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Tindalasse is able to summon the portal to deep dream, but only where Jan Kochachowski (the mortal) was at his house in Helsinki.

The group had only delayed in order to unite with the Wolf first.

As they enter into the house, tightly locked and shuttered, and find their way to the library, the real world facet of the anchor reaches out and they are in the Cavern of Flame, on the great marble steps that lead down to Kaman-thah and Nasht who weigh them and let them pass.

Of course it isn't as simple as that, before they enter into the deep realm of dream they pass through the final testing place, usually a place where travelers rest, having climbed the long stairs.  Instead, they find two bodies, torn from the fray, a great rock worm and one of the Tsung Pathet/Tiev Manat (I need to do an AD&D version of those).  They wonder what killed them and how they came to be in that hallowed space of dreaming.

Then they enter the enchanted wood, near where the Gnolls live and where the Gnolls are from.  They encounter a Zoog in a trap, and release it, finally exiting the wood on the river Oukranos, near the temple of Kirad.  They meet the blue priests of that godling and confirm that Kochachowski has been on this path. They hear stories of Vredni Vorastor, the Man in the Moon, and finally come to Thran and meet the red robed sentries.  Each must tell three dreams "beyond belief" in order to gain entry into the city. The White Raven picks up the track and they know that Kochachwoski has taken a caravan through the jungles of Kled, and in the company of Alzen, a wanderer they have met, join a caravan to follow him to the port of Hlanith.

For the purposes of making this more accessible, I am tracking, in part, The Dreaming Stone by Kevin Ross/Chaosium.

This render is one of the Magnethi stalking another that is twisted up as the poison bait of spears tears into it.  Not all is peaceful among those who stalk the stars and seek to invade our realm. Had they not fallen out, both would have blocked the pathway into deeper dream.

More creatures for those who are interested.

Creatures found in dream
great toads blue priestesses/niaads karakal spider queens
Common in Jungle of Kled Unique 2d6 very rare: 2d6
Armor Class 7 Armor Class 5 Armor Class -2
Move  4"/6" hopping Move 16" Move 12"
Hit dice  5d8+5 Hit Dice 9d10+9 Hit Dice 6d6x2
%lair 90 %lair 100 %lair 25
Treasure Type x2K Treasure Type: n/a Treasure Type
Attack d3 tongue Attack 1d6 and start drowning Attack  lightning (6d6 bolts)
Intelligence: low   Intelligence: high   Intelligence: medium to high  
Alignment :  neutral Alignment: lawful/neutral-good Alignment:  chaotic-evil 
Size: large Size: medium Size:  small to medium
one out of ten also has a psionic
attack with the tongue.
the rest, see below.
Each melee round save or take 3d6 to con
con = zero, you've drowned.
Also spells as a 14th level cleric.
cast spells as a lightning based mage of
sixth level, but usually just throw lightning
Can also bite for d2 or leg strike for d3

great toads/gollywogs are jungle dwellers.  If they hit with their tongue, they swallow the target, chomping on it for 3d8 each round.  Subtract natural armor class (before enchantments) from damage (e.g. No armor/AC 9, subtract 0; Plate and sheild/AC 2, subtract 7). At the start of each round after swallowed, make your best saving throw, plus any adds for strength, dexterity and your level (e.g. a 12th level magic-user, -2 to damage from low strength, -2 to hit from low dexterity, would add 8 to his saving throw and could use the saving throw of his choice.  A 12th level ranger with +4 to damage from strength and +3 to hit from high dexterity would add 19 to his saving throw and would make it on a roll of 1 or better)

Those with a psionic attack have 100 points and the attack takes place when the tongue hits (they have to hit with the tongue to do an attack), but they do not swallow targets that are not stunned or dead. 50% crush, 50% ego whip.  

blue priestesses/niaads are the priestesses who serve the river god Kiran.  They protect his temple (which has a single treasure, already stolen when the characters arrive).  The can each also cast quest and geas once each movement turn (once every ten melee rounds).  Charisma = 21.  Summoning a water elemental on the river has a 10% chance of summoning one of these.  

karakal spider queens are a tainted type of minion of karakal, found on the plane of air, the dream lands, deep space/ethereal ,and very rarely, on the entrance planes to fire.  They worship Upharsin instead of karakal, and wield lightning effectively.  Rarely, one in ten times, there will be one with x4 hit dice (roll 6d6 and multiply by four instead of two) that is also a 20th level cleric and whose bite is poison.  They do not spin webs and are extremely week against creatures who are immune to lightning.  In the presence of any of the old gods they cast off Upharsin and revert to being spiders with bolts of electricity for legs, with an alignment of neutral/obedient.

The City of the Revenaunt as a First Edition AD&D Scenario Setting.

The dreamlands, are, in my use, the initial level of the astral plane in AD&D.  Much of the City of the Revenaunt overlaps into the dream realms, it is just that within the boundaries of the city there is a very hungry, very large, very dangerous, powerful creature hunting everything in the dream realms.  Think of an undead magic-using titan with a balrogs magic resistance and a vampire's level draining and regeneration powers -- able to change reality (casts d3 illusionist spells each round in addition to everything else, and the "illusionary" effects are real on the dream level).

L-6 -- a modern "magic" steel

Carbon 0.65 - 0.75

Manganese 0.25 - 0.8
Molybdenum 0.5 max  (the so-called iridium starsilver is actually a blend of these two metals)

Nickel 1.25 - 2
Chromium 0.6 - 1.2 (Nickel/Chrome = moonsilver)

Phosphorus 0.03 max

Silicon 0.5 max

Sulphur 0.03 max

Principal Design Features This is one of the Special Purpose, low alloy tool steel grades, similar to the W group of low alloy tool steels. L6 contains nickel, chromium and molybdenum for a good combination of toughness and hardenability.

Machinability Machinability of L6 is very good. It rates 90% of the machinability of the W group water hardening low alloy steels rated 100% as a baseline.

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