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Ok, they asked me to describe Tindelasse. Pretty easy, really. He looks just like that elf in the Lord of the Rings movie, except he looks a little Italian, has luxuriant short black hair with red highlights, parted on the side with a lot of body and curl, and is drop dead gorgeous. Really. I wish I was that pretty. Maybe he doesn't look at all like that elf from Lord of the Rings, except he looks so good.

He used to be shorter, but after the blood gems and some growing, he is about six feet tall.  A little thin, but strong. Did I say he was really cute?? I know, elves are good looking to begin with, but Tindelasse has all the looks his dad doesn't.

Guess I should describe the Bitter King while I am at it. He is pale, black hair, about five feet nine inches, thin and nondescript even for a human. He really doesn't stick out for an elf. But his son, did I tell you just how beautiful Tindalasse is?

Guess that pretty much says it all. He speaks Ancien (Ançíen Sidhé), Common Sidhe, Koine, Runic Stone (a dwarf tongue), Runic Ald (a dragon tongue -- I speak it too, was surprised he speaks it), modern Sidhe, English and probably a smattering of other languages as well. He has the gift of tongues.

And did I tell you he lovely and elegant? I think "magnificant" is the word Ari used when she saw him after he was cleaned up. When I rescued him he was a lot shorter and the worse for wear. Then he was only pretty. Now he is so good-looking. Did I say gorgeous?

Note, this is his "presentation picture" -- they did his hair up and lightened it. Usually he'd have these wonderful curls, almost like black ringlets, and a smile to die for. He makes a silly blond, but that's the rule for presentation pictures. Did I tell you how good looking he really is?

bitter king glyph and indigo's glyph

Tindalasse (High Sidhe)

Like all elves in his age bracket he is a perpetual adolecent. More mature than most. Treat him as a very mature seventeen year-old (Christmas 2002).

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