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Jane Doe
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Jane Doe is a lawyer helping people who are in sudden need because they have been sued. Whether defending you in divorce court or in a criminal matter, Jane Doe is dedicated to protecting those in need.

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Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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Jane Doe's web page consists of a simple home page and six pages of simple information. It takes less than one megabyte of space and could be an incidental web page posted with any ISP or Content Provider, local or national, for a minimal cost (perhaps as low as $9.00 a month -- or free if she uses GeoCities or a similar provider). She can do all the work herself and is located in a college town where she will get an occasional call based on this page. She is hoping to obtain family law and criminal defense cases from this page.

Some people will find her when looking for an attorney, others will find her when looking for the information in the links she has written and set up as a part of her site. (The "for more information" she has -- just as a lawyer might have brochures in a waiting room).  Scroll this link and notice that on most browsers the entire "sample" portion of the page will fit on the screen at once.

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