This is a blog to share Win and my travels and adventures together.

Us when not on the trail

We started with section hiking the Appalachian Trail for several years and we were trying to finish a through hike starting March of 2020.

Covid changed that so we decided that three times through Georgia was enough and we would section hike the rest of the AT and then shoot for a PCT thru hike. While doing that I moved my backpacking blog ti my own domain (adrr.com).

Previously I had a blog at blogger (for personal matters), tried a wordpress.com blog and had a trail journal at Trail Space.

The advantage of using this blog at this location is that I can update it while on my phone and backpacking, and I don’t have to deal with the advertisements or other issues of some hosting sites.

The expected audience for this blog is my family — very, very small, but very important to me.

You can read my posts at https://adrr.com/d20/posts/