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The following are some skill trees that fit this system.

Lightwalking Skill Tree
Light Sword Lightwalking
Light Spear Striding
Light Storm Shield
Aura Light Lance
Mastery Tsunami Umbra

Note, each skill includes those below -- but only to the extent points are invested (so, if 3 points in Lightwalking, then Umbra would also be +30% to run/walk.  But if only one point, then only +10%).

Direwolf Skill Tree
Shape - Quickness
Fur Teeth Rage
Spikes Speed
Heart Fury Mastery

The Bloodline skills are all passive.

Blood: gives the lychanthropic bloodline. The blood burns those who shed it, one 1pt per level of the skill. It also resists leeching, reducing leech by 1% per point (i.e. a 10% leech vs. five points in the skill would only leech 5%),.

Shape: allows one to shapechange into the dire wolf. +10% to hit points per level of shapechange, +10% to stamina, +5% to speed, +5% to damage. +1 to replenish life. No extra range from weapon range, no shield blocking. Change lasts 20 seconds per level.

Fur: 2.5% physical damage reduction per point (at 10 points would reduce physical damage by 25%).

Spikes: attacker takes 25% of the damage they inflict per level.

Heart: 5% faster hit recovery, 5% resist poison, 5% resist mental attacks, 2.5% resist all per level.

The attack skills are all passive except for Fury.

Teeth: +5% to damage as magical damage per level.

Claws: +10% ED per level

Fury: Fury (+1 attack per level)

The spirit skills are all passive.

Quickness: +10% to DR/level

Rage: +10% to AR/level

Speed: +6% to attack speed/run/walk/faster cast per level

Mastery: Shapechange adds weapon range, shield blocking included. Each level +2.5% to blocking, +20% to range, +10% to hit points, +10% to stun resistance. Shapechange duration unlimited (as long as mana holds out).

Hardfire Skill Tree
Wall of Spikes Whirlwind
Shackles Mastery

Burst: A blast of fire like an exploding shotgun pellets proceeds roughly in a narrow cone from the caster. 5% chance to penetrate per level. 1+level in pellets. .5*level to level damage when they explode, .5* level damage if they penetrate. Burst combined with mastery is very effective.  Half of damage is physical, half is fire.

Armor: Blades of hard fire, absorbs 10 points per level in physical damage and does 1 point of damage  (fire only) to attackers for every point of damage it absorbs.

Bolt: does 10*level points of damage to the target and shatters, doing level in points of damage to everything close by. Half of damage is physical, half is fire. Bolt does knockback to the target.

Blade: creates blades of hard fire on any weapon it is cast on. The blades cause the weapon to do 4*level in ED and 3*level % in extra fire damage (so at level 6, a character doing 100 points physical would also have 24 in extra physical damage and 18 in fire damage). It lasts fifteen seconds*level2 +20 seconds.

Wall of Spikes. Does damage to anything that attempts to push through the spikes. Many monsters will attempt to go around a wall of spikes, but charging monsters will often run into it. The wall does knockback, so if cast on something, will push it out of the wall. The wall has 10 hit points per level and lasts 1second per level.  It does 20*level to 50*level points of damage an encounter.

Whirlwind in a spinning blast of fire and rock that explodes around a target and the area around it, with a 5% chance to stun per level. It does 20-30*level in points of damage from physical and 20-30*level of points of damage in fire to everything in a radius of 2*level. It is a prerequisit for Meteor and for Mastery.

Shackles binds the target with shackles of hard fire that do level in points of damage for level in rounds, the shackles have level*10 in points. When they are broken or when they expire, they cease to do damage. Anything bound is slowed by level*10% (so at level 10 a target is static as far as run/walk goes, attacks at half speed).

Mastery, 15*level in extra damage (so at level 10, 150% extra damage is done, one third physical, two thirds fire).

Sabertooth Skill Tree
Shape - Fast Run/Walk
Leap Rabies Open Wounds
Fire Claws
Leap Attack Critical Strike
Feral Rage Claws
Death Grip Deadly Blow

Blood gives +2 to replenish life per point.

Shape: allows one to shapechange into the sabertooth tiger. +10% to hit points per level of shapechange, +10% to stamina, +10% to damage. No extra range from weapon range, no shield blocking. Change lasts 20 seconds per level.

Death Grip allows the sabertooth to hit and hold on without needing to make another successful attack until blocked or stunned. Each round they hold on, chance to block drops by 5% per point.

Rabies is a passive skill.

Feral Rage is an automatic skill.

Open wounds results in a -1/level for 1 second/level (i.e. at level 10 it is -10 to replenish for ten seconds). It is cumulative.

Claws: +10% ED per level. An active skill, not automatic.

Fast Run/Walk is 12% per level.

Critical Strike works just like the amazon passive skill.

Deadly Blow does +25% damage per level, +5% to chance to stun, +15% to fast attack.

Werelion Skill Tree
Shape - Vision
Leap Mane Speed
Leap Attack Claws Force
Frenzy Majesty
Great Leap

Blood gives +1 to STR per point, +1 to replenish life.

Shape gives +5% to hit points, +1 to STR, includes shield blocking.

Great Leap is an area leap attack.

Fur is 3% PD/level

Mane is 3% Elemental and Magic Resist per level

Claws do 5% extra damage as magic, 15% ED per level.

Vision is like inner sight but is passive.

Force +5% per level chance of stun vs. those attacked, +5% ED per level.

Majesty: Target's Speed, Damage and Physical Resistance -20% per level for 2 seconds per level. An active skill. Can be alternated with Frenzy.

Acid Blood
Lightning Enchanted Fire Enchanted Cold Enchanted Poison Enchanted Minions
Emit Lightning Emit Fire Emit Cold Emit Poison Resurrect
Lightning Hose Fire Ring Cold Burst Poison Breath Curses
Lightning Ring Fire Trails Cold Rain Poison Aura Curses
Meteor Showers Poison Explosion Curses
Lightning Storm Sleet Wall Multishot

Elemental Summoning Skill Tree
Type Fire Dark Ice Air Wind Earth Water Lightning
Size 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0
Small 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 1
Medium 3 3 2 3 2 3 3 2
Large 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 3
Great 5 5 4 5 4 5 5 4

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