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The path to the wolf was blocked.  She may have marked him, but she could not reach or find him with the marks.  That didn't mean that there wasn't one who could, so that one did, regardless of the risk.

He was Michael, a prince of the Elachi.  The Elachi call their princes to service, and to be called is a matter of merit, not of birth or wealth or family.  Some families, like his, have a long tradition, others do not, but he was Michael.

Though when he realized that he had interrupted one of the Daemonus Incursis as it was opening a gateway, he knew he had thrown himself into bitter peril.  Not to mention, he was sure he wasn't what it thought to summon.

But, back to the wall, there weren't many places to go.

I never expected to break through the door at the end of the hallway and find Michael in battle with a creature of the bloody dark. Now that gave me a good idea of where some of these creatures were coming from, though Michael sent that one screaming into the embrace of death and out of the world.

Now there were two of us. The ways were twisted and there was no passage out by magic, only by finding our own way through the dream realms. First, of course, we had to escape this castle.  Luckily it was without leaders and in the midst of a bit of a power struggle as they waited for someone to come to replace the two we had just killed.

The nature of what had twisted reality let me know why Indigo had not pulled me to her with her mark once I broke free, though it was to keep her from jumping into peril that I had waited so long.  I knew once she could reach me, she would reach me, and she was the one person I would not put at risk. That Michael had jumped in, finding his way through hidden paths, was a surprise, but just as the one-eyed one had said "bare is brotherless back" he had also given the shield brother rings.

We would find our way home, but first, we needed to get out of this place before others came and order was restored.   

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