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Marie, as her self

Marie has been many things.  She was Jean's cousin (by marriage, not by blood) who went to warn him of the use the fae intended to make of him.  She was trapped in a ring of mist and magic as the wars progressed. When he was finally released, the magic that bound her was severed and she and Jean spent a long time looking for each other until they were cast out of the world together.  Paradox and time warping made her his twin and changed her roots to Jamaca from France. Time and magic bound them together, and they became twins, with dreadlocks and cafe a lait skin and eyes. Then they were both conflated with the elves they had been with. The magic wasn't finished with them and it untwisted, returning them to the cousins they were, but now as members of the shidhe.  Finally, after failing to completely resist a hideous dreamworld magic, she was "de-evolved" back to her origional self, more or less, though still tangled by magic (now she is half-elven). Marie's story begins long before her meeting with Amber and Ariel and old friends and older enemies.  She was a human girl, and mentally is one once again.

The bookmark icon for the old Marie's character page looks like she once did.

This is Marie, sometimes cousin, sometimes twin, ever friend of Jean. Ariel hasn't done an introduction for her yet, though Indigo keeps teasing her about using magic to have adjustable heels. Marie's response is that Indigo grew at least an inch in the dreamworld encounters, so there, while she shrank several.

Marie is 5'1" tall, with boots that are morphic (they change shape) and add up to another six inches to her height (though they do not have the heels or glossy look in combat). Indigo teases her about the heels and wanting to feel taller.  Her overrobe/surcoat/cloak wraps around her like a gray mist,

Marie (human)

  • Skills
    • Amazon Bow Skills
    • Amazon Passive and Magical Skills
    • Amazon Spear & Javelin Skills (but applied to arrows)
  • Special Skill Choice:
    • Shapechange/Mist
    • Shadows (a combination of Fade/Cloak of Shadows/Invisibility)
  • Merc/Familiar:  
    • Cold Poison Dragonsnake (Immaterial/Combat, sometimes takes shape of sword at her hip, sometimes wraps around her bow, sometimes flies free)
    • cold/poison/absorb poison
    • Quickness Aura
  • Weapon/Focus:  Gold Dragon Bow
    • hardfire/guided arrow effect on attacks
    • skill improvements
  • Cloak of Mists
  • Dragonscales (Shirt is transformed and is scale armor:
    • DR 4 levels
    • Resist all 3 levels
    • +2 skills
    • +1 characteristics
  • Helm:  Diadem of Stars
  • Gloves: Endless Cold Dark
  • Arm Bands
  • Boots: Fae Queen's Grace
  • Spirit Shirt: Saffron & Ginger (transformed with the scales into the armor she wears).
  • Star Shrines:
    • Star Called Falcon
    • Starry Path
  • Blood Gems:  Green Lapis and Black Opal
Marie, full length

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