Making a new tarp, step by step.

I start with a window film kit. 7’x9.3’. 1.5 mil thick (instead of the .7 mil lighter weight).

This type even has one edge pre-taped.

Double sided tape and nylon washers.

Place the washer on the double sided tape and then fold over. Repeat for each edge.

Then tape the corner down with a fold of transparent gorilla tape to reinforce it.

Then you have four corners.

Then make a hole. Use a hot metal skewer or a drill.

Then you have a tarp. This one is pretty large.

Ready to fold up and store in a zip lock bag.

About eight ounces. Smaller tarp or less tape would weigh less.

Usually I deal with a 5’x7’ tarp or 35 square feet. 7’x9’ is around 63 square feet—so twice as large .

One thought on “Making a new tarp, step by step.”

  1. The pre-taped edge added an ounce or so to the weight over what the alternative would weigh.

    So I’d seriously consider using a different base or trimming the pre-taped area off if I were doing this again.

    You can also save weight by making it slightly smaller.

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