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The Art of Mediation

The Art of Mediation, by NITA is a script for a forty hour mediation course.

By Mark D. Bennett and Michele S.G. Herman, published by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Notre Dame Law School (1-800-225-6482, ISBN 155681-483-6, 337 pages, approximately $20.00, post paid)

Well organized, clearly set forth, and billed as "comprehensive notes" for a class on the art of mediation, the book is actually the entire script, from introduction, explanation of stages, themes, and practical issues, for a forty hour training course for mediators.  It includes checklists and worksheets, seven detailed roleplays, charts and a selected bibliography along with thirty-six figures, charts and illustrations.

In reviewing it for a potential course I was asked to participate in, I found less than a page of notes I had made where I disagreed with the text.

Impressive, clear, comprehensive, inexpensive and professionally executed, it is an excellent book well worth the consideration of most mediators.


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