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Memories.  As we race to join Indigo, I have memories from this summer, when we journeyed to Grythswinder and beyond, the two of us, exploring the worlds and our relationship.

Grythswinder is a castle of enchanted ice, steel and fused quartz, built into the great mesa, at the edge, by the snow dwarves.  From there they explore, launch raids against the ice trolls and preserve the boundaries of their territory.  At the suggestion of the lightwalker, Indigo and I had decided to journey there, to see what we could find.  In reality it was a time to get to know each other with just the two of us.

The snow dwarves used to be dwarves, or so the myths go, but they are more human than dwarvish. Between human and dwarvish in height, strong and tough, and innured to cold.  They live in tunnels in the ice and are one of the races that the Norns summon for their tasks.

But Indigo and I were off to Grythswinder, first by gate to the Islands and then by boat to the mainland and then by trail and caravan to places in the north.  We had a waymark from Parakyle and a token stave from the Five, and we set out.  I'll not bore you with the story of how things went until we reached the mainland (where we had hoped to be able to gate, but things were disturbed.

We got on with a caravan going West by North-West into the great forest, with trade goods for the fey folk, bronze and tin, sea silk and spices.  We paid our way, even had a couple of mules and a tent of our own.  Mostly we walked and talked, though the peaceful times did not last as we were attacked by Oni.

The last Oni, making a stand

There are a number of creatures called Oni, this group is a magnethi tainted cross-breed of cliff toads and goblins.  That bloated stomach on the thing is where it keeps the rest of its tongue -- the tongue has a range of almost fifteen feet and they fight with them, spit poison and bile with them, and cast minor spells with them.  [in D&D terms an Oni would have 3d8+3 hit points, one 1st level anti-cleric and two first level magic-user spells.  The rubbery skin is AC 7 and -2 to all damage done to them]  They are dangerous because they run in packs and they are found in the wild places of the great forest and north, into the northern wastes and the plateau.  Leaders have twice the hit dice and can breed more Oni from the bodies of the fallen.

I joined in to help the guards because the swarm of Oni we met was just too much for them.  We tracked the leader back, having slaughtered the rest, and it made a stand here, before a doorway that poured raw chaos into it.  Indigo's curses caught it, and arrows brought it down.  Fire burned the place it stood before, one of the merchants with us was a hand of fire from the five islands.  Not much for melee, but given a few hours and a static target he could really make an impact.  Without the curses cutting the creature off from his source of strength, I suspect he would have been raising more Oni from our corpses.  As it was, we burned everything and went on.  Guess we could have gone inside, but you have to ask yourself just how bad it had to be that the Oni leader stopped outside to fight with us instead of going in itself.

We reached the first of the fey folk moot sites and joined a fair in progress.  We traded several spirit shirts and some vanilla beans as well as some seeds for some salves and for a rune pair that we split between my chain and Indigo's kamasugari.  From there some went North and we went with them, taking the North by North-East branches.  The forest had long stretches that were feral, and we fought with giant spiders and other menaces, until we reached the northernmost reaches of the fey folk and the southern cayrnway of the Snow Dwarves, a round, beehive shaped building with a cluster of walled enclosures circling it, some for trade, some for stock, some fallow.

It was there that the fire mage and we parted ways, he had business at the deep forges, though before he went he cast runes and invoked the future, giving us a picture of one to be ware of.

That is when we first saw the schemer.  Whose warning this was, we didn't know, whether he would oppose the mage, Indigo and I or others in our party.

Of course now the Lightwalker is engaged in the war against Dyaus-Pitar and I can't ask him questions I have, but I have memories and should have Indigo in my arms before long.

Using the City of the Revenaunt as a First Edition AD&D Scenario Setting.

Base for the characters:  Grythswinder.  It has several smiths, bands of snow dwarves from several septs, and adventurers and explorers from several areas.

Initial scenarios are mages trying to plumb the nodes.  The City was home to a number of planer sorcerers (it is why the catastrophy that rent it took the shape that it did) and it contains, with everything else, elemental nodes, gateways to the elemental planes (or at least their thresholds).

The player-characters will be too weak for those, but to bodyguard, explore the edges, go into ruins that tumbled off the edges of the city, encounter other adventurers of various types (of the tiev as well as those who might venture from the snow dwarves strong hold) and to keep away from the half of the city shielded by mists ... that sets up a number of scenarios.  Some are psuedo dungeon crawls (mini dungeons), some are dealing with the randomness of the city, several help the characters locate nodes that they might try to return to at a later date as while the city shifts, the nodes, when anchored, do not.

Near each node, elemental creatures are likely to be found as random encounters, and each node is an entranceway to an elemental place, some deep, some nearer to the real world, some borderlands.

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