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Some notes on level design, etc.

If this were a game, the first few parts of the story would be the entry level or the first level.

A player could enter in one of three ways.  As the wolf (or some other character in the same place), as the lightwalker, or as Bastet. The Wolf works well in a Doom-style game.  Open the door, start clearing the level.  He also works well in an old fashioned text game.  The Lightwalker makes a good entry for a Diablo or World of Warcraft sort of game.  Bastet makes a good entry for a party ensemble sort of game, though perhaps too melodramatic.  In a party ensemble game, the level works well too.

So, the game starts with the Wolf, who clears the level, releasing people from their cells, fighting with guards, meeting up with other party (or potential other party) members and finally facing the level boss who is about to eat Bastet.

If a D&D/AD&D/RQ scenario where made of this, the party would be gated in by Michael to help rescue the Wolf and things would go from there.

Makes for a dramatic start, some nice samples of enemies, and a controlled environment.

The first switch comes when, well, the player can opt to try to take the castle, stay a party, or send all but one home and investigate further by going into the forest and heading inland.

Monsters to meet (encounter chart):

  1. Vultures and Vulture Lords
  2. Tsung Pathet (greater and lesser blue)
  3. Tiev (of various kinds)
  4. Shalgathi and their servitors
  5. Dires
  6. Bloody Dark.

More of those to meet later, and other kinds as well.

Terrain types:  bottom of a castle (a "dungeon"), torture rooms, cells, bunk rooms, workshops, storage, more cells, summoning chamber and central court/respite chamber (the Incursis equivalent to a tower top would be a chamber that is a dungeon bottom).

Onward and upward.

Useful links:

  1. The Palace
  2. History
  3. City Map
  4. Russia Map / Finland Map
  5. Larger Map

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