Shattered Norns Supplement -- Background /Setting


       Copyright 1992 by Stephen R. Marsh







                               I.  INTRODUCTION


            The  second island of the triad is shaped like  a  backwards 

       "L."   The up stroke is tilted 10o to the right of a  north/south 

       ('d/lae) line.  The base stroke goes west and up about 10o of the 

       east/west  (T'/Sia)  line.  The base is approximately  300  miles 

       (500 kilometers), the up approximately 280 miles (467 kilometers) 

       in length.  The Island is approximately 46,000 square miles.




            Beginning at the surface, the strata are arrayed as follows:  

       sandstone  (with some shale); limestone and dolomite;  bituminous 

       shale  and slate; granite, quartz and taconite; slate (with  some 

       quartz), hessile, pentlandite and chromite; continental plate.


            The lowest strata is quite deep.


            The  top  of the up stroke is some forty miles wide  at  its 

       narrowest part (the rounded top) and slowly swells out to a width 

       of about 80 miles where the "L" bends west.  The base is about 90 

       to 100 miles wide until it tapers off sharply at the west end.


            Topologically there are the following regions:


            North Swell.  This covers the first (or top) eighty miles of 

       the up stroke and ends with a sharp drop of over a hundred  feet.  

       The coast has a sharp drop as well, reminiscent of the cliffs  of 



            The  Roll.  In the relatively flat land south of  the  North 

       swell  is a roll in the earth.  This giant, gentle  hill,  breaks 

       the watersheds.


            The Ripples.  South of the Roll, are the Ripples.  These are 

       a series of hills, similar to the "up-state" area of New York  or 

       the  western edge of Germany.  The ripples run rather  much  from 

       the northwest to the southeast.


            Framaine  Plain.  East of the Roll and the Ripples  is  Fra-

       maine Plain.  Starfish lake and The Whorl are the major  features 

       that break the grasslands of the plain.


            West of the Framaine is a great forest that slopes gently up 

       to Argaran, a large rounded bluff about forty miles across.


            South  Swell, a very gentle swell, finishes off the  tip  of 

       the base stroke leg of the second island.


                             III.  SEACOAST AREAS


            Beginning  at  the  northern tip, the  seacoast  drops  into 

       rather  deep water.  North Swell drops several hundred  feet  di-

       rectly  below the sea.  Where the Swell ends a reef  line  begins 

       that extends from the plateau edge of North Swell to the city  of 

       Noresca at the base or angle of the "L."


            Within  the oval formed by the coast and the reef  are  sand 

       barrens and a gently sloping shelf.  The shelf continues out from 

       the reef, comes in sharply at Noresca and extends out on an east-

       west  line to the end of the island where it extends  around  the 

       South  Swell.  It comes in at the Barrens and then  extends  out, 

       with the renewed reef and island line that begins at Sia'ord  and 

       continues  to the beginning of the North Swell on  the  Northwest 



            The southern coast has no reef.  It does have a gentle shelf 

       that  extends  out  to forty to sixty miles at  its  widest,  and 

       substantial sand barrens.


            The Northern/Western coast area is substantially affected by 

       a  chain of reefs, islands, islets, sand dunes, and  other  areas 

       that  form  a  protecting coastal buffer.  The  shelf  drops  off 

       dramatically  at the outer layer of this multilevel  buffer  zone 

       and is fairly gentle within it. 


            Seen  from  above the coastal areas,  including  the  shelf, 

       appear much like a square with rounded corners.  The reversed "L" 

       or  / shape of the land sticks through the square's  upper  right 

       hand corner and touches the bottom right corner.  It also touches 

       about one forth of the way up the left hand side of the square.


                                  IV.  CITIES


            The North Swell has the Tirganeth Mines and the Sarad Mines.  

       Both are substantially abandoned delves.  It also has the city of 

       Notch at the southwestern break in the land wall.


            Due  west  from  Notch, on the coast and off  of  the  North 

       Swell,  is Sorens.  Sorens is situated at a river mouth  for  the 

       major drainage for everything north and east of The Roll.


            Upstream of Sorens, where the rivers flowing from Avain  and 

       The  Notch  meet, is Severed Pitch.  Avain is due  south  of  it, 

       along the river and Sa Nord is southeast, on the Eastern Coast.


            The  Roll contains Sorens Delve at its northern end  and  is 

       otherwise free of any substantial building or cities.


            The  Ripples  have  no cities or  major  towns.   There  are 

       several  small  villages and strongholds.  Most of  the  southern 

       run-off  from  The Ripples passes out of the port  Noresca.   The 

       Southwest run-off passes through the port Nord Lae which sits  at 

       the bottom of the Framaine Plain and the West of the Ripples.


            Framaine  Plain  contains A Nord on the  shore  of  Starfish 

       lake,  E Nord on The Whorl (which is both a lake and rock  forma-

       tion  stretching over a twenty mile area) and the city of  Ostend 

       on the North.


            Argaran forest has Sia'ord at the mouth of the Schied river.  

       Roth  Ci'(east) and Twisted Bough (south) are both upstream  from 

       the city of Sai'ord.  While the coast south and west is a blasted 

       barren for forty to sixty miles, upstream from Twisted Bough  and 

       at the base of the Argaran faded plateau/rounded hill are  Karlan 

       (southwest) and the Noranon Mines.


            South  Swell, a very gentle swell, finishes off the  tip  of 

       the  base stroke leg of the second island without any  cities  or 

       major towns.


                                  V.  OSTEND


            Ostend  the major city and center of the second island.   It 

       is  the  reason this island is often known as Ostend  Isle.   The 

       city  was  founded before the great dark and  survived  the  dark 

       intact.  The protected intercoastal area was formed at the begin-

       ning  of the great dark and the earth fires that warmed it  (long 

       since  cooled) provided a great upswell in small life forms  that 

       fed fish and sustained life.


            It is currently regulated by a council.  The government is a 

       representative  oligarchy  with  some  republican  subsets.   The 

       council seats are distributed as follows:


            2 seats:  for the six trading families.


            1 seat:  Clananaan family (an ancient family related to  the 

       Witch of E'Nord)


            1  seat:  Arvan family (an ancient family related to one  of 

       the extinguished five families).


            1 seat: Fire Mage.  (always a mage from the Fire society).


            1 seat:  Norns (by a priestess of Lorna).


            1 seat:  Grandmaster (A master from the Masterbuilder).


            1 seat:  The three lords (Three principalities of the south-

       ern reaches).


            The major council controls the city and trade arrangements.


            There  is  an  auxiliary council that  seats  the  following 

       representative seats:


            3 seats:  The five families (the re-established connection)


            1 seat:  Asana (the cult center at Severed Pitch).


            1 seat:  Five Elements (the center at Sia'Ord).


            1 seat:  Feychild (the Fey Folk of Algrave Bridge).


            1 seat:  The Witch (E'Nord).


            1 seat:  The Dark Man (the Kar Manta West Realms).


            1 seat:  The Caran Tribe (Sea Trolls).


            1 seat:  The Cyan Tribe (Sea Trolls).


            1 seat:  The Running (Schied river werefolk).


            3  seats:  The Tsang Family (old nobility, black eyed  albi-



            3  seats:  The Delves.  (Ostend contains a Delve within  the 



            9 seats:  The Commons (the city districts).


            1 seat:  The Lot (divination or manfriends).


            The  auxiliary  council  handles  administrative  tasks  and 

       delegations over the area of Ostend's dominion.  Areas are rotat-

       ed  so that each seat participates in administering  a  different 

       triad  of  areas every two years.  (There are  27  administrative 

       areas.   They are randomly grouped into nine districts every  two 

       years.  Each district has three seats that administer it.


            Ostend's dominion controls the major trade with The Crown of 

       Tears, the fishing and farming of the intercoastal area  (includ-

       ing  regulating and mediating sea troll and fey  folk  conflicts) 

       and  the trade routes with E Nord, A Nord, Sorens  Delve,  Sorens 

       and  Severed Pitch.  It also extends to the western end  of  Fra-

       maine Plain and the varied Tsang Family feudal realms.  Avain has 

       made  itself a part of Ostend's Dominion in return  for  counter-

       force to incursions made from Notch.


            Because  of  the  trade routes and  natural  wind  patterns, 

       almost all of the trade from the Five Families/Crown of Tears  to 

       the first island of the triad stops over at Ostend.


                               VI.  COMPARISONS


            England is approximately 50,327 square miles, Ireland 27,137 

       square miles and Northern Ireland 5,258 square miles.  The United 

       Kingdom is 94,399 square miles.  



       MYTH I


            In  the time before the beginning there was almost  life  in 

       the interdimensional chaos.  A place of almost matter and  almost 

       form,  the chaos contains insufficient structure to  support  ra-

       tional  progression.  Nothing therein had sufficient position  to 

       have the necessary leverage to act.


            Within  the confusion, one (the first) followed the  pattern 

       set before, cycle by cycle, time before time.  One created  peace 

       within itself by separating into two.  As two it had leverage and 

       could both create and build, forming stability of concept.


            Those  that it met who followed also learned to become  two.  

       From  discordant  nothing, the ability to act was born  and  hope 

       arose admidst the almost life.


            For many who tasted hope, it was fleeting and only a pathway 

       to  dispair.   While any psuedolife could become two,  only  with 

       peace  could the two act as one.  Those with peace were  able  to 

       pass through the first and were born into the pattern formed when 

       the first became two.


            From beings of light and knowledge, almost matter and almost 

       form,  they became aware.  From pseudolife they passed to  intel-

       ligence.   By  birth into the pattern they  became  intelligences 

       able  to function from a place of peace.  This joinder  of  light 

       and  knowledge  into sapience was the first breath of  life  from 



            The first then moved on and learned to combine stability  of 

       form  with duality and peace.  In creating stability of  form  it 

       cast  the  first  shadow of what was to  come.   As  each  passed 

       through  the first and was born into form, a shadow was cast.   A 

       shadow  structure was formed from the many births, one  step  re-

       moved  from  chaos,  separate but not permanent.   This  was  the 

       second breath of formed life from the unformed.


            The next step was the movement from shadow to substance, the 

       addition of matter to spirit.  This was the creation of a  dimen-

       sional  reality  bounded  by laws and founded  in  matter.   From 

       shadow to substance.  From intangible to tangible.


            Such a project is near enough an Aleph sub zero infinity  to 

       quality as worlds without number.  Through the focus of their own 

       shadow  selves, the first made themselves the core of a  material 

       universe  and  began the creation of it, from the  shape  of  the 

       shadow  world,  by bearing a material child into  themselves  and 

       from themselves.  Half became a material son and half a spiritual 

       daughter, forecasting the final resolution.


            Each shadow spirit born into matter would be divided, making 

       the focus (created by the one becoming two) complete.  Each would 

       gain a body of matter, a focus of substance.  Separated from that 

       body  at some point, each would be made complete.  This would  be 

       the third breath of life.


            At  the end, after all had passed through matter  to  spirit 

       from  shadow,  each would be reformed into a whole,  focused  and 

       permanent  being,  gaining the last and final  fourth  breath  of 



            The universe created, over incredible time and by all manner 

       of shadow life, was large beyond comprehension.  It was of  fixed 

       matter, obeying laws and filled with the potential for life.


            In  form it followed the structure created by  the  original 

       spirit forms.  In addition, as they cast shadows which became the 

       material  universe, so the material universe cast a shadow  which 

       is  the world of dreams.  In the world of dreams,  following  law 

       and in a stable fashion, matter is pliable.  The levels of  shad-

       ow,  matter and dreams were anchored by a fourth spiritual  level 

       and  framework  designed to fold everything into  itself  at  the 

       final day.  Taken together they made a fourfold structure of real 



            The  pattern  fulfilled itself.  The Creatrix  created,  the 

       Builder  formed  and organized, and the two who  were  the  first 

       passed  through  the  stages into the core of  the  final  folded 

       world.  Their focus, the son and daughter, remained in the  mate-

       rial  and the dream world as anchors to draw all the shadow  life 

       forms  through the structure to permanence at the end.  The  uni-

       verse began.


            Many were born, took their places as matter began to evolve, 

       and  began the work of ordering and creating the worlds from  raw 

       matter.   As the great work began and the worlds began  to  form, 

       Teke;l Upharsin struck.


            Teke;l was one who became two by example, but who refused to 

       be  born or to accept peace.  Twisted and alive, but mindless  by 

       our standards, it formed a duality with Upharsin who was  unwill-

       ing  to accept form.  Together they forced the unliving birth  of 

       S'baal.   Teke;l spawned the unNamed, Upharsin the  unFormed  and 

       S'baal  the  unLiving.  As a triad they formed an  opposition  to 

       matter,  dream and spirit and sought to dissolve  reality  rather 

       than allow it to fold into its final fourfold permanence.


            Simplified, it looks somewhat like this:




       -1   chaos

       0    shadow///waiting

       1    material world///living -- where most play takes place

       2    dream///learning/waiting

       3    spirit///resting         }the mythic worlds

       4    final state





       The anti-pattern


       -1   Teke;l -- the unNamed (in chaos), unBalanced (in shadow)

       0    Upharsin -- the unFormed (in shadow), unFinished (in materi-


       1    S'baal -- the unLiving (in material), unReal (in dream)


       The creating pattern


       1    son (over material world)

       2    daughter (over dream world)

       3    father (over spirit world)

       4    mother (gate to the final world)





            (these can be treated as gods with a small "g" and heros)


            From  the chaos world:  unFinished and  unBalanced  Delictum 

       (injuries upon the world)


            From  the  shadow world:   The  Tychistic  Entities/Hegamons 



            From   the   material  world:   The   Changing   and   other 

       Nomens/Masters (growth)


            From the dream world:  The Ordered Daemons/Lords (form)


            From  the  spirit world:  The Gomashtah  (twisted)  and  the 

       Elachi (good). (decisions)


            From  the  final  world:  The First, the  Oenecius  and  the 

       Anatocici (True gods).


       MYTH II


            For a re-cap, this is how reality is posited to exist:




       -1   chaos

            multi-dimensional,  unformed space.  Chaos is a void  filled 

       with unstable mass and without stable space-time or dimensions.


       0    shadow///waiting


            six-dimensional (*1 to *6), flat and ordered space.   Shadow 

       is extremely ordered and exists only where it is filled.  It  has 

       four "normal" dimensions which comprise matter and spirit and  it 

       also  has  time  and a sixth dimension referred to  as  *6.   All 

       movement in shadow takes place through *6 as all other dimensions 

       are filled.


       1    material world///living -- where most play takes place


            twelve+-dimensional (*0 to *5, *7 to *12, 12+).  Except  for 

       *12 and the three dimensions that we are accustomed to the dimen-

       sions are rather flat, existing on the order of microspace.  Some 

       of the microspace directional dimensions can be split or  folded, 

       creating 12+ (generally defined as 12+ <na> where n = the  dimen-

       sion,  a = letter for which split or fold, e.g. 12+ <9b>)  dimen-

       sions  at  specific locales.  Most math works out  reflecting  12 

       apparent dimensions (and not reflecting *12).


            *12 was unfolded and is not flat.  *12 is not contiguous  at 

       all points and provides branch points for partial material worlds 

       and levels related to our own.


            Note that the number and size of these "parallel worlds"  is 

       extremely  limited and can be measured by looking for the  "miss-

       ing" matter not accounted for by current physics.  Paths  through 

       *12  occasionally unfold *7, *8, *9, *10 and *11 with  reductions 

       in  various nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces  and  gravity.  

       Such paths are not necessarily time congruent.


       2    dream///learning/waiting 


            One of the two mythic worlds, it is five dimensional (*5, *1 

       to *4).  It has *5 in place of *0 and no *0 dimension.   Contigu-

       ous with the physical world it has strange topology (*5 is acces-

       sible as a direction, *0 never is) and physical matter is not  as 

       stable as it is in the material world.


       3    spirit///resting         


            Another of the mythic worlds, it is n-dimensional (*5, *6 to 

       *12,  *4  under special rules that make it a  partially  physical 

       dimension).   In  it *6 takes the place of *5  (which  takes  the 

       place of *0).  No *1 to *3.


       4    final state


            Fully 12+-dimensional (*0 through *12+, fully multiplexed in 

       each  dimension  rather than flat or folded).  It  is  incredibly 

       dense with matter and energy.




            These are powers, forces, etc. that can aid, help, or hinder 

       dependent on how they are invoked and why they are touched by the 



       The anti-pattern


            Equivalent to evil gods, devils, demons, etc.  The number in 

       front of each relates to the level of reality at which the  anti-

       pattern icon/master/god is native.



       -1   Teke;l -- the unNamed (in chaos), unBalanced (in shadow)


            Teke;l  rules over and is the source of the chaos  creatures 

       known  as  the unNamed and the shadow creatures  unknown  as  the 

       unBalanced.   Teke;l  is  a true chaos creature  and  resides  in 

       chaos.  It is the least substantial and the least sentient of the 

       the  anti-pattern  and the farthest from  anything  that  mortals 

       might understand or recognize.


            The unNamed come from outside (chaos itself and other reali-

       ties)  and  are non-euclidean and without names.   They  have  no 

       natural  place in reality and are rejected by it and are  damaged 

       by existence in dimensional space.  They have no names.


            The  unBalanced  are chaos creatures which do not  have  the 

       duality  of balance that is required to be a natural  portion  of 

       reality.  They are unstable.


            Both of these are incomplete and alien chaos creatures.



       0    Upharsin -- the unFormed (in shadow), unFinished (in materi-



            The  unFormed are defiled creatures from shadow.   Cold  and 

       ever  hungry, they haunt the interface of shadow and the  mundane 



            The  unfinished are chaos creatures that have  the  two-part 

       balance  but that do not have any finish.  They are not  finished 

       and are not truly sentient or alive.


            The  unFinished are chaos spawn from the spaces between  the 

       planes.   Our ordered existence is hostile to them.  The  running 

       sores,  decaying bodies and deliquescing flesh of some  creatures 

       is mute testimony to their origins and unfitness for this space.


       1    S'baal -- the unLiving (in material), unReal (in dream)


            The  unLiving  are antilife creatures  antithetical  to  our 

       existence.   Those creatures who merge the unLife with  life  are 

       the unDead.  Most who appear to merge are actually husks with the 

       life eaten out of them and shadow memories leased to the antilife 

       forces within.


            The  unReal  are embodied lies that have penetrated  to  the 

       dream levels.



       The creating pattern  (True Gods)


       1    Son (over material world)

       2    Daughter (over dream world)

       3    Father (over spirit world)

       4    Mother (gate to the final world)





            For  both good and evil, the powers can be defined  as  fol-



            From  the chaos world:  unFinished and  unBalanced  Delictum 

       (injuries upon the world)


            These creatures are always powers for ill though conceivably 

       there might be some who are not powers for evil.  Their  presence 

       injures the world.


            The Delictum are godlike entities of chaos who may be either 

       unFinished or unBalanced and who can benefit from worship, sacri-

       fice and from being invoked into the material world.


            They  are typically identified by a name and the  aspect  or 

       power  for which they are known.  Some can invoke other  Delictum 

       or  create other names.  Delictum have presences from  the  chaos 

       realms through to the dream realms.


            From  the  shadow world:   The  Tychistic  Entities/Hegamons 



            The Hegamons are Tychistic entities who are one step removed 

       form  chaos  and who are natural to the shadow world.   They  are 

       often paired with the forces of luck and fate represented by  the 

       shadow norns.


            The  Hegamons are natural to this reality but very  raw  and 

       unblunted.   They are creatures of elemental and emotional  force 

       who represent forces that progress from shadow into reality.


            Typically an Hegamon is identified by a name, a force and an 

       order.  E.g.  Irianton, the Ice Lord of Spears; Sefti, the  Storm 

       Dictat of Stars.


            From   the   material  world:   The   Changing   and   other 

       Nomens/Masters (growth)


            The  Nomens are masters of various powers and forces.   They 

       represent  the  powers of growth in the material  world.   Nomens 

       typically have the powers, attributes and manifestations that are 

       associated with gods, powers and mastery.  


            Nomens  are masters of a particular force, skill or  attrib-

       ute.   Specific nomens are channels for magical  force/wisdom  in 

       local areas and are paired with relevant norns for such areas.


            The underlying power of Nomens comes from knowledge, mastery 

       and growth.  Most Nomen are best thought of as heros.


            From the dream world:  The Ordered Daemons/ Lords (form)


            Daemons  and Lords are forces similar to angels  and  saints 

       and  can be thought of as acting the same way.  They provide  aid 

       and succor because they exist to aid and succor


            From  the  spirit world:  The Gomashtah  (twisted)  and  the 

       Elachi (good).(decisional powers)


            The  Gomashtah  were  polluted by the  antipattern  and  are 

       twisted.   The Elachi are purified from all chaos and  are  free.  

       Both  have  a great deal of raw power.  Only the  Gomashtah  seek 



            All of these have a singular emotional theme.  The Gomashtah 

       are immature in their formation and have uncontrolled and twisted 

       themes.   The Elachi have bridled themes and deep maturity  under 

       their  control   (e.g.  twisted Rage vs Anger,  twisted  Lust  vs 

       Passion, twisted Hate vs Love, etc.).


            Both  the  Gomashtah and the Elachi wield a  great  deal  of 

       coincidental  power  as  the result of their  ability  to  change 

       reality  by  the force of their presence and both  tend  to  have 

       "minor" secondary themes attached to them.


            From  the  final  world:  The First, the  Oenecius  and  the 

       Anatocici (True gods)


            These  are true gods with the powers a modern would  require 

       of a god.




            There  are  several sets of forces involved in  the  current 

       conflict.  They can be broken down into the following groups:




            That  is those who are natural to this realm and  those  who 

       are chaos derived.




            Some  chaos derived creatures have a long enough history  on 

       earth  to be considered natives, many natural creatures are  for-

       eign to earth.  Foreign creatures are generally a greater  threat 

       than native ones, though not always.


            There  are foriegn creatures of both chaos and  nature  that 

       seek to invade and consume planets and the life on them.




            A common split.  More relevant might be tychistic/virtuous.




            The material world has a great deal of seepage from both the 

       shadow and the dream worlds.



       MYTH III




            Magic  has multiple sources.  Unrealized by many, magic  has 

       more variety than technology.


            In looking at magic it helps to review the power source, the 

       leverage, the methodology, and the rules that apply.


       Power Sources


            Magic  can be powered by the magical energy that flows  down 

       leynd  lines,  by the bio-energetic forces  generated  by  living 

       creatures, by the strenghth of an individual's will or  presence, 

       by an outside party (e.g. a sponsor), by rigid harmonic rules and 

       by access to Tychistic powers.




            Generally, magic requires use of internal force to tap  into 

       the  Leynd or Tychistic forces available.  Those forces are  then 

       used to power the magic.


            Leynd forces add to the power of the magic-user.   Tychistic 

       forces  increase  the  result of the magic  worked.   Most  magic 

       involves both.


            For  magic without Leynd force available (as when the  chaos 

       worm  cut off the flow of force from the world tree), divide  the 

       strength  of the spell/etc. by 9.  Thus a 9d6 energy blast  would 

       do  only 1d6.  For magic without tychistic forces  present  (i.e. 

       when  chaos is locked away from the world as happened during  the 

       Teynd  binding) divide the results by 9.  Thus a 9  point  energy 

       blast would do 1 point.


            These  results  are culmulative.  Should the magic  go  away 

       magical  spells would have only .0123456790123 of  their  current 

       potency.  Magic is vulnerable to interruptions of leynd lines and 

       force  flows  and  master mages should be  concerned  about  such 





            Given  power, as discussed above, magic can be worked  in  a 

       number of ways.


            Conjuring  is  the use of the sixfold method  to  accomplish 

       matrix  results.   There are 36 basic results  and  216  expanded 

       results  available.   Conjuring is a common magic  in  the  dream 

       worlds.  It is similar to normal spell casting in many ways  even 

       though  the  methodology is dramatically different.  (A  form  of 

       spell casting not found in RQ, see MISTWORLD).  


            Runecraft  is the investment of self into elemental or  ide-

       alistic  patterns and is often associated with spirits,  sponsors 

       or  gods  who embody an elemental or idealistic  pattern.   (Rune 

       magic per RQ is worked this way).


            Shamanism is the use of bound spirits to accomplish results.  

       It is similar to sorcery.  (Shamanism per RQ is worked this way).


            Shaping,  often known as chaos shaping, involves the  naming 

       and shaping of the raw stuff of chaos into forms in the  material 

       world.   (The  summoning and binding of demons  and  virtues  per 

       STORMBRINGER is a conceptualized form of shaping.)


            Sorcery  is  the use of bound force to  accomplish  results.  

       Similar to shamanism.  (new)


            Summoning is the invoking of outside powers to do things for 

       the  magician.  Cf demonology, necromancy, etc.  Similar to  sha-

       manism  except  that the forces are generally not  bound.   Often 

       seen in connection with a patron.  (Some spells in CALL OF  CTHU-

       LU, RQ, etc. fit into this area).


            Trylleri is the use of rules to shape and structure  magical 

       force.   This  is what most people would think of when  magic  or 

       spell  casting are thought of.  Some degree of Trylleri  is  evi-

       denced in any form of magic-use, but this term is generally  used 

       to describe spell casting when magical energy goes in at one  end 

       and an immediate result <e.g. a blast of magical energy,  levita-

       tion, or a wall of energy> comes out the energy.  (RQIII sorcery)


            Verasz  or  invokation is the embodiment  or  assumption  of 

       forms of power.  Cf avatars.  Generally the magic-user takes upon 

       his  or herself a form that has power.  Similar to  shapechanging 

       only  this  is  self-changing -- with the  associated  risks  and 

       difficulties.  (new)


            Witchcraft  is the use of internal force to directly  accom-

       plish  results.  Interchangable with psionics.  Similar to  Tryl-

       leri  with a different source for the energy (internal vs  exter-

       nal)  and generally different methods (witchcraft tends to  be  a 

       little slower).  (new, RINGWORLD psionics also fit here).


            Wizardry  is  the use of languages of power  to  invoke  the 

       related  elemental power.  (cf Shattered Norns.  New, rules  were 

       published in TWH).


            One  should  note that most methodologies can  involve  each 

       other.   E.g. most Wizards are using trylleri to  manipulate  and 

       shape  the elemental powers they have evoked.  Most sorcerers  do 

       not limit themselves to binding force.  Etc.


            Also, all magical results can be brought about by pure force 

       of  presence  and will (assuming enough of  both).   Many  mythic 

       creatures work magical results by force of their will alone.



       MYTH IV


       THE NORNS


            The  Sa-Norns are a class of magical beings who function  in 

       the worlds at the mechanical level.  They are charged with insur-

       ing that the mechanical matters of the transistion from shadow to 

       real to dream to final stage all occur as they should.  


            The  Sa-Norns with which most people are concerned  are  the 

       Allethae, commonly just called Norns, and work in groups of 5  or 

       7.  They are assigned to planetary systems and are commonly  seen 

       as the power of fate.


            The Allethae Norns are always female.  They can concieve  at 

       any  time, but cannot bear children unless ritually and  formally 

       married.  Norns generally consort with transitional male  Nomens, 

       though  they  may  ally with other  male  Powers.   Relationships 

       involving Norns are never casual and generally are permanent.  


            Each  group of 5 or 7 Norns has a relationship with a  group 

       of  5 or 7 male Powers.  The Norns will have creative or  genera-

       tive  archtypes  (e.g. "the weaver") and the  Powers  magical  or 

       elemental ones (e.g. darkness).  The Norns and Powers form into a 

       unit  of  function centered like a star, with each Norn  and  her 

       Leman  forming  a  point.  In this relationship  they  order  the 

       transition from shadow and the local development and structure of 

       space.  It is merely co-incidental that the Norns tend to operate 

       from stellar masses and can tap into local ones for raw power  as 



            Each Norn will concieve children in this relationship,  with 

       the children being both the female Norns and male  pre-generative 

       Powers.  While they are conceived at this point, the children  do 

       not gain physical bodies.


            Instead,  the children's shadow selves will  fully  manifest 

       and they are raised and trained while in a bodiless state,  func-

       tioning  as  children, aids and friends to the  conceiving  pair.  

       This  not-yet-born  but fully present state  gives  the  children 

       amazing flexibility and access into the realms of shadow and  the 

       means to bypass almost all sorcerous wards.


            When  each Norn's responsibilities finish (generally over  a 

       period measured by the lifespan(s) of the planet(s) for which the 

       Norn  is  responsible), the Norn and the  Leman  consumate  their 

       relationship  by marriage.  The children embody (are born)  imme-

       diately upon the marriage being finalized and then take up  their 

       parent's place or places in the metaphysical structure. 


            While  awaiting birth the children will have already  estab-

       lished relationships and will have been trained for their  duties 

       and  immediately after birth the children form up stars with  the 

       partners  of  their choices, taking over the  sheparding  of  yet 

       another planetary system and its shadows. 


            The Norns are not the forces of fate.  There is no "fate" as 

       that  word  is understood by mortals.  The Norns serve  no  fate, 

       they  create  no future.  In spite of this seeming lack  of  con-

       straint upon free will, the shape of the shadow world and the way 

       it  is  born into the natural world can create  exteme  pressures 

       that are often worse to defy.  


            The  technical difference between fate and the  pressure  of 

       formed  shadow  is that fate forces things towards an  end  while 

       shadow  merely  provides pressure.  The entire matter  is  active 

       rather than rigidly passive.



       MYTH V


                            I.  The Friendly Powers


            The  flygjurri  (that made/formed of fylgjur) of  the  norns 

       took  on shape to lead men into the world in order to  begin  the 

       third  cycle.  The alfheim opened to admit the dwarves.  At  this 

       opening  the  Couranth took final offense, for they saw  men  and 

       dwarves as usurpers.


            The  offense  of the Couranth led to open  betrayal.   Tekel 

       embodied  through Upharsin and personally breached the  walls  of 

       the  world.   From  his excrement spawned those  who  marred  the 



            Oir  (dark/death), the hunter and net master was scarred  by 

       the scorpion crab (fire/chaos).


            Wod (air/spirit), the spearing spirit master was poisoned by 

       the snail (dark).


            Was  (earth/stasis),  foundation building  swordweilder  was 

       swallowed by the hound (air/chaos).


            Roth (water/disorder), stormy axeswinger, was crushed by the 

       worm (earth/chaos).


            Arsh  (fire/harmony), lyric archer was seized by the  kraken 



            Each  of the fylgjurri was marred before it had  passed  its 

       secrets  on to man.  Similarly, the alfheim were set upon by  the 

       undead sleeping earth powers and drained before they passed their 

       secrets on to the dwarves.  


            The  families  of man were scattered and many of  the  first 

       fathers  were slain.  Elovare, shifter and first friend formed  a 

       bridge  for his brethern and Ar Lukaih led men to the  refuge  of 

       the islands of the crown of tears. 


            Elovare taught men to deal with the walking powers of shadow 

       fall.   Elsewhere he established other legends and everywhere  he 

       taught the fast magics.


            Then  Wakanda borke the hythn and the light  came.   Elovare 

       established paths across the seas and laid out the pattern  known 

       as his hidden work.  Neth Hadeth gave iron weapons to men (as did 

       Kazedan to the dwarves).  The expansion began.


            At  every turn men and the Couranth battled, made  temporary 

       peace  and  exchanged hostages.  Elovare beat the  Couranth  four 

       times  and  the  fifth was betrayed to them.  The  spawn  fed  on 

       Elovare and many great manfriends were slain.


            Elovare  then finished his hidden work, for his shifting  as 

       he  was consumed changed the spawn and made them unable  to  bind 

       themselves within the framework of the world.  As they were  cast 

       out unbound Elovare was remade and passed on.


            Ar Lukaih perished in destroying Modnir's tower but regained 

       Elovare's  many colored shirt.  The five families  received  this 

       last  gift and from it wove the first spirit shirts made by  men.  

       History begins to become accurate about this time.


            With  the passing of the spawn, the bridges were  discovered 

       (i.e.  formalized)  and were revealed as the hidden work  of  the 



            Wod formed the safe path for man to follow after death.


            Arsh  formed the way of return from the dark (the path  that 

       Wakanda took in bringing back the sun).


            Was  formed  the link between man and dog,  that  dogs  were 

       bound to serve men.


            Roth formed the channel for the distryr of berserkergang.


            Oir became the net for the hearth and forge fires that serve 

       men and he became the key to the wild fires.


                                 II.  The Folk


       A.   Middle Kindred or Fey Folk


            The  middle  kindreds, or fey folk, are scattered  over  the 

       great  forest, part of the mountains of the spine, a bit  of  the 

       coast  and some of the plains.  At one time they completely  held 

       all  of the great forest.  They are arrayed in  gatherings  which 

       are similar to tribal groups.


            The forest wardens are city states comprised of fey folk and 

       have protected client states and colonies.


            Some of the middle kindreds are allied with the human  hold-

       ings  and a fairly large amount exist as small scattered  groups.  

       A  historically  significant number of the middle  kindreds  have 

       dwelt with the sea and earth folk.


       B.   The High Kindreds


            The  High Kindreds are arrayed by nests.  A nest is a  close 

       family  grouping or a set of interrelated family groups.  A  free 

       nest is independent and may have more than one family group  tied 

       into the bloodline that defines the nest.  Allied nests are  tied 

       to  other nests by bonds of family, politics, magic and  personal 

       obligation.   They are in groups of three to twelve  nests,  each 

       nest having ten to sixty members.


            Broken nests are families that do not have a proper nest  (a 

       true  or  proper  nest is a ritual place of power as  well  as  a 

       nest).  Such families have only mundane rally points.   Wanderers 

       are a significant portion of the broken nest population, conduct-

       ing some trade, living among humans, etc.


       C.  Humans


            Human families are more like clans.  Only three of the  Five 

       Families  survived the long night and the  binding.   Mainlanders 

       have holdings on the mainland.  Dependent lines form the bulk  of 

       the  farmers  and fishers.  Broken lines are  really  only  large 

       extended  family  groups,  most of which  have  become  artisans, 

       masons, and other crafters.  The broken lines function like trade 



       D.   The  earth folk dwell mostly in cities called  delves.   The 

       deep  delves are more than 500 feet below ground and follow  deep 

       veins in the earth.  Many reach over 5,000 feet in depth.


            The middle delves are between 500 and 200 feet in depth  and 

       are  generally allied with a mining point.  Surface delves  reach 

       from  200  to 0 feet in depth.  Almost all snow dwarves  live  in 

       surface delves.


            Broken  delves are ones that have failed either in  size  or 

       strength of the numbers and economic power necessary to be a true 

       delve.  Independent earth folk are those who choose not to  dwell 

       within the delves.


            The  independents are those who choose not to  dwell  within 

       formal delves.  Together with the wanderers they form the  adven-

       turing  and the trade groups.  Fane masters have turned  success-

       fully to the old magic.


       E.   Sea Folk.


            The sea folk have three fixed cities where the sea is  natu-

       rally  bountious.   They also have groups who  follow  the  great 

       schools  of fish.  The city dwellers are similar to the  Cherokee 

       or  the  Five Nations, the school followers are  similar  to  the 



            Many of the sea folk have ties with either mainlander humans 

       or  the five families, serving as military or paramilitary  units 

       in return for sturctured leadership, training and food.


            A  significant number choose to wander,  trapping,  trading, 

       working, fishing, moving.  Some serve the Tiev.



       MYTH VI


       I.   The Norns in the Beginning


            Five  of the lesser ones of power made a loom, and  with  it 

       they and their lemans wove a world.  They were:


       Kaiel (the cyclic) with Haran (fire)

       Thayla (the patterner) with L'nerea (water)

       Gayla (the molder/potter) with Azael (earth)

       Michla (the dreamer) with Nial the Adroit (air)

       Lorna (the weaver) with Adeth (dark).


            They exercised their powers in order and the elements of the 

       world  were organized in sequence.  In the dark they  rested  and 

       then invoked the Azura.  With the Azura came stars (fire),  tides 

       (water),  winds (air), and seasons (dark).  Many who came  slept, 

       abiding  their  time.  The high kindreds awoke  and  joined  with 

       their masters.


            Haran  brought the Phoenix to serve Kaiel,  L'nerea  brought 

       the Sidh Rishae to serve Thayla, Azeal brought the condors  (with 

       their  clouds  upon the mountains) to serve Gayla,  Nial  brought 

       eagles to serve Michla and Adeth brough Halcyon to serve Lorna.


            The  Creatrix' nature spirits bore the fey folk (the  middle 

       kindreds)  into  the world to tend it and awoke the  lesser  kin-



            To places not yet alive the dwarves, brethern of the  nymphs 

       and  children  of  the Master Builder, brough  form.   Deep  they 

       delved.   Men  served in the wild places to tame  and  bind  that 

       which had forgotten its place.


            Matched in all of these realms were the Couranth, the  shad-

       ows of the Norns and the Fylgjurrii, the fetch-like other  selves 

       of the leman.  


            The Couranth prepared the shadows and the Fylgjurrii bridged 

       the path from potential to life.


       II.  The Betrayal


            The  Couranth ceased to tend their shadows and  scorned  the 

       unions and services that the others joined in.  They sought their 

       own  will and consorted with the challenge of the abyss,  feeling 

       slighted that they had only a portion of creation instead of all.


            The  Couranth entered into dreams and perverted many of  the 

       sleepers.  They twisted shadows and taught the Kar Manta to  men.  

       In corrupting the Couranth, Upharsin triumphed.


       III. The Transitions


            When  the third cycle was to begin Upharsin entered  through 

       Kiel,  shattering  her into Alaeki, Asathar and Adrita.   As  his 

       excrement passed into the world his children by the powers he had 

       corrupted.   These he called the Eord and led them from the  wild 

       places by the Kar Manta.


            The old moon fled, failing as daughter, wife and mother  and 

       allowing  the  hythn  to manifest,  blocking  the  sun.   Kaiel's 

       natures  were reversed and became the devouring mother,  the  be-

       traying  wife  and the incestuous  daughter.   Haran's  talisman, 

       Weordinsguard cast beyond the world and he was vanquished.


            Thayla  was  able to hide within the pattern of  the  world, 

       though  as the world suffers so does she.  L'nerea  became  Orman 

       Ts'goth,  the hard ruler of the seas, and with Swan (one  of  the 

       white swords) he was able to prevent the spread of the Eord  into 

       the oceans.  However, the seas took of his violent nature and the 

       Eord poisoned the oceans with blood.


            Gayla cast many servents from the clay of the world but  was 

       finally betrayed and consumed by the Dorodling.  Her leman became 

       Kazedan the Stunted whose hands are hammers and whose power  lies 

       within himself.  


            Within the deep earth he found/created/summoned his brothers 

       who  buried much corruption and ruined other corrupt things  upon 

       their forges.  Together they armed the dwarves.

            Michla  was riven into parts, but was saved as a  dream  es-

       sence within all the dreams of the world.  Nial was slain and his 

       weapon Lirolee Everbright was lost.


            Lorna  became  one with the loom of the world and  became  a 

       channel  for the fates she weaves.  Her leman became Neth  Hadeth 

       and kept Nightengale.  Long he roamed the world, slaying with the 

       force  of  terror  in the endless night.  He  summoned  men  from 

       beyond  the  world  to fight with him.  For  a  time  they  stood 

       against the Eord, but at last they were pressed beyond the sea to 

       the  islands of the crown of tears where Orman Ts'goth  sheltered 



            Nial  was  reborn into the world without form  as  the  wild 

       hunter  and led all the slain souls of the oath broken into  bat-

       tle.  The soul of evey oath bound traitor is his slave.  With the 

       winds  he scoured the world, casting the myriads of dead  out  of 

       the world of the living into the world of judgment.


       IV.  The Return from the Dark.


            In  the  dark Upharsin ruled through his spawn.   He  taught 

       perversions  and  his creatures, the Couranth, feasted  upon  the 

       hearts  of the living.  Those men that sought him he turned  upon 

       the  Kli-yeth  path  of the Kar Manta.  Chaos  stalked  the  long 



            At  this time Ar Lukaih I inspired the five families.   They 

       and their totems were:


            Fire:  the star cross


            Water:  the blue man


            Air:  the winged lion


            Dark:  the silver badger


            Earth:  shad eagle


            Ar  Lukaih I reminded men of the things Elovare  had  taught 

       and  ended slave holding among the folk and Elovare was  betrayed 

       and consumed by the Spawn.


            Thus  finished the secret work and Wakanda, the  sun  spirit 

       and agent of the White God, entered into the world, breaking  the 

       last link of the Spawn and of Upharsin.


            True  light freed the moon spirit and each of the norns  and 

       the nomen were wereforged and reborn.


       MYTH VII




       I.   Creation


            A.   The Norns 

            B.   Their Leman

            C.   Servitors

            D.   The Peoples



       II.  The Long Night

            A.   The corruption of the Couranth

            B.   The entrance of Tekel

            C.   Spawn, filth, the Kar Manta

            D.   Shattering of the Norns


            The human families that colonized Shattered Norns as  allies 

       and  servents  of  the Norns entered as a  fully  civilized  high 

       culture  with a broad range of magics and  magical  technologies.  

       The  dark  night came as rather a surprise.  It  was  sudden  and 

       direct and accompanied by incredible levels of power.  The  Norns 

       were shattered and the families were riven.


            The  flight to the Crown of Tears was a true  retreat.   The 

       survivors dug in on distant islands and were battered by assaults 

       conducted  by a number of evil powers and creatures.  Most  moved 

       underground in the beginning. 


            Luckily the powers of the sea remained virtually  uncorrupt-

       ed.  Kraken moved, blocking sea travel, but unable to make  seri-

       ous  assaults on the land.  The Kraken were almost as  serious  a 

       threat to the Eord as they were to the Five.


       III. The Ravaging


            A.   Retreat of Man

            B.   Decimation of the Fey Folk

            C.   The Delves of the Dwarves

            D.   The internal wars of the Eord


            Men  had retreated to the Islands.  Those who did  not  make 

       the retreat were scattered and hunted.  Some became corrupted and 

       many  became undead.  Almost all cultivation was of sea foods  or 

       in small sheltered (and magically enhanced) gardens.


            The  Fey Folk retreated to their forests.  Less than one  in 

       ten would survive the wars and magical conflicts.


            The  Dwarves dug in.  Many delves were destroyed by  Gnarls, 

       but  many Gnarls were slain by Dwarves.  The Delves  went  deeper 

       and  deeper  and the Eord found it unprofitable  to  attempt  the 



            The  various races and factions of the Eord began  to  fight 

       among  themselves.  A great deal of magical energy and  will  had 

       been expended in creating the Eord and their patrons found  them-

       selves subject to magical manipulation and control.


            The darkness lasted somewheres between one and ten  thousand 

       years.  Time was distorted in the long night so that no  accurate 

       record exists of the "real" time that passed.


       IV.  The Rebirth


            A.   Wakanda returns

            B.   Elovare breaks the sea lock

            C.   Neth Hadeth restores iron to man

            D.   The expansion


            Wakanda  "returned" as the Sun Spirit and brought  back  the 

       sun.   The effect on the Eord and the rest was  dramatic.   Thou-

       sands  of Kar Manta perished in the light.  Sun Spears fell  like 

       rain on Kraken.  Millions went insane or blind.


            In this time period Elovare broke the sea lock that had kept 

       men sealed on their islands.  Neth Hadeth retaught iron and steel 

       work to men.  And the clans began to venture over the seas.


            After  all, for the last five or six hundred years  the  as-

       saults  by  the  Eord on the islands  were  almost  non-existant.  

       Populations had grown steadily and more and more magic was recov-

       ered.   The  Crown of Tears was literally bursting at  the  seams 

       with excess humanity on the five major islands.


       V.   The Wars


            A.   Kraken

            B.   Worm

            C.   Snail


            Each  of the chaos gods that remained were wounded and  dri-

       ven.   Three  specific conflicts are notable because  those  gods 

       retained significant presences.


       VI.  The Collapse


            A.   Elovare Betrayed (reprise)

            B.   The Eord resurge

            C.   The Spawn unbound.


            The  expansion faltered and collapsed within one  generation 

       (about  twenty  or thirty years).  Generations of the  Eord  were 

       born  that  could tolerate sunlight and who were  not  made  from 

       shock.  The Kar Manta learned to adapt and the Couranth succeeded 

       in besting Elovare (through treason).


            At  this time men were carving out empires on the  Mainland, 

       colonizing  the two or three hundred habitable small  islands  in 

       the  Crown of Tears and taking risks.  Humanity was  overextended 

       and its enemies had taken a full generation to prepare.


       VII. Near History


            A.   Elovare carries the spawn beyond the world

            B.   Neth Hadeth gives man forged steel

            C.   Elovare's last gift (spirit shirts)

            D.   The merchant families

            E.   The second expansion.


            The current time is the second expansion.  It is about three 

       generations since the collapse.  Contact with the surviving petty 

       kingdoms on the mainland has been established, the three southern 

       islands are back in contact with the rest of humanity and  things 

       are  fairly stable.  The spawn being carried beyond the  edge  of 

       the world has deprived the spawn of their control of the Eord and 

       so  the  Eord once again move without central guiding  force  and 



            The  main clan lines are still orgainized, but the  merchant 

       families  (often groups of lesser cadet lines) have  become  more 

       important.  The pace is slower, less organized (on a grand scale) 

       and steadier.  


       CULTURE I


            Rough draft essay on the stages of life and on the  standard 

       child rearing practices.


            The standard human cultures of Shattered Norns follow a very 

       basic child rearing and passage into adulthood pattern.


            A.   Ages  from birth to the fifth birthday (0-5),  are  re-

       ferred  to by a word that means young child or baby stage.   This 

       stage  begins with the child receiving its birth gift (usually  a 

       one  point rune magic tie to the man-rune).  The birth  gift  re-

       sults in a healthier and happier child (and is the reason for the 

       higher  requisites of humans in Shattered Norns over  the  requi-

       sites generated by the standard rules).


            At this age a child has no responsibilities except for  play 

       and some self-care.  The child is expected to learn some societal 

       basics.   Various relatives of the child have specific  responsi-

       bilities  for  teaching numbers, letters, colors,  religious  and 

       basic historical facts.  This stage lasts from birth to the fifth 



            B.   from 5-10 the individual is referred to by a word  that 

       means child stage.  At the fifth birthday a child celebrates  its 

       new status and often receives the second childhood gift.  This is 

       often a one point rune magic cast on the child or a specific  sum 

       of money set aside against the child's future training needs.


            At  these  ages a child is considered a true child  and  has 

       specific  chores and expectations made of it. Children  of  these 

       ages  are  capable of earning their keep and will  have  specific 

       duties and chores taking up about five hours a day.


            The  child is also expected to learn basic  cultural  knowl-

       edge,  to fulfill duties in copying books and other writings  and 

       to learn to act and play co-operatively.  Children learn to  read 

       and  write more fully by copying basic societal texts  (the  Five 

       Families lack printing presses) and learn a variety of drills and 

       methods of teamwork by playing co-operatively.  


            This stage lasts from the fifth birthday to the tenth birth-

       day.   Children are often taught and kept in groups by tutors  or 

       teachers retained by co-operatives, clans or families.  Occasion-

       ally a town will choose the teachers.


            C.   10-15, youth stage.  While the child has learned to see 

       future  consequences and is reponsible sometime before this  age, 

       at  ten years of age children are inducted as youths and  treated 

       as  being responsible for the consequences of many of  their  own 

       actions.   A  youth has limited ability to contract and  to  give 

       consent  for various things (such as giving consent to some  work 

       tasks, etc.).


            At  this age a child is ready for near fostering (often  for 

       alternate  weeks  or every other month) among the families  of  a 

       foster group, for specific duties and tasks and to be taught  the 

       basics of the family trade or craft in addition to group instruc-

       tion  with  other children.  Members of related or  allied  lines 

       often  live  near each other and have traditional  rotating  care 

       arrangements  where  all of the children in an age  group  rotate 

       together and then where the youths engage in near fostering.


            At the end of this stage a youth may receive a one POW point 

       binding  magic such as a spirit shirt or the battle  enchantment.  

       Spirit shirts are described elsewheres.  


            The battle enchantment gives an individual "homeopathic" hit 

       points  rather than hit locations.  It is  described  elsewheres, 

       but  one under the battle enchantment rarely breaks bones,  loses 

       limbs or takes any specific damage from weapons.  The enchantment 

       is of more use to farmers and fishers than to warriors.


            D.   15-20,  apprentice  stage.  Once a child  has  had  its 

       fifteenth  birthday  it is old enough to be  apprenticed.   Often 

       apprenticeships  are to others in the same trade or craft and  to 

       individuals  in  the same fostering group.   Apprenticeships  are 

       usually decided and thought over during the youth stage from  ten 

       to fifteen.


            At  fifteen a child is a young adult, ready for  the  duties 

       and privileges of that age category.


            At twenty a child is an adult, ready for marriage and  other 

       responsibilities.  At twenty a child has ability to contract  for 

       most (but not all) results.


            E.   20-25, journeyman stage.  At this time apprentices  are 

       often traded with other masters for the journeyman stage of their 

       training  and status.  The individual continues to be trained  in 

       the craft or trade but also begins to experience a great deal  of 

       freedom and self-direction.  Some journeyers spend 90% or more of 

       their time away from their craft master.  Most spend at least 20% 

       of their time away.


            F.   From the twentififth birthday on an adult is considered 

       a  full adult.  Those who have not found a place or family  often 

       choose  this time to attempt to establish themselves, find a  new 

       trade route, etc.  Most adventurers are of this age or older.


            In a guild the time from twentififth to thirtyfifth birthday 

       is a time of probationary association.


            G.   At  about  the  thirtyfifth  birthday  individuals  are 

       expected to begin child-rearing and other responsible  endeavors.  

       In a guild the time of the thirtyfifth birthday is the time  when 

       one  gains full rights, status and is accepted as having a  voice 

       or right to be heard as an equal.


            H.   Note  that  the extended times are  influenced  by  the 

       magic available to the culture and its effect on aging.   Average 

       lifespan  is  from 110 to 120 years of age,  normal  childbearing 

       periods in a person's life run from thirtyfive to fiftyfive years 

       of age, with childrearing running to seventyfive years of age.


            Individuals  remain hale and productive to about  ninetyfive 

       years  of age, and generally productive, though in  physical  de-

       cline, to death.





            The islands of the crown of tears are very fertile and  this 

       affects  population distribution.  A single family that is  farm-

       ing/fishing/etc. full-time can support itself and two to two  and 

       a  half other families with sufficient reserves for bad  seasons.  

       Approximately one third of the population herds, fishes or  farms 

       full-time,  another  third has some gardenning or  small  culture 

       herding (including fowls).


            Magic and a rich enviroment can do wonders.


            Consider,  to  feed a normal human for one  year  takes  250 

       pounds  of  grain, 20 pounds of honey, 5 pounds of salt  and  200 

       pounds of milk products.  In our world in 1910, to produce  2,000 

       pounds  of  tubers took twelve hours of work.   2,000  pounds  of 

       potatoes  took twenty-five hours of work.  2,000 pounds of  wheat 

       took  one  hundred hours of work.  Today,  with  mechanical  help 

       approximating  the  magical resources of an  integrated  society, 

       that  same 2,000 pounds takes 1.5 hours for tubers, 4  hours  for 

       potatoes and 7 hours for wheat.


            Assuming 52 weeks to a year and ten work hours to a week,  a 

       farmer  has  520 hours of work.  A single farmer can  produce  at 

       least 15,000 pounds of food.  That means that a single farmer can 

       feed about 50 people, albeit rather poorly and blandly.  Assuming 

       ten  people  to a family, with only one worker, that  farmer  can 

       feed ten families with thirty free hours a week (on a forty  hour 

       week) for other endeavors and an additional ten to thirty hours a 

       week of specific endeavors.


            The average farmer works twenty hours a week to feed approx-

       imately 30 people well.  A family usually has five to ten in  the 

       immediate unit, which contribute another twenty hours a week.


            The  rest of the time is spent in crafts,  childrearing  and 

       training (about twenty hours a week in various training matters).


            As to food, note that tubers produce about 20 tons per acre, 

       peas  & wheat produce about a ton per acre, corn &  rice  produce 

       about three tons per acre.


            In Shattered Norns the following are common crops:




       Buckwheat (for honey production of 300 pounds per acre)

            Shallow soils, a common rotation crop


       Cattails (~Pennisetum glaucum)

            Wetlands and wet soils.  Similar to corn.


       Thistle Flax (for oil, paper, ink, cloth)

            Dry soils, cool weather, often a first crop.


       Wheat (food crop)

            All soils, a common rotation crop.


       Rye/Triticale (food crop)


            Used to smother weeds, for rotations, in loam soils,  coarse 

       sandy  soils  (that will not support other crops), a  very  hardy 

       crop  and  a mainstay.  The Triticale is a  truebreeding  hybrid.  

       These  are often grown mixed with other crops for animal  forage.  

       On a clover/rye crop. 3,000 pounds of milk products per month can 

       be generated per acre during the spring/summer/fall seasons.


       Oats (food crop/straw crop)

            White, red, grey and yellow oats are all grown.


       Tubers (food crop)

            Loams and fine sands.


       Foxtail (a millet/proso type grain)(food crop)


            All soils except coarse sand.  Cream, orange, purple and fox 

       red colors.


       Bulbs and Bulb Grasses (Orchids, Onions, Garlics, etc.)

            These are grown widely.


       Fruit (bushes, vines and trees)


            Various species are found, mostly limited to narrow locales.


            However, citreines (a tree similar to orange or lemon trees) 

       are found widely as are a variety of thorny berry bushes.


            In  addition,  Mint, Anethum, Wormseed,  Quinona,  Brassica, 

       Absinth,  Safflower, Sunflower, Goldenrod, Koksaghyz  (a  Russian 

       Dandelion  grown for rubber 60 pounds per acre.  60  pounds  will 

       also  smelt  about  50 pounds of steel from  iron),  Chicory  and 

       Pyrethium all enjoy significant cultivation.


            Ramie is grown for rope and a lustrous cloth.


            Willow  hair  (a  type of seaweed) is grown  for  cloth  (it 

       produces  yards long fibers very similar to cotton) as is  Shffra 

       (another  seaweed from which the Shattered Norns silk is  woven).  

       Several seaweeds are grown as food crops at a density of  produc-

       tion equal to two to six times that of tubers.


            Domestic Quail, Ducks and Prarie Chickens are grown for meat 

       (at  a conversion of two pounds of grain = one pound meat --  the 

       same as modern chickens).  Cattle, sheep and some goats are  kept 

       for  milk and hair (wool) but are not considered a  regular  meat 

       crop.  Most meat in diets comes from birds and fish.







            These  colors are traditional with the families of the  five 

       and  do not have strong significance outside of the  islands  and 

       lands of the five.


            The five tend to wear white/natural colored fabrics  trimmed 

       in  the  appropriate colors.  Full clans use both  colors,  cadet 

       lines use one of the two colors associated with the color of  the 

       clan sept's element.


       light     dark      element

       blue      indigo    air

       aqua      green     water

       yellow    brown     earth

       orange    saffron   fire

       red       purple    dark


       In addition:


       clear     violet    spirit

       grey      black     shadow




            The basic unit of a Clan is its Families.  These are extend-

       ed Families of three generations each.  The nuclear families that 

       comprise  the  Families usually have from five  to  ten  members.  

       Families  often  adopt parental/child units from each  other  and 

       fostering is common.  Adopted and foster children are included in 

       the nuclear family size.  <true genetic size is quite smaller>


            Familes are arrayed in Lines that go back two or three  more 

       generations.  It is quite common for Lines to merge and to shift.


            Lines  are  grouped into Branches related by decent  from  a 

       common blood/adoption/marriage ancestor.  The Branches compose  a 

       clan.   The Clans and their cadets are arrayed in Septs  and  the 

       Septs  compose Khodochs.  When one talks of one of the  Five  Fa-

       milies  one is actually talking about one of the Five Septs  that 

       control the islands of the Crown of Tears.


            Each  Sept  of the Five Families has an island  that  it  is 

       centered on, with branches on other islands.  The word Khodoch is 

       used  in two fashions.  One is to describe the Sept with  all  of 

       its  units -- including those on other islands and the  mainland.  

       The  other  is  to describe the unity or federation  of  all  the 



            There  are  other unities besides the Khodoch  of  the  Five 

       Families/Crown of Tears, but none are as complete.


       DREAM I





            The  level  of reality between the  material  and  spiritual 

       worlds  is commonly referred to as the Dream world.  It has  many 

       levels.  The major ones are:


       A)   The threshold, a mutable or grey level;


       B)   The mirror, a reflective or parallel level; 


       C)   The ancient, a semi-independent dream world;


       D)    The  sunken, the dark side of  the  semi-independent  dream 



       E)   The outland, the boundry with Spirit, having two parts,


            1)   paradise, a resting place,

            2)   realm of the banished, a holding place.


       The Threshold


            This  is  the level of inchoate dreams.  The dead  from  the 

       material world first pass to here as do normal dreamers when they 



            The  threshold is always incomplete, never  finished,  never 

       stable.   It  is a place of shades, ghosts, lost  feelings,  mis-

       placed memories and never realized expectations.


            The predominate color of the threshold is grey, followed  by 

       muted  black  and white.  Physical laws as we think of  them  are 

       very loosely applied in the threshold.


       The Mirror


            This  is  a reflective or parallel level,  reflecting,  with 

       shades of past dreams and future glories, the present world.  


            Many  fled here during the time of the Teynd and  their  in-

       fluence  still remains.  The mirror is littered with the  reflec-

       tions of things that might have been and the hidden souls of men, 

       colored and altered with the overlays of magic, science and dream 

       selves of those who fled here a thousand or so centuries ago.  


            For  rules  governing various physical  locations,  use  the 

       following rules:


            This level is covered with anomalous outcroppings.


       The Ancient


            This  level is a dream world somewhat independent  from  the 

       material world.  It does not reflect or mirror the material world 

       but is home to many dreamers.  True dreamers who are not tied  to 

       the material world come here.


            I use Chaosium's dream world for this level to save work and 

       because  the Chaosium did an incredibly good job with their  pro-



            The  ancient is the repository for the solid,  powerful  and 

       enduring dreams of the ages and the great dreamers.


       The Sunken


            This  is the dark side of the semi-independent dream  world.  

       It  covers  the  tunnels of the ghouls, the  chaos  plagues,  the 

       depths  filled with bones, the Cthuloid mythos creatures  lurking 

       in the depths and the worms chewing at the root of the world.


            The  sunken is the repository for the sordid, weak and  cor-

       rupt dreams of the ages and is the septic tank of dreams, forming 

       an  area for the malignant things of dreams to decompose  without 

       harming anything but themselves.  Harmless unless one falls  into 

       it.   The sunken provides rich new loam for dreaming once it  has 

       broken down and disintegrated the elements that have fallen  into 




       The Outland


            This  is  the dream side of the boundry with Spirit  and  is 

       divided  into two parts that are in the same space:  paradise,  a 

       resting  place  for  those ready to progress, and  realm  of  the 

       banished, a holding place for those who are twisted.  


            In many ways these are heaven and hell, except that they are 

       not permanent, being stopping places, and the division occurs  on 

       the  basis  of whether one is twisted or not.  The outland  is  a 

       giant filter where individuals filter themselves.


            Only the irrevocably dead enter the outland.



       GODS I



                                I.  Lesser Gods


            A.   Oir (dark/death), the hunter and net master was scarred 

       by  the scorpion crab (fire/chaos).  Oir became the net  for  the 

       violent  use  of  hearth and forge fires that serve  men  and  he 

       became  the  key to the wild fires.  For Runequest  purposes  his 

       rune is now DEATH.


            B.   Wod  (air/spirit), the spearing spirit master was  poi-

       soned  by the snail (dark).  Wod formed the safe path for man  to 

       follow  after  death.  For Runequest purposes, his  rune  is  now 



            C.   Was  (earth/stasis), foundation building sword  wielder 

       was  swallowed  by the hound (air/chaos).  Was  formed  the  link 

       between  man  and dog, that dogs were bound to  serve  men.   For 

       Runequest purposes, his rune is now BEAST.


            D.   Roth  (water/disorder), stormy axeswinger, was  crushed 

       by  the  worm  (earth/chaos).  Roth formed the  channel  for  the 

       distryr of berserkergang.  For Runequest purposes his rune is now 



            E.   Arsh  (fire/harmony),  lyric archer was seized  by  the 

       kraken  (water/chaos).   Arsh formed the way of return  from  the 

       dark (the path that Wakanda took in bringing back the sun).   For 

       Runequest purposes his rune is now HARMONY.


       F.   Elovare's Archamnii.  Various heros whose runes are MASTERY, 



       G.   Ar  Lukaih (everborn).  His runes (in all of his guises  and 

       lives) are MAN, INFINITY.


                               II.  Greater Gods


            The Great Gods are all paired.


       A.   Kaiel  (the  cyclic)  with  Haran  (fire).   Haran  is   now 

       Fire//pyromancy//Wakanda  the  Sun Spirit//Phoenix  lord.   Their 

       runes  are  CYCLE (replaces MOON in Shattered Norns),  TRUTH  and 



            Wakanda  is  aided by Anthasis and the Phoenix  against  his 

       enemies A;-baath (snail lord) and Om''loch (battle lord).


            Kaiel  is  opposed by the false moon  shadows,  Alaeki  (the 

       devouring  mother), Asathar (the betraying wife) and Adrita  (the 

       incestuous daughter).


       B.   Thayla (the patterned) with L'nerea (water).  L'nerea is now 

       Water//okeomancy//Orman  Ts'goth//Sidh Rishae liege.  Orman  Ts'-

       goth is also Orman-Arath (water seeping through stone) and Orman-

       Tageth (water hidden in stone) as his alternate selves.


            Their runes are STASIS, SPIRIT and WATER.


            He faces the Kraken as his enemy.


            Thayla is opposed by the Twisted Shadow (a Chaos Shadow).


       C.   Gayla (the molder/potter) with Azael (earth).  Azael is  now 

       Earth//geomancy//Azeal/Kazedan   the   Stunted//Condor    friend.  

       Kazedan is now both Kazedan and his twin Glomar forge lord.


            Their runes are PLANT, FERTILITY and EARTH.


            Kazedan fights the Worm and its cult.


            Gayla is opposed by the Gnarls.


       D.   Michla  (the dreamer) with Nial the Adroit (air).   Nail  is 

       now  Air//aeromancy//Arens the Hunter//Eagles master.


            Their runes are ILLUSION, DISORDER and AIR


            Nail is opposed by the Raven Lord.


            Michla is opposed by the Gibbereth and their master.


       E.   Lorna   (the  weaver)  with  Adeth  (dark).  Adeth  is   now 

       Dark/skotomancy//Neth Hadeth Reaver//Halcyon spirit.


            Their runes are LAW, LEFT (the left-handed path rune, equiv-

       ilent in some ways to DRAGONEWT) and DARK.


            They have all chaos tainted forces as enemies.


                             III.  The Great Gods


            These are rarely worshiped.  Only their commonly known  Rune 

       associations are given.


       A.   The Master Builder




       B.   The Creatrix




       C.   The White God, Elovare's patron.




       D.   The Hidden Sister, Ar Lukaih's patron.




                        IV.  Evil/Chaos Powers and Gods


       A.   Lesser Chaos Powers


            1.   The  Scorpion  crab (FIRE/CHAOS).  It  is  embodied  by 

       Om''loch the battle lord.


            2.   The  Snail  (DARK/CHAOS).  Note that  A;-baath  is  the 

       snail  lord  or  the current (and sentient)  embodiment  of  this 

       primal power.


            3.   The  Hound (air/chaos) is no longer a  chaos  creature.  

       Its  place was taken by the Couranth Founder (Raven Lord) who  is 

       also (AIR/CHAOS).  


            4.   The  Worm (EARTH/CHAOS).  This power spawns many  locii 

       that embody it.


            5.   The Kraken (WATER/CHAOS).  This power spawns many locii 

       that embody it.


            6.   The Gnarls (EARTH/SPIRIT/CHAOS). These are  semi-sleep-

       ing powers.


            7.   The Gibbereth (spirit/chaos).


       B.   Greater Chaos Powers


            1.   The false moon shadows, 1) Alaeki (the devouring  moth-

       er), 2) Asathar (the betraying wife) and 3) Adrita (the  incestu-

       ous daughter).


            These  are all CYCLE/CHAOS.  In addition, Aleaki  is  DEATH, 

       Asathar is ILLUSION and ADRITA is DISORDER.


            4.   The Twisted Shadow SHADOW/ CHAOS


       C.   The Great Chaos Powers:


            1.   Teke;l -- the master and spawner of the unNamed (of the  

       chaos  realms)  and  the unBalanced  (of  shadow).   CHAOS/CHAOS, 

       SHADOW and 


            2.   Upharsin  -- the source and focus of the  unFormed  (in 

       shadow)  and  the unFinished (in material).  In  Shattered  Norns 

       Teke;l  and S'baal are manifestations of Upharsin.   CHAOS,  LEFT 

       and MASTERY.


            3    S'baal  -- the sovereign and crux of the  unLiving  (in 

       material) and the unReal (in dream). CHAOS, SPIRIT and DEATH.


                              V.  Various Powers


            (Note  that  many of these do not manifest in  the  physical 

       world and are included here for completeness).


            A.   From the chaos world:  unFinished and unBalanced Delic-

       tum (injuries upon the world).


            B.   From the shadow world:  The Tychistic Entities/Hegamons 



            C.   From  the material world:  The Changing and  other  No-

       mens/Masters (growth).


            D.   From  the  dream  world:   The  Ordered   Daemons/Lords 



            E.   From the spirit world:  The Gomashtah (twisted) and the 

       Elachi (good) (decisions).


            F.   From the final world:  The First (the Creatrix and  the 

       Master Builder), the Oenecius and the Anatocici (True gods).