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Ok, there are a couple of things you need to know to put things in perspective.

First, I have a daughter who loves to be told stories and likes to participate in the telling.  I really should have started writing things down sooner (we had a notebook for some of them, but it has been lost), but I've started now.  The stories are obviously not the best of fiction and I've no intent to use them for fiction, though I keep track of things so that they don't suffer from plot drift or world shift (two things I really dislike) and so that I remember the foreshadowings I've used so that I can work them in.

Second, I used to have a fantasy world setting, Shattered Norns that was a lot of fun. I also had a setting, StarStrands that was once completely done up in D&D format.  That version, with all of the Asuras, etc., appears to have been lost about 1980 or so.

Anyway, a friend asked me if I could recreate it.

My daughter was ready for a new cycle of stories.

So, I started the stories of two young girls, Ariel and Amber, and set them up to begin exploring StarStrands. It isn't exactly the normal way to explore or work on a setting, and I doubt that if my friend uses the setting he will keep the perspective (I don't see it as a large market segment, though Oni -- if it had used better level design -- could easily have created a market segment like that) -- but it fits my life and my needs.

I'm inviting, asking, discussing, hoping to involve some friends in the project as well.

If you are interested in more background, and a feel for the rules I'm playing with, visit this link:

Rules and Extras -- these are the rules for Shattered Norns and related settings.  The same rules (which are here in a collection of varients) can be used, and I probably need to settle on a single rules set with a master draft.

Simple Rules -- a simplified version of the heart of the rules to make an easy starting point.  All you need is a background in RQ (RuneQuest) or Pendragon (especially Pendragon Pass) and the rest should make easy sense.

Fun comparison rules a site where someone else has done some work with rules -- I've no connection with what was done, just like it. (The link is Ian Thomson's Unofficial Glorantha Site in case you are curious).

Related Style Scenarios -- these are scenarios that illustrate the kind of scenarios that I like to use, as I think a campaign setting in Shattered Norns will eventually need a scenario set or two -- though if I were doing a consol game, I would keep the girls and try something like Oni, with better level design.

Right now I'm hoping for more creatures, improvements and suggestions on the creatures I'm using, setting ideas, encounter charts and everything else (hey, maybe someone will do a master draft of the rules and draw the discordant variants all together).  Lots of the stuff that I have is in really rough draft, based on completely different rules (such as D&D), etc. -- e.g. Rough Draft on Nature Spirits.  I do have a number of pages of originals and, of course, know enough to keep originals and send photocopies now <sigh> ...

Am I certain of what I want or where I am going?

Not really.  But I have friends and I'd love to have an excuse to do a project with them again.  Might as well use what I have right now.


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