And we finished the Appalachian Trail

We started this section with a four mile night hike from Cornwall Bridge to a shelter. We started at 11:43 pm.

Then we made it to ten mile shelter.

That was about twenty miles in about twenty hours.

Then we did the broken bridges to Telephone Pioneers Shelter.

Started with 77 miles left. 789.0 completes the trail.

Then we got to the famous RPH shelter and had pizza.

More hiking.

Then we did a Nero and laundry at Cold Springs/Beacon, New York.

Then we crossed the bridge and raced the sunset up the mountain.

Sunset on Bear Mountain
Posing at the finish

So many stairs. 20+ miles in the day. 425+ flights of stairs climbed. A lot of vertical.

Trail on the way to Bear Mountain

But we finally finished the trail.

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