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The sunlight rippled off the brightest blue I've ever seen outside of Indigo's eyes.  By far the bluest deep ocean I'd ever encountered. You could almost drown in that blue, just by looking at it. A glint of brightness caught at the corner of my eye and I could see Michael, running in the light.

First time to see a lightwalker in action is always a surprise, as the glow and the light wraps around them. In dream it is even brighter as if the fabric of reality is part of the light that moves them.  Michael vaulted the rail, his white raven leading the way before him.

"The trail is still clear" he said, glad his skills and magic had worked to keep us on track, chasing our quarry.  "I'm ready for lunch as soon as I report."

I caught his eye.  "Thanks."

"Don't mention it" a hint of a smile "sometimes an elf just needs to be reminded about his manners" and he was gone.

In the city there had only been three room when we finally made it out of the jungle. Between the jungle muck, almost getting swallowed by the giant toads, slime demons and more mud, I was really thinking more about a bath than anything else. The innkeeper told us he had only three rooms, one of each grade and Tindalasse was quick to claim the highest grade for himself, tossing his saddlebags to a porter to take them up.

Michael coughed gently and the room filled with light, drawing every eye. "The prince means he will be sharing the third grade room with several of us, the second grade will be going to the other half of our party, and the prime room will go to that couple there" he said, pointing to Indigo and I.

"Ariel, if you could help ready the second room while Amber helps warm the baths, Tinda and I will see to our mounts and then to our room." He then led the young prince firmly to the stables.

You should have seen Indigo smile. Amber said only "the water will be hot before you know it" and I realized I'd forgotten all about the baths.

The rest belongs with my true dreams, though that bath will be with me for a long time as will the memory of my first time waking up to see Indigo in a bed with me.

I shook my head, time to focus on the present.  Michael could have lunch, I was off for another nap, more sleep, so I would be ready for the night watch.  I would have the stars then, and Indigo's eyes to see, but it would be a long shift none-the-less, and sleep would help more than food.

With morning I curled up into a ball in the forecastle, in wolf form, and Indigo leaned up against me to sleep.  I needed sleep more than breakfast, and to feel her next to me more than fresh air or dreams.  We would reach King Kuranes and the city of Celephais. Wide streets, bustling markets, braying camels, wailing prophets, minarets and the Arabian Nights come to life, complete with flying carpets and giant tigers escorting women in the streets [women in Celephais have the skill "summon dream tiger" at the cost of d3 hit points the can summon a giant tiger that will protect them from any attacker].

Tindalasse had a story, but Michael told the truth, and truth got us places lies would have failed. We found the Silver Eel where our quarry had stayed, picked up his trail, and received permission from the King to journey into the forbidden waste.

There is something to being a paladin prince of the Elachi rather than the son of the Bitter King of the Shidhe.

With some of the city guard, a fresh track and the King's blessing we are ready to enter the forbidden desert. With any luck we will catch the anchor and be back quickly, well in advance of the deadlines.

More creatures for those who are interested.

Creatures found in dream
Slime Demon (illustrated below) King's Guard Red Fire DragonSnake Familiar (below)
Rare in Dream and Waking Worlds: 2d6 Very Rare: 2d6 very, very rare
Armor Class 6 Armor Class 3 Armor Class 4
Move  6" crawling/12" swimming or flying Move 9" Move 16"
Hit dice  4d6+4 Hit Dice 6d8+1240 Hit Dice 6d3
%lair 10 %lair 0/95 %lair n/a
Treasure Type varies Treasure Type: n/a Treasure Type
Attack d2 bite or d2 from con per round Attack 2d6 two handed sword+2d6 blast Attack  d3+1 bite or +2d6 fire
Intelligence: medium   Intelligence: high   Intelligence: medium to high  
Alignment :  chaotic evil Alignment: neutral-good/lawful-good Alignment:  neutral good/obedient 
Size: medium to large Size: medium Size:  small to medium
210 Psionic points: Ego Whip/Tower
Charm is an automatic effect with 12" range
May also use tentacles to strangle for d6.
Sword blasts with positive energy
as well as normal hit. Vs. undead
and demons as 18th level cleric.
Transparent to physical damage (-90%)
Transparent to magical damage (-90%)
Give infravision, resistance to fire
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Dweomercraft: Familiars

Slime Demons are seductive, though their form without magic would make a normal man wretch.  They charm all in range in dream, or d4 in range in the normal realms. Alignment affects saving throws: CE +0 to save, NE/CN +2 to save.  CG/LE +4 to save.  LN/NG +6 to save.  LG +8 to save.  Add level to save as well. Subtract number of partners from save.  So, a 20th level CG elf who in his 400 years had 40 partners would  be [+4+20-40] -16 to save and would probably always be charmed.  Charmed characters can be ordered to defend or to engage the slime demon in a manner that allows the slime demon to eat the charmed character.  When hit points or con are reduced to 50%, target may make a saving throw with the modifiers halved.  At 25% a saving throw with modifiers reduced by 95%.  With CON or hit points at 1, one last saving throw, no modifiers. They are often used with allies, rarely on their own, and are often summoned.

King Karanas Guards are 6th level Rangers who hit and save like nine hit dice monsters.  They carry swords linked to the positive energy planes that do an extra 2d6 in blasting energy per hit and that devastate the undead. They are loyal and strong.  

The Firedragon Snakes are familiars, but very, very rare, and usually found only in dream.  Red ones grant an atunement to fire, adding fire damage or effects to everything that their owner does, and also granting some resistance to fire.  They bite for d3+1 (reduced 90% -- so that they usually can do less than half a hit point of damage, rounded down, of course)  They also improve their owner's armor class by 3 for small and 6 for large ones, as the winding bodies of the dragon snakes are distracting in the extreme to enemies.  A gold one would be the same as red, except it would be hard fire, half physical/half heat for the added damage.  The one known cold poison dragonsnake adds a d6 of poison damage and a d6 of cold damage and grants resistance to cold and poison, ultravision. All types bond with magic-users and with rangers.

There will be more footnotes added later.

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