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Michael in the Regalia of Rahrukh glyph and elachi glyph

Michael (Korlinth, prince of the Elachi)

  • Skills
  • Special Skills
    • Find/Seek
    • Avoid (evade)
    • Sword Mastery
  • Racial Characteristics
    • +3 to lightwalking
    • -2 strength, -3 constitution
    • +2 to appearance, +1 dexterity
  • Merc/Familiar:  White Raven:  Find the Way 122, Death Affinity 102, and Light Aura 182. Stealth, non-combat.
  • Weapon/Focus: Ankh Sword: Life/Death Affinity 123; Truth Affinity 142; Sever Undead 121 (all three abilities stack against undead and unformed/spirits)
  • Weapon/Focus:  Girding of Rah (30 light elementals formed into girding) -- shields when not wearing other armor: Light Aura 103, Evade 122; Armor 171;
  • White Crystal Eye (replaces an eye he lost) Increase POW 32, Focus Light + 12, Second Sight 92, spot weakness 141.
  • Brass Boots: Umbra 122; Quick 92; Speed 191.
  • Dragon(snake)wire Woven Spirit Shirt (Golden/Iridescent Spirit Shirt):
    • (upper and lower armor +102 to dodge/evade, damage resist 12)
    • white, iridescent

In armor, hidden (colors reversed), before armor destroyed.

After armor replaced with wire, Ankh Sword

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