January 30 to 174.3

We took a day for weather and resupply and then got back on the trail.

Trail video

The shelter we stayed at is at the edge of an ATV park.

Weather is changing up. Not as bad as the thunder sleet of Dallas, but we are going to take time off for another ALDHA Ruck.

Then we will need to start doing twice daily loops and a daily pass climb. Maybe check out the aquatic center too.

But we cross over the state line and reach Cave Spring in today’s rain.

104 to 125 then 125 to 142

This is two days of entries. Mild trail. Few rocks. A lot of water crossings with 1-2 a day with shoes off and water crocs on.

Last night was cold. Ice froze to the inside of the tent. It all crinkled off and shook out. Tonight we have a shelter with the tent up like a tarp.

A seventeen mile day planned for tomorrow. Then a quick mile in the rain to our shuttle.

Usually at 14 miles I’d want a nap. But it is too cold and we are only doing seventeen mile days.

Nice hiking. A fun anniversary backpacking and a good day today.

Our stove seems to be dying. Will check the outfitter in two days when we hit town to avoid weather and resupply.

Tuesday the 24th, to Heflin and mile 104

Rule. Never camp near water, regardless of what Instagram, Boy Scouts or YouTubers suggest.

We spent the night at Blue Mountain Shelter and it was perfect. Sunrise hiking reel

Yesterday and only twelve miles really beat me up. Today with sixteen and better trail we were waiting for a shuttle at 1:55.

The City of Heflin is really supportive of hikers. Our shuttle was from the City offices. Tammy is kind of the City manager (not what she says, but talking about her with others).

Tomorrow looks like wintery mix and rain in the night so we will hike down the trail and take the spur into town.

We are here to train, not experience pain.

Day six, 15.7 miles to mile 75.7

We caught a shuttle and did this section of the Pinhoti north to south.

It was a beautiful day. Cool. Almost but not quite cold. No rain until after we got back to the hostel and then lots of rain tomorrow when we will take our zero.

I take back everything I said about the rocks only being there because of erosion. Some places are just rocky. On or off the trail.

But other parts weren’t rocky and we made great time. Our shuttle was going to pick us up by 4:00. We updated them to expect us at 2:40. We got to the trail head at 1:59.

Pictures and video from the trail today.

Summary video of today

Nice to catch a shower and do laundry after a trip to Burger King.

Not much else to say. Shuttle out, start walking until suddenly we were finished.

Day five on the Pinhoti, to mile 60

Beautiful morning.

We finally passed our first other hikers. Four all told, going the other direction.

Beautiful day. Today’s short video from the trail.

We caught a shuttle to town for resupply and the hostel where we can avoid Sunday’s wintery mix and ugly weather and take a break.

And then Porter’s Gap.

The hostel is great. The people are kind.

Day four, to Mile 50.9 on the Pinhoti Trail.

It is January 19. The rain was fierce last night, making me glad we decided to spend the night at the hostel and order pizza.

Nice steady walk. Still getting into condition. A little better every day.

Sometimes the trail will follow along a ridge, other times it crosses ridges all day. Depends on the section going N/S or E/W.

Makes for constant changes.

Day three. Mile 36


We had a road walk from the Dollar General to trail. This is where the trail left the road.

Then there was a lot of trash all over the trail from the logging.

We finished up a 16 mile day at a cell tower where we caught a shuttle back to the Pinhoti Outdoor Center hostel.

Rain is starting up. The weather in Birmingham had tornado warnings, further down the trail there is no weather at all.

So, maybe we will get just heavy mist and .05”. Maybe we will get 5”. Looking out the window I can tell you it looks closer to at least half an inch so far.

But our goal is to experience something new rather than suffer.

Today: tried out my sandals for a water crossing. Walked about twenty feet of 3”-5” water. Went well.

Ordered pizza. That went well.

Gaiters worked well.

Did not adjust/tighten my hip belt enough. Sore shoulders (pack is too comfortable until it finally catches up with you). Means my weight is dropping, which is good.

A good nights rest and I’ll be right as rain and will adjust my pack more tomorrow.

Still carrying four days of food. At least by AT standards. But it is good practice.

It was a good day. We bought enough pizza to share with Tigger & Chuck Norris and our shuttle driver. Will have some for breakfast too.

Took a short nap and will shower next. Staying clean. 😎😎