Updates, Craig’s PCT Planner, our permits came in today! Other PCT hiking links.

Our permits came in today. I’m overly excited about this, which makes me laugh at myself.

So, to celebrate I decided to try using CRAIG’S PCT PLANNER.

Craig’s is a resource that reflects the locations and mileposts for resupply points and generates plans. Obviously, exact planning is a fool’s errand, but for general review and consideration, it is pretty neat.

I found it really interesting.

Above is a sample page from what the PCT Planner does.

Below is the text (in more readable form). Note it only covers the resupply mileposts and is useful for a general idea of where you will get, when, depending on your hiking speed and the number of miles a day you hike.

It also gives you a good idea of what amount of vertical to expect in a given section.

Thus the first 42 miles, at about fifteen miles a day, will take three days and will cover five and a half thousand vertical feet.

The following reflects exactly what the planner outputted (minus the graphics–you can compare the image above to the text below to get the full picture).

1. US/Mexico Border to Mt. Laguna  (2.9 days)4-12-23 to 4-14-23[-]
← map42.3 mi
5,570 ft EG
14.7 mi/day
1,939 ft/day
CA guidebook:AAdjustments: none
Mt. Laguna resupply exit Exit pt: Desert View Picnic Area
Detour: on trail

Arrive: 4-14-23 (Fri)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 4-14-23 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 42.3 mi
2. Mt. Laguna to Warner Springs  (4.1 days)4-14-23 to 4-18-23[-]
← map67.3 mi
3,567 ft EG
16.5 mi/day
876 ft/day
CA guidebook:AAdjustments: none
Warner Springs resupply exit Exit pt: Highway 79 (south crossing)
Detour: 1.2mi road

Arrive: 4-18-23 (Tue)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 4-18-23 (Tue)

Cumulative distance: 109.6 mi
3. Warner Springs to Idyllwild  (4.8 days)4-18-23 to 4-23-23[-]
← map69.0 mi
10,211 ft EG
14.4 mi/day
2,132 ft/day
CA guidebook:BAdjustments: none
Idyllwild resupply exit Exit pt: Saddle Junction, Devil’s Slide trail
Detour: 2.6mi trail + 2.6mi road

Arrive: 4-23-23 (Sun)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 4-23-23 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 178.6 mi
4. Idyllwild to Big Bear City  (6.5 days)4-23-23 to 4-30-23[-]
← map95.5 mi
12,307 ft EG
14.8 mi/day
1,905 ft/day
CA guidebook:B CAdjustments: none
Big Bear City resupply exit Exit pt: Highway 18 crossing
Detour: 5.4mi road

Arrive: 4-30-23 (Sun)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 4-30-23 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 274.1 mi
5. Big Bear City to Wrightwood  (5.7 days)4-30-23 to 5-5-23[-]
← map89.5 mi
8,090 ft EG
15.6 mi/day
1,412 ft/day
CA guidebook:C DAdjustments: none
Wrightwood resupply exit Exit pt: Acorn Trail Junction
Detour: 3.6mi trail

Arrive: 5-5-23 (Fri)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 5-5-23 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 363.6 mi
6. Wrightwood to Agua Dulce  (6.0 days)5-5-23 to 5-11-23[-]
← map90.8 mi
10,615 ft EG
15.0 mi/day
1,758 ft/day
CA guidebook:DAdjustments: none
Agua Dulce resupply exit Exit pt: (on trail)
Detour: on trail

Arrive: 5-11-23 (Thu)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 5-11-23 (Thu)

Cumulative distance: 454.4 mi
7. Agua Dulce to Highway 58 (California)  (7.4 days)5-11-23 to 5-19-23[-]
← map112.2 mi
12,128 ft EG
15.2 mi/day
1,646 ft/day
CA guidebook:EAdjustments: none
Highway 58 (California) exit Exit pt: Highway 58 crossing

Arrive: 5-19-23 (Fri)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 5-19-23 (Fri)

Cumulative distance: 566.6 mi
8. Highway 58 (California) to Kennedy Meadows Store  (9.0 days)5-19-23 to 5-28-23[-]
← map136.2 mi
15,310 ft EG
15.1 mi/day
1,701 ft/day
CA guidebook:F GAdjustments: none
Kennedy Meadows Store resupply exit Exit pt: Sherman Pass Road crossing
Detour: .5mi road

Arrive: 5-28-23 (Sun)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 5-28-23 (Sun)

Cumulative distance: 702.8 mi
9. Kennedy Meadows Store to Lone Pine  (3.0 days)5-28-23 to 5-31-23[-]
← map42.0 mi
7,512 ft EG
13.8 mi/day
2,473 ft/day
CA guidebook:GAdjustments: none
Lone Pine resupply exit Exit pt: Trail Pass Junction
Detour: 1.7mi trail + 18mi road

Arrive: 5-31-23 (Wed)Layover:    0.0 days     
Depart: 5-31-23 (Wed)

Cumulative distance: 744.8 mi

I end this at Lone Pine since that is our first segment before we flip around the current snow and floods expected for the Sierra section.

Other useful resources include The PCT Water report and Planning Your Hike — though it has started to migrate to more of a catalog of affiliate marketing links than a source of information, it still has some excellent resources. Postholer.Com is excellent, though the forums have become abandoned for Facebook groups instead.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to The Pacific Crest Trail by PMags is excellent.

And the PCTA has some excellent advice links, as well as being the source for permits.