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Persephone/Kore (Kore is the familiar name Gaea gave to Persephone)

Kore has brilliant blue eyes and thick black hair with a good deal of body. Her skin is a light olive, and she is about five foot, five inches tall.  She speaks Minoan 85%, Mycenean Greek Koine (a lingua franca of her era -- font) 95%, Aeald (an ancient hunting language used by some dragons) 95%, a little Shidhe (30%) and is learning Common Era Greek Koine/Byzant 75%. She can read linear A and B (accurate information on linear A and B), Runic Aeald and Shidhe.

She is thousands of years going on thirty-two and celebrates her birthday on the ides of March.

Kore (Phersephone) (Minoan Human)
  • Skills
    • Assassin Martial Arts  (sword focus rather than claw)
    • Necromancer Curses
    • Fire Magic
  • Special Skill Choice
    • Evade
    • Entangle
    • Fend (may combine with martial arts)
  • Familiar
    • Amber Phoenix, a spirit creature (stealth/spirit).
    • Fire Mastery, Warmth, Fire Skill, Characteristic: Speed.
    • Sanctuary aura.
  • Weapon/Focus: Sword. Very fast attack category.
    • Deadly Blow +6/Weapon Mastery +5/Whirlwind +4/Weapon Block+3.
    • Angel Tear +7 anti-chaos.
    • Angel Tear +7 weapon mastery.
    • Angel Tear +4 anti-chaos/+3 blessed.
  • Net/shield: iridescent; resist magic/resist physical; reduce magic/reduce physical; +6 Entangle; blinds target; has a 55% chance to block projectiles; 65% chance to block weapons, only 10% of the net is visible (all that can be seen are two rope strands).
  • Armor: Hakima Pants (+0 to DR)
    • (half armor), iridescent/indigo (same as spirit shirt) ; +5 Speed/+4 Evade/+1 Always Clean)
  • Helm:  Obsidian wires +5 to App/Charisma, +5 to Energy, +25 to Dex, +3 to skills, resist all 50%, absorb physical, three shard sockets, each with a diamond jewel shard (three shards = one jewel, ED/Speed/AR).
  • Gloves: Daughter of the Earth, glove/shoulder armor (casts illusion of more complete armor, DR/DR/Damage Resist).
  • Belt:  
  • Boots: Grace Sandles
  • Jewelry
    • Amulet:  
    • Ring
    • Earing.
    • Earing.
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms
  • Iridescent Spirit Shirt (+0 to DR)(half armor)
  • Blood Gems:
    • Green
    • Black sapphire.
  • Star Shrines:
    • Ianthe: stealth  (weakened cloak of shadows effect)
    • Ianthe: inner nature (Korous Arkanan): magical stealth (prismatic resist)
    • Starry Quickness/Dark: (speed/+dex/-1 reach)
Picture of Kore

http://mysticglade.com/ -- (Shawn Backus or
Lady Silvermage did this illustration for me. For more, visit http://mysticglade.com/commission/what_com.jpg)

Her story

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