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This is what Indigo had to say about Parakyle:

Parakyle or Parakile is about five and a half feet tall.  He is really strong -- he looks like a professional bodybuilder, only without the steroids. He has a clear germanic nordic look, blond, clear ice blue eyes, even features. Square shoulders, I wish they could clone that boy's build, it sure would help the men around here look better. Narrow waisted, but strong. He even looks good in full armor with that waist.  Did I say strong looking? Not the boxy look of a true dwarf, but really solid and strong. His blond hair is short, a businessman's cut is what someone called it, when he doesn't let it grow out into a pony-tail. He just said it fits under his helmet without any problems. Treat him as turning 20 years old as of Christmas 2002. Muscles like a rock. Did I say more of the guys around here need muscles like that?

dwarf faction rukh's glyph, indigo's glyph

Full armor over dragonscale, bardiche.

Fire master, slayer of a dire decay.

Speaks English 65%, Dwarf Runic Snow (his native tongue) 95%, Ançíen Sidhé 45%, Mountain Dwarf (a dwarvish koine, a dialect of Runic Stone) 55%, Byzant 35%. ~19-20 years old Christmas 2002.  Engineering major. dwarf faction rukh's glyph, indigo's glyph

Parakile (Snow Dwarf)(5'6") Golden blond with blue eyes).
  • Skill Trees
    • Barbarian Combat Mastery
      • Axe Mastery
      • Throwing Axe Mastery
      • Speed
      • Resist Physical Damage
      • Resist Elemental
    • Construct Mastery
      • Large
        • Earth 11
        • Stone 21
        • Iron 41
      • Small
        • 11 Fire
        • 11 Hard Fire
    • Hard Fire
  • Special Skills
    • Summon Greater Wolf Spirit 12
      • Materialize Dire Wolf 11
      • Might Aura 11
    • Mind Blast 11
    • Battle Cry (inspire followers) 11
  • Familiar  
    • Lightning Sprite, Immaterial, Stealth
    • Lightning Mastery, Teleport, Energy Shield
    • Conviction Aura
  • Weapon/Focus:  Shapechanging Great Axe (throwable) (mulituse/replenishing).
    • Increase Strength 11 , Sharpness 11 , Accuracy 11 , Speed 11 , Parry 11
  • Shield Unbalanced Dragon's Eye Closed Dragon's Eye Anti-Chaos +12, Leeching 11, +1 mastery.
  • Armor/Focus: Dragonscale Red Bands of Fire (transformed, functions as iron):
    • Absorbs all energy attacks 5 levels.
    • Fire Energy +2
    • Fire Traps +11
    • Fire Weapon +1
    • Armor 4 levels (102)
    • Resist All (11 )
    • +2 skills
    • +1 characteristics
  • Helm: Invisible Great Crest
    • Leadership 11
    • Resist Blinding 11
    • True Sight 11
  • Gloves:
  • Belt
  • Boots: Earth Soles/Earth Bracers.  Resist Stun (level 5), Strong Blow (level 4), Traceless (level 3), Resist Damage (level 2), Pass through solid surfaces (level 1)
  • Jewelry
    • Hippolaytus' Bracer, Deadly Blow (level 6), Evade (level 4), Enhance Skills (level 2). Also has a watch held in it.
    • Hunters Amulet, Tracking (level 5), Increased Stamina/Health (level 4), Faster Run/Walk (level 3), Prismatic (level 2), Resist Poison (level 1)
    • Striking Ring (Area Slow/Blind/Dual Leech)
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms:
  • Red and Black Spirit Shirt (+health/+life/+1 Barbarian Skills/Resist Disease) -- Red merged into armor, black shirt worn
  • Star Shrines
  • Blood Gems
    • Black Opal (+STR/+Damage)
    • Crimson Ruby (+STR/+Life/Replenish Life +2)

I am one of the snow dwarves.  In some lands our people are related to the Ice Mostali.  In others, who knows.  But my people are men allied with the dwarves who forge the worlds.  While the elves garden in preparation, and the dwarves delve, we come in at the end to hunt down any evil that has seeped into the ice realms and the cold places of a new world. We are men, but long lived and close to the dwarves in many ways, but still men in others, though we dwell in realms and on worlds that are abuilding before the coming of normal mortal men to dwell on them.

Our clans and septs are the ones who were called to Shattered Norns from the great halls were our people reside and gather icy gems and white gold.  With its first snow fall we hunted trolls, and we've been hunting them ever since, as the Couranth revolted and evil came strongly into the world.

When the Sun came, and the world changed, other things changed as well.  The seven clans of our sept needed to find a new place, since the snows had retreated, leaving room only for the other three septs in the northern ice.  Each clan took a different direction.  Three now dwell in the mountains of the spine.  Two returned to our home halls.  Two moved on, one to this world and one to Starstrands, in the cold places between the stars that are "below" it (since Starstrands doesn't have a real bottom, I'm not sure how to explain where the cold places are -- except they are kind of sideways to it, midway between Starstrands and the shadow realms).

My story before I met Amber deals with how I climbed the star paths to the wolf star, how I saved Ithkatca (a lightning sprite), how I journeyed to the Seelie Court (and was betrayed), the naming of my axe and some other things I think make a good story.

I guess I should be angrier at the time that I spent trapped in the sewer, but time was halted for me (at least for most of the stay) and my family made it safely to the mountains of Alaska where our clan flourishes.  I am hosted by the Lightwalker in his household, in the old fashion.  

axe-- this is my axe as it looks when I throw it.  Sometimes it looks this way when I fight with it, though usually it takes the shape of a bardiche.  The blade edge is steel, the furniture is titanium and the haft is rowan wood.  I use a two  handed grip, one hand in the gap and one hand below it on the haft.  It looks much heavier than it is (that titanium is pretty light stuff, and hard, though not what I would make a sword out of).

I should note that an axe takes a great deal more strength to use than a sword (at least the way I use it) and is better against armor, more difficult in other situations.

My axe is a shapeshifting weapon

is a much more traditional looking axe and a shape my axe takes when I fight with a shield in crowded places.

(http://market.renderosity.com/softgood.ez?ViewSoftgood=15653 for the Bardiche (a good bardice is missing for poser, this is the only place the authors have found one).)

Old Parakyle

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