Law Offices of James, Michner and Twain
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
4500 Memory Lane
Old Town, Any State  00099-9900
(800) 555-1212 voice
(800) 555-1414 fax

Meet James, Michner and Twain

Map to James, Michner and Twain

Copyright 1997

This sample page has a working link, though I have also used underlined areas to designate places where a link would be placed.

This page has three links (underlined spaces).  The first links anyone who comes to the site to the on-line version of the firm brochure.  The second provides potential clients a map to the firm's office with directions, etc.  The third, the copyright notice, sends e-mail to the firm.  (The web page convention is to use the copyright notice as an e-mail button).

The site has no garish graphics, needs no animations or other gimmicks. If the attorneys desire, it can be set up to automatically send someone who visits it to the firm brochure after a delay of ten to fifteen seconds.

The purpose of this page is to set the tone of the site and to tell anyone who has connected with the web page that they have come to the right place.

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