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 -- Basic skills for the New Mediator is one of the easiest and clearest introductions to mediation available.  

Usually available used for about ten dollars through Click on the book to take a look at it and read some of it for free on Amazon.

conflictConflict Resolution
by Daniel Dana


This book covers everything from start to finish and it serves as an excellent introduction to the field as well as being well suited to self-help. Extremely easy to use and refer to.   Order this book from -- about fifteen dollars, under ten dollars used.
The Mediator's Handbook Tools and guidance for any mediator.
By Jennifer E. Beer, Eileen Stief, Friends Conflict Resolution Programs.

The complete handbook for any mediator.  Under twenty dollars new, under ten dollars used.

Available at

This book is an honest look at the cost and opportunity cost of becoming a mediator.  It covers everything and includes realistic timelines, guides and case histories.

Before you start on a "new" career, read this book.  Well worth the time and effort to find out all the details in a positive and accessible style.

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