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Wolfie is what I've started calling Robert Etienne. He is about 5'7" with light brown hair and fair skin. Has a strong build on a light frame. I'd always thought of wolves as ragged creatures, but he has some style. Blue-green eyes, a cute smile, and he can run like the wind. His age, that's a magical twisted mess, but overall he is about nineteen physically and about twenty-two mentally (Christmas 2002). He is a few inches taller than I am, but much larger (he is 5'7" and about 165 pounds). He has fine features to go with that smile, which I keep seeing more of. Did I mention I like his smile?

Speaks English 75%, Ançíen Sidhé 85%, Rune Wolf 65%, Norman French 40%, Latin 40%, Troll 25%, Byzant 25%
indigo glyph, bitter king hrthgar glyph

  • Skills
    • Dire Wolf /Frost Lion (same animal) Shapechange
    • Shadow (Mystic) Disciplines
    • Lightwalking
  • Special Skill Choice
    • Carrion Vine
    • Awareness (slow missiles/inner sight) 
    • Weapon Mastery
  • Familiar:  
    • Fu Dog Combat Type Familiar
    • Collar: Defense, Absorb Physical/Open Wounds/Detect Enemies&Stand Watch/Weapon Mastery.
    • Salvation aura
  • Weapon/Focus:  bladed black iron chain (treat as staff/club class weapon, long if two handed, very short if one handed). Weapon Mastery (level 6), Deadly Blow (level 5), Open Wounds (level 4), Range (level 3), Increased Damage (level 2), Mastery (+1 all skills).
  • Armor/Focus:  Old Black Iron Bands (magic armor).  Armor, Resistance, Healing, Speed, Stealth.
  • Dragonscale (transformed armor):
    • DR 4 levels
    • Resist all 3 levels
    • +2 skills
    • +1 characteristics
    • Armor is dragonscale transformed.
  • Shield:  Faster blocking, Resistance
  • Gauntlets: Earth Grasp Slow target (cumulative 33% per hit)/Leech Mana/Leech Life/Freeze Target (3d4 seconds) (gift from Indigo)
  • Belt:  Strength and Life
  • Boots:  Speed/FRW/Resists.
  • Jewelry:  
    • Frost Mane Arm Band: Frost Lion (level 4 Frost Lion/+3 all shapechanging skills), Path Finding (level 5), Speed (level 3), Faster Run (level 1).
    • Iron Crown Circlet: Shadow Mastery (level 5), Iron Skin (level 4), Prismatic (level 3), Fury (level 2), Resist Cold (level 1).
    • Dragon's Third Eye (Ring) Anti-chaos (level 5), Fire (level 4 extra damage, no light), Fire Absorb (level 3), +STR (level 2), Inner Sight (level 1).
  • Minor racial skill: track by scent.
  • Minor racial disadvantage: allergic to silver (causes open wounds).
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms: Raven's Grace (rare charm, glide/dodge/evade/speed).
  • Black and White Spirit Shirt
  • Star Shrines:
  • Blood Gems:
    • Crimson blood ruby (str, life, replenish life)
    • Black Sapphire (str + ED [enhanced damage])
  • Misc trivets include a diamond lightwalker glyph and a sapphire and iridium bitter king glyph, also wears Indigo's marker.

His people are the half-elves who held Normandy for thirty generations.  First they held against the northern trolls on the beaches and on the seas.  Their mixed blood made them strong to carry iron and to resist it when carried by the trolls and let them carry shapechanging blood without being overcome by it.  He was a hostage, exchanged before betrayal, which left him trapped and alone in a fir bold, shadow realms prison.  There he learned to master the shadow and to tame the vines and creatures while he waited for release.

Those who should have come for him never did, preferring to steal his home and heritage.  He still feels great rage some times, though he is learning to tame it.

(For a good essay explaining the world view that fits Robert http://home.clara.net/andywrobertson/wolfemountains.html)

His story tells how he gained the bladed chain he wields as a staff and as cestus, how he climbed the star gates and led forays against the trolls as a youth.  Later, how he as a young hero was betrayed as a hostage and the ways he survived in that shadow realm he was cast into, to live or perish.

He feels bitterly alone, though the lion dog that the Rukh gave him sleeps with him, is in his thoughts and keeps the terrors of the night at bay.

Those who betrayed his family were eaten by the Ktthjj intruders that they welcomed and that had corrupted them. Vengeance like he would have taken would never have been so horrid.  But there are those, feckless ones, who should have searched him out and rescued him rather than dividing his family lands among their retainers.

He is lost, but for this home that has taken him in and the lion dog that loves and guards him.

Wolfie's new werewolf appearance since the encounter in the dreamlands.

Wolfie Leaping

Wolfie's old appearance below

Wolfie's old appearance

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