Traditionally, web pages contain lists of links.  You may want to make an agreement with some friends that you will link to their pages if they link to yours.  Here is where you would put links like that.  You may have a hobby, a skill or a perspective that distinguishes you from other mediators.  You could put links to that area here.

You should, of course, put an e-mail link here for people to contact you.  You do not need to have any other links (or any links at all -- many sites do not even have an e-mail link and do just fine.  For my comments on the subject of linking, the web and community, see link to essay.

Finally, a "links" page is where people will leave your site.  Always have your e-mail address here and try to make it a pleasant place to leave from.

Remember, the purpose of these examples is to help you

  1. Understand what is being done with the other sites you visit.
  2. Give you a place to start when you design your web page (or have someone design it for you).
  3. Help you to appreciate that graphic artists and web page designers are professionals too. <g> link to essay

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