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If you've ever thought about forging or buying a sword, this page covers my opinions on what you need to know before you start researching your project. Use of this page is subject to the caveats.  Please forgive the roughness of some of the links, but they illustrate how much change happens regularly in the world of swords. Updated 2005/2006.  Table of Contents.

  1. How to learn about swords
  2. Good Starter Swords
    • I have some very specific recommendations of the "best" swords to begin with if you are looking for real swords at reasonable prices.
    • By looking at these swords and these prices you can get a good idea of what a good, reliable sword of the particular price and type should cost.
    • These are "starter" swords.  If you get into the three hundred dollar range, you should consider a real sword from an excellent sword maker such as Angus Trim.
  3. Going from your initial collection, read some books.  These links will take you to recommended books you should consider.
  4. There are Excellent Smiths, for when you decide to expand you decide to expand your collection. For incredible vendors in the under a thousand dollar range (often half of that):
  5. Vendor Links -- of course you should double check these against the Swordforum and other places that keep current on the qualities and virtues of vendors.
  6. Caveats:  many smiths are human, get sick, old, etc. they also tend to be artists and driven by love of the steel rather than economics (even the ones who are good business types). See caveats.htm. Also consider a wooden practice sword for starting out.
  7. Links to other topics

Sword Related Matters

Your feedback, suggestions and advice are appreciated.  Send me links and comments at: [e-mail]. I am especially looking for profiles to link to each of the sword sources (so that there are essays to go with the short comments I have put up) and for advice, comments and feedback.

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