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-- As the dream invoked demon struck, I moved in and past him, dropping my left hand down and under in a ridge hand claw that caught it in the throat and spun me behind to strike to the spine, breaking it and the letting me drive my other claw in to grasp the heartstone. Then I was free and the demon was without center, then smoke, and then void and no more.  I kept the heartstone, they have value. --

-- As I continued I encountered goblins and oni.  They were about to consume a wyter, a land spirit. It was their lawful prey and the wyters of this place failed me long ago in the fir bolg. But, I did not wish to see it perish.  So I traded the heartstone for it.  I then slew a score of goblins when they tried to change the terms of the exchange and add me to their dinner.  The rest saw sense, and the wyter was mine.  I bound it to a riverstone and placed the stone in my pouch.  The wyter and I could talk later, I needed to learn more than I was getting from just running through the land.  --

-- I found a safe place, and found Indigo in my dreams. --.

-- The next day I continued onward, I'd covered over fifty miles in three days with one nights rest.  At the edge of the wetlands, who did I see butThalia, a bit distracted.  She had made the yellow bull of Memphis take on flesh and was frolicking with it. My cough caught her attention.  Sure enough, the dream had anchored a location for Indigo and they had come, and were looking for me, somewhat, when they weren't distracted.  Thalia may not live this down for a while, even if all she was doing was the bull dance. --

-- Then I was reunited with Indigo.  Words fail me. --

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