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This area has several subdivisions:

The front page is a new chapter, this one describing Mistworld, and adventures in it.  Years ago I put together a setting to use the Basic Role Playing Rules. Imagine a world of islands, mist and an every changing sky.  It has seven moons, each the focus of power for a hero/saint.  In the depths of the world are undead who can only rise when one of the seven deadly sins is ascendant near them.  Consider adventuring in such a world. That is Mistworld (available in rough draft as a free pdf).

I intend to update the rules (the pdf of the proof of concept is here as well) and to present stories set in Mistworld.  The links in the left hand column are for Mistworld, the links on the right are story links and other sources.  The background image is used by permission.  Since Basic Role Playing has come back to life, I've decided to update and support this setting once again.

Mistworld Prior Stories and Useful Materials

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Sandy Petersen and Other Rules

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