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Most archaic peoples believed that the earth had life. Plants, trees, streams, clouds, and the very air was filled with

life and magic. Not only so, but anything that was changing or moving was alive. If it was alive, it had to have life force.

And if it had life force, it had a soul.

Various groups dealt with the idea of everything being alive in different ways. However, around the

northern Mediterranean area, the Greeks and other Indoeuropeans took the idea one step further. They

applied the theory of magical evolution to these souls. It made sense that ust as man relates to the animals,

so there must be living, anthromorphie beings with the same rela-tionship to the varied nonanimal orders of

life. Thus came about

the mythologization of a

plethora of



tures as the embodied spirits of the forces of nature.

Of course the various myth lines went radioally different ways after time. Some groups imagined all such spirits as

female, others as only male, neuter or other permutations. Moat saw them as humanlike, some as shapechangers, others as

bizarre and alien. While to most nature was seen as a friend, or at least neutral, some spirits were seen to be inherently evil or


I found the idea fascinating in all of its forms and adapted it to my campaign prior to the publication of Bl¿ck@gor

by TSR. While E. Gary Gygax gave me some encouragement, and used the mon-sters I designed in that volume, his world

view was (with grea

benefits to the hobby) different from mine. However, he encour-aged me to continue

with the ideas and to share them with others. Combined with John T. Sapienza, Jr., teaching me

to write, I decided to put my version of Nature Spirits into this form. Nature Spirits

My game's mythos assumes that nature is alive--filled with magical energy and spiritual

lifeforce. Each realm of nature also has its own spirits that reflect portions of it (though not all

of it) and who care for that realm in some part. These spirits are called dasaons and nymphs (for

the male and female forms). They are manlike in form but reflect their origin in the colors of

their skins, eyes and hair, and in their prevailing moods and body structures.

I decided that they were the embodied forces of nature--but on a small level. Thus they

are as powerful as men and relatively commons instead of godlike and impossibly rare. It made

sense to make them spring from untapped sources of natural strength so they would only arise in

areas that were otherwise uninhabited.

Since they were not only as powerful as men, but as weak, they were mortal. I decided

to make them naturally fertile--just like nature. However, it seemed to fit better to make them

exofertile and esosterile. Thus their populations increase by spontaneous birth (as when a new

hammadryad arises from a new oak tree) or from interaction with other speoies.

Then I fitted a series of magical spells and abilities to the most commonly met Nature

Spirits, added sexual dymorphism, and gave them a place in the ecosystems of various forests


Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

other natural areas. The result was a group of living creatures, related to men but far different, that I

could mix in with other groups of the fey folk.

I then used them to my heart's content in my own game world. Under a little pressure, and with lots of

advice, I adapted them to the "universal format" and prepared this article for Different

worlds. This article will discuss the natural abilities had by


Nature Spiritsp the spells they use. s a finishing touch, it

concludes with notes about playing Nature Spirits in a campaign.

¿ @ag.¿4$k1ikAiik $y43D+

All spells or abilities cost one spell point per level of use. All have a base range of the gature spirit's

charisma divided by 10 multiplied by t e level of the spirit and expres-sed in meters' So a charisma 20 gature

Spirit of 10th level would have a base range of 200 meter s for D5Ie ¿ho¿0 spells.

. . . . . .

First described will be the natural abilities which are known to all Nature Spirits. Following that, in the

traditional level by level arrangement, will come the spells.

%Y¿l Q,LlLlTlE¿

Acclimation: All gature Spirits are always comfortable within their given environment. Thus pyriads

are not burnt by flame, oceanids don't drown at sea, Iaids don't freeze, et c.


All ature Spirits can calm those about them.

This is treated as adding {[level/2] +1) and rounding down) to saving throws of those about them when resisting emotion

magic or checking morale. It reaches for a distance of (charisma/ 10 x

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

level) in meters. It costs 1 point of power per melee round to use. A ninth level $ature spirit of charisma 10

would add +5 to saves for a range of 9 meters.


A ature Spirit may charm humanoids (such as men,

elves, minotaurs, and others) by exerting the powers of nature.

A person so charmed has their effective intelligence reduced to 3

and has an attitude of trust toward anything told them by the

ature Spirit. The range of this power is (charisma/10 x level),

and saving throws are modified by (Charisma of Nature Spirit -

18). (Thus with a charisma of 21, saving throws would be 3

harder, with a charisma of 12, they would be 6 easier than

usual). This ability costs 1 point of power each time used. Use

includes both the initial charming and every command given there-

after (if a saving throw is made on a command, the charmed indi-

vidual has "better ideas" [usually not in the nymph/daemon's

interest] than whatever was suggestedy but remains charmed).

Detect: Nature Spirits can detect; living things in a variety of classes. The range for this is (number of

spell points invested x [charisma/ 10]). The attempt to detect lasts for melee rounds = (spell points expended).

The chance of success is figured on a percental basis, per

round, as follows: ipt--13'; 2pt--161;




990 (for ten rounds).



3pt -20''

gpss w



NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 4

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

The spell detects the class of things attuned for, covering a radius about the Nature Spirit. While the ability is

functioning, the ature Spirit is effectively blind to other things.

Things that can be detected include classes of life (predators, life, unlife [undead]), orientations (good, evil),

power (magic, holy/unholy places and things), and relationships (friends, enemies).

Dreaa:May share dreams with any person physically

touching for one hour per level per day at a cost of one point of power per hour. Sharing dreams while sleeping also

shares the natural acclimation of the nymph/daemon. This is useful in helping the nymph/daemon's leman survive in bad

circumstances and for sharing information (such as dreams).


This allows Nature Spirits to break domination

spells (such as the charming ability above) of all types. It gives the target a chance to make their saving throw again, with a bonus

determined by the amount of points of power put into the ability by the kature spirit.

The amount of bonus to the saving throw is the points of power x 2. (Thus 2 points gives a +4 ho the second chance). Range

is (charisma) x points of power used.

Healing:Heals damage at the rate of ( 4 + @ where P

is the spell points expended. Thus with 4qc4 expended,g'd4¿ pts

are healed'


9 t

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 5

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

The range is touch. It takes one melee round per point of spell to do the healing. This ability will heal both plants and


Hiding:Allows the a Nymph to share her Meld ability

with others. Costs 1 pt of power per additional person joined in per turn. Thus to join 3 people would cost 3 points of


Held:Nymphs may meld wit.h environment at 5$ times the

sum of the levels attained. Thus a third level nymph's ability is 3+2+1=6 x 5$ = 300. A nymph who is melded with her

environ-ment cannot be sensed. Melding costs 1 point of power per turn.

It is -5$ per level of being attempting to sense (thus a nymph

(la,xg =-CO!.')

melding at 1500 against a 12 hit dice¿vampire has a 900 chanoe of

escaping notice).

Meshing:Allows a Daeaon to pull others into the

ethereal plane along with him. Costs 1 point per additional person per turn. Does not shapeehange them. If touch

contact is broken, those not touching revert to being nonethereal.


Daemons may phase/ahapechange to a legged

serpentine ethereal form of the same mass for 1 melee round per

boas 8aue¿,

level per level. (thus 1 forgfirst¿ 3 [1+2] for second, 6 [1+2+3]

for third, etc.) Nay fly at 240 yards per melee round in this form. Bite d4/claw d3. Phasing costs 1 point of power per melee round.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 6

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

Turn Wildlife (animals):For each point of power

expended, animals of that many hit dice are turned away from attacking the Nature Spirit and any they

are with. The effect lasts for turns equal to the points used. (Thus three points would turn all animals

up to and including 3 hi.t dice animals for the next three turns. Note that they are not stopped from

tracking and that when it wears off they are free to attack).


Nature Spirit spells are actually manipulations of their internal power and their relationships

with nature. The spells are specialized focuses of power similar to the abilities.

Also, unless otherwise noted, each "spell" is really its level in spells. Thus a third level spell is

really three f'irst level spells, a fifth level spell is really five first level spells, etc. Each spell takes

[Level]d6/6 parts of a melee round to cast (unless defined otherwise).

Thus a fif'th level spell would take 5d6/6 melee rounds to cast and a first level spell would take

1d6/6 melee rounds to cast. A fifth level spell would also take up the learning of 5 spells. So a gature

Spirit who had the ability to learn 6 spells could learn one sixth level spell (actually 6 first; level spells

that fit together to form a 6th level spell) or three second level spells, or some other combination.

In using Nature Spirits in a campaign, feel fr ee to make any adaptations of the spells you feel

appropriate. Make them stronger or weaker, fewer or more plentiful. Change them for different envy

noments (for example, a feriad is not likely to

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 7

. . . . . . . . . .

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

learn or even have available for learning purify water). Also, it is very appropriate to have different versions of

the same spell available at different spell levels. The tables exist to be extra.polated from--not to be a limit on

any Gamemaster's creativity.

While I have chosen to have the subspells to a spell be useful only for the spell they are a part of (and

thus list "f'ifth level spells" r ather than "combinations with fifth level results," a GM should feel free to allow

some spells to be used as parts of others. I do this in practice when extrapolating spells (so a 6th level version of

a 4th level spell would include the 4th level spell's subspells as a part of it).


empathy causes the strong and complete transfer of emotions between the gature Spirit and any individual within

range for (level + d4) melee rounds.

Fever 'on J raises the body temperature of any one creature

by [degree Celsius for (level + d4) melee rounds. It can raise

temperature by each oasting¿but to a maximum of )degree Celsius

over the normal bod ¿ keuunua.


fever Reduction

temperature for the spell's tar e . %hd¿

0' . &Ccyla4g WE

lowers the body temper ature of any one or ea-

ture by ]degree Celsius for (level + d4) melee rounds. It will lower the temperature to a maximum of [degree Celsius

below the normal body temperature for the creature.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh

Page 8

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

Light Induction causes a living object to glow softly (approxi-mately 10 watts) for (level + d4) tur ns. It

is a cumulative spell (so that cast twice it could cause something to glow at 20 watts).

Light gpdugtion causes any natural or magical light source to have 10 watts of its light output removed

(so a 60 watt light source would be reduced to 50 watt illumination). It is a cumulative spell.

Quench causes any wound to cease bleeding. It quenches or staun-ches the flow of blood.

Repel reduces the damage done by magical or metal weapons by 1 point and, by wood and other

organic weapons by 2 points, for (level + d4) melee rounds. It is a cumulative spell.


Bar Z causes all the plant life within range to knit together, barring the passage of any creature not with

the gature Spirit. The knitting lasts for (level + d4) melee rounds and halves movement speed over the

affected terrain.

gall T will summon the nearest creature of half a hit dice or less to the aid of the nymph/daemon. It will

defend or guide but not take aggressive action. It will help for (level/d4 + d0) melee rounds.

Caj.p results in the range of the calm ability of the feature Spirit being doubled on the next melee


Nurture allows raw food to be turned into the appropriate feed for the young of any species not yet

weaned. Each spell affects

kilogr am of food.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 9

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

Purply pager J, purifies (level + d4) liters of water, double that amount if the water is free flowing. It will do one point

of damage per liter purified to creatures made of living water (such as water elementals).


Cure Discase J, cures minor diseases of a sort that are usually not fatal (colds, body fungus, rashes, and similar


Cure Plant Disease J cures minor plant diseases of a sort that are usually not fatal (slow rots, molds, fungus and similar


Cure Poi.son J, counter s the effects of minor poisons (those doing less than 2d6 damage or with +3 or better to saving


Release gamic T releases magic stored in scrolls or similar items. The release is controlled if the¿spell is of first level,

otherwise it is uncontrolled.

Soften gpgpp reduces the noise made by 50 decibels. It will effectively silence most things (though only reduce the

noise made by roars, yells, shouts and explosions).

Stalg Joippp g slows down the effects of poisons too strong f or Cure Pois0n g cures poison by one unit of effect as

applied by the GM (such as one die less damage).


gut e @gyring cur es tempor ary or partial deafness.

gup¿ pone resets a bone that has healed improperly. If the target does not save the target is incapacitated for (level + d4)

melee rounds. This spell can be used offensively.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 10

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

Fuse Flesh reknit s a severed limb to a body as long as the limb has not been severed for more than (3.evel + d4) hours

(roll when spell east). Damage not healed prior to reknitting the limb cannot be healed after without, resevering the limb.

Heat, Sight requires a 1 meter radius about the target to work. It allows the target to see by heat emissions (infrared

vision). An area for 1 meter around the target will be a little cold (it acts as a 2 met,er focusing lense of infrared). It lasts

for (level + d4) turns.

Stalg ggagv¿tion allows the target to convert body wastes into energy and it doubles the amount of time the target can go

with-out food. It has a maximum duration or period of effect of (level/de + d4) days.

Star Sigil requires a half meter radius about the target to work. It allows the target to focus all the light within the meter

diameter sphere to see by. It has the same affect as giving the target eyes a meter ac ross. While the amount of light

needed to


see by thi.s method is minimal, some light is still requir ed. The spell lasts for (level + d4) turns.


pure Agign@eng cures involuntary alignment changes. It moves alignment by d10$ for each hour spent with the Nature

Spirit after the casting of the spell to a limit of 2 x [level + d4]$ per casting. This spell will only mcva alignments toward

that of the caster.

Q¿ InaangJz cures insanity by dl0$ per hour for each hour spent with the nature spirit after the casting of the spell to a

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 11

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1000 West Provo, Utah 84604

limit of 2 x [level + d4]$ per casting.

Cure gj,pg restores intelligence lost to mental enfeeblement at

the rate of .5 points per hour spent with the Nature Spirit

Q. 5

following the casting of the spell to a limit os (level + d4gg

fHYl. e

gpge ps' will cure ps' wounds at dl0$ per hour spent with the Nature Spirit after the casting of this spell to a limit of 2 x [level + d4]$ per casting.


Cure cures temporary blindness or partial blindness.

Telepathy gitb Animals allows mental conversation with any animal within range. Unintelligent an].mals wi.ll not be able to

converse intelligently ("food there"¿ "I hurt" etc.) but will not attack the caster for the duration of the spell (level + d4 melee rounds).


grup¿geyriyg restores all hearing functions. It effectively counters any hearing loss and makes the target "as good as new."


Cure Consci.enyo will make the target's conscience function completely and forcefully for its duration (level + d4 melee

rounds). This usually incapacitates the target if it fails to save. Naturally evil creatures (such as devils and demons) go

insane for the duration i.nstead if they fai,l to save.

Cure Emotions cures emotional problems at the rate of 5$ per hour spent with the gature Spirit casting to a limit of (level

+ d4)$ per casting.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 12

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

Cure Genes allows one genetic anomaly to be purged from a fetus. This includes purging out the genetic heritage of one


Nature Walk causes nature to assist the feature Spirit in moving. For the duration, (level + d4 melee rounds) as long as

natural or overgrown terrain is covered, the feature Spirit moves at (move-ment rate x level) speed.

TrueASeeina completely cures any blindness including that caused by nerve loss or destruction of the eyes.


ghat@ True completely charms the target if they fail to save.

The gature Spirit becomes the target's best and only friend,

relative and purpose in life. They become a devoted servant.

Saving throws are made any time they leave the spell range or

every (level + d4) days.

Charg for gpecial Purpose similar to ggppg True above, but

instead of lasting indefinitely, the target gains a purpose in

life. The target can be assigned one task, after which the spell

is released.

gagi¿ is a magical shield that invokes natural forces to

protect the easter. It lasts for (level + d4) melee rounds. To

determine what happens to the magic east at the gature Spirit for

that time, use the Shield Magic Table.

True Telepathy gives telepathy with any target within range of

the spell. May change targets. Duration is (level + d4) melee

rounds. This spell allows comprehension of thoughts even if in

different language than those known to caster.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 13

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604


Body /@pathy causes any damage taken by the oast,er to be done to all within the range of the spell. The caster may

chose to exempt targets designated while casting the spell to a limit of (level) exempt persons. The spell lasts for (level +

d4) melee rounds.

Gure g¿¿sg cures the target of d6$ of a curse per hour spent with the gature Spirit after casting to a maximum of (level +

d4)$ cured per casting. During the time spent being cured the curse will not affect the individual being cured.

¿ gggea puts (levelfx dp levels of targets to sleep. It will

. . . . . . .

work its way out from a designated center target moving in a counterclockwise spiral. Sleep will be very deep and last

for (level + d4) melee rounds or until 6 or more points of damage are done in one round to or sleeper (check time and

damage for each sleeper, some will awake before others).

geygger gongrol will shift weather to match the desire of the easter. Change is by one factor per turn. Duration is for

(level + d4 turns). After spell ends weather will remain as modified. Faotors: 10 kilometers per hour of wind; 10' cloud

cover; 10 degrees celsius; 5 centimeters per hour rainfall.


Co@¿and Life allows the Nature Spirit to call upon the strongest creature natural to the surroundings for aid. The spell

only calls upon creatures within range. Magical creatures (such as a green dragon living in a woodland) get a saving

throw at -9. The spell can affect a creature in combat with the spirit or its party. The creature will aid the Nature Spirit

for (level + d4)

NATURE SPIRITS copyri.ght 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 14

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

melee rounds. The aid will be defensive or informative in nature

and the creature will not be able to attack or pursue the $ature

spirit for (level + d4) turns after the aid is rendered.

Natu' Tap taps into the forces of nature and causes them to bend to the will of the Nature Spirit casting this spell.

It results in any specified result as long as that result could have been achieved by the casting of a spell by a spell

caster with the same experience points as the Nature Spiri.t. It takes twice the normal time as a 9th level spell

should require and uses twice the poi.nts. Points used to cast this spell are recovered at the

rate of one per week instead of at the usual recovery rat


Purificat,].on heals sterile¿land,

lM ¿c ¿¿,¿

enaa. ¿ spdE

Area of effect ised,one volume of 100¿met era 0 e a e i de


per level over 9 (so¿10th level¿would have an area of $00 cubic

meters, 1pth level an area of 600 cubic meters' ¿

causes the target to age rapidly, at the rate of one

pun. p¿

year per pointed(so that one point put into this spell would age

the target one year while five points would age the target

1+2+3+4+5=15 years). This spell is usually reserved for life or

death situations, but if the Nature Spirit expends all their


remaining spell points the target can¿be aged to the point of

senility or even death. Points so spent are recoverd at the rate of one a day instead of the normal rate.

g,everse Lif'p does points of damage equal to the spell points put into the spell directly to the target; without

regard to armor,

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh

Page 15

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

magic resistance, or saving throws. Points used to cast such a spell are recovered at the rate of one a day instead of at the

usual recovery rate and the spell is usually reserved for life or death situations.

Playing a Mature Spirit

The first thing to do is to pick the type and race of ature Spirit. The next thing, and the only mechanical thing

about playing a $ature Spirit, is to roll up the requisi% scores.

















1d6+6 (6 kilograms or 14 lbs. per point of size)

2d6+10 (roughly 1 level per 20 years)

With a character in hand, let's examine the way the char-acter feels and how they see the world. First, a gatur e Spirit is

almost painfully aware of the living flow of the world and of nature. The presence and touch of life is important and neces-sary to the

health and mental well being of any ature Spirit.

Fr eedom is important. Natu' e 5pi.rits are inher ently free, undomesticated beings. Not wild (well, some are) but free. None

of them are involved in deep h rarohies. They have no nobles


and few (some ciads) have any slaves or servants.

Nature Spirits feel a form of harmony in the flow oi life. This is important for them to live in. Not necessarily to main-tain,

but to have as a background for life (gust like some people need music in the background but may never play an instrument).

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 16

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

They care about life like an editor cares for magazines and an author cares for literature. Not like an editor cares for the

editor's magazine--unless they've taken a particular interest in that particular life.

They are not fond of metal, except for natural metals (like gold and copper nuggets) but have learned to

appreciate the value of things like steel needles and knife blades.

Their personali.ties are vari.ed, like human beings, with perhaps a touch more patienoe but less tenacity. They

also tend to be more playful than humans and to find animals and plants good company for longer periods of than

most men would.

Note that certain subgroupa (the evil ones) delight in causing harm to life and are the flip side of the above.

Nature Spirits make excellent unobtrusive NPCs, and occa-sionally add a touch of subtle flavor to PC groups.

While not usually found underground (except for Oreads) they have a place in almost every other aspect of a campaign. I

have found them relaxing to play as characters, usef'ul i.n defining and balancing ecosystems and useful in rounding out

my mythology.

For those who are curious, in place of alignments, for my game I class Nature Spirits into old magic, new magic

and free. The old magic Nature Spirits have their natures controlled by natural fluxes and are wild--undomesticated and

impossible to predict. The new magic Nature Spirits are civilized and domesti-cated. They are tied to the muse Thalia.

They tend to be pre-dictable and tame compared to their wild cousins, The comparison of dogs to wolves has been made,

though Nature Spirits have far

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 17

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

too much grace for this comparison to work.

Finally, there are the free ones. They are almost indepen-dent. They control and shape their

environments instead of being shaped and controlled by them. They are the moat likely to be found

talking instead of doing.


In all cases, they are rare. One here as a priestess of the 4ood, one therep A couple player-

characters out of 50 or 60 in a large campaign. There are several who have taught their magical skills to

fey folk and a tribe with several that lives in a perpetual (yes, that word) storm.

That is the way I try to use Nature Spirits. The same way our culture uses one of many spices in

food. It is also the way I suggest that you use any of the many things I have worked with or on (as I

expect that a number of' them will be appearing in these pages.) I hope that each person who reads this

article will feel free to alter it to suit their tastes and needs.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve hlarsh Page 18

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604

boxes for use in the article


[Side box

Racial Subgroups for Mature Spirits

This article is focused on those Nature Spirits whose realm Iis on the same plane and in the same level of

nature where most of ¿>the gaming takes place. This chart lists the known races of ',Nature Spirits by name,

realm, alignment and common colors.

¿Maae Reala klignxeat Colors






olouds deserts birds

crystals trees

varied CE,








snows fires oak tr ees




druidio CE,








¿ Pyr lad



whites/sunsets tan, dun, yellow

bright pale/clear greens, browns


flame red/orange fall leaves


shadows CN

ash trees LG

lakes/streams NG, NN sea coasts NN,


soft black, grey greens, whites

blues, greens varied, as coast

oceans CN, NG

mountains/caves NN, NG

flames NN, NE, P

flowers NN, NG, NE

fjords,craigs LE, CE, EP

blues, greens


flame orange/yellow


greys, dark collors

¿¿Selenid silver/moon NE, S silvers E greys

jSkotiad shadows

CN, CE greys & dark greys

]Sylph air NG, NN, CP blues, whites

,'Viliead springs random human (varied)


N- means noncaring and disinterested, applies to some Circiads

-- (blank space) means without alignment but active and interested

P means playful

N means neutral












chaotic/random evil/nasty

good/caring friendly

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh

Page 19

Steve Marsh 1705 North 1400 West Provo, Utah 84604



Nature Spirits


W W ¿ W


hit dice


experience points

W W ¿ W W ¿ ¿ ¿ OS ¿ W













i< 5th









57 ¿665




,' etc.



g gg,s58


jTo hit:











j AlmOP:

Hits armor class 0 on an 18'

+1 per two levels (starting at 2nd)

(so at 2nd hits AGO on a 17, at 4th hits on a 16, etc.)

+2 points each level gaine (so a 1st, level has 2 points and a

6th level has 12 spell points), 1 recovered per hour of deep sleep,

or 3 hours of inactivity.

Save vs any natural force (including poison 8 breaths)

at 8

save vs everything else at 16

+1 to saves every other level, starting at third

s: +1 language learned every third level, starting with

an extra language at first level.

They learn their level in spells each level. (So a nature

spirit going up to 5th level would gain 5 spells and one at

first level would have 1 spell).

They use any weapon with little or no metal component (such as

spears, knives 5 arrows), relatively unencumberingf

(no, they don' t carry pikes through the under growth) 44uuk with

balance or estheties. They will choose efficiency first.

¿ Sic

Unless trained ¿ (such as druid, ranger

or paladin) they will not wear armor. Even amer

individuals will find armor confining' and will not be able to use their natural abilities while so enclosed.

NATURE SPIRITS copyright 1984 by Steve Marsh Page 20

pa¿¿g ¿3K+5= IS s¿¿

AD&D Spell Table for Nature Spirits

Note that in D&D or AD&D Nature Spirits must have both spell

points and. a memorized spell to cast a spell. This means

that if a character uses abilities constantly they may not

be able to cast any spells even though they do have those

spells memorized.

Level Spells

1 2

2 2 1

3 3 2

4 4 2 1

5 4 3 2

6 4 4 2 1

7 4 4 3 2

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