June 12–Happy Birthday. June 13 a long day.

We celebrated Happy Six’s 62nd birthday with Pork chili verde and fruit treats.

The cut, blazed and recently maintained trail often did not match FarOut. Made for some trail finding that was off the maps.

The twelfth was a long day with our first fording of a river on the CDT.

By the time we got to the ford, instead of a really sketchy crossing it wasn’t even knee deep. Then we went far enough to be away from condensation and called it a day.

No internet so I did not do a “daily post” but I’ve combined two days instead. If we don’t get internet tomorrow this will be three days in one post.

The next morning was June 13. We would hike about 24 miles when we had plans for 21. With about 3,600 feet of ascent and almost ten miles at 10,000 feet or above it was a little strenuous.

There were even traces of snow.

As we hiked we passed Anomaly’s tent. He has cystic fibrosis and this is his first thru hike. Very impressive.

We had some great sweeping valleys and another river crossing. We took a trail that crossed the river upstream and was direct like something on the Appalachian Trail.

But after we crossed the two forks and got our water there was no place to camp. Suddenly we were on trail like the PCT where it hugs the hillside for miles.

753.9 is where we ended up instead of 751. Made for a long day, much of it (about ten miles) over 10,000 feet. I was so glad to finally be off the mountainside.

Once off the sheer drop we found a great place to camp that is well sheltered at 10,039 feet of elevation.

Happy made dinner for us and I shared a desert (just candy).

Our crossroad to hitch to Chama is at 780 —a pass in Colorado. Two days from now and we have reservations and we will be ready for Colorado.

Twenty-six miles to go. Weather forecasts indicate thunderstorms at 4:00 so we are planning on an early day.

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