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This page features the rules and scenarios for

Some of these files are almost 200k in size, so on-line reading may be slow for them, others are rather tiny [e.g. 00.DOC, the cover sheets]). Permission granted to download these files and read/print them off-line.

Shattered Norns -- a setting for heroic fantasy.

Mistworld -- matrix magic in a surrealistic setting.

Glorantha and Heroquesting

Shadow Wars -- a return of magic in the modern era.


Copyright 1996-2003 Stephen R. Marsh

All rights reserved.

The left hand margin is patterned after Verdigris, from the Verdigris Testament. It, Ar Lukiah, Elaikases, Illyssia Morningstar and others are all fondly remembered.

What happened that I stopped work on this project? The link explains everything, but basically in a five year period I buried three children. Do I plan to start work again on a fantasy setting or as a game designer? Probably not, but you are welcome to pick up where I left off.  I had a good run.

Copyright 1967-2005 Stephen R. Marsh [e-mail me if you have any comments]

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