of a cat.
        The Partha Spawn (very unnatural)
             The Partha Spawn on Earth are all the descendants of a  very 
        narrow  group  of male Partha Masters who dealt with  the  unPat-
        terned for breeding power.  Their pact allowed them to breed with 
        non-Partha  --  but the resulting off-spring were spawn  and  not 
        partha cubs.  The sub-species created bred true as long as  fresh 
        injections  of  first generation Partha Spawn were added  to  the 
        population from time to time.
             The  Partha  Spawn  generated in the Cusp  sphere  were  cat 
        varients  of other species, often crosses between the Partha  and 
        human captives.
             The  first spawn were parasitial larvae of the unformed  and 
        unliving  that  took Partha forms as the results of  partha  race 
        magics  gone bad.  As the Partha had used Dtagga victims  as  the 
        sacrifices, they naturally blamed the Dtagga for the existence of 
        the spawn.  
             As  time  passed  and many Masters  became  corrupted,  most 
        partha  septs and prides incorporated spawn as third caste  citi-
        zens.  The spawn bred much faster than the Dtagga and were useful 
        for a number of tasks.  Spawn did not possess Partha race magics, 
        but  did have thumbs, walked upright and could speak  both  human 
        and  Partha languages.  Creating Spawn was a common use to  which 
        Shanallin captives were put.
             As  unPattern chaos tainted creatures the lesser spawn  were 
        tolerated  by  the Builders only because of their  usefulness  as 
        cannon fodder.  The major spawn were hunted werever found.
        Racial Characteristics
        SIZ  3+2d6-    5-15     x2 for major spawn
        STR  4+2d6-    6-16     x2 for major spawn
        CON  3d6-      3-18     x2 for major spawn
        CHA  3d6-1-    2-17     x1 for major spawn
        APP  3d6-1-    2-17     x1 for major spawn
        DEX  3+2d6-    5-15     x2 for major spawn
        INT  6+2d6-    8-18     x1 for major spawn
        POW  6+2d6-    8-18     x2 for major spawn
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*4%
        WIL  2d3       2-6      x1 for major spawn
        LUC  2+d6*     3-9      x1 for major spawn
        PTS  1d3       1-3  
        *luck is a characteristic relative to PCsonly.
        for comparison, the weakest major race, 

        the Pathan
        SIZ  3+1d6- 4-9
        STR  3+1d6- 4-9
        CON  3+1d6- 4-9
        CHA  3+1d6- 4-9
        APP  3+1d6- 4-9
        DEX  3+2d6- 5-15
        INT  3+1d6- 4-9
        POW  3+1d6- 4-9
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/2}*5%
        WIL  3+1d6  4-9
        LUC  3+1d6* 4-9
        PTS  3+1d6  4-9
        Play notes
             When "the cities fell and the caverns were sealed, when  the 
        sky  exploded and the sea was ruined" (i.e. when everything  fell 
        apart  and the magic went away), a Partha pride and  its  related 
        Partha  Spawn  were hunting on the surface of what is  now  North 
        America.  The leader had eaten the nine livers and shed the  nine 
        shadows and was both fertile and free from aging.
             He leads the Partha conspiracy.
        KKchrrchrcchh, Corrupted Partha Master
        SIZ  25    25
        STR  26+13 39
        CON  17    17
        CHA  18+11 29
        APP  17    17
        DEX  17    17
        INT  15    15
        POW  22+3  25
        SAN  41%
        WIL   3    3 points to invest in skills
        LUC   5    has 5 lives left
        Patron:  Grrsthrrx, The One in Shadows, shadow walker
             KKchrrchrcchh's scent markers can be forced from jets in his 
        mouth  for 6' range or from his urine for 18' range.  They are  a 
        corrosive poison of 25 intensity.  He generates (CON/3) 6 markers 
        a day that he can exude.  
             If a day's scent markers are not exuded, excess markers  are 
        deposited  in  his  feces and used to  mark  territory.   Against 
        Dtagga or their shadows, treat the markers as corrosive fluid  of 
        12d6 impact.
             He has all Partha race abilities at 128%.
        85% Partha sex           60% Cherokee
        80% listen               85% knife

        75% spot hidden          80% climbing
        95% Partha               85% cast spirit magic
        80% English              90% claw/bite
        65% Spawn creation       95% singing
        60% Teach spirit magic   128% ritual dancing 
             He  has  18 points of shadow iron fur armor and  +6d6pts  to 
        damage  shadow  iron  claws.  He can shadow  walk  at  3,840  mph 
        (compared to the usual loping run speed of 30 mph).
        Healing 6               Spirit binding 1
        Firestart 2             Spawn 1 (ritual)
        Glue 2                  Liver eating 1 (ritual)
        Detect Life 2           Protection 6
        Detect Magic 2          Invisibility 4
        His Bodyguard of Superior Partha Spawn 
        SIZ  15
        STR  16
        CON  14
        CHA  12
        APP   4
        DEX  13
        INT  12
        POW  12
        SAN  24%
        WIL   3
        3 point Kevlar body armor/heavy boots.
        knives (d4+2 broad blade daggers)
        2d6+3 autofire .223 machine bull-dog carbines.  (12 round clips)
        85% carbine      90% Cherokee
        80% listen       85% knife
        75% spot hidden  80% climbing
        70% Partha       75% cast spirit magic
        70% English      70% brawling
        65% Swarm skill  65% singing
             Partha spawn do not exude scent markers but do exude  proto-
        spawn  up to (CON/3) 5 times a day.  Such proto-spawn will  begin 
        to eat the body they are exuded into and will, if not slain, grow 
        into  a full-grown partha spawn upon consuming size*3  points  of 
        live, intelligent beings equal to the size they are to grow to.
             Spawn  reproduce  by  exuding  proto-spawn.   They  maintain 
        genetic  unity by swarming into mounds, exuding  proto-spawn  and 
        assimilating same.  Their bodies react to conform to the averaged 
        assimilations  and to modify their own production.  Partha  Spawn 
        swarm regularly whenever in groups of twelve or more.
             Each  of the Partha Spawn in the bodyguard has been  trained 

        in  the use of automatic weapons and each has 6 points of  spirit 
        magic  (with each of the Spawn having a different  collection  of 
        spells).  Each also has two points of rune magic.
             All  of the Spawn are dedicated to Teke;l and receive  their 
        rune magic from him.
             The Alfar, Tc'cha, Etc.
             There  were  several major groups of humans.  They  had  the 
        following coloration patterns:
        Blue        <Platform technology humans>
        Green       <Builders>
        Yellow/Brown <Builders, Alfar>
        Red          <Platform technology humans>
        Black/Silver (Alfar, Platform technology>
             Modern  human population has only the  yellow/brown  melanin 
        coloration  mechanism.   Note that giants, lios  alfar,  derrows, 
        Tymoni,  modern humans and a number of related  semi-interfertile 
        species  are  all  descended from the Shannella  and  the  Tc'cha 
        (including the Tc'cha servant races).  
        A.   Shannella 
             The shannella were a natural plane faring race of humanoids.  
        Racially  human, they had chaos stuff in their blood.   They  had 
        little machine technology, being tychistic/magic oriented.
             The  Shannella shapers varied in size from 60 to 400  pounds 
        and  from 4' to 7.'  Most common were those in the 5' to  6'  and 
        the 120 to 200 pound range.
             There  were two major racial groups.  The first  had  silver 
        hair and golden skins.  The silver ranged in light grey to almost 
        black and the golden from light tan to deep mahogany.  These were 
        arrayed in septs named after the various natural forces.   Shaper 
        masters would go by a metal and a sept name (e.g. Golden Storm).
             The first group's remnants are the lios alfar.
             The  second  major racial group had golden hair  and  silver 
        skins.   The golden ranged from dark brown to pale blond and  the 
        silver  from blue black to almost albino.  These were arrayed  in 
        three  to four generation family groups named  after  geophysical 
        attributes  and  had  personal names  reflecting  aspirations  or 
        feelings (e.g. Bright-Glory Marsh or Victorious Mountain).
             The second group's remnants are the Tymoni or swart alfar.
             In modern racial terminology both groups would be  precursor 

        race similar to a caucasian-oriental cross.
        life cycle
             The Shannella's life cycle followed modern human life cycles 
        to  age  16.  At age 16 the Shannella began to be  able  to  bear 
        children, maturing somewhat later than modern humans.  
             This  state  of life occurred from age 16 to  age  21.   The 
        Shannella  then  went from biological 21 to 25  in  about  twenty 
        years (20 to 40), reaching full maturity at 40.
             The  Shannella  retained their peak from 40 to  200,  slowly 
        increasing  in muscle mass and refinement.  From 200 to 350  they 
        went through middle age and from 350 to 900, late middle age.  As 
        their  middle age passed, so did they, rapidly  fading  somewhere 
        between 900 and 1,100.
        race magics
             The Shannella were natural chaos shapers, able to work chaos 
        for  magical results as long as there was leynd power to use  and 
        chaos  to shape.  In ritual magics they were able to  gather  and 
        shape  chaos  into bound forms.  They could  also  reach  through 
        shadow into raw chaos to summon the greater demons.
             In addition to ritual magics, they had the following  racial 
        sorceries that were natural to their lore language.  Such sorcer-
        ies  took one melee round per magic point expended  and  required 
        some concentration and the ability to speak.
        shield <physical armor> d3 pts per magic point expended.
        mirror <radiation armor>
        lines  <electrical armor>
        master  <control  others> affect d3 pts of INT  per  magic  point 
        expended.   Must  maintain eye contact and win a POW v  POW  con-
        flict.  Limited to line of sight.
        fog <darkness> -10% to perception per point, 3m3 per point
        dissolve <temporary anti-magic> d3 points of magic effect  abated 
        for d3 minutes per magic point expended
        lwcnn <electrical blast> d3 points of energy/magic point
        shrive <radiation blast> 
        smite  <kinetic blast>
        alight <flying> gently glide d3 pts of SIZ/magic point
        nurture <feed> restore d3 CON/magic point expended
        chaos  <gather  &  shape chaos> d3 SIZ points of  matter  can  be 
        created and shaped per magic point expended
        concen  <focus  chaos  for Dtagga use> +d3 points  to  any  chaos 
        shadow growth per magic point expended
        heal  <healing>  heal d3 points per magic point  expended  divide 
        effect  by 9 if healing non-chaos shaping creature,  artifact  or 
        infuse <dissolve self> transfer d3 SIZ points to dream realm  per 
        point expended.
             Racial sorcery was limited by the amount of intelligence the 
        user  had  and their grasp of high/noble/lore  Shannella  speech.  

        One  spell could be carried in memory per two points of INT  com-
        mitted  to it and per 5% of speech had.  Thus with an INT  of  12 
        and speech of 50% one could know 10 spells and have a maximum  of 
        6 in memory.
             For every point of INT not committed to carrying spells,  an 
        additional  point of any spell could be cast.  Thus, with an  INT 
        of  12  and  5 spells, the Shannella could cast 1+2  or  3  point 
        versions of each spell.  The range of the spells was (unused  INT 
        +  CHA)*3  meters.  Thus with a CHA of 12,  the  character  above 
        could cast a 3 point spell for 36 meters, a 2 point spell for  39 
        meters and a 1 point spell for 42 meters.  
             Alternatively,  many of the alfar had  shapechanging  blood.  
        See the rules for shapechanging for details.  It was rare for any 
        shape not to be either medium or large (small weres were  unknown 
        to the Alfar and sizes above large required non-Alfar sorcery  to 
        obtain and hold).
        Lios Alfar 
             Gold skin/silver hair
        racial statistics
        SIZ  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        STR  3d6-           (3-18)
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19)
        CHA  3+3d6-         (6-21)
        APP  3d6+6-         (9-24)
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        INT  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        POW  12+2d6-        (14-24)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d6            (2-12)
        LUC  1d6*           (1-6)
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)
        *luck is a PC characteristic only
        Tymoni Alfar
             Silver skin/gold hair
        racial statistics
        SIZ  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        STR  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19)
        CHA  3d6-           (3-18)
        APP  3d6+6-         (9-24)
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        INT  10+2d6-        (12-22)
        POW  11+2d6-        (13-23)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d6            (2-12)
        LUC  1d6*           (1-6)
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)

        play notes
             The  Shannella  who became the lios alfar and  who  did  not 
        perish when the Teynd reduced all magic by a factor of nine, fled 
        into  the  atmospheric  leynd lines they  could  find,  alternate 
        planes that had not collapsed (very few) and dream realms.
             The swart alfar descended to the depths and pacted with  the 
        Kjttha  cluster  that they rescued from the  destruction  of  the 
        fifth  planet.  The Kjttha leached the leynd line powers and  the 
        tymoni alfar tapped them for power.  
             With the reduced levels of chaos, the Tymoni could  success-
        fully  tap the Kjttha only at relatively short ranges  and  along 
        subterranean leynd lines.
             With the Kjttha slain/demografied the Tymoni have lost their 
        comparative advantage on Earth's surface.
        B.   Builders a/k/a Tc'cha (sf/natural)
             The Tc'cha were variant humans who were successful scientif-
             The  Tc'cha and their successors were mostly green-brown  in 
        color and large in size.  Servant races were bio-engineered to be 
        smaller and different in color.  Servant races were of two human-
        oid  types.  The "true" or "natural" (the two words are the  same 
        in Tc'cha) servant races were fertile and had full civil rights.
             The  bio-tool  races were not fertile  and  were  considered 
        property.   They were often not humanoid.  While such races  were 
        initially  not  sentient and derived from animal stocks,  in  the 
        late Tc'cha eras almost all were sentient and derived from  human 
        stock.   Many  of the animal stock derived  bio-tool  races  were 
        modified  to be interfertile with humans and became  human  stock 
        with modified gene-clusters.
        life cycle
             The  Builders had infancy, toddler, prepubecent and  adoles-
        cent stages quickly.  They reached mature sexual function at ages 
        ten to eleven.  Their adolescence lasted from sexual maturity  to 
        "fade"  -- a stage that followed their centuries long  adolescent 
        stage.  Fade usually took the last forty to sixty years of a life 
        span that lasted 600 to 800 years.
             Many builders biorged at some point and thereafter spent  an 
        indefinite  period  of time in fade (with  the  fade  permanently 
        stayed  by  virtue  of the biorg  engineering).   Other  builders 
        genenginered  themselves  into non-human forms and had  the  life 
        cycles appropriate to such forms.

        race magics
             The builders had no race magics.  They are extinct as a race 
        and  as a culture.  No known builders survive,  though  successor 
        groups are known.  True builders had only green pigmentation.
             Builders  did  have the ability to gain luck  without  being 
        unique members of the population.  Builder luck is legendary.
        racial statistics
        SIZ  8+2d6-         (10-20)   x2 for giants
        STR  9+2d6-         (11-21)   x3 for giants
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19)    x11 for giants
        CHA  3d6-           (3-18) 
        APP  3d6-2-         (1-16) 
        DEX  5+2d6-         (7-19)    x1 for giants
        INT  8+2d6-         (10-20)   x1 for giants
        POW  6+2d6-         (8-18)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/4}*5%
        WIL  6+2d6          (8-18) 
        LUC  3d3*           (3-9)  
        PTS  1d3            (1-3)  
        *luck is a PC characteristic only, however, builder NPCs may have 
        1d3 points of luck as racial magic.
        racial statistics for normative servant race
        SIZ  3+2d6-         (5-15) 
        STR  4+2d6-         (6-16) 
        CON  7+2d6-         (9-19) 
        CHA  6+2d6-         (3-18) 
        APP  6+2d6-         (6-18) 
        DEX  6+2d6-         (8-18) 
        INT  6+2d6-         (6-18)
        POW  4+2d6-         (6-16)
        SAN  {(POW + INT)/3}*5%
        WIL  2d3            (2-6) 
        LUC  1d3*           (1-3) 
        PTS  2d3            (2-6)  
        play notes
             The builder successor civilization that is currently travel-
        ing  space is similar in size, attitudes and desires to  the  va-
        nished Tc'cha.  
             Rather  than  used delayed adolescence  for  life-extension, 
        they  use  a  slowed biorythmn clock.   Processes  are  generally 
        extended by a factor of 12, beginning at young adulthood  (around 
        16 to 18).  Where an Earth human might live to 120 with excellent 
        medical care and support, a member of the Builders might live  to 
        be 1,200 years or more.
             Their life extension methodology results in lowered fertili-
        ty  --  Builder females are fertile once a year for  about  three 
        days.  They have no population explosion problems and breed  past 

        replacement only by conscious government planning.
             The other builder races include several humanoid races,  the 
        derrows (dwarves) and the giant races.  The humanoids are succes-
        sors  to various heavily bio-engineered servant races.   Use  the 
        normal  servant race statistics with +1d3 to one requisite.   The 
        derrows  are  a specific non-servent race.  The snow  clans  were 
        bio-engineered  from alfar stock and have  alfar  characteristics 
        with  SIZ  = 7+d6 and STR = 13+d6, POW and INT 8+2d6.   The  deep 
        earth  clans  were  bio-engineered from builder  stock  and  have 
        builder characteristics with SIZ = 6+d6.
             The  giants have the characteristics as noted  above.   They 
        are bio-engineered builder stock.
        MYTH 1
             In  the time before the beginning there was almost  life  in 
        the interdimensional chaos.  A place of almost matter and  almost 
        form,  the chaos contains insufficient structure to  support  ra-
        tional  progression.  Nothing therein had sufficient position  to 
        have the necessary leverage to act.
             Within  the confusion, one (the first) followed the  pattern 
        set before, cycle by cycle, time before time.  One created  peace 
        within itself by separating into two.  As two it had leverage and 
        could both create and build, forming stability of concept.
             Those  that it met who followed also learned to become  two.  
        From  discordant  nothing, the ability to act was born  and  hope 
        arose admidst the almost life.
             For many who tasted hope, it was fleeting and only a pathway 
        to  dispair.   While any psuedolife could become two,  only  with 
        peace  could the two act as one.  Those with peace were  able  to 
        pass through the first and were born into the pattern formed when 
        the first became two.
             From beings of light and knowledge, almost matter and almost 
        form,  they became aware.  From pseudolife they passed to  intel-
        ligence.   By  birth into the pattern they  became  intelligences 
        able  to function from a place of peace.  This joinder  of  light 
        and  knowledge  into sapience was the first breath of  life  from 
             The first then moved on and learned to combine stability  of 
        form  with duality and peace.  In creating stability of  form  it 
        cast  the  first  shadow of what was to  come.   As  each  passed 
        through  the first and was born into form, a shadow was cast.   A 
        shadow  structure was formed from the many births, one  step  re-
        moved  from  chaos,  separate but not permanent.   This  was  the 
        second breath of formed life from the unformed.
             The next step was the movement from shadow to substance, the 
        addition of matter to spirit.  This was the creation of a  dimen-
        sional  reality  bounded  by laws and founded  in  matter.   From 

        shadow to substance.  From intangible to tangible.
             Such a project is near enough an Aleph sub zero infinity  to 
        quality as worlds without number.  Through the focus of their own 
        shadow  selves, the first made themselves the core of a  material 
        universe  and  began the creation of it, from the  shape  of  the 
        shadow  world,  by bearing a material child into  themselves  and 
        from themselves.  Half became a material son and half a spiritual 
        daughter, forecasting the final resolution.
             Each shadow spirit born into matter would be divided, making 
        the focus (created by the one becoming two) complete.  Each would 
        gain a body of matter, a focus of substance.  Separated from that 
        body  at some point, each would be made complete.  This would  be 
        the third breath of life.
             At  the end, after all had passed through matter  to  spirit 
        from  shadow,  each would be reformed into a whole,  focused  and 
        permanent  being,  gaining the last and final  fourth  breath  of 
             The universe created, over incredible time and by all manner 
        of shadow life, was large beyond comprehension.  It was of  fixed 
        matter, obeying laws and filled with the potential for life.
             In  form it followed the structure created by  the  original 
        spirit forms.  In addition, as they cast shadows which became the 
        material  universe, so the material universe cast a shadow  which 
        is  the world of dreams.  In the world of dreams,  following  law 
        and in a stable fashion, matter is pliable.  The levels of  shad-
        ow,  matter and dreams were anchored by a fourth spiritual  level 
        and  framework  designed to fold everything into  itself  at  the 
        final day.  Taken together they made a fourfold structure of real 
             The  pattern  fulfilled itself.  The Creatrix  created,  the 
        Builder  formed  and organized, and the two who  were  the  first 
        passed  through  the  stages into the core of  the  final  folded 
        world.  Their focus, the son and daughter, remained in the  mate-
        rial  and the dream world as anchors to draw all the shadow  life 
        forms  through the structure to permanence at the end.  The  uni-
        verse began.
             Many were born, took their places as matter began to evolve, 
        and  began the work of ordering and creating the worlds from  raw 
        matter.   As the great work began and the worlds began  to  form, 
        Teke;l Upharsin struck.
             Teke;l was one who became two by example, but who refused to 
        be  born or to accept peace.  Twisted and alive, but mindless  by 
        our standards, it formed a duality with Upharsin who was  unwill-
        ing  to accept form.  Together they forced the unliving birth  of 
        S'baal.   Teke;l spawned the unNamed, Upharsin the  unFormed  and 
        S'baal  the  unLiving.  As a triad they formed an  opposition  to 
        matter,  dream and spirit and sought to dissolve  reality  rather 
        than allow it to fold into its final fourfold permanence.

             Simplified, it looks somewhat like this:
        0 shadow///waiting
        1 material world///living -- where most play takes place
        2 dream///learning/waiting
        3 spirit///resting               }the mythic worlds
        4 final state
        The anti-pattern
        -1   Teke;l -- the unNamed (in chaos), unBalanced (in shadow)
        0    Upharsin -- the unFormed (in shadow), unFinished (in materi-
        1    S'baal -- the unLiving (in material), unReal (in dream)
        The creating pattern
        1    son (over material world)
        2    daughter (over dream world)
        3    father (over spirit world)
        4    mother (gate to the final world)
        THE POWERS
             (these can be treated as gods with a small "g" and heros)
             From  the chaos world:  unFinished and  unBalanced  Delictum 
        (injuries upon the world)
             From  the  shadow world:   The  Tychistic  Entities/Hegamons 
             From   the   material  world:   The   Changing   and   other 
        Nomens/Masters (growth)
             From the dream world:  The Ordered Daemons/Lords (form)
             From  the  spirit world:  The Gomashtah  (twisted)  and  the 
        Elachi (good). (decisions)
             From  the  final  world:  The First, the  Oenecius  and  the 
        Anatocici (True gods).
        MYTH 2
             For a re-cap, this is how reality is posited to exist:
        -1   chaos

             multi-dimensional,  unformed space.  Chaos is a void  filled 
        with unstable mass and without stable space-time or dimensions.
        0    shadow///waiting
             six-dimensional (*1 to *6), flat and ordered space.   Shadow 
        is extremely ordered and exists only where it is filled.  It  has 
        four "normal" dimensions which comprise matter and spirit and  it 
        also  has  time  and a sixth dimension referred to  as  *6.   All 
        movement in shadow takes place through *6 as all other dimensions 
        are filled.
        1    material world///living -- where most play takes place
             twelve+-dimensional (*0 to *5, *7 to *12, 12+).  Except  for 
        *12 and the three dimensions that we are accustomed to the dimen-
        sions are rather flat, existing on the order of microspace.  Some 
        of the microspace directional dimensions can be split or  folded, 
        creating 12+ (generally defined as 12+ <na> where n = the  dimen-
        sion,  a = letter for which split or fold, e.g. 12+ <9b>)  dimen-
        sions  at  specific locales.  Most math works out  reflecting  12 
        apparent dimensions (and not reflecting *12).
             *12 was unfolded and is not flat.  *12 is not contiguous  at 
        all points and provides branch points for partial material worlds 
        and levels related to our own.
             Note that the number and size of these "parallel worlds"  is 
        extremely  limited and can be measured by looking for the  "miss-
        ing" matter not accounted for by current physics.  Paths  through 
        *12  occasionally unfold *7, *8, *9, *10 and *11 with  reductions 
        in  various nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces  and  gravity.  
        Such paths are not necessarily time congruent.
        2    dream///learning/waiting 
             One of the two mythic worlds, it is five dimensional (*5, *1 
        to *4).  It has *5 in place of *0 and no *0 dimension.   Contigu-
        ous with the physical world it has strange topology (*5 is acces-
        sible as a direction, *0 never is) and physical matter is not  as 
        stable as it is in the material world.
        3    spirit///resting         
             Another of the mythic worlds, it is n-dimensional (*5, *6 to 
        *12,  *4  under special rules that make it a  partially  physical 
        dimension).   In  it *6 takes the place of *5  (which  takes  the 
        place of *0).  No *1 to *3.
        4    final state
             Fully 12+-dimensional (*0 through *12+, fully multiplexed in 
        each  dimension  rather than flat or folded).  It  is  incredibly 
        dense with matter and energy.

             These are powers, forces, etc. that can aid, help, or hinder 
        dependent on how they are invoked and why they are touched by the 
        The anti-pattern
             Equivalent to evil gods, devils, demons, etc.  The number in 
        front of each relates to the level of reality at which the  anti-
        pattern icon/master/god is native.
        -1   Teke;l -- the unNamed (in chaos), unBalanced (in shadow)
             Teke;l  rules over and is the source of the chaos  creatures 
        known  as  the unNamed and the shadow creatures  unknown  as  the 
        unBalanced.   Teke;l  is  a true chaos creature  and  resides  in 
        chaos.  It is the least substantial and the least sentient of the 
        the  anti-pattern  and the farthest from  anything  that  mortals 
        might understand or recognize.
             The unNamed come from outside (chaos itself and other reali-
        ties)  and  are non-euclidean and without names.   They  have  no 
        natural  place in reality and are rejected by it and are  damaged 
        by existence in dimensional space.  They have no names.
             The  unBalanced  are chaos creatures which do not  have  the 
        duality  of balance that is required to be a natural  portion  of 
        reality.  They are unstable.
             Both of these are incomplete and alien chaos creatures.
        0    Upharsin -- the unFormed (in shadow), unFinished (in materi-
             The  unFormed are defiled creatures from shadow.   Cold  and 
        ever  hungry, they haunt the interface of shadow and the  mundane 
             The  unfinished are chaos creatures that have  the  two-part 
        balance  but that do not have any finish.  They are not  finished 
        and are not truly sentient or alive.
             The  unFinished are chaos spawn from the spaces between  the 
        planes.   Our ordered existence is hostile to them.  The  running 
        sores,  decaying bodies and deliquescing flesh of some  creatures 
        is mute testimony to their origins and unfitness for this space.
        1    S'baal -- the unLiving (in material), unReal (in dream)
             The  unLiving  are antilife creatures  antithetical  to  our 
        existence.   Those creatures who merge the unLife with  life  are 
        the unDead.  Most who appear to merge are actually husks with the 
        life eaten out of them and shadow memories leased to the antilife 
        forces within.
             The  unReal  are embodied lies that have penetrated  to  the 

        dream levels.
        The creating pattern  (True Gods)
        1    Son (over material world)
        2    Daughter (over dream world)
        3    Father (over spirit world)
        4    Mother (gate to the final world)
        THE POWERS
             For  both good and evil, the powers can be defined  as  fol-
             From  the chaos world:  unFinished and  unBalanced  Delictum 
        (injuries upon the world)
             These creatures are always powers for ill though conceivably 
        there might be some who are not powers for evil.  Their  presence 
        injures the world.
             The Delictum are godlike entities of chaos who may be either 
        unFinished or unBalanced and who can benefit from worship, sacri-
        fice and from being invoked into the material world.
             They  are typically identified by a name and the  aspect  or 
        power  for which they are known.  Some can invoke other  Delictum 
        or  create other names.  Delictum have presences from  the  chaos 
        realms through to the dream realms.
             From  the  shadow world:   The  Tychistic  Entities/Hegamons 
             The Hegamons are Tychistic entities who are one step removed 
        form  chaos  and who are natural to the shadow world.   They  are 
        often paired with the forces of luck and fate represented by  the 
        shadow norns.
             The  Hegamons are natural to this reality but very  raw  and 
        unblunted.   They are creatures of elemental and emotional  force 
        who represent forces that progress from shadow into reality.
             Typically an Hegamon is identified by a name, a force and an 
        order.  E.g.  Irianton, the Ice Lord of Spears; Sefti, the  Storm 
        Dictat of Stars.
             From   the   material  world:   The   Changing   and   other 
        Nomens/Masters (growth)
             The  Nomens are masters of various powers and forces.   They 
        represent  the  powers of growth in the material  world.   Nomens 
        typically have the powers, attributes and manifestations that are 
        associated with gods, powers and mastery.  
             Nomens  are masters of a particular force, skill or  attrib-
        ute.   Specific nomens are channels for magical  force/wisdom  in 

        local areas and are paired with relevant norns for such areas.
             The underlying power of Nomens comes from knowledge, mastery 
        and growth.  Most Nomen are best thought of as heros.
             From the dream world:  The Ordered Daemons/Lords (form)
             Daemons  and Lords are forces similar to angels  and  saints 
        and  can be thought of as acting the same way.  They provide  aid 
        and succor because they exist to aid and succor
             From  the  spirit world:  The Gomashtah  (twisted)  and  the 
        Elachi (good). (decisional powers)
             The  Gomashtah  were  polluted by the  antipattern  and  are 
        twisted.   The Elachi are purified from all chaos and  are  free.  
        Both  have  a great deal of raw power.  Only the  Gomashtah  seek 
             All of these have a singular emotional theme.  The Gomashtah 
        are immature in their formation and have uncontrolled and twisted 
        themes.   The Elachi have bridled themes and deep maturity  under 
        their  control   (e.g.  twisted Rage vs Anger,  twisted  Lust  vs 
        Passion, twisted Hate vs Love, etc.).
             Both  the  Gomashtah and the Elachi wield a  great  deal  of 
        coincidental  power  as  the result of their  ability  to  change 
        reality  by  the force of their presence and both  tend  to  have 
        "minor" secondary themes attached to them.
             From  the  final  world:  The First, the  Oenecius  and  the 
        Anatocici (True gods)
             These  are true gods with the powers a modern would  require 
        of a god.
             There  are  several sets of forces involved in  the  current 
        conflict.  They can be broken down into the following groups:
             That  is those who are natural to this realm and  those  who 
        are chaos derived.
             Some  chaos derived creatures have a long enough history  on 
        earth  to be considered natives, many natural creatures are  for-
        eign to earth.  Foreign creatures are generally a greater  threat 
        than native ones, though not always.
             There  are foriegn creatures of both chaos and  nature  that 
        seek to invade and consume planets and the life on them.

             A common split.  More relevant might be tychistic/virtuous.
             The material world has a great deal of seepage from both the 
        shadow and the dream worlds.