This example contains substantial value added services, while I don't provide any.  You may be interested in the services provided.  I was positively impressed with the efforts they are making.  No copyright is claimed in their press release materials.


TO: MTI Certified Trainers

Take a look at the new index page for the entire MTI website at:

Notice specifically the "speakers" piece. If you consider yourself an excellent presenter who would like to have opportunities to speak at anything from a brownbag lunchroom workshop at a nearby client to a keynote dinner at a national convention, I invite you to submit info for a page in MTI's speakers bureau:

There is no cost to Certified Trainers for this additional service and exposure. Here is the offer being made to others, who are not in our network:

1) Your dedicated page may contain your photo or logo and up to 300 words of text. See the format at (My page will always be at the bottom of the list.) Your text may be in English, Spanish, or French, since the sourcebook is available in those languages.

2) Your page will have a direct link to your e-mail address. It may also contain a link directly to the URL of your web page, whether on the MTI site or your own separately maintained webpage.

3) Once it's ready for prime time, your page will be submitted to 250+ search engines.

4) Cost: A one-time $500 set-up fee (waived for Certified Trainers), which ensures your page for one year.

5) The 12-month clock automatically re-starts each time you use the "fee waiver option" or (in the case of Certified Trainers) order seminar support materials. So, your page will never expire as long as you use materials/sourcebooks from MTI Publications at least once each year.

6) Fee Waiver details: MTI receives 40% of the cost of sourcebooks, plus shipping. Speaker receives 60%, plus any travel/lodging expenses as agreed between speaker and client in advance. Minimum: 32 copies (English, Spanish, or French editions). Client purchases books from MTI Publications. MTI pays speaker the 60% immediately upon payment of client invoice. Speaker invoices client separately for reimbursement of any travel/lodging expenses, as agreed. Topic of the speaker's presentation is usually, although not necessarily, related to the content of Managing Differences (which supports a wide range of topics).

EXAMPLE: The meeting planner of Gizmo Manufacturers Association finds your webpage and asks you to speak at their national convention, to be attended by 300 people. They agree to include Managing Differences in the registration packet of each attendee as a value-added feature of the convention. You will present a session on "Managing Conflict on Gizmo Production Teams." You agree to speak free if they will buy your air ticket and a hotel room for the night. A check from MTI Publications for $3591 (60% of 300 x $19.95) is waiting in your mailbox when you return home.

There may be a few bugs/clarifications to work out, but that's basically the offer. If you want to act on this opportunity:

A) Carefully compose a summary statement of up to 20 words that will appear with your name at

B) Carefully compose your bio/qualifications statement and your list of topics/titles -- maximum 300 words as measured by any wordprocessor wordcount tool.

C) TRIPLE CHECK your text for accuracy, spelling, punctuation, etc. Your text will not be edited before posting. If errors are noticed, it will be returned to you for correction. Submitted text must display correct usage of English (or Spanish or French, if that is your preferred language). Editorial or content changes to your page, once posted, may be made only when the fee waiver option is exercised (or when seminar materials are ordered by Certified Trainers).

D) Carefully select ten keywords/phrases to include in the meta-tag of your page. These are terms that prospective clients would use in search engines to find you, apart from selecting you from the speaker roster.

E) Send your unformatted text within the body of an e-mail (not in an attached file). Include the e-mail address you want for your link. If desired, attach a .jpg or .gif file containing your photo -- maximum size 20kb. Please check graphics file size before sending, and reduce if necessary. Oversized graphics files choke the browsers of visitors.

Such a deal!! ;-)

- Dan

P.S. The hit counter at passed 10,000 a few days ago, and is increasing exponentially. Traffic, especially high quality traffic, is growing as our visibility on the web expands.


Mediation Training Institute International "Resources for managing workplace conflict -- worldwide"
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Voice: 913-341-2888 E-Mail:

Find a Certified Trainer in your industry, your area, and your budget

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