Headed to NTRPGCON, then back to the trail.

The metric is that two weeks after Hart’s Pass melts out one can then hike Washington. Hart’s pass is days away from melting out. Looks like 2-3 more days.

Which means maybe June 14 or 15. Which leaves us with a gap. Or why we went Palm Springs to Las Vegas and 15 dollar hotel rooms. We had pre-Convention time to kill, with no place left that was safe to hike.

The trail being so snowed over has really been a mess, especially for the international hikers. Everyone has been trying to find places to hike.

So many want to flip up to Chester or Ashland — those places are still under wet, melting snow. Others want to do the Sierra section with the avalanche issue and three bridges out and no resupply.

Our plan is to flip up and hike the Oregon Coast Trail. It is supposed to be pretty and should be fun, while we continue to hike. Then the family reunion. Then up to the Northern Terminus and head south, catching all we missed in Washington from last year.

We will also get there before more fires.

Then Timberline (Lionshead) to Elk Lake.

Then Lassen (hopefully) and the Sierra section to finish. I’m thinking we start at Walker Pass and head north, finishing at Mammoth where we got off last time.

Of course the Sierra depends on whether it melts and how bridge repair goes.

Right now I’m flying on Frontier with Win/Happy Six. The flight was only $65 but they charge an extra $65 for a checked bag or a carry-on. All luggage gets measured at the gate.

No peanuts and no water on the flight (though you can purchase them at $3.50 each).

Still cheaper and I’m willing to just not drink or eat.

When we land we can take the rail to our permanent address and get our mail. Then back to the airport and the hotel shuttle. That will consume some time for checking in.

Leaving the airport via rail.

It will be interesting to be back.

Looking forward to being back on trail.

Frontier really is no frills. No in flight entertainment. They charge extra for reclining seats. They charge you extra to use your pre-check with the TSA. Or to talk to a gate agent.

Luckily no charge for the restrooms or we would have had passengers saving money.

Emesis bags appear to be extra (none with the seats). The seats have de minimus padding. Makes me glad I’m short.

But. We saved about $300 or more dollars each on this flight. So yes, I would do it again.

So far she has been brilliant in her suggestions and thoughts on how we should flip or travel or spend time. I could not ask for a better partner.

I’m glad Win found the tickets and that I agreed to this.


Gear adjustments. Washington now requires bear canisters (they’ll accept a good bear bag hang too —if there were trees that were good for that). Chris K advised us to keep the ice axes so we will carry them and crampons.

Will get new water bottles (our old ones were hammered and I’m basically talking buying some smart water at Walmart). Looks like no more 3-5 liter carries. So we will only need two.

My dry sacks are doing ok.

With my bear canister I’ll get my other pants. That will be nice as these are a little torn up. Also my lighter gaiters.

With the change in shoes I expect to need the gaiters.

That pretty much sums it up.

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