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Indigo Stories

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  • Stories -- Set in a modern era fantasy melieu, these are stories about Indigo, a pre-hellenic era minoan girl lost out of her time into the present, and her friends. She seems like just another kid starting college, but she isn't. Latest. For a magna style start, begin with Amber's stories. Or, Ariel's stories.
  • Sketches -- These are sketches, for use in designing FRPG scenarios.
  • Settings -- These are links for those interested in the settings .
  • Beastiary -- A central link for many descriptions and encounters (significant updates).
  • Heroes -- About heros and heroquesting and game rules.
  • Shattered Norns -- A complete fantasy setting for FRPG use.



  • Indigo (Illustrated)
  • Parakile (Illustrated)
  • Tindalasse (Illustrated)
  • Persephone/Kore (Illustrated)
  • Robert-Etienne "Wolfie" (Illustrated, old and new form, human and garou looks)
  • Ariel (Illustrated, before and afer the dreamland transformation)
  • Amber (Illustrated)
  • Jean  "John" (Illustrated) & Marie after the dreamlands transformation (Illustrated as she is now) (the cousins/twins/cousins)
    • Marie after first transformation (Illustrated as an elf)
    • Marie as she started.
  • Michael, a Lightwalker (Illustrated)
  • Thalia/Lyra, (Arilindalle) (Tindalasse's new fiancee, the Joyous King's daughter).
  • Teal


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